Premkumar Gunaratnam/Mudalige Incident And Australia
Posted on April 11th, 2012

Ira de Silva London, Canada

The reported abduction of Gunaratnam indicates that Australia in particular and other western countries such as Canada, Britain, U.S and the countries of the European Union are well aware of the activities of their new citizens, the fact that they are living under false names/identities and that they are still working against Sri Lanka and using these supposed abductions and disappearances in their campaign to discredit Sri Lanka internationally.

It is indeed strange that the Australian High Commissioner, who was well aware of his many identities, kept silent in the face of media reports of his abduction/disappearance and made no attempt to provide information to the authorities in Sri Lanka. What is even more questionable is that she had in her possession his original passport while Gunaratnam told the police that he did not have his passport. Did the High Commissioner confiscate his passport or had he given it to her for safe keeping in case his abductors took it from him and claimed a new disappearance and new identity? Either way it proves that Gunaratnam was working in tandem with the High Commission. The question is whether the Australian High Commission in Sri Lanka was part of the charade and aided and abetted Gunaratnam in his antics to discredit Sri Lanka. Do the principles of transparency and accountability, which are thrown at Sri Lanka at every international forum, not applicable to Australia?

At the very least  Sri Lanka is  owed an explanation by the Australian High Commission as to the sequence of events and the role of the H.C. in not refuting the fraudulent statements and actions by Gunaratnam. When will Sri Lanka ask for an explanation if it has not already done so? They owe it to the country. Also, in my view, is Sri Lanka not owed an apology by the High Commission for knowingly not providing the required information to the Sri Lankan authorities or co-operating with them?  The fact that his passport was in their possession implies that they had communication with him and were probably aware of this whole scheme. The question that the public in Sri Lanka need an answer to is, is  this standard Australian practice as it certainly does not conform with “normal” diplomatic practices. Will the Foreign Office ask for one? How many more Gunaratnam’s from Australia, Canada, the U.K. and E.U. are operating out of Sri Lanka to discredit the country? This episode provides Sri Lanka with the opportunity to call for information because it is a threat to it’s national security.

If the western countries who are “hosts” to thousands of Sri Lankans and who make a hue and cry about the number of disappearances provide Sri Lanka with the correct name or names of their citizens of Sri Lankan origin who have just “disappeared” in the west, it would provide a semblance of accountability and transparency to their actions. It would also drastically reduce the numbers of the so called “disappeared” from the lists in Sri Lanka. Perhaps the reason they do not co-operate,  are not transparent or accountable is because they may have one less accusation to use against Sri Lanka internationally.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva London, Canada

19 Responses to “Premkumar Gunaratnam/Mudalige Incident And Australia”

  1. Vis8 Says:

    Many of the “missing” Tamils are living in Toronto and Australia, with borrowed names of dead ltte-cadres. The ‘campaign donations’ and promised votes of these terror-supporters are easy bait for foreign politicians.

    Australia needs to address on how her High Commissioner in Colombo had the passport (with a fake name) of a extremist.

  2. douglas Says:

    This episode of abduction now gives a different picture than we Sri Lankans and those abroad thought and much talked abovt, even in the high parlours of UN and its allied institutions.

    Here is a case where a Big Power, as that of Australia is directly involved. The first request to Defence Ministry by the Australian High Commission was to investigate and produce its citizen Mr. Kumar Gunaratnam who has been reported abducted. But as per the Defence Secretary no information other than the name was provided. The information could have been the date of arrival, the visa validity, the passport etc. Also it was found that no person by that name has entered the country. That was according to the Immigration documents.

    Then after two days this person by the name Kumar Gunaratnam entered the Police Station at Dematagoda and indentified as the person who was abducted. The Police commences recording a statement and who was present at that point of time -none other than the High Commissioner and two others from her office. Of course she would have identified the person as the missing, “abducteee” Mr. Kumar Gunaratnam.

    Next when the Sri Lankan authorties wanted to deport him, and requested an emergency passport be issued, this High Commissioner produces a “Passport of an Australian citizen in which the name is entered as Noel Mudalige. This is the big question? This High Commissioner and the Government of Australia “knew well in advance that this “fugitive”is infact Mr. Kumar Gunaratnam to whom they issued a valid passport in the name of Noel Mudalige.

    Isn’t this called in one way “ESPIONAGE” and in another respect a “deliberate and well planned scheme” to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka and ultimately to “effect a Regime Change” with the help of other western nations?

    Still Sri Lanka Government too has to provide an answer to the Sri Lankans. Why it allowed a controvercial person who has entered the country with a foreign passport issued in the name of Noel Mudalige be allowed to be taken away that also accompanied by the very High Commission and its officials to the Airport and deported when this very person has been identified as Kumara Gunaratnam.

    So both parties have to provide quite lot of explanations.

  3. Dham Says:

    First of all, if this bastard has overstayed , why not take legal action ?

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    I have been following news stories about this guy, and the impending breakup of the JVP. There is something very important about his mission in Sri Lanka that has not been mentioned here.

    Apparently, Premkumar Gunaratnam came to Sri Lanka to form a RADICAL WING of the JVP committed to VIOLENT OVERTHROW of the GOSL, just as the old JVP attempted on several previous occasions.

    They believe that the main JVP has lost its “revolutionary fervor” and is no longer sufficiently committed to the “viplavaya” as it should be.

    With the demise of the militarily powerful LTTE that they could not cope with, perhaps they now believe an opportunity has now opened up for them to resume the viplavaya under “human rights umbrella” of Western Powers critical of Sri Lanka, to establish common cause with the rump-LTTE in Sri Lanka, and destablize the country.

    The entire operation was clandestine and very hush hush; that is why this rabble rouser entered Sri Lanka secretly hidden under several layers of fake identities. There were several news stories that he had entered the country and was busy with organizational activities, including establishing links with LTTE elements in Sri Lanka and trying to grab the main JVP’s assets, but no one really knew where he could be found.

    This man violated Sri Lanka’s immigration laws, and was committing crimes in Sri Lanka. Now that he has been caught and deported, he is all of a sudden an INNOCENT VICTIM claiming mistreatment!

    He is reciting from the Play Book of the Eelamist Diaspora and the iNGOs. We have seen all of this before, but his International Audience is likely to be as gullible as before!

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    NOTHING about the Premkumar Gunaratnam Deportation Incident is what it SEEMS TO BE!

    Apparently, he is being sought by the Govt of India for killing 14 IPKF soldiers.

    So, did the GOSL inform the Govt of India and then DEPORT HIM TO Australia to place the BURDEN on India to extradite him from Australia to India for PROSECUTION?

    That should keep him busy for a while! WoW!


    The newly formed socialist party of Sri Lanka accepts that Premakumar Gunaratnam used several names

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Apr 11, Colombo: The newly launched Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) in Sri Lanka says its senior activist Premakumar Gunaratnam, who was reported missing since the 6th till yesterday and sent back to Australia by the authorities, had used several names for protection.

    Politburo member of the FSP, Pubudu Jagoda has admitted that Gunaratnam had appeared under several names due to the threat to his life.

    He has said that Gunaratnam would have otherwise been abducted and gone missing a long time ago.

    Jagoda has told the media that there was no legal impediment to Gunaratnam from engaging in politics in Sri Lanka since he held a dual citizenship.

    He has observed that if Gunaratnam has violated any law including Immigration and Emigration Laws, the government should have taken legal action against him.

    “He should have been asked to come to the police first and if he failed to do so, a warrant should have been taken from courts. If he was arrested accordingly, his relatives and close associates should have been informed. That is the law in the country,” Jagoda has said.

    However, India’s English daily The Hindu reported that Gunaratnam was involved the killing of 14 Indian Peace keeping Force (IPKF) soldiers in Sri Lanka.

    The Hindu reported that it sent a questionnaire to the Australian Foreign Affairs and Trade office in Canberra, to find out if this was a simple case of name change and whether Australia was aware that he was involved in subversive activities in Sri Lanka including the killing of 14 IPKF soldiers.

  6. Dham Says:

    You think Australians so good – “to extradite him from Australia to India for PROSECUTION” ?
    He is an innocent familay man abducted by rajapake regime forces acoording to the west.

    I am still angry that this mucker and his mucking wife can hold dual citizenship. Why cant stupid governement cancell it ?
    M-ucking traitors should be banned from entering our soil.

  7. mewan Says:

    Somewhere I read this man is 42 years old and if I remember correctly the IPKF incident was in 1983 that is nearly 30 years ago. If these two facts are true then this man has committed this crime (frankly I don’t call it a crime at all) when he was 13 years old! Not bad!

  8. Ananda-USA Says:


    But, India is “the golden haired boy” that cannot do any wrong in the eyes of the West, although India is knee deep in far greater human rights violations than Sri Lanka that the West chooses to ignore in its eagerness to prop up India as a counter to China.

    If India seeks extradition, I think Australia will comply, just as the “their lordships” of the UK High Court recently approved the extradition of several Al-Quaida suspects to the US. Different STROKES for Different Folks … don’t you know?


    Agree with you that killing IPKF soldiers, who invaded our Motherland to partition it in favor of Tamil terrorists, is NOT A CRIME from our point of view … but we are talking here about the Indian point of view.

    The Indians are suffering from general amnesia about who really initiated, trained, funded, deposited and supported Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka in the first place.

    The Govt of India has never said “mea culpa”, apologized and atoned for that CRIME against Sri Lanka, and prefers to cast itself as a white knight who “assisted” Sri Lanka achieve “communal harmony” and lecture Sri Lanka about “human rights”.

    The Indians are just as MYOPIC & HYPOCRITICAL as the Western Powers, given that they have considerable difficulty viewing Pakistani assistance for the Kashmiri Mujahideen in the same light.


  9. Leela Says:

    I believe, at least at this instant, India is telling the truth. You see mewan, IPKF did not have its sojourn in Sri Lanka in 1983 but 1988-90. I must also emphasize that real fighting that took place between IPKF and LTTE was not at the beginning of their stay but towards the end of it in 1990. So, the allege killings may well have taken place during that period.

    Few more points: Reports also say that Gunratnam is an engineering graduate from Mortuwa University. But first, if Gunratnam wasn’t popular among the JVP carders he couldn’t have risen up to lead a breakaway fraction of JVP from afar. And Gunratnam couldn’t have become that much popular among JVP cadres if he hadn’t taken an active part in their last revolt.

    As I said before, the JVP revolt took place in 1988/90. Anyway, Gunaratnam should have gone underground or jumped abroad if he hadn’t been an active member of JVP violence. Moreover, he must have jumped abroad not before 88/90 but towards the end of it like Somahansa did. If Gunratnam has a degree from Mortuwa, needless to say, he couldn’t have obtained it after jumping abroad but before 1989. And he should have been at least 24 at the time in 1989. To me, it all adds up for him to be well over 45.

    Now, my aim is not degrade him personally but to show some facts because he has been a somewhat faceless cult leader. The fact that this man has so many alises and stays out of lime light and operates like under cover CIA agent is enough to suspect him as a shady character and more of a dangerous man. In my opinion, Gunaratnam should have been arrested, dig into his past and fixed him, or degraded him and banish him from Sri Lanka for the sake of our country.

    It is obvious that this breakaway group of JVPers is full of radical elements of extreme character that had already entrenched in to trade unions and student groups. We have seen them using western backing and funds through NGOs to disseminate lies, hate and untruth to disrupt peace in work places and universities. I see this lot as much more dangerous to our upcoming society than now down trodden Somahansa group. Beware! They are waiting for à la Libya here.

    I wish you all a happy new year.If one looks in to their activities, liars and

  10. Dham Says:

    “I wish you all a happy new year.If one looks in to their activities, liars and…..”

    WHAT !

    Looks like Sri lankan force have abducted our own Leela !

  11. Dham Says:

    Not 1983. say 1989 and he must have been 20-22 which is the right age for a mid rank LTTE cadre.

    I don’t think the mucker has dual citizenhip, if so , he cannot be deported since he is a citizen. I think his Sinhala betrayer wife has dual.
    Now it is the time to question these two traitors and cancell their dual. It is as easy as this.

    It is very possible that this mucker will earn some money by selling his story to Aus media. It may well be the reason for him to “get abducted”. We will see soon.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    Shame on MoD to allow him escape.

    That means ANY terrorist can come to SL (obviously they don’t use their REAL names!!), stay ANY longer and escape.

    Whether govt carries out abductions or not people get self abducted.

    So why not abduct them anyway? It makes no difference.

    A sheperd boy shouted wolf! wolf!

    Then people came to save him. No wolf. He laughed at them.

    This happened a few times until one day a pack of wolves came. He shouted but no one came to his rescue.

    This is an open warrent to abduct and eliminate ALL LTTE suspects. JUST DO IT! No one will ever know.

  13. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Did someone or some group within the Australian foreign ministry, help Gunaratnam to travel under a different name to Srilanka and not reveal it to SriLankan authorities? Sri Lanka quite rightly told Australia that they cannot find the “missing” Gunaratnam an Australian citizen. This compelled the Australian High Commission to admit that Gunaratnam travelled under the name of Mudalige. Why did Australia do the wrong thing by announcing to the world that Gunaratnam is missing, when they knew all the time that “Gunaratnam” had travelled under a different name? I think Australian Govt needs to investigate what’s going on as this type of activity by the Tamil Tiger diaspora is sullying Australia’s image.

  14. Leela Says:

    Sorry, that last sentence “If one looks in to their activities, liars and” was incomplete and should have been deleted. It’s mistake on my part. sorry

  15. Dham Says:

    What a relief Leela !
    At the rate abuctions going I thought you were gone !

    So far only our good Tamil doctors doing well. All other terrorist ( foriegn ones) went home and stright to Channel 4. This m-ucker will surely be interviewed by Channel 4+ABC media with the Saint Kerry O’Brien !


    In Australian, you can pay a fee and change your name and then obtain a passport in that name. No questions asked. You can do it any number of times if you pay the fee. Within Australia, the police will have a record of how many times he changed his name and different names. If they do not they can get on-line and get all the information in no time. This sucker has fooled SL to make money by selling his story. SL must cancel his dual citizenship of SL.

  17. Marco Says:

    Very interesting article in Asian Tribune by Dr Laksiri Fernando

    Except perhaps the Frontline Socialist Party, those who asked for the release of Gunaratnam and/or Attygalle did not condone or subscribe to the politics of the duo or their past or present activities. Raising the issue of abduction was merely a question of human rights, rule of law, due process and democracy.

  18. aloy Says:

    Dr.Fernando should know that Human Rights of ordinary people to lead peaceful lives is more important than that of this trouble maker. After the elimination of Rohana Wijeweera we had peace. After the elimination of Prabha we have peace. This fellow also should have been eliminated. However if Australia think that they can destabilize SL through him they are mistaken.

  19. Ananda-USA Says:

    MORE WOOD to feed the BONFIRE!

    Sri Lankan minister calls on Australian authorities to deport abducted Marxist party dissident

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Apr 13, Colombo: Higher Education Minister of Sri Lanka S.B, Dissanayake says the Australian authorities should take measures to arrest, take legal action and deport the abducted Marxist party dissident and member of the Frontline Socialist Party, Premakumar Gunaratnam.

    Dissanayake called on the Australian authorities to take immediate action on Gunaratnam.

    The Minister has said that Gunaratnam has traveled under false identities and should therefore be dealt with legally.

    He has explained that Gunaratnam has used three different names out of which two have been used to travel out of Sri Lanka and to get citizenship in Australia.

    According to Dissanayake, the Australian authorities need to take action against Gunaratnam since he is an Australian citizen and has clearly violated the law.

    He has said that Gunaratnam has fled the country using forged travel documents because he was wanted in connection to certain crimes committed by the JVP during the 1988-1989 period.

    Gunaratnam is one of the senior JVP members remaining from the 1988-1989 period.

    It appears that Gunaratnam has changed his name at least on three occasions – the first name, Wanninayake Mudiyanselage Daskon, appears in his marriage certificate. A different name, Rathnayake Mudiyanselage Dayalal, is used in the passport, which he obtained from Sri Lanka. Another name, Noel Mudalige, was used when he obtained the Australian passport, which he had produced on his arrival in Sri Lanka on September 4, 2011.

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