Never trust Indian back-stabbers
Posted on March 28th, 2012

H. L. D. Mahindapala

 There was absolutely no moral or acceptable reason for India to abandon its immediate neighbours in the SAARC and Asian regions and rush to join hands with distant America and the West to back the US Resolution against Sri Lanka at the 19th session of the UNHRC in Geneva. This attempt to target Sri Lanka in particular runs against India’s established policy of not  voting for country-specific resolutions. On these two factors alone it can only be concluded that India’s voting was meant to be an anti-Sri Lankan act that is as irrational, despicable and counter-productive as arming, training and financing the Tamil terrorists to destabilize Sri Lanka in the eighties. This unwarranted betrayal confirms that India cannot be trusted to be with any SAARC nation in times of needs. Sri Lanka, like all its neighbours, must prepare to face the future on its own knowing that India will stab the regional partners in the back as and when it pleases the panjandrums of Delhi.

It is universally acknowledged that India’s interventions in the region have been the curse of SAARC. The region has failed to take off as it ought to (as seen in the other regional blocs) because of India’s failure to solve its problems with its neighbours. India operates on the premise that it is a big power in the region which can impose its will with the backing of its shifting Western powers “”…” the latest being America. But, if India is wise as it claims to be, it must realize that in facing the crises looming in the geo-politics of the region India’s power will be diminished considerably if it fails to win and hold the good will of its small neighbours. If India can betray its neighbours what obligation is there for its neighbours to be loyal to India? In short, India will be disadvantaged in fighting the big fights it is destined to face in the future if it fails to carry small neighbours with it.

India may have America and also nuclear arms but what is the future India without the shield of its small nations? The overt and covert contest in the region right now is to strategize for the establishment of a “string of pearls” consisting of small nations in and around the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is the only and strategic pearl hanging from the Indian necklace and it is vital that this southern pearl should be with India to protect India’s southern flank. India’s brutal acts of stabbing Sri Lanka in the back –not only this  time but even earlier by exporting Tamil terrorism to Sri Lanka — is not going to make India the guarantor of Sri Lankan security or the most desirable partner of its foreign policy. Predictably, these calculated treachery of India will open up space for those who offer better guarantees for Sri Lanka’s future. After Geneva Sri Lanka must seriously consider whether there is any point in casting pearls before Indian swine?

India is surrounded by nations alienated by India’s unwanted interventions. Even though the US Resolution helped India to retain its shaky grip at the centre it soured India’s relations in the immediate neighbourhood. G. Parathasarathy, the father of the Indo-Sri Lanka agreement, told the Indian media ” that voting in favour of the resolution as it stood would have consequences for Indian diplomacy.”

He cited how Colombo had facilitated Indian aid to Sri Lankan Tamils and said: “We may lose that leverage we have with the Sri Lankans. We will also be isolated in the entire Asian region and guess who will gain from this? Pakistan and China.”

India, of course, did manage to change the Resolution but it was more for India’s protection than Sri Lanka. The change stated unequivocally that the Office of the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights can  provide advice and technical assistance only in “consultation with, and concurrence of” the Sri Lankan government. But this is stating the obvious. In any case, Sri Lanka was in no mood to let outsiders come in to police its domestic agenda. Nor could UNHRC force their way without an invitation from the Sri Lankan government. The Indian amendment merely stated the obvious to clarify the role of the Office of UNHRC just in case there is a conflict of interests. 
In the main, however, this revision provides an escape route for India in the event of UN deciding in the future to pass a resolution against India’s violations of human rights. It is, therefore, plain that India moved the revision to protect its interests to prevent outsiders poking their fingers in her domestic affairs.

But the sting of India  betraying Sri Lanka will never be forgotten. The fact remains that India decided to join America and defeat Sri Lanka at the UNHRC contradicting its own standing of opposing country specific resolutions. India did a volte face after promising initially to back Sri Lanka. India stabbed Sri Lanka at the eleventh hour with the intention of exerting maximum pressure through US-UNHRC channels. This was a move of India to enter Sri Lanka not with the IPKF but by hanging on the skirts of the West.   
What is worse, this anti-Sri Lankan move comes at a time when Indo-Sri Lanka relations had reached a new height after sinking to low depths in the arbitrary and  ill-fated  offensive of dropping “parippu bombs” which was not only a violation of international law but also a act that led to the raping, torturing, imprisoning without trial and murdering innocent civilians of Jaffna who resented Indian brutes in Indian fatigues.  This marks the new phase of Indo-Sri Lanka relations “”…” a period of  intervention marked by destabilization, violations of human rights, particularly by the IPKF Forces, and the utter failure of Indian solutions which forced India to withdraw with its tail between its legs.

The fact that India was rejected by the very people whom it came to save speaks volumes of India’s incapacity to provide solutions for its neighbours. Besides, if India thinks it is that smart mustn’t it begin by first proving its ability to solve its Maoists, Kashmiri and other long-standing domestic issues before poking their unwanted fingers in their neighbours affairs?

But, of course, it is common for India to claim that it acts abroad not in its interests but in the interests of those it aims to subjugate. In Sri Lanka India claimed that it decided to intervene in the interests of the people of Sri Lanka, particularly the Tamils. Looking at India’s moves in the post-IPKF period, one can’t help noticing that our Big Brother has a funny way of showing its friendliness and respect for Sri Lanka. Indian logic is based on the queer notion that the only way to show love to a small brother like Sri Lanka is to join hand with its enemies, or to export well-trained trained terrorist with Indian backing. The bitterness of Indian hostility towards Sri Lanka is burnt deeply into the memory of Sri Lankans who are now, more than ever, convinced that India can never be trusted to help Sri Lanka in its hour of need.

India certainly has a big body. But does she have a big brain to carry the big body? Besides, India cannot expect Sri Lanka to be grateful each time she stabs Sri Lankans in the back. There will come a time “”…” if it has not come already “”…” for Sri Lanka to say enough is enough. If that happens India should take full responsibility. India also should realize that no nation, however big it may be, can hope to survive on crass stupidity and brass arrogance. 

15 Responses to “Never trust Indian back-stabbers”

  1. Kit Athul Says:

    Let’s separate the TAMIL NADU from India on this issue. Why is India only want support from Tamil Nadu and not from other states? It is because SL government never explaind their position to other states besides to Tamil Nadu. I ask this question. There was only one protest at the Indian High Commission by Buddhist monks but what about protests and boycott of Amrican goods? This is how powerful is the Indian RAW. Dr. Gunadase Amarasekara wants to boycott American goods, but nothing about INDIAN GOODS. Now you see INDIAN RAW CAN buy organizations and individuals. Example Lakshman KRIALLE (Mr. Lakshman Perera)

  2. stanley perera Says:

    The American goods in Sri Lanka is not a significant quantity. Sri Lanka is dominated by Indian consumable goods. Ashok Leyland, Tata, Maruti and all other transport industry together with Indian chillies, onions, potatoes, lentils and hundreds of other consumable food items, why cant’ Wimal Weerawansa call for Indian boycot? Is there any connection with RAW? Why are those so called politicos purposely avoiding to campaign against Indian imports? Is it because India is our VERY FRIENDLY NEIGHBOUR? OR IS THERE ANY OTHER HIDDEN REASONS THAT CANNOT BE EXPOSED? RAW? If Sri Lanka did’nt close down the Jaffna, Kandy and Hambantota Indian consulates immediately the situation is growin to an extent that Norh and East and Central Hill Country will be taken over by Tamil Nadoo. Spineless GoSL knowingly very well of the danger sold the country to Indians for $ 500,000,000 million credit line. As a resuly Sri Lanka’s road transport system is taken over by Indian road transport Industry. G.L.Peiris is quick enough to close down the diplomatic mission the countries who voted against Sri Lanka and why not Indian diplomatic missions in Sri Lanka? Is it his love affair with Indian RAW? I like to check his bank account? Sri Lanka must openly support the seperate Tamil State in Tamil Nadoo.

  3. Kit Athul Says:

    May be Wimal Weerawans’a mansion was funded by INDIAN RAW? No one will ever know. If Wimal Weerawansa wants to boycott Googal, then where is he getting Internet access for e-mail? Every E-Mail service provider has to go through Googal or a service provider company that is pratly owned by Googal. Even the Chinese government could not go against Google. G.L. Peiris can talk talk, but wehere is the action? How about postulating nullifying the 13A befor October?

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Mahindapala !!! Casting Pearls before INDIAN swine is very apt. The future of this metorphor should remain like this, with the addition ” INDIAN. ”
    Sikhs are double headed snakes. ( Depath Naya )

  5. dav321 Says:

    You are talking about Mre. Clinton visit to Tamil Nadu. Looks like you do not know she took money from Tamil Terrorist organization like other leaders in the world. Her 2008 election campaign her website had link to Tamil Tiger terrorist organization. Now you understand why she bought this motion to pay back to that terrorist organization.

  6. haris_w Says:

    I sure wish that we do not lose sight of the forest for the trees. If not for the ‘cunningness’ of India, Navi Pillai and the gang would have been already in Sri Lanka with their backhoes and international press to dig around for bones in Sri Lanka. We would have lost this vote as the West voted as block, and the vote was based on loyalty but, not on of human rights. It was better that India jumped the ‘fence’ to get the resolution watered down so that the dreaded Pillai gang would not set foot in SL. As we thanked MR at the end of the war, India deserves our appreciationfor for for saving us here.

  7. dhane Says:

    LLRC report was made to implement. SL Govt: was in the process of implementing according to the needs of the country. Why any UN organization, US, EU or Indian wants to pass a resolution asking SL Govt: to implement?. The President MR is not going to keep LLRC report under his pillow & sleep. The most strange part of the episode is the countries who created LTTE financed and allow money to collected freely to buy arms against SL people now passing a resolution??. Also LTTE is still a proscribed in those countries. When LTTE was in active non of these counties did anything or talk against LTTE may be frighten knowing what happened to Rajiv. What a bloody joke is this?. Bloody indians without licking the back of US & West would have avoid voting same as other 8 countries.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    India is ‘wagged’ by the Separatist/Caste & poverty ridden Tamil Nadu.
    Tamil Nadu problems are what affects Sri Lanka via India.

  9. ranjit Says:

    Who ever sided with India I dont care a damn but I wll never ever liked them yesterday today or tomorrow because what they did to my beloved homeland. They never helped us to stop terrorism for thirty years. They were guilty for the crimes commited by their Indian made cold blooded killers. We lost our loved ones we lost our economy,we lost everything because of their creation VELUPILLAI PRABAKARAN the devilish murderer.

    Wake up my dear Sri Lankans. Dont allow corrupt politicians on both sides to play with our lives. We send them to parliament not to start businesses but to work for the welfare of the nation. These politicians fooled us for almost 65 years with their broken promises. We need to stop believing these hypocrits anymore. We need good governace with straight forward genuine trust worthy polticians to lead our Motherland not corrupt drug lords or thugs and murderers to govern our land. We trust our President and we believe that he can deliver something to the people that’s the reason we make him the President for the second time and we wish him to be there for another many more years because there is none to take over our country other than him. We dont want traitoirs like Ranil or Somawansa or Sarath Fonseka running the country. Those goons are worthless creatures who will sell our land and the people for them to be in power for ever. The white man loves them because they listen to them and do what ever they say even kiss their asses for green bucks. Truely,sincerly we need polticians who loves our Motherland and do things good for the people nothing else.

    I hope everyone will help our country to be united and protect it from all evils within and outside. Together only we can save our beautiful land. Security,Freedom,unity and peace that’s it.

  10. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    To justify these resolutions against SriLanka, the enemies of the country (Terrorists and anti-nationals like foreign funded human rights agents) had to first fabricate false allegations. This they did successfully with various false reports, culminating in the CH-4 fabricated films. In fact at a recent interview Daya Master, prabakaran’s media man had divulged that the Tigers created many fabricated videos during the ceasefire period, to discredit the army and gain sympathy from foreign nations. Prior to this the Tigers had even shown films of Kataragama devotees walking on burning embers, hanging from hooks inserted to their back skins etc as torture of Tamils by the army. However, the biggest canard now doing the rounds and repeated in almost every media report is the imaginary Gordon Weiss figure of 40,000 deaths, which he created in anger for being asked to vacate the Colombo UN office. It would be good if people like you could repeatedly focus on this “Gordon Weiss 40,000” till it is demolished and taken off the list of allegations, by the hostile forces. Another fact we need to highlight is the so called 100000+ estimated deaths during the conflict, which figure really is a conflation of the estimated 60,000 sinhala youth killed during the JVP insurrection and the subsequent deaths during the LTTE conflict. In fact this 100,000 includes mostly sinhala youth than any other group. These facts need to be repeated in future articles as otherwise the falsehoods repeated by the hostile media could become the gospel truth, leading to more adverse action in the future against SriLanka and those who rescued the nation. Thank yoy Mahindapal for your efforts.

  11. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    GORDEN WEISS IS A PERVERSE IDIOTIC IMBECILE. WHY ? Because he cannot figure out the logistics of BURYING 40,000 Dead Bodies.

    Let us say that 40,000 bodies were laid shoulder to shoulder, assuming that each CORPSE needed TWO FEET BREADTH, it would need 80,000 feet of ground space. That is 26,667 yards of ground space. This length in MILES is:- 26,667 yards divided by 1760 yards per mile, which is = to 15.15 miles—FIFTEEN POINT ONE FIVE MILES.

    Now let us assume that the dead bodies were buried, not in one row but two rows. The the distance would reduce to half the 15.15 miles, that is, 7.57 miles. Say they were buried in three rows, then it would be 3.78 miles.

    Now who are the moronic imbeciles, there are many, including the TAMIL DIASPORA IMBECILES, who cannot fathom the aforesaid statistics, relating to 40,000 DEAD BODIES. Some of the UN Imbeciles too cannot visualise this realistically.

    If what these imbeciles say is one bit true, the mass graves could have been spotted by Sattelite.

    Then, who dug the graves for these mass burials ? Was it the Grave Digger Gordon Weiss ? Were the graves dug mannually, or by Excavators ? How many participated in digging the said graves, for 40,000 dead bodies ? Could it be the Tamil Terrorists Diaspora, who performed the rituals, and flew away to other salubrious international climates ? Then, Gordon Weiss should have intervied them.

    WHO IS TRYING TO FOOL WHOM ? NOT ONE INDIVIDUAL HAS COME FORWARD SO FAR TO SAY HE WAS ONE OF THE GRAVE DIGGERS. SO let us once and for all tell these “” OUR SOULS ”” to stop crying over 40,000 non existant CORPSES.


  12. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Mr. Mahindapala!………Very happy to read your article after a long absence. When we were high school kids, we were taught how inferior Indian produced goods were. Now we all know how they manupilate situations to benefit them. Our President & many others still beleive that India will change.

    It will never happen. We should have a law to all visitors to Sri lanka. Indians cannot get any preferential treatment, just drop by without visas, and ones who have obtained visas never leave when the visa expires. They slowly assimilate to crowd of Indians or tamils and even our Dept of immigration / emigration cannot keep track.

    Specially after Geneva we should re-think our position with respect to India. Learned professionals like you, Shenali Waduge, Dilrook & Ananda -USA, are some who have exposed the hipocracy of India by writing letters, articles to lankaweb. It is time like minded people must join together and inform the politicians to take immediate action.

    Unless we do this NOW, major cities, provinces in Sri Lanka, will be dominated by Indians & tamils

    and many undesirables. So please take some initiative and submit proposals to our political leaders to STOP Indian immigration.

    Thanks very much for your contribution… Just expressing my views as an EXPAT from Canada~ Gamunu, retd engineer

  13. Christie Says:

    The writer has forgotten the language he used when it comes to India. He used entirely different language when attacking the US and the Sri Lanka delegation

  14. haris_w Says:

    If one is to take all ‘Indian’ out of our culture, what would we be left with? India is a great country and has a very illustrious past. Admire and appreciate. We came from there! India does not equal to Tamil. Although, we and Tamils (Cholas and the Pandyans) are inter-twined in one way or the other. In recent SL history it was people like Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam, Ponnambalam Ramanathan, etc. who spoke for the Sinhala Buddhists, but not the Thambi Mudliyar clan. We have a political issue as we did with the JVP, let’s get together and resolve it.

  15. Ananda-USA Says:

    Battle of the Dueling Tamil Nadu Racists: Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha fued over the Sethu Samudram Canal!

    Beautiful to Watch, aint it?

    The only thing they have ever agreed on is to support the UN Resolution against SL that Hilary Clinton arranged when she visited Tamil Nadu.

    Complete Sethusamudram project at earliest: DMK
    March 29, 2012

    CHENNAI: Union ministers and MPs belonging to the DMK Thursday urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi to implement the Sethusamudram project at the earliest.

    They submitted a memorandum a day after Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa wrote to Singh asking him to declare Ram Sethu, also known as Adam’s Bridge, a national monument.

    Ram Sethu will be endangered by the Sethusamudram project, which is aimed at opening the narrow Palk Strait dividing India and Sri Lanka to ships to avoid navigating Sri Lanka.

    According to the DMK memorandum released to the media here, the project is unique and was launched with the aim of providing an economic uplift to the southern peninsular Indian region.

    Noting that the project was inaugurated by Singh in July 2005 in Gandhi’s presence, the memorandum recalled the latter’s desire that the project be completed in three years.

    The Sethusamudram project envisages the dredging of a channel across the Palk Strait to let ships sailing between the east and west coasts of India, instead of circumventing Sri Lanka.

    This will lead to a saving of 424 nautical miles (780 km) and up to 30 hours of sailing time, the memorandum noted.

    According to it, major portions of the project work were completed. With only 22 km of dredging work remaining, vested interests had approached the Supreme Court and obtained a stay.

    The court in turn has asked the central government to specify its stand on whether Sethusamudram can be declared a national monument, the memorandum states.

    “We note with anguish and dismay that those certain reactionary elements and forces inimical to the development of Tamil Nadu resorted to a discernible pattern of modus operandi to sabotage projects which could have brought immense economic benefit to the people of Tamil Nadu and India,” the DMK said.

    “Any weakened response of this government to such a crucial issue will only expose the betrayal of hope and promise given to Tamil Nadu by our great leaders.”

    According to the memorandum, the project will further the development of the southern peninsular region.

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