A letter sent to Hon Don Randall MP…PLS CONSIDER TO TAKE ACTION RE THE INDIVIDUAL CONCERNED as per regulations.
Posted on April 16th, 2012

Mahinda Perera

To Don Randall,MP

Hon Sir,

Thank you for taking your time to respond to my email to you regarding the pressure exerted by The Australian High Commission in Sri lanka regarding an Australian citizen who had broken the immigration laws of both Sri Lanka and Australia by having 3 passports with 3 different names!!. I am glad he was deported to Australia from Sri Lanka and it is interesting to see what steps the Australian immigration authorities will now take regarding this man.

On another connected matter, I am forwarding a copy of an ABORIGINAL EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE dated not so long ago (1951), sent to me by a relation of mine, which exposes the double – faced hypocrites in your Parliament preaching human rights to Sri Lanka. I have no doubt gentlemen like you in Parliament will have the influence to make these Parlimentarians to see sense.

I wish you all the best in this regard.

With kind regards and best wishes,

Mahinda Perera

10 Responses to “A letter sent to Hon Don Randall MP…PLS CONSIDER TO TAKE ACTION RE THE INDIVIDUAL CONCERNED as per regulations.”

  1. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you Mahinda for this bit of info. As I have said many times in these columns before, I believe there is one dignified way out for SL to shut the mouths of the HR parasites and the Milibands of the UK. SL should make a change in policy and tell these hypocrites that unless a formal admission of the past HR crimes they have committed against SL is publicly admitted, we will dismiss their comment out of hand and refuse to engage. Reporters and so called investigating busy bodies should be forced to sign this “declaration of facts” on SL history before allowing entry. UK should be particularly singled out for a continuous publicity thrashing as the author of most of the ethnic strife in SL. We should change gear. Instead of reacting we should be proactive: We should take the propaganda war to the enemy and challenge these hypocrites on the spot and on the facts and sue them where that is possible when they are wrong on the facts – instead of allowing to be spat upon daily by these shameless hypocrites after breaking every HR Law from the beginning of recorded history !! – S de Silva – London

  2. gdesilva Says:

    And the Sri Lankan Govt should take steps to educate the locals about the atrocities conducted by the neo-colonials around the world. There are thousands of hours worth of video footage freely available on the Internet which are never, or hardly ever, broadcast by the so-called free media. Perhaps, there should be a government sponsored or private TV station in Sri Lanka who can broadcast these videos after adding Sinhala and Tamil subtitles so that our people can appreciate the treacherous conduct of the neo-colonials. It is only through awareness that people can be won over.

  3. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    I can not see the connection between the Gunaratnam the fugitive who received undue assistance from the Australian High commission in Colombo and the way the Aboriginals were treated in Australia. It is very well known, wherever the British ruled, there was no human rights for the natives of that land. Even in Sri Lanka, it was no different with the Sinhalese not allowed to speak in Sinhala. If I remember right it was Prof Weeramanthry, who mentioned that during his father’s time they were not allowed to utter a single sinhala word at school and if they did, then they were fined 50cts for the “offence” (todays currency equivalent could be even Rs 5000). Also a burgher gentleman told me how they were paid twice the salary a sinhalese would be paid for the same job done, during British rule. Similarly what was done to the aboriginees falls in to this category of discrimination and what was done with Gunaratnam is an hostile act against another nation. diplomatic . la

  4. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Mahinda Perera!!……….Thank you for ezposing these western ideologs & their supporters in Asia. At least Japan had the courage to state the facts as he sees it. He is a learned Prof: & he said Japan is NOT independent as Sri lanka, to voice disenting opinions.

    As Japan went to war with the so called civilized nations, TODAY Japan is very concerned & always toe the line with USA.

    Re: this terrorist in many aspects, Gunathnam or some 3 other names he uses & having 3 passports…who according to some reports killed IPKF emembers……is wanted in India. But we DO NOT ofcourse care much about India ,as we always opposed their ways, bribery corruption & stabs countries in their backs, when the support is expected.

    Thanks very much proceeding with the matter as you say its time we be pro-active and take these so called Int. Community which has no faults & queeky clean…LOL

    Just expressing my views on matters concerning well being of sri lanka………~ Gamunu

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    A powerful piece of evidence.

  6. Dham Says:

    White Australians said sorry for these actions 3 years ago anyway in the parliament.
    While Australian police are killing people on weekly bais wihtout any trial, they are also escorting foriegn contract killers to the country. mahind should have mentioned this and ask this MP to raise this issue and arrest the wanted killer for at least questioning.
    I remember they arrested and put in jail an Indian muslim doctor for no reason and paid compensation recently.

  7. Dham Says:

    may be they should appoint Gunaratnam as IGP of NSW.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    It is better to violate human rights of a few than put national security at risk.

    Yes, Australian authorities operate in many ways much like SL’s LOW COST white van operations.

    National security comes first.
    Human rights second or third.

  9. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    When some people believe “National Security ranks above Human Rights”, then, should SriLanka learn from the USA, and introduce a patriot’s act, empowering themselves to arrest anybody anytime, without reason, without informing their families or friends and keeping them incarcerated without charging, as long as the authorities like? Should SriLanka have applied this to Guneratnam and people like him?
    Recently the USA also arrogantly announced, that in the name of national security, they have the right to kill their own citizens, wherever in the world they live. Thank heaven SriLanka did not apply this method to Guneratnam.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    This was how troublemakers were handled in SL EFFECTIVELY. There is no other way.

    I’m opposed to using these NATIONAL SECURITY methods to punish political opponents. But on ALL other instances, it is the way to go.

    If Gunaratnam did this in USA or ANY OTHER democratic country, he would be now rotting in jail or worse.

    Unfortunately human rights come first and national security second in SL. Even then, there is NO appreciation of this by HR activists. “No human rights in SL” is the complaint while treading on national security. A joke!

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