Lessons Learnt at UNHRC
Posted on March 28th, 2012

Ranjith Soysa

In interpreting and understanding the defeat suffered by Sri Lanka at the UNHRC any fool will be able to conclude that the US led West prefers a weak and unstable Sri Lanka in order to meet the objectives of their geo-political strategy in South Asia.

India too needs a weak Sri Lanka embroiled in the internal divisive issues so that it can intervene even using armed forces to preserve her hegemony in the Indian Ocean region, and to win the support of Tamil Nadu politicians who always tend to forget that Sri Lanka is not an Indian state. (The Indian PM says that India wants Tamils in Sri Lanka to live with dignity and that is why India approved the US resolution! India cannot be ignorant of its own back yard where millions starve including the poor in Tamil Nadu – perhaps with dignity)

 Therefore, if one were to follow the advice of the advocates promoting the strategy of bending over backwards to the US led West and India “”…”contrary to the wishes of 15 countries who voted against the US resolution and 8 others who abstained, and tens of thousands Sri Lankans who demonstrated against the same- Sri Lanka should hurriedly implement the following:

 1. Act according to the requirements of the Resolution and accept to follow the advise of Robert Blake, Minister Hague, Navi Pillay, Butenis, Darusman, ICG, AI, Ch4, and our own P.Saravanamuttu and his team.

 2. Appease India by implementing post haste all requirements under the famous Indo-Sri Lanka agreement of 1987 and empower a merged North-East province.

 If we do not agree, we must realize that the US led West and India will continue planning and manoeuvring to achieve their ends after humiliating Sri Lanka at the UNHRC. To withstand the threats from this quarter Sri Lanka should make use of this opportunity preferably to subject herself to a SWOT analysis rather than provide excuses to the “enemy”, like the Walrus who walked gleefully with the carpenter to its grave.

 Without being another Churchill who won the war and lost the peace, the President Mahinda Rajapakse should be able to first cleanse the Governance to consolidate the confidence of the masses which is the most crucial protective wall against an attempt for a regime change. He must bring legislation to impose even capital punishment for bribe takers, drug importers and traffickers, political thugs, etc. Review the mega projects and take action to stop squandering of public funds. Arrest wastage andevolve a system to declare the assets of the politicians, top officials, senior personnel in the private sector  so that the masses will know who amass wealth dishonestly.

Introduce systems for fairer distribution of wealth and State resources. 

The rule of law must be set in operation so that the people will feel contended in a fair and safe environment. Once the internal, controllable issues are tackled no force in the foreseeable future will be successful in effecting a regime change. 

 To withstand the possible threats to the country by the “ƒ”¹…”enemy forces’ the economy must be strengthened by basically questioning and discarding many facets of the Western development model and replacing it with an appropriate system. The objective is to create a contended nation within our means and reduce as much as possible the dependence on the West and India. The increased development in agriculture, expansion of appropriate small and medium business, a forward looking energy policy (presently serving the affluent sectors), priority to the public transportation are some of the important areas which should receive the attention of the President. Review the present trading relationship with India to avert Indianization

of Sri Lanka’s economy. The building of 5 star hotels, super highways, beautifying Colombo, expecting millions of tourists, building Asia’s tallest tower will only cater to a miniscule section of the population while compelling the Sri Lankans to depend on our “ƒ”¹…”enemy nations’ for survival.

 The provincial council system introduced by the Indian intervention should be subjected to a nation-wide referendum and should be done away immediately, if the people reject it. Perhaps, the President can use the current Parliamentary majority to replace the Provincial council system. The majority of the right thinking people have already come to the conclusion that the Provincial Council system is not only a white elephant but also a breeding ground for political thugs.

 It has to be remembered that the President himself, the Defence Secretary, and leading members of our armed forces are the top targets of the regime change manoeuvres. (The President and the Ministers should re-read the story of former elected President of Chile, Salvador Allende fate to comprehend fully the true nature of the US machinations) If Sri Lankan leaders who liberated the Nation from the yoke of the LTTE terrorists are hauled before the international tribunals, the Nation will be forced into instability for many more decades. Hence, the President should NOW lead the country from the front and read the Mahinda Chintanaya, his forgotten manifesto to the Nation and to the world community which supported Sri Lanka at the UNHRC, upholding the just rights of a sovereign Nation.

 To ignore the shot fired at Sri Lanka in Geneva will herald the beginning of the end of Rajapakse regime. To feel satisfied with the statements issued by the USA and her followers including India and act as foolish optimists will be akin to the delight of crabs enjoying the water in a pot until it reaches the boiling point.

 Over to you,  Mr. President.

7 Responses to “Lessons Learnt at UNHRC”

  1. Dham Says:

    Look there is no “Rajapakse regime”. Never ever say that, unless you are an enemy yourself !

    Bseides this I fully agree ! Raja MUST WAKE UP NOW.
    Whatever the modayas say, he should clean the government while killing 13A and implementing a better governing model, discarding all western democratic nonsence of
    1. Parlimetary Elections
    2. Provicial council elections,
    3. Local government elections.
    Implement a new system which empower people than politiccos.

  2. Christie Says:

    Allies won WWII but British lost the Empire. In fact British-Indian Empire was reduced to Indian Empire.

    I feel sorry for most of the Sinhalese who live in the West. they suck to Indians and Indian colonial parasites.

    Come on stand up and be counted as Sinhalese from Ceylon.

    Do not patronise Indian good and shops.

  3. desh Says:

    Peacetime running of a government is not easy, when one is used to have highly restrictive laws to govern the country before. In peacetime such laws fall, and the lack of ability to adapt shows. Having close and further family around won’t help, so the government must find a way to get out of anarchy and to democracy.

    The ministers from the UPFA are the same as in the Chandrika’s government, which is being noted by people now. Then there are the jumpers like Bandula G, who can live with just Rs. 7500 per month. Maybe the voters should be given poonakku, rather than bread. The bloody 300 gram loaf of bread costs Rs. 55!

    If 3 people family eats 1,5 loafs of bread per meal, just half a loaf per person, and without ANY hodi or whatever, the family needs 1,5x3x30x55= Rs. 7425!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    How can the US talk from both ends of the same mouth at the same time?

    Easy, because they are SHAMELESS HYPOCRITES. That is HOW!

    Lanka accuses US of adopting double standards

    March 29, 2012

    Lanka accuses US of adopting double standards Colombo: Citing America’s close ally Israel’s decision to sever ties with the UN Human Rights Council, Sri Lanka on Thursday accused the US of adopting double standards saying Washington was against any global involvement in the Jewish state but did not follow the same policy for Colombo.


  5. Lorenzo Says:

    This is a good move. But I doubt these terrorists will ever change.

    From weapons to lipstick.

    Tamil Tigers.


  6. Shan9 Says:

    Thanks Ranjith for this INSIGHTFUL article.

    Hope Mahinda Rajapakse will read this and act appropriately to save himself and the country.

  7. Christie Says:

    There are 25 million Hindu Indians outside India. Most of them are in the tropical dominions of the former British Indian Empire, now the Indian Empire. They went to these dominions as sepoys and coolies. Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand) is the most celebrated Indian colonial parasite who made his fortunes from Black Africa.
    Navi Pillai of the UNHRC fame and Yasmin Sooka of UNSG’s report on Sri Lanka are two other Indian colonial parasites from South Africa.

    There is no reason why these should not assist their Imperialist.

    These are true facts as seen from the by a victim of Indian imperialism colonialism and Indian colonial parasites.

    Those from overseas specially from the west who tell what the Sinhalese and their leaders should do, better mind their own businesses in their own land.

    If they really want to help they can do a lot by exposing what the Indians imperialists are up to with the Indian colonial parasites.

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