LTTE leader killed his child copying Magda Goebbels
Posted on March 16th, 2012

– Kumar Moses

Magda Goebbels wife of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, out of loyalty towards the cause and to avoid humiliation poisoned six of her children to death. It was eerily similar to the predicament the LTTE leader was in. Although the battle strategies were different, the Sri Lankan army was closing in on his ever shrinking area of control just like the Soviet Army closed in on Hitler’s shrinking Berlin. It was crystal clear to both Hitler and Prabakaran, and their closest loyalists that their game was up. A humiliating defeat and uncertainty was laughing on their faces. They had to act and act fast to save face and die a dignified death by their hand than surrender to the enemy. That was how the LTTE’s youngest son Balachandran (12) died. He was killed by his father (the LTTE leader) to avoid him fall into the hands of the enemy.

This was not the first time the LTTE leader indulged in honour killing. In early 1990s his brother in law with the nom de guerre “Mahaththaya” was betrayed and killed by the LTTE leader.

It is absurd to blame Sri Lankan security forces for the death of LTTE leader’s son. There is absolutely nothing to prove he was killed by security forces. This is an outrageously stupid assumption not supported by any evidence.

Did Allied troops kill Magda Goebbel’s six children? Absolutely not. Then why blame Sri Lankan troops for the honour killing of LTTE leader’s son by his father?

Channel 4 made no attempt to bring to the world attention the thousands of children deliberately targeted and killed by the LTTE over 26 years of war. Instead it is trying to save Magda Goebbles style killing of children by LTTE leaders. If the LTTE leader ever wanted to surrender he could have. He had 34 years to do so since he disappeared after the assassination of Alfred Duraiappa in 1975. But his ego and false sense of dignity prevented him from doing so. This is what he inculcated in Tamil children including his own. Tamil Tigers indoctrinated thousands of children and recruited them to various brigades including the deadly suicide bomber brigade. These children were told in no uncertain terms never to surrender or get caught. A potassium cyanide capsule was hanged on their neck to aid suicide in case of imminent capture. It was this mentality that led the LTTE leader to kill his family to avoid capture by the enemy.

This is a watertight case against damn lies spread by Channel 4. It was the LTTE leader and his loyalists who killed the 12 year old son of the LTTE supremo. His own son was his last victim. What a way to end his killing spree spanning four decades and two nations! Just like Hitler and his accomplices in crime.

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  1. AnuD Says:

    Kumar Moses:

    You are a God.

  2. aravinda Says:

    It is plausible that the Psychopath Prabakaran may have done away with his family. This psycho killed many friends fearing they were became popular or powerful. He killed tens of thousand in 30 years. Luckily his mother and father escaped to GOSL liberated area. He could have killed them too. The study of him life shows, him taking great pleasure in killing birds, rats, cats, dogs,ants and insects as a child. As a child, his greatest pleasure was taking wings off flying creatures.

    He was a natural born killer. He may have killed his children, as a final act of hatred towards Tamils who left him for his own means. When the human shield was gone, he could have gone mad. Is there any truth there was a metal pipe in his back, when the Army found him? Maybe this was a perverted pleasure he enjoyed.

  3. AnuD Says:

    How can we imagine that Velu would allow Velu’s young son to move with others when parents or mother is there. He had been killed with other people.

  4. Luke61 Says:

    Channel 4 News chose not to share the video footage or any of the other material
    With The High Commission of Sri Lanka(UK), but gave a copy of the video to English Cricket Team at the Heathrow press conference, FOUR DAYS prior to broadcast!

  5. thurai Says:

    Even Pirabakaren was leader of LTTE there are many other elements worldwide to organise and controll the
    activities of Terrorism. Upto now Tamil Terrorism live ad stronger than before. The main aim of Terrorism
    is securing illigal money. For escaping from the law and regulatios of the world, terrorism is covered
    with Tamil community. Many of them are not in the position or have knowledge to scrutinising the activities of
    the Tamil Terrorism.

    How is it possible a Terrorist Oraganisation which has soldiers and showed the Tamils and the world that
    they are Freedomfighters and Guardians of Tamils, couldn´t safegurd the son of its leader?
    Death of Pirabakaren´s son is the truth of Tamil Terrorism.
    The Father who couldn´t safegurd his own son wanted to safegaurd the Tamils from Sinhalese.
    Pirabakaren took the arms to safeguard Tamils or safegaurd Tamil Terrosrism?
    Unity of allcommunities is necessary to find destroy the Tamil Terrorism which spread allover the world
    and disturb the peace in Sri Lanka.

  6. Christie Says:

    Channel 4 is a soap box of the Indian intelligence service the Third Eye. There are a lot of British institutions living off Indian money.

    Indian colonial parasites bring a lot of money from Indian colonies. Shame on current Conservatives who rely on hand outs from Tamils and Indians.

    Uma Maheswaran was killed by the Third Eye and of course Rajiv.

    Channel 4 should ask Sonja and Menaka to find out who killed Parabakaran puppet and his children.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Thurai,
    There is no need to safeguard any Tamil from Sinhala people. The Sinhala people want to live in amity with all true born Sri Lankan Tamils and Others born in Lanka. It is the call for TAMIL SEPARATISM that has always irked the Sinhala people. Some Tamil leaders from way back 1930s started a call for SEPARATISM which went into a crecendo after Independence from Britain in 1948.
    The call for SEPARATISM is really to safeguard the CASTE SYSTEM and tie up with TAMIL NADU EXPANSIONIST ideas. Vested interests want to make use of this for their own agendas.
    To stop the call for SEPARATISM, the Parliament of Lanka (not just the GoSL), must ban all ethnic based political parties based on ethnicity and deport all illegal migrants now living in Lanka for at least the past 10 yrs.

    Tamil people born in Lanka, for their part, must make every effort to integrate into Lanka society. Forgive & forget and Move on !
    This is the simple truth.

  8. thurai Says:

    Dear Franz Diaz,
    //The call for SEPARATISM is really to safeguard the CASTE SYSTEM and tie up with TAMIL NADU EXPANSIONIST ideas. //
    I agree with.

  9. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Mr Moses has delivered a body blow to channel 4 and the nicompoops of the West whio have attempted to use it and many other means of distorted facts to discredit Sri Lanka with cooked up charges and falsified evidence. Knowing the psycopath Prabhakaran for who he really was, there is every reason to believe the facts presented in this item which should also be an eye opener to the West and the likes of the pro LTTE, Tamil separatist sympathetic elements around the world which should also incorporate the TNA now parading as respectable politicians when their hands too are tainted with the blood of many innocents from all quarters of life including the military and the rest of decent Sri Lankan society that paid the ultimate price simply because Prabhakaran was permitted to commit his attrocities for nearly 30 years. Goebbels was an intelligent educated German whereas Prabhakaran was an ignorant, illiterate and uneducated yokel who was manipulated by those who wanted to break up Sri Lanka but in the end both individuals possessed the same aberration suggesting psychosis and abnormalities in their mental conditions which eventually led to their demises.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    And Moses, may his tribe increase, descended from the mountain with the scroll held up high above his head, and said unto the Lankawebbites: “Hear me, O my children of LankaWeb … I KNOW who killed Balachandran … Prabhakaran the FATHER killed the SON, there is NO other explanation! The flawed FATHER had given life, and had taken it AWAY! ”

    And all the people of LankaWeb felt relieved at this deliverance from the jaws of calumny … and they raised their voice as one and acclaimed Moses, the deliverer!

    They said, as one “It must be true, for Moses hath said it! Unto us, deliverance is GIVEN!”

    Ha, Ha, Moses … you may have pulled another magical rabbit out of the proverbial hat!

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    A similar thing defence secretary said yesterday.

    “Commenting on the alleged execution of captured men and those who surrendered, the Defence Secretary said that the C4 had now disputed the longstanding LTTE claim that its leader would never surrender or allow himself to be taken alive.”

    LTTE long claimed their leader and his family would NEVER SURRENDER!

    Why dispute it now?

  12. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Is Ananda trying to become the king of Lankaweb metaphors? Despite the satirical content and the apparent eloquence he either seems to have missed Mr.Moses’ point or is he a sympathiser of the Prabhakaran Brigade! The only thing Mr Moses has delivered visibly is the stark reality of what a ruthless psychotic monster Velupillai Prabhakaran truly was capable of which to a soft cranium seems incomprehensible and the related gullibilities preventing what it needs to acknowledge as the possible truth!

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