Postmortem on India-and our self respect
Posted on March 29th, 2012

L. Jayasooriya

The postmortem on India is still not over. Yesterday on March 26th Minister GL Peiris at a televised news conference using the most scathing words possible against India in the politest possible language and tone stated what Sri Lanka felt about India. That gives us some self respect which this government has denied us all these years by making themselves available to New Delhi at their beck and call as if we are a vassal state of India. Indeed that is what Rahul Gandhi made clear at the start of his election campaign when he said that he will put Sri Lanka in its proper place or something to that effect. Such a comment is totally uncalled for unless what he meant was that in case his party wins he promises to annex Sri Lanka which his father failed to do and had to withdraw in humiliation. What other possible meaning could any person attribute to it? At least now it is hoped that this government will from henceforth cease to humiliate our country by behaving as if we are a client state of India.

The records will show how many ministers both high profile and low profile have officially visited India during the last five years. Now please compare the corresponding figures for Pakistan and see the difference. The subjugation under which our government has lived under India for so long has brainwashed our leaders ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ into the thinking of a vassal state. It is therefore very unlikely it will issue those figures. I therefore will make a guess that for each such visit made to Pakistan we would have made at least 200 to India and yet it was Pakistan that airlifted the crucial equipment to us even without making estimates of cost and we were able to secure Jaffna and save our troops from a mass massacre.

If Pakistan did not give us that vital help which India refused point blank who knows whether India would have persuaded Tamil Nadu chiefs Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha to send in Tamil Nadu troops and equipment to reinforce the LTTE. Would that have been a difficult persuasion? If they decided to do that did we have the capability to prevent them from landing with full equipment at that time when we were totally unprepared for war except ad hoc fighting here and there with no overall plan? If Pakistan did not give us that vital help at that crucial time the course of history could have changed and yet this is the way how we treat Pakistan the country that save us from disaster.

At least now the least we can do would be to make a high profile thanksgiving tour of all countries that voted in our favour headed by GL Peiris. It can do us tremendous good as well as create the correct psychology in this part of the world that would negate some of the many plans America is hatching right now against us with or without the collaboration of India.

As for Rahul Gandhi he should be told instead of threatening us he should send us another IPKF and see the result. He should be told that India is getting more and more vulnerable from within and joining the American camp will give America access to destabilise the whole continent of India with adequate funds provided for the purpose. Even if all the states are not destabilized America can help willing Tamil Nadu to separate which she and her allies would recognize straightaway. That would mean an American base would have been born in Tamil Nadu. In that event MR will have no option other than to invite a Chinese base here to which China will agree but at what cost to our sovereignty we do not know unless MR were to discuss all these scenarios now when we can coolly assess them. In any event we will survive but not India that has disintegrated and will as a result be no longer a threat to Western living standards.

Robert Blake has the guts to tell us we are occupying a part of our one sovereign country and he wants us to remove the troops and believe it or not the government has agreed to reduce the troops. Now who influenced the government to make such a submissive humiliating statement? Let the government know at least now that it is surrounded by traitors that it cannot identify but has accepted as trustworthy advisors.

We should tell India to get this into their bloated head. It is a fact that it is very much easier for us to defend Sri Lanka than for India to cross the sea or come by air and land troops in our country and occupy. Secondly, the weapons of war are very different from what they were when India first attempted to annex our country after having destabilised our country and having occupied it. Prabakaran was our saviour though for different reasons. Thirdly we will be establishing permanent military establishments in strategic locations throughout the country and in particular in the North and in the East. Lastly we will be consulting with China on possible aggressions by India and designing special high tech weapons for our defence.

Not withstanding all the above India today is in no position to open up a front in the South while China and Pakistan are waiting on the ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ East and West. Who knows whether America and her allies will not come to an understanding on how to share the loot.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ 

Lastly I say to this government to chuck out all the advisers and appoint a team of hundred per cent top class professionals who have proved their talents.

I now come to our President.

May be on the same day as GL told India what she had to be told the President stated in public what America has done to Sri Lanka on this human rights issue and very angrily said that America will not be able to dictate to him or something to that effect.

If it had been a President of a South American nation who said that he could be sure America will invade that country and take him to America where he would be jailed for life. It actually happened to one not long ago but America will not try that here because she knows that China will never allow it because of her own interests in this region especially our location which can truly be called the position of the Commanding Post that rules the Indian Ocean.

One of our greatest weaknesses as Buddhists has been to take the word of a nation on trust. It took us many years to realize that the West had double standards and that expression came to be accepted as a fact only very recently. Confirmation of that came at the very tail end of the war against the LTTE when America and her allies wanted us to permit Prabakaran and his gang to leave to a third country which MR flatly refused even to discuss. He then did the most unusual thing by visiting a house far away from Colombo and staying there probably to avoid meeting Milliband and Krouchner but the two came to that house to meet with him. What we saw in the media were three men seated under a tree. If MR had recorded that meeting releasing the proceedings would make international headlines today and we would very much like to see and hear what took place.

As a reflex reaction to any nation that dared to challenge America she threatened to use American Marines to rescue the LTTE leadership but soon realised that the large number of small locally built sea craft fully armed patrolling the location into which the LTTE leadership has been herded and the full force of the entire army concentrated at that location would have ensured the massacre of the invading marines. America dropped those plans and was humiliated in front of the whole world. Incidentally it was a few months earlier that America had sent 50,000 marines on community work around the country where they really helped the local people who provided them with tea and refreshments that developed into good feelings and mutual respect. I am pretty sure America would have debriefed them to get information that could be helpful. All they would have given them would have been how nice and friendly the people of Sri Lanka are.

Now we come to our own resources. Whether or not our servility to India remains with this government we should remind our government to select the best deal on open tender for oil exploration. If China were to give us the bestƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  deal then that would be the first fruit that India would achieve and with more to come in the future.

L. Jayasooriya

15 Responses to “Postmortem on India-and our self respect”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “Thirdly we will be establishing permanent military establishments in strategic locations throughout the country and in particular in the North and in the East.

    Lastly we will be consulting with China on possible aggressions by India and designing special high tech weapons for our defence.”


    FIRSTLY we will be consulting with China on possible aggressions by India and designing special high tech weapons for our defence.

    In May 2000 after Tamil Tigers overran Elephant Pass, Poonaryn and ALL army camps in Vanni, they were poised to attack Jaffna. With EP fallen and artillery falling in Palali, we were helpless. We needed firepower SOON. NO COUNTRY was prepared to give it to us either because they cannot sell them so fast, deliver them so fast or unwilling to. India flatly refused.

    150 foreign media losers including Marie Colvin dirt came to the island to report to the world the “victory of terrorists”.

    But Pakistan and Bangladesh AGAIN (they did it in 1983 too) came to our help.

    All foreign media losers left with disappointment.

    General Janaka Perera and Lt General Sarath Fonseka managed to keep the fort until MBRLs arrived. We turned them into charcoal in thousands. They never thought we would ACTUALLY fire them so quickly.

    Thousands of Tamil Tigers died. They lost their fighting cadre. As a result they stopped ALL major offensives against SL in May 2000. Only isolated atatcks on civilians targets were carried out. Any coward can do that.

    Like 1964 and 1974 we should come to an agreement with India to deport ALL Indian illegal immigrants. This time we should actually deport them.

  2. stanley perera Says:

    Rayappu Joseph and his team of 31 catholicpriest must be deported to Tamil Nadoo first. Thereafter TNA ass holes and all other illegals of one million Toilet Naddos. Settle down all the forces based in In North and east with their families with 5 acres of land per family. Atleast 200 thousand sinhalese families must be settled down. If Toilet Naddos can settle down one million illega Nadoos why is this spineless GoSL waiting?

  3. Dham Says:

    No. I suggest 2 acres of beach front land from Mannar to jaffana should be reserved to the forces. Build good house , hospital and schools for them to live properly.

  4. AnuD Says:

    There was a news report Some Tamil-JVPer – One Kumara Mahaththaya ? will be coming to Sri Lanka since April this year to do politics. If that is a true story, some wants to begin simultaneous insurgencies in both the South and North. Govt need to have moles inside that in order to understand what they will be doing.

  5. AnuD Says:

    One of our greatest weaknesses as Buddhists has been to take the word of a nation on trust.

    Above statement is very true. We try to accommodate every time and accept that it is always we are at fault.

    It is not the other ideology. What ever happens they are correct. Some of our politicians always accept that we did wrong. They don’t remember that we were taking it for 30 years.

    US had one major incident. See how Muslims all over the world suffered. Now, they are seen but not heard.

    What happened in Sri Lanka. When LTTE blew up us everyday, there were people to remind us about political solutions and how powerful the tigers are ant not one warned LTTE to stop the killings. UN only gave away reports. Even our own people have forgotten this now and they also talk about national questions.

  6. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear L. Jayasooriya!……..I am so glad finally a TRUE Sri lankan exposes the irony of Indians streaming to Sri lanka, without proper papers, IDs or Visas. Some come as businessmen/women & overstay their welcome. They should have special unit investigating ONLY Indians who are trying to contravene our immigration laws.

    Very soon NCP will be dominated by Indians & already people from our Eastern province are coming to Southern Province to work. This buying of holday bungalows & vacation properties is another method of leagally coming to our paradise as they call our Island.

    Recent reports say India has 53% of its popultaion without toilets. How dreadful is that & still our leaders run to India for a slightest problem with our Govt. India has no solution not Kashmere or to threat from Maosits in some states. Some are openly trying to de-stablize Nepal, the only country where Lord Buddha was born.

    This Geneva debacle is & must open our leaders minds & plan a smooth but professional approach to contain India. Their influence is detrimental all SOUTH ASIAN nations. As the saying goes……To the west of lanka & east of lanka as well as China & Russia supported Sri lanka in Geneva. So now it was ONLY India who behaved as a NON ASIAN nation.

    It is time to stop immigration, granting of oil exploration rights, because India already own most important businesses in sri lanka. Too much of India & Indians converted Mauratius, Guyana in North of Venezuela to become Indian colonies. They enter a country & try to take over.

    Thanks you Sir, for your valuable contribution & I agree with you many times over…..Just expressing my views as a Lover of our Motherland…Not anti India or any other country. BUT love my country of birth..~ Gamunu, retd Engr-Canada

  7. stanley perera Says:

    I never ever liked Indians because they are unclean, uncivilised,untrustworthy, unreliable and dishonest. UNHRC resolution proved the Indians are not worthy of the bloody S… . Indians proved themselves that my view is correct.

  8. Christie Says:

    There are 25 million Hindu Indians outside India. Most of them are in the tropical dominions of the former British Indian Empire, now the Indian Empire. They went to these dominions as sepoys and coolies. Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand) is the most celebrated Indian colonial parasite who made his fortunes from Black Africa.
    Navi Pillai of the UNHRC fame and Yasmin Sooka of UNSG’s report on Sri Lanka are two other Indian colonial parasites from South Africa.

    There is no reason why these should not assist their Imperialist.

    These are true facts as seen from the by a victim of Indian imperialism colonialism and Indian colonial parasites.

  9. douglas Says:

    Since the Geneva Drama and before, how much of writings were given in the print and electronic media to help this Government to wake up and show the country in gneral and world at large that we are a nation of strength and immense capabilities to manage our business. But what happened and what is happening? Do we see any change in the course of our forward march, excepting to boast about the “development programmes” and still blow the trumpt of war victory.

    Why go too far. Look at the utterances made by the Ministers of the Government. One important Minister of Public Ralations, who should actually be in the forefront to turn around the image of the country is going around making statements which even the civilized, cultured people cannot even hear or imagine. But what is the Government doing? In any other country he would have been forced to resign or immediately removed. But alas, another “inquiry” is instituted to calle his explanation.

    So how on earth this Government can establish itself as a custodian of Law Enforcement and good governance?

    It is useless pouring water on a duck’s back. Just give up. Thanks.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Lorenzo, re your comment : “Like 1964 and 1974 we should come to an agreement with India to deport ALL Indian illegal migrants. This time we should actually deport them”, the trouble is the last two times, we kept listening to Indian requests to keep illegal migrant on in Lanka.

    This time around, since India has virtually ‘cut us loose’ from agreements by letting Lanka down at the UNHRC, Lanka is now at last free to implement some actions to permanently protect this country from the scourge of illegal migrants, and truly deport them, at least from the last 10 yrs onwards. Keeping Indian requests out of our governance is a good thing to start.

    After deporting illegals, throw out the 13-A, another Indian imposition hastily made out of their own system of governance and totally inappropriate for a small country like Lanka. In fact, it is proving to be inappropriate for a country like India too, judging by the pushes from Tamil Nadu of late, and not forgetting other break away states earlier.

    Also, what are the Laws governing the sale of land here (small parcels, we are told), to foreigners ? Who exactly can buy these small plots of land ? How big are the ‘small plots’ ? Could someone please let us know, before it is too late. Most of the horses have fled before the stable doors are even thought of being closed !

  11. Dham Says:


    “One of our greatest weaknesses as Buddhists has been to take the word of a nation on trust.”

    Don’t talk absolute nonsence. Why bring Buddhism to this stupid argument ?
    Buddhism is the ONLY religion that says DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING.

    Are you anothe SILVA ?

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    “It is useless pouring water on a duck’s back. Just give up. Thanks.”

    Exactly! Apply this to TAMIL ASPIRATIONS.

    NEVER ENDING. Pouring water on a duck’s back! A WASTE.

    WE MUST GIVE UP entertaining Tamil grievances and aspirations RIGHT NOW.

    If Tamils in SL are better off than Tamils in India, the Tamil national struggle will start in SL. If you have two options. One economically and socially better than the other. Where would you build your homeland? In the BETTER country of course!

    We must ensure Tamils in SL are WORSE OFF than Tamils in Tamil homeland – Tamil Nadu.

    Otherwise we are INVITING trouble.

  13. Lorenzo Says:


    You must accept reality.

    Buddhists are TOO GOOD to others. Too good than they have to.

    Otherwise why do you think so many people will leave their Islamic, Christian and Hindu countries behind and come here to a third world country?

  14. Dham Says:

    I am not aruging whether Buddhist are “TOO GOOD” or bad. History will prove it.
    But if you say Buddhists “TRUST” more than others , that is absolute nonsence. These are opportunistic Christian extremists spreadingso many wrong ideas about Buddhism.

    Again don’t generalise. Whay do you think so many Buddhist leave Sri Lanka and go to UK, Australia, Canada, Middle East ? Because they are too kind ?

    All problems in Sir lanka has nothing to do with Buddhism. It is todo with governence and GREED, particularly.

  15. Christie Says:




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