First Nations appeal = Sri Lankan Appeal to Canada
Posted on March 18th, 2012

Asoka Weeerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 Canada

18 March 2012

Hon. John Baird, PC. MP.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada
House of Commons, Ottawa.

 Dear John Baird:

What is this that I read that “Manitoba First Nations’ bid for housing help from Iran slammed by Ottawa”.  The news item  also said, “The Iranian regime is now attempting to exploit tragedy and feign concern as yet another PR stunt to distract from its own abhorrent record”, said Joseph Lavoie, spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

Wow! Wow!!  John, you certainly don’t  seem to like when the shoe is on the other foot of yours after you committed us Canadians into the “ƒ”¹…”Whiteman speaks from both sides of the mouth’ efforts poking our fingers into Sri Lanka’s reconciliation efforts after a gruesome 27-year war with the Tamil Tiger terrorists.  What business do we have there, John? Remember your song and dance about Sri Lanka at the UN Security Council meetings.  That was sick, John!  Just because we give Sri Lanka few millions of dollars in aid, that doesn’t give us a license to bully that little island that I come from.  Give Sri Lanka’s well earned Peace a Chance. Just because you cough at the Security Council, don’t expect Sri Lankans to drop onto the ground and pretend that they are dead.  It is simple as that.

We Canadians looked bad when your predecessor Lawrence Cannon sent out a pathetic press release in May 2009, not even having the honesty to acknowledge the Sri Lankan Government for wiping out the Tamil Tiger terrorists, the most ruthless in the world, when almost all the Western nations slapped the back of President Mahinda Rajapaksa saying “Bravo! Sri Lanka.” We Canadians showed our insincere dark grey colours pretty badly.  I thought the whole world was fighting to eliminate terrorism after the 9/11 terrorist attack on the twin towers in New York.  It does seem to only matter to the big guys and not puny guys.    And when the puny guys succeed in wiping out terrorists, then the big guys want to haul them in front of a War Crimes Court for human rights violations. That is bunch of cods wallop, isn’t John?  That is a bunch of Italian baloney hanging in a Deli in the Byward market.

But it does seem that the Canadian Foreign policy is”¦Oh, No, it doesn’t count when it happens in a puny nation stuck like a thumb in a remote part of the Indian Ocean.    They shouldn’t be wiping out terrorists as we want the Tamil terrorists supporter votes in Canada.   To hell with Sri Lanka!  What is Canada’s problem, John?  Was it that you guys (unfortunately I happen to be one of your Conservatives) did not want to antagonize the Tamil community and lose their votes in droves like a black storm of Jaffna-locusts.  Right John? 

Tell me it is not so and give me a damn good convincing reason why it is not so.  Surely,  we Canadians cannot be that callous, when we damn well knew that  by wiping out the Tamil Tigers, the Government of Sri Lanka gave back the  “ƒ”¹…”right-to-life’ to 22 million of their peoples which had been hijacked by the Tamil Tigers for 27 years, and we Canadians did sweet nothing about it, other than extending the war by letting the Tamil Diaspora  stuff the Tamil Tiger war chest with two million dollars a month for 13-Liberal Government years to buy a sophisticated war armoury to keep killing the Sinhalese and Muslim peoples.  The Sinhalese happens to be my people.

Now that the Chiefs of the First Nations have approached Iran to help them with housing, you and John Lavois must be having nightmares seeing our First Nation Indian communities stomping their moccasined feet doing the war dance around your beds singing “Olalahaiya-haiya”¦olalahaiyahaiya’,  singing “keep your hands off us”, like what the whole of  Sri Lanka has been telling you”¦. “Keep your hands off Sri Lanka.”

Now you understand what Sri Lanka is going through with your arrogant interventions and comments.  You know what, John? The Sri Lankan Government policy is, “let the white-dogs bark, but our caravans we trundle on.”  As they have recognized that they have a responsibility to 22 million Sri Lankan peoples and none to a few Canadians like you who are dragging the separatist Canadian-Tamils with them  who are hanging on to your coat tails promising their votes at the next federal election.

So, let’s keep our hands off Sri Lanka, now that you have got a taste from the First Nation peoples.  Surely, what is good for the goose should be good for the gander!


Asoka Weeerasinghe

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  1. LankaLover Says:

    It is unfortunate to see that LTTE is taking Canadian politician on a ride promising bogus amounts of Tamil votes.

    Majority of Tamils have abandoned LTTE, and they vote according to their conscience.

    I think it is better for Canadian politicians not to fall victim to LTTE propaganda, and not to suck their udders for Tamil votes.

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