The Passing of US Resolution At Geneva A Mere Response To Sri Lanka’s Bickering Adversaries Mostly To Appease Them But There Are Dangers!
Posted on March 27th, 2012

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial

March 28th 2012

There seems to be some celebrations in global Tamil Diaspora circles  that the US resolutions against Sri Lanka which was approved by a majority count of 25 to 14 at the UNHCR in Geneva was a big deal but in reality it is nothing worth crowing about! Tamil nadu in particular shouls make a note of this as the likes of Mr Karunanidhi seem to be tripping over their dhoties in the process of jumpimg up which could result in serious injury if not to pride even their physical well being! and a message to other celebrants also!
Perhaps the USA as well as the bandwagon which carried this motion including the likes of Hillary Clinton of the USA , Stephen Harper of Canada. Ban Ki Moon of the UN, the UK. the EU and the rest of Sri Lanka’s tormentors must surely have it on their consciences thet they were in fact barking up the wrong tree where transparencies towards huge bias based on worthless presentation of falsified facts was the main reason for this outrage on the sovereignity and territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka even in a token gesture where it does not have any consequences that would jeapordise Sri Lanka or create heavy sanctions. 

Many including those who opposed the motion believe it was the bounden right of Sri Lanka to stand up to what seemed an injustice ~ cries of foul, murder, mayhem etc. from contentious quarters notwithstandibng as it is Sri Lanka that needs to cry foul and protest against what has come to be known by many discerning both within Sri Lanka as well as globally as a travesty of justice and intimidation by the presenters  of the UNHCR motion with agendas which at times appear to be pretty cut and dried towards who instigated it and what their motivations were.

For a long time now it has been contested by Sri lankan Authorities and many qualified analysts that the so called evidence presented against Sri Lanka towards this cause which at times appears transparently worthless was mostly concocted by the likes of the Channel 4 Team of British TV now also being exposed for links to the Tamil Diaspora and may other sources whose conflicts of interest stick out like  sore thumbs and  simply cannot be swept under the carpet and perhaps need to be challenged for authenticity and credibility.

It is also astounding and aggravating that the hounding of Sri Lanka continues unashamed and unabated over the issue of “rights violations” where there are nations which have proven examples and shocking evidence towards similar or graver accusations yet go unheeded by those involved in the UNHCR cacophony as it would best be termed and the recent approach of the likes of  Ms.Naveen Pillai of the UN towards her own set of accusations is another issue that needs to be confronted and the person in question probably needing interrogation about what her real sources and objectives towards her fingerpointing  against Sri Lanka is and expose her transparencies which in all probabilities run as far as sympathy for the Tamil Tigers as alleged by some, allegations which come from many global quarters and about time the issues at hand are dealt with and resolved so that Sri Lanka can resume her programs of development without interference from all the wrong sources for obvious albeit all the wrong reasons!

As pellucidated by Sri Lanka’s Minister for External Affairs  Prof. G.L Peiris “The resolution passed at the 19th Session of the United Nation Human Rights Council sponsored by the United States is “ƒ”¹…”non-binding’, unlike those passed by the Security Council and the consequences relatively different or even of no consequence if the allegatins involved are unprovable and distorted, as they seem to be for all intents and purposes from an accuracy and tangibility standpoint. He has also stated that there was “absolutely no question about sanctions and those sanctions having anything to do with the resolution and that is fundamentally different from any resolution passed by the Security Council” which portrays to a degree the futility of all that transpired at the UNHRC sessions as there were no incarcerations worth debating and perhaps a paid vacation in beautiful Geneva for some.

What seems to have been overlooked most importantly  in all of the proceedings at Geneva are the basics of what was involved in the 26 year long conflict between the Government Forces of Sri Lanka and natiuon destrucrive, globally condemned terrorists where the efforts made by the Armed Forces to protect the civilians and their ruthless hounding by the Tamil Tiger Terrorists resulting in multitudes of innocents fleeing their clutches, being fired upon even as they fled and the manner in which the Armed Forces gave them cover, shelter and eventially guided to a safe haven, vast numbers who to this day acknowledge the reality of it all. And all  that is being done is a condemnation of the righteous in favour of the villains who virtually tore the Nation apart towards their own demise.

Sadly, apathetically and disgustingly the aforementioned accusers of Sri Lanka villifying what was in fact an urgent and inevitable necessity involving her Sovereignity, territorial integrity and the untainted freedoms of all her citizens seem to have had no insight into all that has really mattered as the continued bickeringss of the Gklobal diaspora and the blinkered conclusions of cross eyed and distorted judgements of individuals in high places within the International Community as well as somewhat insignificant though very loud voices from locales of Tamil sympathy linked to the LTTE have indicated.
It was the bounden duty of the  Sri Lanka Government and a responsibility to all Sri Lankan citizens  to have responded to the matters at hand in the UNHRC sessions because of the reality that the adoption of the resolution means that the UNHRC can take up issues regarding Sri Lanka from time to time, also  in the words of External Affairs Minister Peiris said who has outlined the danger that it could be precedent setting.  Significantly there are others who have also expressed concerns that it could also pave the way towards a resurgence of the very terrorism that was eliminated as a consequrnce of Sri Lankan Government action and policy and something the world should praise and accollade not drag down on some cockamanie indulgent exuses towards the agendas of Sri lanka’s adversaries some of whom have the affront to present credentials as world leaders. To the contrary they should hang their heads in shame at the injustice of it all!

When the Hon. Minister has concluded that “the Sri Lankan Government was strongly against the “internalization” of issues connected with Sri Lanka and that there was no basis or justification to do so. “
It seemed to portray the real mood of the Government in response where this resolution has invariably opened the door to external sources  with hardly a justification for intervention in domestic affairs of nations, and that no objective norm or criteria will govern this intervention, which is arbitrary and thus entails a degree of peril to the very integrity of the structure of the Human Rights Council.” he has affirmed the stark realities of the consequences which the pursuers of this resolution seemed to have overlooked or deliberately chose to ignore !

In the afternath of the Geneva Sessions the world has become more aware that Sri Lanka is no pushover, will not be intimidated  nor bow down to any pressure from sources with agendas that do not serve the best interests of the country and that Sri Lanka’s approach in the future will be determined by no other consideration than the well being and best interest of the citizens of Sri Lanka which are being hampered presently only bu the interference of  self acclaimed pundits  whose own backyards and policies need to be cleaned up towards a better and safer world rather than endanger it!.

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