Has The Rajapaksha Administration After Liberating The Nation From Tamil Tiger Terrorism Assumed Carte Blanche Towards Autocracy And Dictatorship ?
Posted on April 14th, 2012


April 14th 2012

There seem to be merits based on some circumstatial evidence to the many questions being asked by the International community and some superpowers about Sri Lanka’s prima facie image based on certain occurences of incidents some attribute to the Government. It is reported that many in the Island Nation are now beginning to wonder whether the present Administration is indeed capable of violating the rights of certain important individuals, targetting them for all the wrong reasons and carrying on a campaign of dirty politics with intimidations, abductions, torture and a total disregard for the dignity and compassion that involves all the concepts of a free and democtratic state whether it is speculative or not. The president is said to be somewhat reminiscent of the Emperor With No Clothes who strutted about his kingdom in the belief of what was presented to him by his tailors that he was wearing a wonderful cloak of invisibility where all the while it was transparent, he was stark naked and became the laughing stock of his subjects which could easily translate to the world at large inasfar as the laughing is concerned with particular bearing on Sri Lanka today despite being no laughing matter!

From a local standpoint regardless of the attributes of cleaning up the Tamil Tiger threat to the Nation there are dark clouds building up on the horizon that there seems to be something very seriously wrong with the Nation today and when there should be a comfort zone for the people towards decent living conditions , freedom of expression and the liberty to be happy and content even in some small measure spread amongst all of Sri Lanka’s citizens regardless of caste creed or ethnicity it seems to be wishful thinking for many Sri Lankans today and sadly there seems to be little or none of the requisites.

The dark clouds alluded to seem to manifest themselves in how certain politicians in the ruling party conduct their affairs with little care towards responsibility, decorum and reason whether or not they are totally unkown to the person at the top especially when it comes to :-

a.) public spending and perusing of public funds which often transform into peronal spending of a ludicrously high level, the huge delegations of officialdome representing various international events making merry in almoost shameless perspective without a care in the world about the manner in which their excesses are exposed, the vast global adventures and shopping sprees etc all at the taxpayers expense.

b.) The high handed mentalities of certain politicians who have the audacity to take the law into their own hands when there is a judiciary and a legal system set in place within the constitution yet pay scant respect to what it represents and even threatens reprisals claiming high connections displaying eithr downright unabated thuggery or a bull in a chinashop mentality.

c.) An apparent breakdown of Law and Order in an alarming manner, not particular to a few areas of the country but becoming more and more widespread and at times infiltrating into the Houses of Parliament and seats of power where even some Law Enforcement personnel are being accused at times at the highest level of the dirty word “excesses” by virtue of being aligned with the present Administration with no regard to the obligations to serve and protect unless it is something fashioned out of their own misconceptions.Of course there are the decent law abiding administrators whose direction is commendable.

These are not anomalies the Government was expected to be coined with when the Nation was freed from terrorism and re-development began as the people of Sri Lanka expected a transition from past hardships infflicted upon the nation by the LTTE where today there is a glut of incredibly apathetic public spending on certain worthless projects which do not serve the Nation towards immediate needs beyond being frivolities, some which most certainly do but most importantly the manner on which the law is interpreted and extended in the most high handed manner where many prominent people of high intellect and office have either been assasinated, eliminated or suppresed through continued intimidation from their capacities to benefit the Nation.

It seems almost symbolic with a new autocracy which seems quite partial and exercised with impunity by certain indiscriminate officials of the present regime and perhaps needing caution that in the long run, regardless of a two third majority in parliament, it could poitentially be disastrous towards its continued existence as Sri Lanka even in token manner is still a democratic country where her citizens still have the power of Universal Franchise( it is hoped!) and that all important vote which could easily tranport the present incumbent regime either into oblivion or at best end up warming the opposition benches. Sri Lankan political history has proven the reality of this and if the present Administration dares to toy with the precedent of an attempt to rule by power, intimidation and autocratic coercion as it is being presently accused of from manty international quarters it will surely become a dangerous game with dire reprisals.

To reiterate, it is being painfully obvious for many discerning observers both within and without the environment of Sri Lanka that lawlessness or its surreptitous manifestations based on who is in power is beginning to raise its ugly head.There also seems to be a degree of confusion on the part of certain legislators particularly the chief of operations Mr President himself about whom to trust and whom to be wary of where despite his task being unenviable on how to run a nation as complex as Sri Lanka is today, has suddenly become hesitant and faltering on may issues which would cement the comforts of all Sri Lankans. The total numbers in the disgruntled camp seem to be growing and a warning sign which he cannot ignore or bury his head in the sand about. Neither will the stand that Sri Lanka will handle her own affairs regardless of outside opinions or interventions be of any worthwhile effect if there is a huge disgruntlement and discontent within the nation and at the present there are signs of this.

Thereby the alarms raised by many international watchdogs who monitor Sri Lanka and have reported adversely to sources such as the UN, the USA, the EU and the UK based over which there is so much finger pointing and accusations, which one simply cannot sweep under the carpet albeit far removed from doctored video presentations of proactive Tamil Tiger sympathisers, secessionists, their falsified statements and sob stories which have little bearing on the realities of what Sri Lanka has seemingly been transformed into today, it seems to be turning into a hotbed of mismanagement and high handed administrative power which are being recorded at various important levels of the International Community and does not augur well for Sri Lanka from many perspectives particularly her global image and credibility.

Yes there are superb higheway networks linking many focal points of the Nation, the tourist industry is booming, there are no roadblocks, check ponts or intermittent bomb blasts with loss of limb and the damage to property but there is fear, uncertainty and distrust within the nation of a previously unknown degree rivalled perhaps during a certain phase of the now infamous Premadasa ‘dynasty’ where people feared for their lives, livelihoods, existences and personal safety.Simply put, all is not rosy within Sri Lanka today where there seem to be many aberrations of the norm relative to the well being of Sri Lanka as a resplendent land.

There is also the scourge of poverty and insurmountable hardships for the lesser privileged and ordinary man on the street while their betters enjoy all the creature comforts and tenets of a luxurious existence. This is not what the Rajapaksa Administration presented in its manifesto prior to being swept into office. It is something the administration has to come to terms and deal with post haste if the intention of the present Government is to secure Sri Lanka as a safe haven for everyone, not just a select few and to feel comfortable and justified that it has earned a rightful place to be true liberators of the nation and providers to the people who deserve better!

In the words of a recent news item “There are also many contributing factors which reveal the importance of ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”international pressureƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ in safeguarding human rights of people in any country, including the right to life, at least as a ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”necessary evilƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ under trying conditions of suppression of dissent and threats of enforced ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”disappearances,ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”tortureƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ and ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”¹…”extra-judicial killings.ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢ depite being unproven as linkable tangibly with the Government which together with the astronomical cost of living, the insurmountable hardships of the average citizen and the indifferent manner in which the Government at times responds to the many calls towards restitution as difficult as it may sound, there are many who wonder if The Rajapaksha Administration After Liberating The Nation From Tamil Tiger Terrorism has Assumed Carte Blanche Towards Autocracy And Dictatorship or leaning towards it with a rank disregard for a normal order of life to a very deserving nation of Sri Lankans?

Unthinkable as it sounds if this indeed be the case one could safely assume their days could be numbered!



40 Responses to “Has The Rajapaksha Administration After Liberating The Nation From Tamil Tiger Terrorism Assumed Carte Blanche Towards Autocracy And Dictatorship ?”

  1. S de Silva Says:

    Well said Lankaweb – and not before time. Hope the Rajapaksa powers take serious note of the honest comments herein followed up by specific and rapid action to deal with the issues covered. If not the glorious victories against a ruthless gang of terrorists achieved at supreme cost would be squandered and that would be a dire shame and an absolute disaster – S de Silva – London

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Dear Editor,

    Govt should get its act together on corruption, violence, Mervyn Silva, misusing peace, power, nepotism, etc. BUT

    If you are referring to the abduction of Gunratnam, I have to politely disagree with you.

    If he was actually abducted, that means the system to PROTECT innocent civilians is WORKING.

    As you know JVP and LTTE elements are still trying to kill people. They will NEVER stop.

    Abductions are ESSENTIAL to stop them. Traditional law practices do not work with these criminals who have MASTERED it. Warrant? What warrant against him? He under his used name BACKED BY AN AUSTRALIAN PASSPORT has not committed any offence to issue a warrant! So he gets away in traditional law. He is a big time MULTIPLE CRIMINAL.

    Pottaya Naufer killed the only judge who had a backbone while in prison. He recently went to his daughter’s wedding too from the safety of his prison HOME! He is living and OPERATING happily even in prison like a luxury resort! But MOST criminals don’t even go to prison. BEST lawyers defend them.

    Take the Kotte monk killing. Everyone knows the 3 “suspects” are the killers but BEST lawyers protect them!!

    They will get away.

    11,000 LTTE terrorists have been released. We all know they will do it again and again until killed.

    But the system failed when Australians got involved to save him. That is my ONLY problem with this episode.

    A stitch in time saves nine.

  3. AnuD Says:

    I agree with the both of the above comments whole heartedly. Abductions, the types of abductions happened to Kumar Gunarathnam are needed in Sri lanka. If sri Lanka tried to arrest him and question he would have never answered. Because so many voices are waiting outside to oppose what the govt is doing to protect the country. Therefore, it is the outside voices, to a certain extent, that have made the govt behave they way the govt behaves.

    Other than that, Every thing what the govt did after the war is simply focused for individuals and for politicians. Nothing is for the country.

    Govt is using all the machinery that was used to defeat LTTE to fool the people around the govt. That kind of activities are supported only by the people who directly benefit from the govt (one example will be the people who will mark negative to my comments). They are not for the country and they are for themselves.

    This editorial is excellent and talks about the pathetic situation right now in Sri lanka.

  4. Dham Says:

    Dear Editor,
    Thanks for this timely contribution and you said what I had to say and what majority of like minded independent observers had to say.
    “a certain phase of the now infamous Premadasa ‘dynasty’ where people feared for their lives” this what I too feel now.

    If the terrorist agunaratnam has done wrong, he must have been punished like SF. This is a lost case anyway. White vans should have been restricted to very very serious cases like agunaratnam but it should have been continued, pursued within the legal system. That is – pass the proper laws – arrest using white van – interogate – send to jail. Now whta happened ? released and a minister idiot is talking loud in meetings asking Aus to deport him. What a joke this is ?

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    You cannot punish him like SF.

    Unlike SF this is a SEASONED INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST CUM CRIMINAL. They have mastered the LAW, loopholes and have well established support networks. They ALWAYS get away.

    Look at KP. He escaped ALWAYS and ran the world’s BIGGEST weapons smuggling operation until he was ABDUCTED. SL police, army, navy, courts, Indian courts, Malaysian courts and even the INTERPOL was after him! NOTHING happened. Now he is a pussycat.

    SL high court gave an order to send VP to 100 years prison. But he laughed because no one could do that. VVIPs from foreign countries PAID RESPECT TO him! UNP foreign minister called his assistance Anton Balla, YOUR EXCELLENCY!

    HE WAS STOPPED by shrapnel wounds when he tried to surrender. Why did he try to surrender? Because the bugger knows when LAW takes over it is going to be fun. At most he will end up at the Welikade free food 5 star resort MUCH better than the manholes he was hiding in for 25 years.

    How can Noel aka Guna aka Grease aka Rathne aka Maruwa aka Daskon be tried in a court when the identity given to him by the AUSTRALIAN GOVT has NO crimes against it?

    I agree RELEASING him create a big joke. That should NEVER have happened. He should have been liquidated.

    FYI SLs don’t feel scared they will be abducted. That is absurd. In fact MOST SLs are relieved this MASS MURDERER who some people call the grease devil is at least chased out of the country FOR NOW! He will definitely be back because this is his JOB paid for by the LTTE RUMP and protected by the Australian government.

    Tamil Vani also escaped this way. GOLS had no FORMAL charges against this big terrorist whorre. After that she became the MAIN witness in Channel 4 BS! A simple white van operation would have saved ALL this assache.

    “This is a lost case anyway. White vans should have been restricted to very very serious cases like agunaratnam but it should have been continued, pursued within the legal system. That is – pass the proper laws – arrest using white van – interogate – send to jail.”

    Glad you agree with white van operations! :) Now don’t deny it.

    White vans – the way to peace, prosperity, democracy, decency, security and a little bit of dictatorship. Like with everything, if used for the benefit of the nation, it is well and good. If used for personal vendetta, bad.

    If I had the money I would buy a few white Hiace vans for those who do a marvellous job to defend the country. Don’t mind driving one either.

  6. AnuD Says:


    [ If the terrorist agunaratnam has done wrong, he must have been punished like SF. ]

    The major mistake that SF did was behaving UNETHICALLY. HE should not have gone against the Superior who brought him to that place. Other than that he had nothing except others used him to go against his boss.

    Then consider the so many politicians that were angered by the PE . JVP, Mangala and RANIL and may be more. Why should not one expect the RETURN from them ?. There are so many criminals in the parliament. Why the LAW is not fair to every body. PResidentail candidate himself had a serious allegation. Even SF was also convicted in a not by a fair court. Judges were his juniors that SF himself had punished. Besides, Court procedure had lot problems. One major General who had evidence supporting SF was allowed to migrate into Australia before th court proceedings. I heard, even US citizens (white people) were asked to come and give evidence (that is to make US happy, I suppose). So, that procedure is fishy.

    Anyway, in order to be fair why the same procedure is not followed for so many politicians who have so many accusations ?

  7. AnuD Says:

    White vans are a good method to get rid of Drug cartels. Drug cartels can be controlled only by methods that give fear into their minds. Don’t expect to control the drug problem with normal Court – law enforcement system. Other wise, It has to be a system as in Singapore or Malaysia. That is if you were court you will be executed and no appeals. Countries which use normal court – law enforcement system have failed in getting rid of drug cartels.

  8. AnuD Says:

    Govt suppresses JVP political activity without any sympathy. But, UNP activities mostly by prominent UNP – politicians continue without any hindrance. CBK and Ranil are doing that to the extent that undermine the country. But, again that is questionable. Because certain things that the govt does have brought the same results. Only hindrance again UNP is propaganda against Ranil or UNP.

    On the other hand, what are done by governing party politicians and henchmen/women are neglected.

    Govt also wastes money as there will be no tomorrow to spend.

  9. Dham Says:

    I agree generally. But first thing is we must pass more laws and white van should be a legal tool. For example in western countries police come in civil clothes, vehicles. What’s worng with that ?But the problem is we released this bastard. why ? because out laws and outlawed.
    How can our small country allow foriegners to do politics ? Try it is singapore ! hang the bastrad.

  10. Dham Says:

    Sarth Fonseka can be compared to Anwar of Malaysia. Simply bought over (due to greed) by USA.
    MUST keep him in jail because of this. His past should be investigated ( with regard to raping of women).

  11. HussainFahmy Says:

    The editorial is spot on. The Sri Lanka we grew and loved is drifting towards an economic disaster with malinvestments in various sectors. As for Politics (Poly Tics = Many Parasites) the old adage applies; Those Who Live By The Sword Die By The Sword. Prosperity for an Individual or a Nation is based on RESPECTING MUTUAL RIGHTS OF EVERY CITIZEN. IE Treat the Rich and Poor, Powerful and Humble with an equal show of Love.

    @Dham – Logically, If SF (Besides the Propaganda on his Character Slander) is a stooge of Uncle Sam; they (US) will find an evil way to restore him provided SL has resources to fill their coffers. Evidence is their past Policies towards weaker countries; a guide to the present and future.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    There are 2 types of ppl

    1. those who LOVE SL

    2. those who don’t

    #2 deserves NO human concern or consideration whatsoever.

    Loving SL does not mean loving the govt!! Govt should not be allowed to equate the 2.


    White van abduction of criminals is nothing compared to the BARBARIC Sharia Law some uncivilised countries have.

  13. Raj Says:

    Instead of white vans, there are unmarked, usually black large cars, in other countries like Britain. The officers wear a uniform, again black,different to ordinary uniform of police. So, there is nothing wrong in using any vehicle to apprehend a suspected criminal. Also I agree that drug barons and other underworld champions should be caught whenever the police can, otherwise they disappear. This particular case of this criminal Gunaratnam (whatever) is another attempt by the diaspora to create trouble.
    Unfortunately the editor got it wrong this time.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    In today’s world, govern tough re criminal types, or perish and take the whole country along the path of demise, chaos & anarchy. That is how places like Singapore, so admired, survives, and survives well.

  15. ranjit Says:

    Every Govt have their ups and downs I agree with all of you but no other Govt in the past did so much to the country like this one and I dont agree with you about those so called white vans and abductions. We saw many in the past how the abducted persons appear again suddenly from nowhere. All these things are the works of our enemies within and outside. Just listen to these opposition jokers when they bark like dogs inside the parliament and in their meetings. What they are talking all the time except lies and lies against the Govt and the country nothing else.

    All this white vans,abductions,cost of living,murders etc. are the make up stories of the opposition goons. The main problem with enemies of our land is that they dont like our President and they are trying to remove him by hook or crook it will not happen in their life time only daydreaming. They dont like a sarong johnny as the . They love to have that puppet Ranil the gay boy as the leader of my beloved country. That will never happen till I die.I will make a bet with anyone of you who talks rubbish about Sri Lanka without knowing the true picture. Dont listen to gossips just visit our land and go to visit each area of the land and places of importance and take a look by yourself then you will understand the difference then and now. Visit public offices and see how they work and the improvements after the war. Listen to the President when he give speeches and listen to Ranil and his cronies when they speak about any subject. Can they talk in the first place. They are nothing just a bunch of fools paradise. Their only talk was to hang Mahinda Rajapaksa. We will hang them by their tail in the next General elections too and show the world that Sarang Johnny is there to lead our nation for many more years.

    Evry country have abductions,kidnappings,murders,drugs,money laundering,prostitution etc our country is nothing when you compare to those big countries like USA,England and other white skinned countries. How many were killed in broad day light in schools in America? How many civillians USA kill in the world each day? Alll the bad things in this world was from America,Drugs,prostitution, murders. See their politicians how they they do their elections throwing mud at each other. It’s the same all over the world not only in my country. Many of you living outside the country without knowing the truth just make allegations unfairly towards the Govt and the people of Sri Lanka. Find out the truth before making false allegations. Yes corruption is there,favouritesm is there and unneccessary spending is there but many good things have done by this Govt than the previous regims. Yes there are two three bad hats are there but every Govt has to face it because they are party stalwarts for long period of time.

    If the white van stories

  16. sena Says:

    My comment is on the the paragraph before the last on MR’s economic policy. It is surprising he is following JR’s open economy system (polluted with huge corruption). Now this has resulted in severe balance of payments due to the importation of things that Sri Lanka cannot afford. Due to this situation regardless of president intentions he may have to surrender to outsider pressure promoting Tiger agenda. The best option would have been to adopt a variation of Sirima government until the war wounds heal where everyone tighten their belts, promote local production and minimize external debt so minimizing the ability for outsiders to dictate terms. Instead he carry on as nothing happened (contrary to his own plan as the article says) and now the country is in serious trouble where the potential exists for public unrest due to hardships (unfortunately in SL this is the only reason people resort to civic actions, otherwise they adopt no see no hear policy for all other things like lawlessness and mass corruption).

  17. sena Says:

    Ranjit is making the same mistake he is accusing of others. Talking about other countries while living in another. While agreeing MR’s government has done a lot, it is all the more reason to continue it with good foresight and involving good people who have principles and character. The relative lack of it has brought this administration into some disrepute and has become vulnerable to outside pressure due its poor foresight in handling economy for a country that is coming out of a long and destructive war. After all it is 25 thousand war heroes whom we are indebted to more than anyone else. Everyone should have that in mind and carryout in a manner we honor their memory.

  18. AnuD Says:

    Today, I heard the govt is soending some Rs. 1800 crores to build a 30 Kilo meters of a road from Pinnaduwa to some Godagama ? in Matara. It is unbelievable sums.

  19. AnuD Says:

    Instead giving overseas contracts,why don’t they buy equipments and ask local engineers to learn the trade. If it breaks down they will learn more.

  20. Vis8 Says:

    I have to agree with Lankaweb. Law and order has to be restored in the country. If a bunch of murderous goons are allowed to roam freely with abductions, then the army and police should step up. There will be dissidents to any government, mostly those who are trying to get themselves into power. The UNP used their squads to kill 80000 of Sinhalese boys, and the “human rights” groups were silent: why? because they were not funded by the ltte diaspora.

    The govt has to realize that the situation is entirely different to that of the ’88-89 crackdown. Ltte dispora has bought into every nook and cranny of politics and media in the west with their terror money. They are paying journalists to publish their ‘stories’….. and the western politicians who have received ‘campaign donations’ and promised votes (like Hillary Clinton, Obama) are fulfiling their obligations by reprimanding Sri Lanka. The government has failed badly in propaganda, and it looks like Sri Lanka politicians are turning a blind eye to what is happening in the international circus.

    Tamils for Obama, who paid millions to Obamas ‘campaign’ have now resorted to forcing Obama into proposing a South Sudan-like referendum (only for North SL) in the UN…. this, before Obama’s reelection bid……

    The govt needs to wake up…. as a govt minister said recently, all this will stop if we implement 13th amendment.

    it is hard to do (there’ll be a lot of protests)… but it seems the reasonable way out of the mess the Rajapakses have created for themselves.

  21. Naram Says:

    A country coming out of 30 yearsof war, does need a strong police and armed forces to prevent resurgence, when the whole country know the strngth of the vastly rich diaspora overseas ready to arm any group Sri Lanka willing to raise their heads.

    Yet there have been too many instances where Police gets the blame for Grease devils, white van diappearances when the story is totally false. I trust Mahninda to bring the miscrants to heel in the few instances to heel.

  22. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Lankaweb editorial is correct government itself to be blamed for new UN resolution and for the failure to prevent passing a resolution in UN.
    Government supporters themselves are abducted for money and for various reasons, Buddhist priests have died attempting to take treasures, museum was robbed which cannot be done without the knowledge of government. Kollonawa SLFP elected mayors brother is missing , mayor himself was abducted, Sagara who is the cousin of Jeewan Kumarathunga was abducted. There were 59 abductions for the last six months 19 while there was a UN debate.
    Many treasures were stolen and there are financial irregularities covered up. Entire Advanced level Z score results distorted to accommodate some personal affiliated students who could not be qualify under normal circumstances.
    Time to review the situation needs new legislation and a well written manifesto from the parties contesting elections. All independent commissions need to be reestablished as UN says.
    Those ministers involved in drug trafficking are protected. All government decisions taken by a handful of uneducated people around the leadership. Economy is in serious trouble due to wastage. Impunity and lawlessness has become routine. Media is suppressed and most of the websites disrupted. Basically Sri Lanka is uncivilized, unsustainable and it is time to change. Former prime minister Hon Rathnasiri Wickramanayake said it is a shameful situation.

  23. Ramanie Says:

    @ Vis8:

    “The govt needs to wake up…. as a govt minister said recently, all this will stop if we implement 13th amendment.”

    Really?! If we implement the 13th amendment, hand over land and police powers to the North and East as it is, you think all these problems will be sorted?

    Care to explain how?

  24. Vis8 Says:


    Do you have any other answer if the US and the UN force a referendum on “North” Sri Lanka? 13th amendment is one way the government will have an answer to the ‘accountablilty’ allegations. What’s your other solution, the Indian State system?

    The government has to do something now. Inaction will lead to western invasion.

  25. Dham Says:

    I agree with NeelamahaYoda to some extent.
    Problems in the Rugger team too. Maharja’s son wants to be the captain. What an idiot this son is ? Even if he is skilled and offered he should have rejected the captancy. Charles said the other day about the incident involving Naamal kumarya.
    My point is, if we do not have sufficient laws to protect racial harmony, religious culture and values by all means “pass the bloody laws’ and make the white van legal and open fact. Suspected are taken away in the white van or red van, questioned, either hanged or returned until the proper evidence is discovered. That is all.
    You cannot allow a freedom which is not there even in USA. What free dom you have there ? You can sue the Obama, if you have money and not fear death ( Arahanth).

  26. Dham Says:

    “The govt needs to wake up…. as a govt minister said recently, all this will stop if we implement 13th amendment.
    it is hard to do (there’ll be a lot of protests)… but it seems the reasonable way out of the mess the Rajapakses have created for themselves.”

    What are you talking about? Are you mad ?
    If Rajapakses mad mistakes let them accept it and we forgive them and move forward, rather than hand over the country to terrorist as a face saving exersise. If they don’t accept throw them out and get a better one- you can apply.

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    There is no proof to say those alleged abductions of Kollonnawa mayor or his brother was done by the govt!! This is hilarious. However these allegations MUST be investigated. This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE people abducting (or alleging) each other. Lawless.

    At the same time, LTTE/JVP/RAW/JIHAD terrorists are still active. Only BLOODY FOOLS say “war is now over for good”, “peace is ever lasting”, “live happily ever after”. These fairy tale BS is not valid in real world.

    LTTE/TGTE/GTF/BTF/TAG/TFO/TFC and other disgusting T groups are trying to restart the LTTE. That is their ONLY hope to get a homeland.

    Legal system cannot handle terrorists. Terrorists too have human rights, fundamental rights, the right to lawyers, UN supervision, judicial review, NGO support, MONEY, MONEY and MORE MONEY to bribe the system. Even if they are punished nothing changes. They operate from prisons!

    So the only way to handle terrorists is through ILLEGAL MEANS. Mixing part of illegal means with legal means breaks down BOTH methods.

    It is like treating cancer. Whack radioactive stuff on the patient, give very hard medicine. We STILL have localised LTTE/TGTE/GTF/BTF/TAG/TFO/TFC/JVP/JIHAD cancers. White vans or black cars or black Prados (as in India and Pakistan) are the way.

    Look at USA. They have Gitmo Bay OUTSIDE US territory in Cuba. Why? Because that is NOT subject to US human rights and other laws. You can do whatever you want to these terrorists to defend your country.

    This is the ONLY WAY – operating OUTSIDE the legal system.

  28. Lorenzo Says:


    “13th amendment is one way the government will have an answer to the ‘accountablilty’ allegations.”

    What TOTAL BS is this?

    13th amendment has NOTHING to do with ACCOUNTABILITY.

    It is a devolution method stupid. Accountability is a judicial or other investigative process.

    13th amendment will create more POWERFUL regional war lords. Fantastic! With 225 powerful idiots in parliament we have so many problems, with 675 powerful regional goons we will have 3 times more problems.

    Thanks for showing off your tiger stripes. Now we know. There are hidden tigers among us. We have to eliminate them first. Tell me, can the traditional legal systems do that?

  29. Vis8 Says:

    Dham: “If Rajapakses mad mistakes let them accept it and we forgive them and move forward”…..

    I am very proud of what the Rajapaksa’s achieved historically. But they appear to now have become dictatorial. But, will they accept mistakes and move forward??? The way things are going, I don’t see it happening. Sri Lanka is about to tread on an international landmine. The international media is almost totally against the govt. This gives good fodder for international politicians who are fed with ltte money.

    You have any other suggestions for the situation the govt. is in?

  30. Dham Says:

    Every UNPier too claimed pride ! Then came the suggestion that “why not handover reins to Ranil , he is the best “

  31. Vis8 Says:

    Ranil, are you sure? Maybe Sajith Premadasa, who could lead the nation for the foreseeable future, is a better choice.

  32. Dham Says:

    Not me ! That was what UNpiers said. I have no political preference- merit only.

    Solution to Rajapakes problem ( due to long nap) would be.
    1. Wake up.
    2. Abolish 13A++ completely. Accept and explain that this is the Indian solution to India created problem.
    3.Abolish provincial councils altogether and transfer all workers to special admin units. Keep the qulified politicians as managers but sack the unqualified lot. Keep the Chief ministers for the time being, until next election.
    4. Find a better , our own admin solution to the country- based on our values. Pass proper laws suitable and sustainable to a small country.
    5. leave the reconcilliation nonsence to people. Politicians and USA cannot force it.

  33. May182009 Says:

    This can happen to Sri Lanka as well. Helped and protected by western hypocrites and human rights losers, LTTE rump Diaspora jokers might land in the country to create cheap propaganda trouble. When we try to wrestle them, they will say human right violations. We have to be watchful and do the same thing Israel does. Remember Vanga Machan illegal ship?

    Jerusalem (CNN) — Israeli security forces are preparing to deport hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists expected to arrive at the country’s main international airport beginning Sunday to protest Israel’s policies in the occupied West Bank.

    “Israeli Police will be implementing measures inside and around Ben Gurion airport from the weekend in order to deal with the arrival of activists into the country,” Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said.
    Activists for “Welcome to Palestine 2012 ” one of the pro-Palestinian groups organizing what has been dubbed a “fly-in” event, said some 1500 to 2000 activists mainly from Europe, the United States, and Canada would board civilian flights for Israel in order to make their way to various events in Bethlehem and other West Bank cities.
    Organizers say they are trying to draw attention to what they claim are prejudicial Israeli border policies that force many international visitors coming to Palestinian areas to lie about their destinations.


  34. HussainFahmy Says:

    In Response

    Lorenzo Says:
    April 14th, 2012 at 1:14 am


  35. Fran Diaz Says:

    We are in an Age of Transition from some 500 yrs of Colonisation – so handle with care lest we fall into Traps we will regret. Make sure we are never Colonised again. Infighting & Crime will weaken the State. Be wise. Respect all human life and practice life supportiveness. But, get hard with murder & drug/human smuggling.

  36. Marco Says:

    On the 23 of April Country Reports for the forthcoming (Oct ’12) 14th session of HRC UPR will be submitted for (Czech Republic,Argentina,Gabon,Ghana,Peru,Guatemala,Benin,Republic of Korea,Switzerland,Pakistan,Zambia,Japan
    Ukraine and Sri Lanka). Sri Lanka will have circa 2-3 months to respond to the Country Report.

    No doubt there would be specific cases that have been widely reported by various agencies (last count of 54 in the last six months)and representations from “credible” organisations and individuals.
    GOSL should get their act together instead of the blame game that is currently being portrayed in the External Ministry
    and start representing the populace that voted them to govern in a democratic way.

    For, starters can we have the LLRC report (for what its worth) and the Geneva Resolution (for what its worth) translated into Sinhala and Tamil so that the majority of the people can read it and understand it. Surely, having spent a considerable amount of the tax payers money and time, the least that one would expect is that the populace are given the opportunity to read it.

    Clock is ticking….

  37. Lorenzo Says:


    Thanks for that.

    Meditation, NOT CONNECTED TO RELIGION is good for everyone. And everyone should practice it. Sadly some Islamic countries have banned Yoga, etc.!! No wonder MOST of these are the MOST chaotic in the world.

    When it comes to the nation,

    There are 2 types of ppl

    1. those who LOVE SL

    2. those who don’t

    #2 deserves NO human concern or consideration whatsoever.


    Because it is a contest between these 2 groups. The more rights #2 have, the LESS rights/property/money/power/safety/happiness/LIBERTIES #1 have. The converse is also true.

  38. Marco Says:

    Under the current circumstances,it would be interesting to see who in the External Ministry would take up the forth coming challenges that SL will face in the next 6-12 months.
    The “raised sarong” approach has passed the sell by date following the Geneva Resolution as the spot light is firmly on Sri Lanka.
    Chinese keep saying “give us reasons and evidence to help you”.

  39. Lorenzo Says:


    I don’t think MOST people would give a damn about the LLRC report because there is NO benefit for them in it!!
    MOST of them were NOT consulted by the LLRC anyway. Only 150 people did out of a population of 20 million.

    SL ONLY have to respond. I hope they do it without blaming one another.

    WHEN not if, UNHRC is unhappy about SL’s implementation, they have nothing to do than put the matter to the UN security council where it will be defeated.

    SL should push it to that. Otherwise these parasites will keep on asking this and that.

  40. Lorenzo Says:

    “Chinese keep saying “give us reasons and evidence to help you”.”

    An opening to set up a Chinese navy base in the island would be sufficient.

    BTW the Russians don’t seem to ask such questions. I wonder why!

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