Posted on April 15th, 2012

By Walter Jayawardhana

The India Today magazine said Jayalalitha’s withdrawal of her nominee from the all-party parliamentary delegation to Sri Lanka has upset Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s calculations who is bending over backwards to pacify the ruffled feathers of Sri Lanka after the vote at the UNHRC meeting in Geneva.

“Upsetting the calculations of the UPA government which is bending over backwards to pacify the ruffled feathers of Sri Lanka after the vote at the UN Human Rights Council meet, Jayalalithaa has withdrawn the AIADMK nominee from the all-party parliamentary delegation visiting that country to study the plight of the ethnic Tamils,”the magazine wrote.

The magazine also said that it is seen as a severe jolt to New Delhi’s efforts to make peace with its Southern neighbor

” In a statement on Wednesday, the AIADMK chief dissociated her party from being a mere appendage, saying the delegation would not serve any purpose. AIADMK’s Rajya Sabha member A W Rabi Bernard would not be part of the exercise as the itinerary does not include meeting the war-affected people and taking up their issues with the Lankan” President.

Led by BJP leader Sushma Swaraj, it is to ascertain the rehabilitation of the Tamils displaced by the war which ended in the decimation of the LTTE in May 2009.  The team of MPs would visit the island nation from April 16 to 21.

Jayalalitha said , In her view, the programme schedule laid greater emphasis on ‘meeting and dining’ with Sinhalese leaders and government officials and appears to be designed by Colombo. This, according to her, was intended for an image makeover for the Rajapaksa regime, which is cornered globally on the human rights front.

More, she found fault at the absence of journalists, rights activists and independent observers in the delegation.

The chief minister also criticised New Delhi for its failure to act on the Tamil Nadu Assembly resolution, seeking an economic embargo on Colombo, and playing a pivotal role in diluting the US-sponsored resolution at the UNHRC meet.

Referring to the what she said as  continued attack on Indian fishermen by the Lankan forces and the slow pace of rehabilitation of the war-displaced, she said Sri Lanka was only continuing its anti-Tamil stance even three years after the war.

In these circumstances, the AIADMK not being part of the MPs team would turn out to be an eyewash as was the case with the earlier visit of a delegation of MPs comprising the DMK and Congress.

As soon as she came back to power, Jayalalithaa got the assembly pass a resolution urging the centre to ask the UN to declare the people behind the “genocide” in Sri Lanka as “war criminals”. She also called for an economic embargo on Sri Lanka, pending the return of all the displaced Tamils to their native places

A staunch opponent of the LTTE, Jayalalithaa has been resolute on the Tamil issue since she came back to power. It was one of her poll-issues in the last parliamentary elections.

Taking this as an opportunity to give a shot at her rival Kanimozhi , DMK leader’s daughter , who is thought of being groomed up as a future Chief Minister of the state Jayalalitha said in a previous delegation what the DMK politician did was to enjoy banquets with Rajapaksa and receive gifts from him.


  1. AnuD Says:

    I think JJ expects that Central govt would lose this time. So, she is getting ready for that.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Only a few years ago, Jayalalitha akka was hiding from LTTE death threats. She was begging for bodyguards from Karunanidhi who was only too happy to ignore her abject pleas.

    Clearly, she has lost her short term memory due to advanced Alzheimers and plotical sycophants worshiping the hem of her purple saree, now that those killers have been taken care of by the MR-GOSL and she can emerge from hiding to become Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

    Jayalalitha is now pandering to the rump-LTTE in TN to gain popularity by beating the drums of Tamil Racism. She thinks she can control the violent holocaust she will help unleash, and the murderers who will displace her. I don’t think she has ANY IDEA of what it takes to cope with those LTTE murderers that we learned the hard way.

    I fully expect Jayalalitha to end up wearing a fashionable glass eye-ball in the not too distant future, just like CBK did … if she is lucky enough to survive the initial bomb blast.

    Those who try to ride terrorism to political power, usually end up being consumed by it.

  3. Kit Athul Says:

    So now we know that Ananda-USA is a brother of Jayalalitha? Jayalalitha Akka?

  4. Dham Says:

    Akka is a decent name for everyone’s sweetheart !

  5. Jayantha Says:

    Crazy Jayalalitha is at it again. A cheap charade to earn tamil votes.

  6. thurai Says:

    Jeyalaitha´s decision is to show and cheat the innocent TN that she is not less than Vaiko or Nedumaren.
    She wants to keep the support of voters and not to lose anyone go behind Vaiko and Nedumsren.
    Many TN politicians are armless Terrorist.

  7. Leela Says:

    It is reported that not just Jayalalitha’s AIADMK but Karunanithi’s DMK also pulled out of parliamentary delegation to Sri Lanka today. Needless to say, two racists are competing to grab votes of racist Tamils in Tamil Nadu. Good luck to India’s unity.

    As for us, we should take a leaf from Lee Kwan Yew, follow Singapore example and restrict race based Bantu lands and open entire Sri Lanka for all races.

  8. AnuD Says:

    As for us, we should take a leaf from Lee Kwan Yew, follow Singapore example and restrict race based Bantu lands and open entire Sri Lanka for all races.

    Singapore is a RECENTLY MADE city-State. Singapore cannot afford to do that. Sri Lanka has a 2500 years of history and Sinhala people cannot ask their culture and civilization any where else in the world.

    Even the new world countries such as – US, Australia and Canada are mostly European culture.

    Why Sinhala people have to sacrifice they themselves because Tamilnadu Tamils want to have their State in Sri Lanka too ?

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Kit Athul malli,

    Sorry to have given the wrong impression with my odd sense of humor, but I am just a garden variety Sinhala Buddhist demon from Sri Lanka populated chiefly by raksha breeds, without any relationship to Jayalalitha, or even to our dear old Hillary Clinton nanda.

    However, I have no doubt that I am very closely related to you, my dear Kithsiri Athulathmudali malli.

    My astrologer has pored over his inherited ola leaves, divined the positions of the stars, and talked at length to his extensive but mysterious “sources”, but despite finding my relatives among all of the past and present royal houses of the world, he has been unable to establish any blood relationship to Jayalalitha … so far … but give him time, for this is a lifetime job that he has working on unraveling my ancestry. But, he pleases me greatly by massaging my ego; so every time he visits he wins a few Rs 1,000 notes folded in a Bulath leaf.

    Furthermore, with or without my astrologer’s stunning discoveries, I am convinced that I am a blood relative of all those descended from our common homo-sapien ancestor, Kaperi Kalu Appuhamy, who left Africa in the dim mist of time, dragging his wife behind him by her hair in his own inimitable heroic way, and waving a massive cudgel above his head, vowing to CONQUER, CIVILIZE and POPULATE the rest of the world with his descendents.

    With the kindest of regards, my dear malli, I remain

    Ananda Aiya.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    “Those who try to ride terrorism to political power, usually end up being consumed by it.”

    e.g. Premadasa/Wijeweera, CBK, Rajiv, Osama Bin Laden, JFK, VP, etc.

    Ananda, I don’t think I’m a relative of that dirty w* Jayalalitha.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:


    Congrats on not being a direct relative of Jayalalitha!

    But you cannot escape kinship with her as a human being … unless you are a silicon-based life form arrived here on a spaceship from a distant star!

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    No offense, but I’d rather be an ET than a relative of that Jayalalitha w* or that Karunanidhi s*b or that Velupillai s*b (literally true).

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamil Nadu needs progressive & educated leaders. The Old Ways are not popular there with the younger set of Tamil Nadu folk – they want change, fast. Will such Change ever happen there ?

    Till then, Lankans had better build Forts & Garrisons right along our coastline (as did our ancestors) to prevent illegal migrants pouring into Lanka as pilgrims, tourists, etc. and not going back. It is a shame that Lanka does not yet have a count of illegal migrants here. All illegal migrants become easy fodder for Tamil Separatists. All illegal migrants ought to be deported, before it is too late.

    It is strange that the number of Tamil people in Lanka never drops, even though some one million migrated out of Lanka after 1983 riots. If Lankans do not take proper action, they can expect more trouble in the future as Tamil Nadu changes may not take place that fast.

    It is the ancient Caste bound social structures and non-development of Tamil Nadu in a Modern and Progressive way that makes Tamils flee Tamil Nadu, to land in Lanka and make trouble by joining up with Tamil Separatist leaders. This is the root cause of Lanka problem with Separatists.

    It is an expensive and heart breaking mistake to allow Tamil to enter Lanka as illegal migrants – illegal LABOR for tea industry, tourism, etc. and of course, the Separatists trade !

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    It goes without saying that our ports of entry via air or sea ought to have computerised methods to follow up on people over staying their visas. All so called tourists over staying their visas ought to followed up by informing Police & armed forces, and
    appropriate steps taken to deport them.
    Case in point was the Guneratnam stunt. Our authorities had not followed up on the fact that Guneratnam had overstayed his visa, and notified police stations.

    Garrisons & Forts are to prevent illegal migrants, foreign fishermen, drug smugglers landing on our shores. Also for local people to have access to report irregularities spotted re tourists. It will also raise awareness among local people on the importance of guarding this island home.

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    “Tamil Nadu needs progressive & educated leaders.”

    NO WAY!

    Toilet Nadu HAD educated leaders LIKE educated Tamil leaders in SL.

    Then what happened?

    They sowed RACISM just like in SL.

    e.g. Annadurai, etc.

    e.g. Ponna-ambalama, Chelva, Amirthalingam, Sambanthan, Sumanthiran, etc.

    SL and India NEED UNEDUCATED, foolish Tamil political leaders (not national political leaders who are Tamil).

    e.g. Saumyamoorti Thonda, Arumugam Thonda, DD, Pillayan, Kala Maheswaran, etc.

    India has already achieved this after their 1962 act.

    TN leaders today are VERY easy to manipulate than those who demanded Dravidistan, etc.

    SL should follow the same strategy.

    BTW Jeyaraj, Kadir were NOT Tamil politicians as such. They were national leaders who happened to be Tamil. They NEVER screamed for Tamil demands. Their voters and supporters were non-Tamils. We need such educated NATIONAL Tamil leaders from UNP and UPFA.

    TNA, ACTC, TULF, ACTC, DMK, AIADMK should always have dumb and uneducated politicians who can be easily manipulated.

  16. NLS Says:

    “Jayalalitha said , In her view, the programme schedule laid greater emphasis on ‘meeting and dining’ with Sinhalese leaders and government officials and appears to be designed by Colombo.” All the food in Sri Lanka is not going to be able to feed Ms. Indian Piggy! Anyways, its good that J & K are not coming. They maybe high caste but low class!

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