Sampanthan and TNA goons should thank their stars they are with tolerant Sinhala otherwise they would have been skinned alive.
Posted on April 9th, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera

The TNA and its MPs have no right to be the Members of the Parliament of Sri Lanka or represent the Tamil people.  The President of Sri Lanka should use his executive power to arrest all TNA MPs for high treason and lock them up separately in prison.

We should not care   the pseudo “human rights folly ”  of  America andthe West which uses human rights  only as a fig leaf to cover the nudity of the absence of justice and fair-play in their own foreign policy.  America moved the resolution against Sri Lanka at the 19th session of the UNHuman Rights Council to divert the attention of  the world from their rank violations of human rights and war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Vietnam. Thus  America is  clearing  the way to attack Iran on some flimsy ground and use the NATO forces to bomb Iran and reduce it to rubble as they did to Libya.

Today America under Barack Obama has become the most feared nation that commits most gruesome war crimes and oversteps the  barriers placed by their elders against war such as the UNO, to become accusers of violation of human rights and war crimes, judges,  and executers of their decisions on developing nations.

Why are the American people silent ?  Is there no freedom of speech for the ordinary American people or have they all become yes men of the American Administration ?

Have we got to wait until the Presidential elections to know how the ordinary American people react to the Obama Administration which has become worse than that of George Bush ?

Under Hillary Clinton the American State Department is not carrying out the expected policies of the  President Barrack Obama, but that of Hillary Clinton  who cares less whether Obama wins the next Presidential election or not. Hillary Clinton on the other hand is being manipulated by the proterrorist Tamil Groups in America who call themselves “Tamils for Obama”

TNA MPs who work hand in hand with anti Sri Lanka groups such as the pro-terrorist front Agencies of the Tamil Diaspora, paints the Sinhala people and the Government of Sri Lanka as anti Tamil, which is far from reality.  Sinhala had been very tolerant towards the TNA. The Tamil Diaspora  is trying to fight against these tolerant Sinhala people.

The Sinhala people are spoken of being the perpetrators of the riots of 1983 where as it was only a back lash that was provoked by the Terrorist group led by Prbhakaran which killed thirteen policemen in the North.

Though the Tamil diaspora and the anti Sri Lanka groups try to make out that Sinhala people had been against the Tamil since that back lash riots in 1983, the truth is different. Intelligent Tamils will know  that the Sinhala people provoked by the Tamil terrorists on several occasion after 1983 by massacring innocent Sinhala people in various parts of the country, did not react with  a back lash as it was in 1983 to kill and torture Tamils, though “they” make it out to be so.

Sampanthan has now started playing with words to justify his accusation of the Government’s discrimination against the Tamils.   He says , “The Tamil community in Sri Lanka should be integrated into the Sri Lankan nation and not be assimilated” Integtrated is defined as, “formed or united into a whole” and assimilated is defined as “make similar “ƒ”¹…”.  What is the great difference ?

This man Sampanthan is no philosopher nor is he  a patriot, but a political vulture who wants to dismember our motherland and separate the people, to satisfy his ambition for power amoung a  poor people who would worship him as their leader as Prabhakaran  became Thalaivar of the Tamils dominated by him.

Sampanthan  has said  that, ” the government has not made a tangible move to achieve reconciliation in post-war Sri Lanka. “¦”¦ successive governments maintained an insensitive and a callous attitude when it came to solving the issues faced by the Tamil community”.

Sampanthan is talking through his hat.  This miserable man is  a terrorist goon, who could not talk up to Prabhakaran when he was alive. He accepted and gave into all nefarious , inhuman activities of the terrorists.  His mouth was shut by the terrorist and could not open it without their permission, and today he poses as the “saviour’ of the Tamil people.  Sampanthan  is the stumbling block on the way to reconciliation.

The Government of Sri Lanka has achieved more than what Sampanthan  is ready to accept.  All those  positive steps taken to bring the Tamil people into the  main stream of the post war Sri Lankan Nation, whether through integration or assimilation do not seem to  please the stupid crooked mind of Sampanthan.

Then Old Sambanthan comes out with the  lopsided  “philosophy” that, “While noting that the Tamil community has a distinct character and a culture”¦”¦”¦ the governments in Sri Lanka have been and still trying to make the Tamil community a minority even in the parts where they are not a minority by ruining the culture and civilization of the Tamil community.”

This man Sampanthan does not seem to understand that in any multi racial country each racial group has its distinctive character and a culture, and  these racial groups are minorities existing along side a majority group. Sampnthan does not want to understand this simple reasoning. He is only making a vain assumption to drive into the minds of the Tamil people a state of equality  with the majority group to create an artificial animosity towards the majority, the majority which does not claim different rights to those enjoyed by the minorities.  But enjoys the same rights as the minorities.

It is a historical error that had been perpetuated to keep a minority racial group of a Nation isolated making them a majority in certain areas.  It is that which has created  today’s problem of the Tamils not accepting to be  a part of the larger nation of Sri Lankans , hollering their  difference  and speak of Tamil grievances  which in reality do not exist.

It is important for Sampanthan and his goons to create this artificial distinction  as it is on that assumption that Sambanthan maintains his political leadership amoung the ignorant , poor, submissive Tamils.

Sampanthan has said that certain countries which supported the government during the war did not realise the “legitimacy in the Tamil struggle for self respect and equality.”  This is a statement that shows  Sampanthan is  a dangerous  politician leading astray the Tamil people. This is the way Sampanthan tries to justify terrorism of his Thalaivar Prabhakaran.

Sampanthan  in saying , “ƒ”¹…” that it was not only the Tamil community which suffered from the war but also the Sinhala and Muslim communities. “¦”¦ asserted that the Tamil community must be given the same political rights which are enjoyed by the Sinhala community.’ makes a serious statement  to create dissention amoung the two major communities rather than unite the communities.

This man Sampanthan has no place in post war Sri Lanka which needs political leaders of the different Communities that make up the Nation of Sri Lanka, who are of a different caliber, responsible, looking forward for pace and prosperity amoung the people of the country whether they are Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim.

Greatest obstacle to reconciliation of the communities in Sri Lanka is Sampanthan and his goons of the TNA, and the expatriate Tamil Community who have no inkling of patriotism towards Sri Lanka, which is not their country of birth.

Sampanthan  and the TNA is a creation of the Terrorist Prabhakaran and has no right to demand the implementation of the 13 Amendment, merger of the provinces or speak of Tamil Grievences.  It was the greatest mistake of the Government  not to have banned TNA immediately after the elimination of the terrorist on the 19 May, 2009.

If Sampanthan continues in this vain Sri Lankans should find other means to stop him from making statements that damages the on going efforts of reconciliation.

16 Responses to “Sampanthan and TNA goons should thank their stars they are with tolerant Sinhala otherwise they would have been skinned alive.”

  1. stanley perera Says:

    If 2.5% of the population is taking the entire country to a ransom, GoSL is spinless not to take action against racist, seperatist and terrorist TNA. What is the secret behind this? The politicians are too busy in their private business 24 hours the day is not enough. They want to make hay while they are in power.To make easy money they have invented a scheme of cross over.Win or lose they are the winners.

  2. stanley perera Says:

    That duth dostharaya says to-day is all the problems are over if the North is given their political settlement.Is this duth dostharaya out of mind or coughing for RAW rupees? By the looks of it duth dosthaya’s till is empty.

  3. gamunu6 Says:

    As Mr Stanley Perera says, if there are only 2.5% of Tamils in Sri lanka, why bother giving them ANY rights, they can easily, assimilate to Majority race & build the country together.

    Some said it is about 4.5%, even if it is 12 %, as the initial count many years ago Successive Sri lankan govts have given too much in the way of equal accomodation. No country in the world will give the minority EQUAL rights as the majority. Because previous govts gave these concessions NOW they want more. Ultimately to sepoerate at the expense of Sri lanka.

    Canada with around 40% of French speaking people, did not get anything except Official language status. Any change or new proposals should be FIRST acceptable to ALL other Provinces. Then why these people, worry about Indian intervetion, or any other, just carry out the wishes of the majority of the people in Sri lanka. These include tamils who enjoy living in Sri lanka under the leadership of HE President Rajapaksha. They the tamils had the oppotunity even have a Prim Minister from tamil comunity ( late mr. Lakshman Kathiragama our foregn sectretary, but he was gunned down by LTTE.)

    I know I have mentioned some of these facts bafore, BUT when our friends in Sri lanka writes, it is only natural to support, if we as expats, also agree with authors of these articles, columns & presentations.

    Thanks very much for the opportunity to express my views………~ Gamunu, retd engineer~ Canada

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    “Sampanthan and TNA goons should thank their stars they are with tolerant Sinhala otherwise they would have been skinned alive.”

    Now you are talking Charles!

    And they call tolerant Sinhalas, “modayas”. Typical!

  5. Konnapu Bandara Says:

    Chaps, we have fresh evidence with recent turn of events in addition to what Charles outlined brilliantly above. Those 3 terrorists who were caught after hacking that EPDP fellow to death should be put through enhanced HIT (Harsh Interrogation Tactics not torture as the American State dept. is fond of saying). I am quite sure TNA knows about the whole plan, just as Amirtalingam fellow and TULF gang knew all along who bumped off Mayor Alfred Duraiappah and sheltered the fat terrorist in their homes numerous times. Once we extract necessary information to link TNA to LTTE training camps in TamilNadu, we have to arrest the TNA gang right away. Failure to put TULF gang in jail cost us nearly 70,000 precious lives and 30 years of destruction. Defence Secretary needs to make this a priority. It’s imperative we arrest the puppet masters behind the new LTTE or we are doomed for another 30 years of war.


  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Patriot aravinda made two valuable suggestions: of granting voting rights and resettling the ethnically cleansed in the North & East immediately, which I STRONGLY endorse. NO ONE can say that is “colonization”; it is simply restoration of lost rights of the victims of ethnic cleansing.

    On the other hand, as May182009 said, the fact that the Government has not yet adopted a formal Policy of Ethnic Integration and Settlement geared to homogenization of the ethnic population distribution of Sri Lanka, DOES NOT MEAN, it cannot, or should not be done.

    In fact, it is simply the only solution to maintaining the integrity of Sri Lanka and future communal harmony. We note that communal disturbances ALWAYS AROSE in Sri Lanka when SEPARATIST DEMANDS were raised that threatened the INTEGRITY of the Nation.

    The reason why Ethnic Integration can be implemented and Foreign Powers can be made to UNDERSTAND & ACCEPT it… is that it is DEMONSTRABLY FAIR & JUST. Let me explain.

    We all know that the MAJORITY of Tamils live OUTSIDE the North & East among the Sinhala Majority, which they do by exercising their right as citizens of Sri Lanka to settle wherever they choose to live, without let or hindrance either by other communities, or the laws of the land.

    Likewise, Sri Lankan citizens of EVERY OTHER COMMUNITY have the inalienable right by law to settle ANYWHERE in the country, a right that the GOSL is duty bound to UPHOLD. To do otherwise would be to DISCRIMINATE against non-Tamil communities on the basis of their race. Therefore, the GOSL should IMMEDIATELY ACT TO ENFORCE THE LAWS AGAINST RACIAL DISCRIMINATION by ENABLING such settlement. In particular, they should dismantle the Thesawalamai laws that are inherently racial, and provide PROTECTION to those who settle in those areas with a preponderant presence of security forces.

    No Foreign Power that is for “democracy” or “human rights” can LEGALLY argue against and oppose Ethnic Integration and Settlement based upon STRICT NON-DISCRIMINATION on the basis of RACE.

    Note that this kind of Ethnic Integration is FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT from the “colonization” activity practiced by the Israelis in the West Bank. The Israelis do not allow Palestinians from the West Bank to settle within the boundaries of Israel, or to become Israeli citizens, while simultaneously insisting on a right to settle Jewish people within the territory of the West Bank. That kind of one-sided settlement activity is inherently discriminatory, whereas Ethnic Integration and settlement by ALL CITIZENS of Sri Lanka in ANY PART OF THEIR COUNTRY exercising THEIR EQUAL RIGHTS under the law is INHERENTLY JUST & FAIR and is NON-DISCRIMINATORY.

    Please note that I do not wish to argue for, or against, the Israeli policies in the West Bank; that is not Sri Lanka’s situation or our responsibility to solve. My purpose here is to CLEARLY IDENTIFY the NON-DISCRIMINATORY nature of Settlement of the North & East by Sri Lankan citizens of every community as I propose under a Policy of Ethnic Integration, because the words “colonization” and “settlement” have historical negative connotations.

    Finally, the question of why the GOSL should promote such NONDISCRIMINATORY settlement of citizens within its own territory arises.

    The answer is that IT IS NECESSARY TO FORESTALL FUTURE SECESSION & PRESERVE THE INTEGRITY of Sri Lanka, communal harmony, and the RIGHTS of ALL citizens of Sri Lanka to enjoy the benefits and resources of their country EQUALLY, not PART BY PART, but as a WHOLE.

    That there is such a threat is NOW EMINENTLY CLEAR: There STILL exist RACIST Eelamist Tamils in Sri Lanka who want to impose A DISCRIMINATORY PARTITION OF THE COUNTRY, claiming an EXCLUSIVE Tamils-only area in the North & East, while HYPOCRITICALLY DEMANDING an EQUAL SHARE outside the North & East exercising their right as CITIZENS of Sri Lanka. That is INHERENTLY UNFAIR & UNJUST. If that is allowed to continue and grow, it will lead to a MORE SEPARATISM which in time, with the aid of equally racist Tamils in India, will lead to SECESSION of the North & EAST of Sri Lanka, and UNION with Tamil Nadu.

    Therefore, there is a FUNDAMENTAL NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE at stake here. The best, most permanent, and feasible way to PREVENT those threats to the INTEGRITY of Sri Lanka in a COMPLETELY DEFENSIBLE, PEACEFUL, and NON-DISCRIMINATORY WAY is to ADOPT and IMMEDIATELY IMPLEMENT a National Policy of Ethnic Integration with Settlement of the North & East by non-Tamil citizens of Sri Lanka as its MAIN component of IMMEDIATE RELEVANCE.

    While Ethnic Integration is ADOPTED as LAW, and IMPLEMENTED, by the Nation, a DIPLOMATIC and LEGAL OFFENSIVE should be LAUNCHED to defend it and to convince Foreign Powers how & why it is NON-DISCRIMINATORY, and how it SERVES the TOP NATIONAL PRIORITY of preserving and protecting the RIGHTS, LIVES & PROPERTY of ALL citizens of Sri Lanka.

    The Leaders of Sri Lanka, and all Patriotic Citizens, must now take the time to LEARN & UNDERSTAND why and how a Policy of Ethnic Integration can be a viable and permanent Solution to Sri Lanka’s communal difficulties, and join together to CREATE A POPULAR MOVEMENT TO DEMAND that the GOSL take the necessary steps to implement it IMMEDIATELY.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    A Sri Lankan Patriot just proposed a BRILLIANT idea.

    Many of us, including me, have been demanding that the GOSL REPEAL the 13th Amendment.

    His idea is that any demand by the Tamil Diaspora for a referendum on the 13th Amendment to be held ONLY in the North & East at the UNHRC, can be FORESTALLED & DEMOLISHED by the GOSL by holding an ISLAND-WIDE referendum to REPEAL the 13th Amendment.

    If the Island-Wide referendum to REPEAL is PASSED by a majority of citizens of Sri Lanka, as it surely will be, there is NO WAY a proposal for a referendum to APPROVE the 13th Amendment in the NORTH & EAST ONLY can prevail either within Sri Lanka, or be accepted in a any international forum, for it is against the democratic will of the majority of the people of Sri Lanka.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Charles!

    I have long cried in the wilderness for the TNA leaders to be HELD RESPONSIBLE for the TERRORISM & TREASON they practiced and supported for over 30 long years. But, they are still WALKING AROUND Scot-Free among both their Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim victims driving FEAR into their hearts of a triumphant return to power by their old tormentors.

    How can Tamils reject their tormentors when they are omnipresent among them, UNPUNISHED & THRIVING, and giving every impression of being POISED to RE-ACQUIRE the dictatorial powers they abused in the past under the late unlamented SunGod? If I were a Tamil living there, I too would KEEP MY HEAD DOWN & DO WHATEVER I AM TOLD … as anyone interested in survival would. Clearly, the GOSL is failing to free the Tamils of the North & East from their terrist overlords. Clearly, misguided “Reconciliation” that allows criminals to escape is not working to provide security to their former victims.

    After the US toppled Saddam Hussain, for the better or for the worse, they BANNED all Baath Party members, BANISHED them from all government employment. and stacked the prisons with all leaders who had collaborated with Saddam Hussain. Similarly, after the fall of Nazi Germany, the Nazi Party was BANNED, and all Nazi officials guilty of crimes were imprisoned. To this day, former Nazis are PROHIBITED from immigrating to the US, and punished and deported from the US if they are discovered. That is how the members of criminal organization should be and must be treated.

    Why then, should the CRIMINALS & TRAITORS of the TNA with the blood of over 100,000 innocent Sri Lankan people on their hands, not be PROSECUTED, CONVICTED and SENTENCED to HARD-LABOR in PRISON? Why?

    We, in Sri Lanka, have failed this acid test in Crime & Punishment by failing to hold the TNA ACCOUNTABLE.
    Hundreds of thousands of Our honoured DEAD, WOUNDED, ORPHANED & ETHNICALLY CLEANSED Citizens cry out for justice. Why is the GOSL not heeding their cries?

    These TNA Criminals, NOW EMBOLDENED by the FAILURE TO PUNISH THEM, are FRANTICALLY ATTEMPTING TO RESURRECT the violence and EVILS of their RECENT PAST, and REND ASUNDER our beloved Motherland.

    It is NOT RECONCILIATION with MURDERS that we need; far from it. It is REHABILITATION of victims, RECONSTRUCTION of our destroyed society, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT to uplift the people and usher in a Brave New Age, and most importantly, ENFORCEMENT of LAW, ORDER & SECURITY to restore to the Citizens of Sri Lanka, once again, their inalienable inherent birthright to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    ONE Nation, of ONE People, sharing ONE Destiny should be our PERMANENT SHINING goal.

  9. jayt Says:

    foreign groups are seeking disappearing of Sinhalese and culture

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    Not just the Sinhalese, Muslims as well. Look at the fun they created right throughout the Arab world.

    Now Muslim people kill each other in Libya, Tunesia, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Bahrain, etc., etc. No need for US ground troops! No need for free weapons. They sell oil and buy weapons!

    Just think BEFORE this rubbish how peaceful these countries were (may be except for Afghanistan). Even Afghanistan was a very good country before the US-Russian war in 1970s. Libya, Egypt, Iraq, etc. were lovely countries. Not anymore.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    “If Sampanthan continues in this vain Sri Lankans should find other means to stop him from making statements that damages the on going efforts of reconciliation.”

    I ALWAYS agree on OTHER MEANS to stop dangerous criminals. They work!

    Aren’t there Tamil youngsters who have realised Sambanthan and his crowd fooled them into the LTTE? Don’t they have some “means” to stop him? May be the govt should lend them a helping hand.

    After all Amirthalingam, Thiruchelvam, Uma Maheswaran, etc, etc, were stopped by their OWN kind!!

    A confession note written in Tamil by a former LTTE cadre will be ideal.

  12. Marco Says:

    If Sri Lanka is fast becoming a pariah state in the eyes of the world, it has nothing to do with the recent UNHRC Resolution.

    The writing has long been on the wall. As a nation, we are ruled by a group of men who seem to have nothing but contempt for the rule of law, let alone for truth in the public sphere. Violence and threats of violence against critics, the suppression of media freedom, extra-judicial killings, misplaced economic priorities and corruption on a scale that made even previous governments look clean, have become the order of the day.

    The minimal definition of government has to do with the rule of law: namely, that as a people we should be governed not by arbitrary fiat but by a system of laws to which the law-makers and law-enforcers themselves are accountable. The opposite of government is sovereign will, where the King/President decides what is “good for the nation”, and changes his mind from day to day- and uses the police and army not to uphold the law but to carry out his private will.

    To some extent, the LLRC Report draws attention to this pitiful state of affairs. It is unfortunate that the so-called international community has focused so much on alleged war crimes and the protection of minorities; important as these are, they are part of a bigger picture of the steady erosion of respect for human life and freedoms that has been orchestrated by the ruling regime before and after the end of the war.

    Indeed the LLRC Report was roundly criticised by the TNA for, among other things, its lack of attention to the carnage inflicted by all sides in the closing months of the war. So to label the Resolution’s insistence on the implementation of the Report as evidence of “pro-Tamil” sentiments is the height of ignorance or deliberate mischief.

    The spate of abductions and “disappearances” has gone unabated and affects Sinhalese as much as Tamils. Clearly criminal gangs and paramilitary groups are operating with impunity under the protection of politicians. No citizen today who lacks family or political connections to the ruling regime can expect protection from the judiciary or the police. Is it surprising, then, that we have to look beyond our shores for assistance in restoring proper governance in this country?

    No doubt the big world powers are all hypocrites and practise blatant double standards when it comes to war crimes and other human rights abuses. But nobody can say that the US, Europe and India do not practise the rule of law within their borders. There is a vibrant civil society in India, and an independent news media, that puts Sri Lanka to shame. We have been reduced as a nation to becoming an economic colony of the Chinese. I am amazed at how our Buddhist nationalists who protest outside Western embassies in Colombo, are silent about the brutal destruction of Buddhism in Tibet and other parts of China (or the imprisonment of Buddhist monks by another “friend” of ours, the military junta in Burma).

    The way leading members of the ruling regime have responded to the UNHRC (before, during and after the Resolution was passed) demonstrates so clearly the need for such a Resolution. We have been treated to the pitiful spectacle of a foreign minister wasting huge amounts of public funds in desperate trips to Africa and Latin America to canvass support; and the continued use of the state media to whip up frenzy against local and foreign critics, instead of explaining to the populace the content of the UN Resolution; and the manipulation of schoolchildren as well as religious leaders, among others, to stage mass protests outside foreign embassies. Talking to some of the protestors, I found hardly any awareness of either the LLRC Report or what the UN Resolution was all about.

    When proper government fails, so does diplomacy. Our diplomatic positions are occupied by men and women who have been rewarded, not for their diplomatic skills, but for having shown blind loyalty to the ruling regime. It is hard to find a single professional diplomat among them. Post-Geneva, the ruling regime is still courting support from the worst dictatorships around the world.

    One cannot help thinking that if only we had a foreign minister and diplomats who have the humility to listen to some of their own fellow-citizens, let alone receive counsel from other friendly governments, an honest compromise could have been achieved at Geneva.

    It is still not too late for such humility. Surely the future of millions of young Sri Lankans is more important than the survival of a few ministers and ex-army officers?

  13. stanley perera Says:

    The only known politician who reads this website is the chairman of the SLBC Hudson Samarasinghe. Apart from that 99.9% of the politicians do not read these articles, either they have no time to read the news or do not understand the language. 24 hours the day is not long enough to do their private business or hiding the currancy notes under the mattress and keeping the bank accounts in zero. 95% of them are overseas holidaying with their children who are studying in foreign countries universities. Student visas are issued to them over the counter.

  14. jay-ran Says:


  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mr Sampanthan,

    A large portion of your Tamil community of the N&E are brain washed into a blind loyalty to follow the TNA which sadly is still touting Separatism, no doubt a training arising from the Jaffna Caste structure.
    Tamils suffering under caste/poverty matters run away from Tamil Nadu to Lanka.
    Once in Lanka they scatter to other parts of Lanka.
    From there they try to get property and get educated and go abroad.

    They try to integrate into whichever society that accepts them. Can you blame them ? Can you blame the rest of Sri Lanka society and others in countries abroad for accepting them ?
    Are you afraid you will lose your TNA political job if most of the northern Tamils flee the caste bound north ? Best thing you can now do is to let the GoSL continue with the development programs in the N&E and try to bring in some development/education projects yourself for the North. Stop slandering Sri Lanka abroad. Do bring in some worthy projects for the whole of Lanka. Then you may earn some respect/gain acceptance from us all as a balanced and sane Lankan politician.
    At present we are appalled at the lies, cheat & deceit that the Tamil Economic Refugees (TER) are encouraged to indulge in, bringing down the good name of the country that nurtured them earlier, before Tamil politicos pushed them into “Separatism through Violence” as in the Tamil Vaddukoddai Resolution.

  16. Ananda-USA Says:

    If a US citizen becomes a foreign intelligence agent, and engages in spying within the US, for WHATEVER purpose, that person, quite RIGHTLY, would be PROSECUTED for TREASON … no questions asked.

    Yet, when a crew of Pakistani doctors and other medical staff set up a fake “vaccination program” and engage in extracurricular extralegal spying for the CIA, circumventing the legal authorities of their own nation, dear old Defence Secretary Leon Panetta says that is NOT TREASON!

    No citizen has an inalienable free “right” to become a spy for a foreign country, within his own nation … NONE! Right? RIGHT!

    Clearly, for whatever reason, Pakistani officials were harboring Osama bin Laden while disclaiming all knowledge of his whereabouts to the US. The US was equally justified in acting in its own interest to locate him. But, it is ludicrous to claim that those Pakistani medical staff were not engaging in TREASONOUS activities! SIMPLY LUDICROUS!

    Leon Panetta, an experienced attorney, should be able to figure that out. This is ONE MORE instance of HYPOCRITICAL DOUBLE TALK & SUBTLE SELF-SERVING SEMANTICS by US officials at the HIGHEST level.

    Different STROKES for different FOLKS …. AGAIN!
    Pakistan sacks doctor who helped track down bin Laden

    By S. H. Khan
    March 29, 2012

    Pakistani policemen stand guard as security personnel conduct demolition works on the compound where Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was killed last year in Abbottabad, February 2012. Pakistan sacked a government surgeon recruited by the CIA to help track Al-Qaeda terror leader Osama bin Laden

    Pakistani policemen stand guard …

    Pakistan sacked on Thursday a government surgeon recruited by the CIA to help find Osama bin Laden, officials said, amid calls for him to face treason charges.

    Doctor Shakeel Afridi, who is in custody, was fired on disciplinary grounds by the government in northwest province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where bin Laden was killed during a clandestine US raid last May that humiliated Pakistan.

    “The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has issued a notification of dismissal of Dr Shakeel Afridi,” provincial health secretary Ashfaq Khan told AFP.

    Seventeen other medics who worked on the same fake vaccination programme set up by the CIA in a bid to confirm the Al-Qaeda chief was living in the city of Abbottabad have already been sacked from their government posts, he added.

    Fifteen women health workers were dismissed last August, and a woman doctor and an assistant coordinator were sacked on March 17, Khan told AFP.

    Afridi, who worked for years as a government surgeon in the lawless tribal district of Khyber, is in police custody and a panel investigating the bin Laden raid has recommended that he be put on trial for treason.

    Pakistani officials believe Afridi may have known about bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad and shared the information with US intelligence agents.

    In January, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta confirmed Afridi had worked for US intelligence by collecting DNA to verify the 9/11 mastermind’s presence, and expressed concern about Pakistan’s treatment of him.

    “He was not in any way treasonous towards Pakistan,” Panetta told CBS television’s “60 Minutes”.

    “For them to take this kind of action against somebody who was helping to go after terrorism, I just think is a real mistake on their part.”

    Panetta said he believed someone in authority in Pakistan knew where bin Laden was hiding and as a result Islamabad was not warned about the raid.

    Pakistan pleaded ignorance of bin Laden’s whereabouts and said the raid was a violation of its sovereignty. The operation severely damaged relations with the United States, which have struggled to recover.

    British newspaper The Guardian reported last July that Afridi set up a fake vaccination programme in the hope of obtaining DNA samples from the house where the CIA suspected bin Laden was living.

    The United States was not 100 percent sure that the Al-Qaeda chief was living in the Abbottabad house when President Barack Obama gave the approval for Navy SEALs to raid the compound on May 2.

    The Guardian said the doctor had been recruited by the CIA for an elaborate scheme to vaccinate residents for hepatitis B, a ploy to get a DNA sample from those living in the house to see if they were bin Laden family members.

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