Time to Exterminate the Killer Mosquito ( Bajaaj)
Posted on March 23rd, 2012

Ananda  also from US

With the rising pressure from India and US, Sri Lankan government should take immediate initiative to safeguard all its citizens, Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Burgher from easily avoidable death traps   set up by the Bajaaj. First step is to appoint a Lessons Learned and Safegurad (LLSC) commission to investigate how to get rid of the dreaded Indian made killer vehicle.

The first company to produce a three wheeler vehicle is the Italian Paiyakggio company. British company Reliant too produced three wheeler cars until the end of previous century. Most dreaded of all is the Indian produced Bajaaj which grew in large numbers like a killer pest throughout Asia. The victim countries are Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

Three wheeled vehicles are produced to earn fast money with complete disregard to value of human life. Like USA dropping and testing the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki ( the biggest war crime of the recent history that went unpunished),  the countries which produce these vehicles have failed to admit and pay compensation for innocent civilians who lost their lives and limbs  owing to barbaric commercial crime of producing such cars. LLSC commission should first carryout a research to evaluate loss of life due to accident caused by three wheeler vehicles in Sir Lanka. The best approach to exterminate the pest should them be examined by the LLSC. Sri Lankan government should then encourage the friendly Asian nations to appoint LLSCs in their countries.

Eradicating any pest is not easy. First it is imperative to stop new pests from arriving at Sri Lanka. Additional tax is the most common pest control needed but this a slow process which can be applied to other four legged creatures such as Nano. A minimum safety star rating should be made compulsory to all passenger vehicles that have the capacity to carry more than two passengers. A noise level regulation is another way to eradicate the pest.

Government should give all necessary tax reliefs to local car manufacturer Micro to produce or import more Geely cars. Geely ,produced in China ( which is a considerate and friendlier country to Lanka) are, much superior in safety (most with ABS). Every country in the world safeguards local brands. For example Australia recently paid a hefty some to rescue Holden. Likewise it is a duty of Sri Lankan government to promote and safeguard local car companies who employ our youth, including those ex LTTEers who have been properly rehabilitated .Micro should be encouraged to expand to Jaffna.

With the cheaper and safer alternative available, existing  Bajaajs will gradually have to  be sold to less populated areas in North and East reducing risks of accidents. Tourists who are happy to risk lives should be given a special licence after signing a disclaimer form. The Mosquito  should however be prohibited on all major roads.

Time to do pest control.  Hello Geely !  Bye bye  Bajaaj!

9 Responses to “Time to Exterminate the Killer Mosquito ( Bajaaj)”

  1. mjaya Says:

    Absolutely! Lets get rid of this Indian garbage. Also to kick out of Sri Lanka
    1) The dun kochchi TATA bus
    2) Killer Indian medicine
    3) IOC
    4) Hambantota and Jaffna consulates
    5) The yakada goda – Mahindra
    6) Bollywood Whores
    7) Indians working in Sri Lanka under work visas and illegal immigrants
    8) Last but not least the 13 Amendment

    We should grow whatever we can in Sri Lanka – stop importing dirty food from India.

    Lets not forget that India earns billions in exporting garbage to Sri Lanka.

    So lets

    A backstabber is always a backstabber!

  2. Dham Says:

    A good start to boycot Indian rubbish. Citizens too should contribute by not buying or selling Indian junk.

  3. mjaya Says:


  4. mjaya Says:

    Lets say goodbye to,
    1) The TATA bus – dun kochchiya
    2) Mahindra yakada goda
    3) Dirty Indian food – lets grow our own
    4) Bollywood whores
    5) Cricketers, boycott the IPL
    6) Indian killer medicine

    Close the consulates in Hambantota and Jaffna


  5. mjaya Says:

    Lets say goodbye to,
    1) The TATA bus – dun kochchiya
    2) Mahindra yakada goda
    3) Dirty Indian food – lets grow our own
    4) Cricketers, boycott the IPL
    5) Indian killer medicine

    Close the consulates in Hambantota and Jaffna


  6. Dilrook Says:

    As much as we hate India, we have to be practical. We knew even before Tamil Nadu clowns started their antics that India would vote against us. We also knew the resolution was a US-Indian joint affair.

    However, we also have to accept India’s help in toning down the resolution. It is too little too late but what if India didn’t do it? May be the resolution would have failed or may be the same losers who voted for it would have voted for it anyway. I think the latter would have happened.

    I fully agree with doing away with useless Indian cheap and dangerous goods.

    We can replace the dirty Bajaj with similar Thailand products. They have a bit more spacious and stable three wheeler. Best to manufacture locally. Chinese Great Wall motors should replace Indian Tata and Ashok Layland junk. We should stop importing Indian drugs, labour and foods. 13A must be scrapped.

    However as the defence secretary mentioned we cannot have knee-jerk reactions to this.

    Once again minister Mervyn Silva has done another loose-lip operation threatening NGO activists. I have no objection against actual elimination of these criminals but making public threats is totally unacceptable. It is a PR disaster and may actually help them play the victim card.

    As a ship would pass through a rough patch the nation is passing through a hard time. We have to stay calm and make effective decisions to take back the economy from the hands of people of Indian extraction.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Hey, wait a minute, there is a mistake made here. I didn’t write this article comment. LankaWeb, please correct this mistake and replace my name with the name of the correct author. Thanks!


  8. . Says:

    China’s Geely finalizes deal to buy ailing Volvo from Ford
    Geely, the Chinese automaker that began 25 years ago as a refrigerator parts supplier, has finalized its agreement to buy Volvo the struggling Swedish manufacturer owned by Ford.Volvo had been on the market since 2008 when Ford put several brands up for sale. Geely bought Volvo for $1.8 billion, the biggest overseas purchase by a Chinese car manufacturer.
    “Today represents a milestone for Geely,” the company’s chairman Li Shufu said of the deal first announced last December.

  9. Dham Says:

    Not only Bajaaj, all Indian “nogoods” should be rejected.

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