The failed Kangaroo plot
Posted on April 18th, 2012

By Nalin de Silva Courtesy The Island

Although this article may not be directly connected with “The mythical ethnic problem” it has some relevance as many people are of the opinion that it is the Sri Lankan government, meaning the SLFP-led coalitions that internationalized the so-called ethnic problem. This idea on the internationalization is one of the biggest myths claiming that the dispersed Tamils living in the western countries have been influential in convincing those countries that the Sri Lankan governments have been discriminating against the Tamils in Sri Lanka. It is sometimes said that the Tamils living abroad unlike our diplomatic missions have presented their case very well and have won over the western countries that are very humane and concerned with human rights. There is also a “school of thought” that does not think and goes on repeating ad nauseam that the Tamil voters in the western countries have tilted the balance in the favour of the Tamils. Then there are others who propagate the myth that the Tamils have contributed to the election fund of the Democratic Party in USA, and as a result Hillary Clinton, who was considerate enough to send messages wishing at least a section of the population a happy new year just a few days ago, is supporting the dispersed Tamils against the Sri Lankan government! I do not know how much the Tamils in US have contributed to the election funds but it cannot be a substantial amount compared to the total budget of the presidential election campaign.

The west is against the SLFP-led governments in general as they are nationalistic and do not obey the west as the latter wishes. The only SLFP led government that the west supported was the Chandrika Kumaratunga government that followed the line of Mahajana Pakshaya of Kumartungas rather than that of the SLFP of Bandaranaikes. The SLFP-led governments have been in general supporting the Muslim countries, a fact that was reflected in the voting in respect of the Geneva resolution with seven Muslim countries voting against the US resolution. The west is in general against the Muslim countries and their culture with countries such as the UK, France and Australia openly asking the Muslims living in those countries to follow the Christian way of life without any consideration of the human rights of the Muslims.

Now the so-called Peratugamee Samajavadee Pakshaya (PSP) that was launched officially on the ninth of April had the support of the western countries. Now why should the western countries give their blessings to a breakaway group of the JVP? It is very clear the western countries are working according to a plan. They want to topple the Mahinda Rajapaksa government. We have been telling this for sometime but only now, with the Rapp report coming into the picture, even the Deshahithaisheens have waken up. The plan is simple. The west will have the President, the Defence Secretary and some officers accused of war crimes so that they could be tried at the so-called international war crime tribunals or try to topple the government through other means. As one of the steps they got the TNA to support Sarath Fonseka at the last Presidential polls. The west now knows that they can control Sarath Fonseka unlike the President Rajapaksa even if the TNA is not aware of it.

“ƒ”¹…”Struggles’ are there only to provoke the youth against the police and the armed forces and to create the background for “human rights cases”. The west can then intervene to protect “human rights” and set the stage for an attack as they did in the case of some Muslim countries. The Peratugamee parties are only Kekaragamee parties without external support and it is clear that Australia has had a hand in forming the PSP through one of its citizens, as the Kumar Mahaththaya saga reveals. The west supports the PSP thinking that they could stage a few more Katunayake incidents.

The Sri Lankan government had been looking for Kumar Mahaththaya for some time but the “ƒ”¹…”friendly’ Australian government did not divulge any information, though he had visited this country number of times during the last two or three years. When his wife came to Sri Lanka early this year, most probably to meet her husband, the government officials interrogated her at the airport. The human rights groups made a hue and cry over the incident and the “wife” denied that Kumar Mahaththaya was her husband. However having gone back to Sydney she made a statement to the effect that Kumar Mahaththaya was her spouse and that he had changed his name to Noel Mudalige when he obtained the Australian citizenship. Obviously this “lady” who was trained to become a doctor at the University of Peradeniya on public funds has lied to the Sri Lankan government and this is the type of people who want to serve the country from abroad. Kumar Mahaththaya who claimed to have been abducted by some group or the PSP itself surfaced at a government institute connected with controlling crimes without a passport. The Australian High Commission lost no time in requesting the government to release Kumar Mahaththaya but the secretary of Defence responded by saying that no Kumar Mahaththaya had come to Sri Lanka during this period. In fact, the only Kumaraya to visit the country was Avurudu Kumaraya and certainly Kumar Mahaththaya though he may be a Kangaroo Kumaraya had not come to Sri Lanka. Then all hell broke loose and the Australian High Commissioner divulged that Kumar Mahaththaya had come to Sri Lanka as Noel Mudalige holding an Australian passport. She was kind enough to give the passport number as well. It was most interesting to see the High Commission producing the passport of Mudalige on the morning following the appearance of him so that Mudalige alias Kumar Mahaththaya could travel back to Sydney without any problem. We have to thank the Australian High Commission and the officials of the High Commission for facilitating the departure of Mudalige by not only producing the passport but also being present at the airport! Certainly Kumar Mahaththaya had been treated as a Prince by the Australian High Commission. It is very clear that the High Commission had known the whereabouts of this Kumaraya from September but did not feel fit to divulge the information to the Sri Lankan government though the latter was looking for this Kangaroo Prince. It is the western dominance that gives Australia to interfere with the affairs of our country and they boast of protecting human rights, though Kumar Mahaththaya had not lost any, at the same time violating the national rights of Sri Lanka if we are to use an idea formulated by Ven. Bengamuwe Nalaka Thero.

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  1. nandimitra Says:

    The west has its own agenda, It is using every available facility such as the diaspora, NGO’s, UNP and Wickremesimhe etc. The usual carrot and stick.All these theories about morality, pressure from diaspora are all red herrings. To fight it sri lankans must be united. That is where we fail. Poor governance,Corruption and a economy completely run on debt has made the country not rally behind the government. The unity that is necessary to fight this menace is thus missing.

  2. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    As a follow up on Nalin de Silva’s above article, could the West be getting impatient with Ranil led UNP faction, for not being able to unite the UNP behind him, in his campaign to destabilise the Rajapakse regime? Though Ranil has successfully prevented the Country uniting to protect from the Western machinations, Ranil has been too slow in finding an excuse for the West to implement their notorious R2P doctrine to invade SriLanka for regime change and “to Save the people” like they did in Libya most recently.
    Therefore, is the West and the Tigers trying to fast track their agenda by helping Kumara Mahathaya now “missing” and re-incarnated as Noel Mudalige, by setting up the Peratugamee Samajavadee Pakshaya (PSP) to mislead the youth and create chaos in the country? Even Prabakaran failed to help R2P to invade SriLanka to “rescue” 300,000 hostages, as the Govt saw their plan and took timely action, and so, now it is up to the PSP to show that they are smarter than the Govt and achieve the Western agenda.

  3. helaya Says:

    Our government is solitahgic. Why wait, pass laws prohibiting any covert activities within the country. Impose severe penaties those who are commiting these crimes. Wake HE.Rajapaksha. Save our country from the savages.

  4. aravinda Says:

    KUMARAYA’s amma give a press conference, few days before KUMARAYA reappeared, to the sheer joy of 21 million Sri Lankans. She accused unknown persons, pointing the finger at Sri Lanka in general, had abducted her son. She wanted the public to rise up and save him. We can understand mother’s love for a son. But is this women blind to the fact senseless crimes were committed by her two sons. What about all these people who died in their hands? What about their mothers?

  5. aravinda Says:

    Frontline Socilaist Party Propaganda Secretary Pubudu Jayagoda aired these views in an interview.


    Q. If it was a case of abduction, how was it that Gunaratnam had his passport with him?

    Well, I cannot say for certain about the passport. But, what we came to know is that several of his things were taken when he was abducted. His laptop, mobile phone and car keys were taken with several important documents. The passport might have also been taken with them


    We know the passport was with the Australian High Commissioner. Is Jayagoda accusing the High Commissioner of this abduction? Why not come clean without accusing that poor women.

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