Jaffna celebrated Sinhala & Tamil New Year
Posted on April 17th, 2012

Asoka Weerasinghe (A Conservative)

To: John Baird, MP., PC., Minister of Foreign Affairs; Deepak Obhrai, MP,  Mihnister of State for Foreign Affairs; Jason Kenney, MP., PC.;  Vic Toews, MP., PC, Minister of Public Safety.

Dear John, Deepak, Jason & Vic:

I hope you will take some time to read this bit of news.  And that is the ground reality check for you all.   Things are going well with the planned rehabilitation and reconciliation in the North of Sri Lanka by the Rajapaksa Government after eliminating the Tamil Tigers on May 19, 2009, contrary to what has been told to you Ministers by the Tamil Diaspora. And you John did your little song and dance rubbing the face of Sri Lanka  on the floor at the Security Council meetings and I resented that.   How so John?  Especially when you knew absolutely nothing about Sri Lanka’s present and most importantly its past, when the Tamils lived as the  ‘privileged minority’ and the Sinhalese were the ‘wronged majority’ for over a century and no westerner said, “This is a bloody shame and it is not fair!”

  Let me tell you one thing to you all.  Sri Lanka doesn’t owe a damn to the Tamil Diaspora who are living in luxury in Canada and Sri Lanka owes everything to the Sri Lankan Tamils who stayed put in Sri Lanka and want to get on with their lives among other communities.  It is that simple.

So lets be a  bit judicious and compassionate on that sovereign island nation as it has come out of a 27-year old  bloody war, aided and abetted by Canada.  They will find home grown ways to revive and survive in harmony, but  not with the western nations help that have created chaos around the world trying  to be the masters of democracy – look at Sudan, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan and Libya.  Canada has failed miserably in trying to democratize the world.  Phew!  This sort of  demo-crazy is something that I have found hard to swallow.

Permit me to wish you all A Happy Sinhala and a Tamil New Year

Asoka Weerasinghe (A Conservative)


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    Asoka, you said bloody right. We do not want west to give us demos of democracy. We will do it our way.

  2. Vis8 Says:

    It is the ‘campaign donations’ and promised votes of the Tamil diaspora that is doing the talking for these ‘ministers’…. All that these politicians care about is getting elected and to stay in power. Terror-supporting Tamils have given these ministers enough incentive to wage attacks on Sri Lanka.

    As with the terror-supporter Rithika Sebastian, the ~500,000 Tamils in Toronto are now sneaking their way into Canadian parliament. The Canadian ministers will realize, only too soon, that the “innocent, suffering refugee” is a vicious tiger who will spare no mercy when it comes to getting their ways.

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