Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka: Karunanidhi’s daydreams
Posted on April 20th, 2012

Asada M Erpini

Pirabaharan, who challenged the lawfully elected government of Sri Lanka and the often-derided armed forces of the small island nation, met his Waterloo in the Nandikadal lagoons in May 2009. But many who propagate his deranged vision of a mono-ethnic Eelam in Sri Lanka for the Tamils are alive and kicking. Among the foremost is a person named Karunanidhi, ironically not in Sri Lanka but in Tamil Nadu.

While the delegation of Indian Parliamentarians, headed by Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, points out that the solution to the Tamil issues has to be arrived at within the framework of a united Sri Lanka, the cousins of the TNA politicians “”…” both through blood relationship as well as political ideology “”…” keep on talking of an Eelam in Sri Lanka. The apt response to Karunanidhi’s dream has been given by Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse, Secretary Defence of Sri Lanka: Karunanidhi can have his Eelam in Tamil Nadu. Incidentally, it may do a world of good if the lady insists that the TNA leader lists in concrete terms what those Tamil issues, and the deprivations that the Tamils in Sri Lanka are forced to face, are.

First and foremost, the TNA and the others who tow their line for a separate nation and a land area for the Tamils, which would obviously have the discriminatory thesavalamai land law “”…” a practice that deprives the non-Tamils their dues – and the despicable caste segregations and discriminations, should be told that they have to be Sri Lankan first and be ready to accept the rules and regulations that all law-abiding nationals go by. In addition, the TNA leader should be ready to accept that it is the whimsical Tamil aspirations, rather than the “government moving lethargically”, that stand in the way of reconciliation and progress.

It is essential that the Government of Sri Lanka deals with two issues without delay: firstly, the local Tamil politicians and their spokesperson and financiers both in Sri Lanka or enjoying the comforts of life in Canada, Australia and Norway as well as the noise makers in Tamil Nadu, who are oblivious to the filth and dirt surrounding them, should be told clearly that Sri Lanka is one country and that it will remain so in spite of the clamour orchestrated by the separatists that come in all sizes and shapes. Additionally, it should be drummed into their thick skulls that irrespective of any historical basis “”…” which incidentally favours the Sinhalese ethnic group in large measure “”…” Sri Lanka today is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation and that its nationals would choose to live in any locality in the country, in the North, South, East, West or Centre.

As is generally known, the Sinhalese have been gentle and accommodating. This docile nature has been the root cause of the problem and the basis for all the missiles that have been thrown at Sri Lanka by its enemies. The Tamils who demand special treatment for them constitute less than 4% of the population (CIA Fact Book) and their demand for the moon and the stars is a consequence of the unfair privileges that the American missionaries bestowed on them and enjoyed under the divide and rule policy of the British colonial masters.

In India, Tamils have their own State – Tamil Nadu. But those who ended up in Sri Lanka, Fiji or Malaysia should go by the laws of the respective countries and accept the democratic traditions of the host nations. Colonel Rambuka made sure that Indian emigrants will not dictate to the local Fijians how the latter should run their country, by the adoption of a new constitution in 1990 that guaranteed ethnic Fijian domination in the political system. Malaysia has its bhumiputra system that gives, quite rightly, the Malaysians their dues and a say in government, which has kept the 8% Malaysian Indians, among whom are the Tamils, quiet.

All that Sri Lankans “”…” genuine nationals of the once-peaceful nation until it was devastated by the LTTE and its supporters – desire is to live harmoniously with other ethnic and religious groups, earning a decent living and giving their best to their families and the country. The Tamils who left Sri Lanka for good and obtained citizenship in the affluent countries such as Norway, Canada, Australia, Switzerland or New Zealand, citing “ƒ”¹…”persecution’ by the Sinhalese as the justification, when in fact the large majority of them was illegal immigrants who paid up to US $ 40,000/- to jump the queue, should have no say in what goes on in the country that they deserted.

As Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse had clearly pointed out, Karunanidhi can have his Eelam in India. There are nearly 70 million Tamilians in Tamil Nadu, and with the help of individuals of the calibre of Jayalalitha, Vaiko and Nedumaran, the never-fatiguing DMK leader can demand the central government of India to grant his wish. After all, he is an Indian and it seems right that his aspirations are directed logically to his own federal government.

The President of Sri Lanka should take all the necessary steps to amend the constitution to punish on charges of treason those Sri Lankans who call for dismemberment of the country. It is he who gave back the country its sovereignty and territorial integrity when the LTTE, with the active support of its Norwegian backers and others of their ilk, was about to hammer the final nail in the coffin of the unitary state of Sri Lanka.

Asada M Erpini

10 Responses to “Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka: Karunanidhi’s daydreams”

  1. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you Erpini, quite right “The President of Sri Lanka should take all the necessary steps to amend the constitution…” sooner the better!! – S de Silva – London

  2. aravinda Says:

    GOTABAYA, in his usual straight bat style, dispatched KARUNANIDHI’S no-ball for a six. As a Sri Lankan, I always wished India be a Super power and stand up against Western hegemony. Reality is opposite. It is fast becoming the most servile nation on Earth.

    Indians should understand that plans are drawn in Washington to break up India. First to go will be Tamil Nadu. Karunanidhi would love to be the first President of Republic of Tamil Nadu. If not, he has many corrupt sons and nephews waiting in the wings.

    What is New Delhi doing? Wasn’t India 565 princely states in 1947? Are these Indians blind to Western plans? Any attempt to create a “Sri Lankan Eelam” will disintegrate India. Sri Lanka was a single nation for 2500 years. There were 26 foreign invasions, 23 from India, and still a single nation. Leaders in New Delhi should study history and understand plans in Washington.

    Disintegration of India will be bad for the whole region. But if these idiots can’t understand history and geography, what can we do? Imagine those half-baked in Tamil Nadu parliament with a finger on a nuclear button. I dare not think. Then this decommissioning of Nuclear reactors in Southern tip would become regional priority.

  3. AnuD Says:

    I don’t know why Karunanidhi does not have any courage to propose Quick separation of Tamilnadu.

  4. Vis8 Says:

    Well said, Anu: The biggest mystery is why Mr Karunanidhi does not want to dream of eelam in Tamil Nadu. He does not seem to have the balls to stand up to any politics in his own country. This loser is making a big fool of himself with his big mouth.

  5. parvesh Says:

    Dear Friends, Just ignore him..Let the dog bark.. I am an India and he is just trying to divert the attention from corruption charges against him..We love you as much you do.

  6. appuhamy1 Says:

    Self appointed Kalaignars know everything. Third grade script writers still live in their pipe dreams of myths and unfortunately they have become chief ministers. The millions they have earned and stuffed inside family coffers stink.
    The whole dynasty has earned ill-gotten money enough for few generations. It is this kind of talk that keep them going.

  7. AnuD Says:

    [http://www.island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=50034 ]

    The joke of the century is Sri Lanka appointed a LLRC committee to counter act the DArusman report which was based on unsubstantiated allegations and, even after, 20 years, those accusers names would not be revealed. In other words, All the financial backers and fund collectors of LTTE may have accused GOSL and SLDFS for war crimes. GOSL took such allegations serious and appointed LLRC.

    It is like giving a stranger all they had – all the jewellery from the mother (MR) and the horse from the father (JR) as dowry to the dead daughter.

  8. Dham Says:

    “The joke of the century is Sri Lanka appointed a LLRC committee ” – agreed. Evem the term “reconcilliation” as directed by 4 or 7 jokers is a shame. These jokers did not donate their loved ones. Our mothers did.

  9. ageofempires.av Says:

    I am an Indian and have lived much of my life in Tamil Nadu. So I am well aware of the local sentiments in Tamil Nadu. I can confidently state one thing – that Karunanidhi is a joker and is trying to get back into political limelight by making such statements.

    India respects the sovereignty of Sri Lanka, but also seeks a political settlement of Tamils within the framework of Sri Lankan constitution. In India democratic values play a larger role than mere individuals. The very fact that a guy like Karunanidhi is whipping up emotions on Sri Lankan tamils is to after all get Votes and get elected!

    It will be good if educated Sri Lankans see through the ploy of such politicians and act in matured ways. After all, we all share a common destiny being in the same biosphere.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    It is not just Karunanidi. Other Tamil Nadu politicians are equally bad.

    e.g. Jayalalitha w*, MGR, etc.

    ALL Tamil Nadu politicians except for a very few are simply dirt.

    SL and TN does NOT share the same destiny! Absolutely not. Their aspirations differ totally. SL tries to erase Tamil national sentiments using various means whereas Tamil Nadu tries to sharpen them.

    There is no “political settlement” of Tamils. Tamils MUST learn to live within the SL model and not the Indian model. SL model is not to have India like ethnic enclaves. Unless Tamils are capable of living in the SL model, they are better off going to TN.

    SL political settlement must be based on MIXING ethnic groups.

    It is completely different to India.

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