Geneva Outcome 2012: questions to the step-father of 13A+ in Sri Lanka
Posted on March 27th, 2012

C. Wijeyawickrema

There was a bakery owner that I knew who voted for AnandaTissa de Alwis in 1977. He was a Buddhist. One dayI told him thatATdeA was not a Buddhist. He could not believe that a Christian could have two very highly Buddhistfirst names and would not have voted for him had he knew the truth. When I first heardthe name VishakaKumariJayawardena I thought she was a Buddhist. Later I came to know that she grew up in London with her English mother. Rosy Senanayakewants to remove the “Buddhist social foundation” in the island and there is no misleading as she speaks as a Christian. Marxist parents had an urge to give Buddhist names to theirchildren such as Tissaraneewhich meant the Noble Triple Gem in Buddhism. Similarly, I did not know Dayan J was not a Buddhist until recently. I do not think DJ is Harold Laski reborn in Sri Lanka as his uncle Carlo Fonseka once identified him, but DJ has some talents, just like RohanGunaratne who is an expert on terrorism operating from a university in Singapore. They both were in the “this war is not winnable” boat in the past. The “solutions” they suggest now make us think twice because of this past record, more so with DJ who once fled to India with VartharajaPerumal.

As a person who wrote enough against the 13A death trap (just like JRJ’s death trap constitution of 1978 and subsequent electoral reforms), I think I am correct in labeling Dayan J as the step-father of the 13A Plus idea, copied later by the American embassy in Colombo, Indians in Delhi, TNA, Anandasangaree and some Sinhala politicians now holding ministerial jobs. In the past, when I sought clarification from DJ about his 13A+ plan he behaved in a funny way which made me suspicious of his sincerity. Does he genuinely believe in his own step son 13A+ as a solution to keep this island in one piece? Marxists ruined Sri Lanka and DJ as a Marxist theoretician of sort, has a heavy burden to justify his miracle solution 13A+ by educating others by answering to our questions. After he was removed from his ambassador job last time, there was a lull in his carrying the 13A monkey on his back and he even talked about a Sinhala Buddhist heartland in the island (an anti-Rosy stand?). Therefore,I hope a reformed DJ would decide to educate others about his magic solution called the 13A Plus.

Twenty questions

1. Does he (DJ) not agree that 13A has no moral basis to be a law because it was forced by India on a frightened JRJ who forced MPs to vote for it by keeping them in a hotel-converted prison?

2. Does DJ agree with the suggestion to submit 13A to a people’s referendum to confirm or reject it by the people of Sri Lanka?

3. Does DJ accept the fact that 13A is an acceptance of the myth of traditional Tamil Homeland in Sri Lanka?

4. Does DJ not accept that on the basis of 3 above Muslims also will have a “right” to ask for a homeland (Oluvil Declaration type) of their own?

5. Does he not accept the fact that 13A was nothing but the introduction to Sri Lanka of the policy of communal representation implemented in India by the Government of India Act of 1935?

6. Does he not agree that 13A has created hordes of corrupt new political families who want to use the PC set up to go to parliament?

7. Does he not think that Sri Lanka is too small to have separate provincial governments?

8. What is DJ’s definition of 13A+? Is it giving land powers or giving both land and police powers?

9. Does DJ support the re-merging of Eastern and Northern Provinces?

10. Does DJ know that Christian fanatic organizations mapped a “belt of Satan” in the world that should be saved?

11. Can DJ explain how 13A+ will prevent Tamil Nadu and world Tamil forum’s aspiration to have a Tamil country?

12. Does DJ accept that Tamils in Sri Lanka have more rights than Tamils in India?

13. Can DJ list grievances unique to Tamils in Sri Lanka?

14. Would DJ agree that in Sri Lanka the problem is “spatial inequality” not racial inequity?

15. LLRC wanted to empower people at the lowest level. What mechanism DJ can suggest to implement this?

16. R. Premadasa increased GSN units from 4,000 to 14,000 to give jobs to his UNP supporters. Does DI think we need that many gramasevaka units?

17. New Zealand and USA are examples of countries using natural boundaries as administrative unit demarcations. Does DJ agree to demarcate GSN boundaries on natural/ecological basis?

18. Units under 17 above will create seven large River basins in Sri Lanka. Does DJ think such seven river basins are better than the artificially carved nine provinces?

19. Does DJ think western white imperial politicians want one Sri Lanka or two countries in the island?

20. Would DI read the book, Breaking India: Western interventions in Dravidian and Dalit faultlines?




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  1. weeralanka Says:

    One more question;
    21. DJ, like most of the prominent supporters, Are you in the payroll of Tamil Diaspora?

  2. Ravanaa Says:

    Two more questions.

    22. Isn’t that puzzling you to notice that western strategy of dividing Lanka and your solution to ethnic problem through 13+ has become identical?

    23. What was the true reason for you to fight hard to defeat western maneuverings of saving the LTTE in UNHCR Geneva last time, if you want to divide the nation through advocating 13+ few years later, knowing the fact that LTTE was also fighting for the same cause?

  3. Voice123 Says:

    So are you suggesting that you have to be a Buddhist to truly love Sri Lanka or be loyal? Please clarify this. A lot of non-Buddhists will agree with much of what you say but reject your unfair stereotypes. Are any Buddhists going to speak out against such intolerance or is it “complicity in silence”?

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Re points #17 & #18, the District is the best unit for governance in Lanka.

    Re #20 : Would DI read the book, Breaking India: Western interventions in Dravidian and Dalit faultlines ? This is the truth.
    Starts with Tamil Nadu Separatist/Caste & poverty problems impinging on Lanka. TN Separatism affects Lanka more than anything else. Best ban all TN material on Separatism coming into Lanka.

  5. Geeth Says:

    Assessing the current status, I would say living by a broken India would be a better situation for Lanka than a united India. If Tamilnadu becomes independent, Sri Lanka can handle the treat from TN conveniently than handling the threat of contemporary India. And we have handled TN aggression for last two millenniums and we still prevailed.

    Not only that, Delhi administration in divided India definitely will come to our doorstep begging our goodwill and friendship since TN will definitely become the western poodle and the Israel of Indian ocean region.

    Divided India will always be better for our security.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    A contained, real & slow Modernisation for Tamil Nadu is the only answer. TN should be helped by all the states of India to achieve this without any wars or military build ups in TN.
    Tamil Nadu was not subjected to the ancient wars of Akbar & Asoka, and remained an evolutionary cul de sac. Even Dr Ambedkar’s Buddhist approach for Dalits have not made any significant dent on TN. Modernisation through education, understanding, inter marriages to other groups, and mingling with other ethnic groups is the answer for Tamil Nadu. India should handle this problem on her own. Plus strong birth control for whole of India, of course.

  7. Kit Athul Says:

    C. Wiyayawicrama, you brought out a very, very, intresting recurring phenomenon. “The un winnerble war”. I am refering to ROHAN GUNARTNE. At first, he openly said that “this war cannot be won”. Who paid him say this? US state Department. Just after MR became the president he held a seminar in Colombo to influence the Rajapakse administration to create an intelligence gathering unit in Colombo, preferably in Kothalawal Academy. The naked eye cannot see what he was attempting to do. He wanted to get all the military field intelligence and then pass it on to INDIAN RAW and CIA for a fee. His operation is from University of Singapore where he has to get out side funds to keep his Department and professorship going. He thought Gotabaya was stupid, but he is not and the military intelligence was kept on the field and did not get any where else. May 18th and 19th 2009 are unique days in Sri Lanka. Indian RAW and CIA never thought Prabhraken and his family could be annihilated. Indian Computer model or the CIA computer model did not predict it. Soon after the defeat of Prabhakren, India discarded the large IBM 370 and 390 computer complex, demolished the building and created a brand new building with IBM Blade computers at a cost of $ 1 Billion. What Rohan Gunaratne is doing now is no different from what he did then. He came few months ago and gave a seminar to show how Parbhakeran killed various poilticians. By doing so he capturs the audience, when he needs more reccogition he brings out various facts he knew for a long time, but released only few months ago. This presentation by Rohan Gunartne is on the web site. It has two good examples, Who and how Late Lalith Athulathmudali was assasinated. Carefully avoiding how PRAMADASE ordered it and Srisana Cooray matriculately carried it out. Next he goes on to give blowing up of Pramadase. Here he says about a team from Prabhakeran’s Peace office in Vanni, arrived in Colombo to tell Pramadase’s wife it was not LTTE who blew him. Here he has the audience completely captivated. He concludes by clearly saying Sri Lanka MUST go with what INDIA says and not to do any business with CHINA! C. Wijyawickrama has done a lot or research for this article and brought out very many issues to the open. No. 5 is the best “Government of INDIA act 1935” Now why can’t our DUM team that went to Geneva ask this question from US and India? I know the answer, Clowns like D.E.W. Gunasekara who wants the 13th A and states that it is the Army that won the war and not the Executive Presidency. If there was a parliamentary government then the government could have been overthorn, THEN where is the Army getting orders from? INDIAN RAW. I got to know No. 5 only now. Rajiv Gandhi based the 13 A on this. It is time we pushed HE MR to nullify the 13 A. If the push comes from the grass roots, then, he cannot resist it.

  8. gamunu6 Says:

    Very well analysed by the author & indeed by responses. True we always have a easy answer is that person who holds a diff: view than ours.. are somehow paid by LTTE or its supporting organizations. This is not so. True some have undergone their childhood as jesuits & are grateful for being inclined to carry out their teachings. Some may be under LTTE payroll.

    It is NOT only Buddhists, but NON buddhists have held & Non Sinhaelese have held important positions in Sri lanka incluidng in the present Govt. Many former highest esteemed ambassodors from Sri lanka were non buddhists. Late Laksman Kathrgama ( our foregn minister) could have been the future Prime Minister one day. He was assiniated by LTTE.

    The present UN ambassodor Tamra Kannayakam is a Tamil, but excelled in her new position in Geneva. Some female designate has even threatened her. If we go back to history its very rare, and un-thinkable that NON Buddhist can or will become a leader of a Buddhist nation.In Vietnam South they had disasterous results, now finally both North & So are united.

    There are many differences in any community, BUT here in lankaweb I see most are interested in expressing their point of view irrespetive of their political affliations. So it is time now to find what we agree ON & support the present administration as some of them need guidance. The cross section of people who have written can join forces & minds submit solutions how & what action should be taken.

    Fighting among ourselves will never achieve our objectives. A comprehensive, well thought out plans are needed & most learned people will support them if they are contacted & encouraged.

    I hope all sri lankans including EXPATS from West & other countries should get involved in this hour of need. Thank you all, and hope my two cents will help in some way….Just expressing my views as an expat…~ Gamunu, Retd Engineer-CANADA

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Here are some ideas on how to protect Lanka :

    * Identify and deport all illegal migrants, at least for the last 10 yrs., most of whom are from Tamil Nadu, and look after all the true born citizens of Lanka. Guarding of the coastline should be up to the Navy & the Coast Guard who ought to be very trustworthy. It is also up to the ordinary citizens of Lanka to report illegal migrants in Lanka.

    * Get rid of the 13-A.

    * Best to have least dependency on Tamil labor, introduce mechanised tea plucking with tea plucking machines. Such machines can be operated by people of any ethnicity.

    * Teach English as a link language and Sc&Tech in the villages and to Buddhist priests. Buddhist priests with right aptitude could be taught be taught modern Psychology, and thus serve society in a very direct manner. We humbly suggest the formation of a new Nikaya (of both male & female priests, in separate sections), which will turn mostly to serve the Public in their needs. Podi Hamuduruwo of Gangarama is a fine example – may there be many more like him.

    * Have an Oath of Allegiance to Lanka to be taken by all citizens.

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