They Want Land And Police Powers!! So What Will They Want Next?
Posted on April 19th, 2012

In Retrospect By Sarath Kumara

April 20th 2012

It needs to be said emphatically that already the fallout from the USA’a meddlsome stance at UNHCR Geneva is becoming apparent  as the Indian Delegation’s presence in Sri Lanka  seems to be emboldening the Tamil National Alliance to get overly cocky and authoritative in how they are attempting to use the Indian visit to their advantage.

In the eyes of many analysts who have used logical rationales to evaluate what the TNA represents they are none but a bunch of bounders who are in fact representatives of the so called LTTE rump indulging in  freedoms they are not entitled to and attempting to dictate terms to the Government of Sri Lanka in the process!

In the same token despite the Government Sri Lanka, diplomatically entertaining the Indian Delegation it should be in a position to emphatically point out the role of the Indian Delegation as observers not adjudicators and that too merely to please puppeteer Uncle Sam, and its main puppet Ban Ki Moon whose roles at Geneva were not only contentious but high handed where they raised alarms against Sri Lanka on concocted evidence where not a single shred of tangible evidence was presented towards the UNHRC ruling beyond hearsay, one sided depositions, doctored videos and  TV presentations all the while egged on by the bleatings of the likes of the TNA who were and in all probabilities still are supporters of the now defunct Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam given their rhetoric and body language ! All these while there are mountains of tangible evidence, conclusive beyond the shadow of a doubt corroborating the attrocities of the Tamil Tiger led insurgency never once aluded to at the UNHCR showing the degree of bias that musrt have been involved !

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA), who were reported as meeting with the Indian parliamentary delegation to which they probably had no mandate in any legal sense had their credentials been investigated appear to have boldly emphasised that land and police powers should also be devolved to the provinces. This is something which needs to be put into perspective in the best interests of Sri Lanka!

Perhaps it is high time the Government of Sri Lanka threw the book at the TNA reminding them of their past allegiances to the Tamil terrorists , the dangers of continuing in their present direction where they simply do not represent all of the Tamil community in Sri Lanka,  shut them up for good if necessary  with very valid reasoning to do so in the interests of public security and kick them out of Sri Lanka’s political arena on the grounds that they portray every ingredient the Tamil Tigers used to fashion their direction towards the troubles that plagued the Nation for decades!

This needs to be done on the basis that if their demands for land and policing powers were ever granted by some horrendous error of judgement even hypothetically the Nation can surely expect a rejuvenation of unrest within the Nation which the present or any Administration would neither be foolhardy nor privy to and perhaps might not even be able to cope with in an eventuality and a worthless risk!

This is a pellucid manifestation even at an interim level of the harm that sources such as the USA and the UN amongst the rest of those who voted for the resolution against Sri Lanka has done  as these are pro rerrorist elements now demanding these rights in a post insurgency Sri Lanka. It is a salient reality known to many authorities around the world which certain moronic elements in the enclaves of these high faluting Super Powers have failed to perceive that the TNA are a dangerous bunch out to recussitate the objectives of the Tamil Tigers as well as those of their sympathisers and have never given up the pursuit of secession in Sri Lanka. It is a fact of life to those aware of it and there are many!

In this respect it is also safe to conclude that  what the USA has done is an inadvertent fomenting of the Ealam cause, something the likes of the often verbose and vitriolic Karunanidhi of Tamil Nadu and a host of his buddies who are Tamil sympathisers continuously indulge in and needs to be put into perspective. The continuous absurdity of it all is that the demands and accusations of the UNHRC resolution had set in place a connundrum of ludicrity where those who were in facour of the resolution were perhaps barking at the moon (no pun intended) much in the manner the leader of the UN was relenting some of it at various stages of his involvement in Sri Lankan matters and the outcome as worthless as the barking albeit dangerous as it may have given dutch courage to a pack of misguided self styled politicians calling themdelves the TNA! whose singlemost objective seems to be confronting the GOSL over issues which seem to be beyond their comprehension.

It is of remarkable importance to the well being of Sri Lanka that the Government has in the past categorically refused to devolve such powers to the provinces especially when the demands came from the TNA in post insurgent Sri Lanka where cloaked in theatrical pretence even the LTTE portraying themselves as politically motivated through certain worthless mediators tried their hand at the same ploy without success as their real intent was invariably exposed through their own bungling and mendacity.

It is to a certain degree amazing although not surprising that the TNA continues to bleat and plead that” When they ask for land and police powers, thay are branded LTTE proxies. The LTTE asked for a separate state. We do not ask for that,” and in all sincerity it needs to be asked could there  be a single patriotic Sri Lankan who can honestly believe the TNA in the face of all their high handed posturings and threats to the Government of Sri Lanka with all the support from Tamil Nadu are not LTTE proxies?

Neither the Indian Delegation not the TNA  have any right to sound officious or authoritative towards how the Sri Lankan Government manouevres the direction it has legitimately chosen to conduct its affairs as Sri Lanka today is fast returning to the resplendency and economic stability it once was.

There are prices to pay towards this and the nation will be subjected to hardships in the beginning but to be intimidated by demands of Indian delegations, the USA, the EU, the UK et al seem somewhat far fetched as the focus often seems curiously on the enemies of Sri Lanka who in all probabilities are hell bent on de-stabilizing the Sovereign Democracy Sri Lanka always has been and one that has fought to preserve her Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity and won against all odds which does not augur well with them as the largest beneficiaries of this victory today apart from the Sri Lankan people themselves appear to be the Russians and the Chinese and a bitter pill for some to swallow.

The TNA in this respect are but a clutch of minnows whose demands are hardly worh a listen and their only alternative might be to shed their political image whilst throwing in their lot with the Government of Sri Lanka . There are examples of this of individuals who have dome themselves proud as a result of their related choices.

9 Responses to “They Want Land And Police Powers!! So What Will They Want Next?”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    TNA must be investigated for its part with the LTTE’s terror campaign for over 3 decades.

  2. Leela Says:

    I believe Sinhalese are all for towns and villages manage their own affairs. But they do not consider land and police powers are simple local affairs in a small country because they’ve had bad experience with separatists. Just see what Karunanithi want.

    If all minorities are allowed to control land in their areas according to their wishes, racists as they are, they would enhance ‘Bantu Land’ concept or demarcate areas for Tamils only or make them no go areas for others. What we want is, every inch of Sri Lanka open for all citizens. Besides they have more than five times as big a country ‘Tamil Nadu’ in India for Tamils only.

    We cannot devolve police powers for we cannot let disputes like the one that Tamil Nadu and Karnataka had for Cauvery river water develop between our PCs.

  3. Dham Says:

    Why can’t they live like normal minoraties just like in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India , Canda and UK ?This is just 1-2 million people and we treat them with compassion and love as long as they don’t become terrorists.

  4. lingamAndy Says:

    Ref:Why can’t they live like normal minoraties – May Tamil live in Sri Lanka not normal minoraties (:-(

    Leela you know very well TN is twice size of SL not 5 Time , Also Leela you know What We want … Land, Police , give me a break…..

  5. lingamAndy Says:

    also can you believe Kaliayar Karunanithi taking for for us ( Tamils in Srilanka) ……….. What a Joke…

  6. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Minister Gothabaya R. has commented on TN politiciann Karunanidhi’s ludicrous demand for Tamil Ealam quite sardonically as well as appropriately in today’s news. May it also be said that is is a fact of life that Sri Lankan Tamils find it contentious to be compared with Indian Tamils as they are mostly estate workers and there seem also to be caste and cultural diversities despite some similarities.It seems quite ludicrous that these anti Sri Lankan calls come from India so are their demands for the estate folk justifiable? Perhaps the answer to Sri Lankan Tamil woes would be a banding together of the likes of Devananda, Pillayan and Karuna and others who have thrown in their lot with the Administration quite successfully and admirably while bearing in mind that they too played a major role in the vanquishing of the LTTE! and spearhead an alliance within the metes and bounds of the Sri Lanka Constitution and judicial system towards addressing the needs of minority Tamils -it needs to be mentioned~ grossly exaggerated by the Indians who demand restitution for Sri lankan Tamils – which in all probabilities will clam up the clamourings of India for good. Before this happens however, these persons mentioned will need to learn to collaborate and work together for the common good of all Sri lankan citizens including the Tamils and cast aside their present petty squabblings..

  7. radha Says:

    Huh….. give the separatists land and police powers!!! They will use the police as the broom to sweep out all the non tamil citizens from those regions in next to no time. Is our central government made up of some dumbos to listen to this crap demands?

  8. S de Silva Says:

    Well Said Defence secretary and the writer Sarath Kumara above. – I am pleased that at last someone in power said this! I wish also that the Defence secretary said that the natural homeland for ANY race should be their place of ‘Racial Origin’ if they so wish and not in the backyard of someone else. And for Tamils that place of racial origin of the Dravidian Race is indeed Tamil Nadu and no other! They are also implying a referendum confined to the N & E of Sri Lanka to decide this. The unshakable publicly stated position of the GoSL should be that IF ANY referendum forced on us is held on this topic, it has to be Nationwide and NOT confined to the N&E. The SL Constitution should be amended and 13A discarded and close any constitutional loopholes, if need be, with the majority currently with the GoSL to absolutely ensure that, without waiting a moment more. It is Now or Never. There will be NO 2nd chance for this constitutional change – S de Silva – London

  9. Voice123 Says:

    Sunil Mahattaya, did you mean “they (Tamil Nadoos) need to CASTE aside their petty squabling?!”

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