Dambulla Protests and Insult to Buddhism
Posted on April 30th, 2012


All Sri Lanka patriots should ponder over aftermaths of  the Dambulla Mosque incident.

First of all it is worthy of mentioning that there was a rumor spreading in foreign lands that a mosque has been demolished or burnt down by a mob attack lead by Buddhist priests. Such rumors have surely been purposefully alighted by anti- Sinhala-Buddhist enemies within and the evil west. No such incident took place.

Watching the incident one can clearly see the agitated crowd marching  towards a poorly constructed shed used as a mosque by Dambulla Muslim community.  Intention appeared to be causing damage to the controversial shed constructed illegally(as alleged)  in the sacred area of Rangiri Dambulla and to show off the mighty people’s power.  Peoples power movement  and protest method of removing regimes was a new method introduced by the west to get rid of long standing single party governments and dictatorships ( as they call it).  It is the reaction to such protest by armed forces that will normally fuel the process further  to continue and grow. However, police forces acted extremely well to contain the anger of people and the heated arguments followed.

What was interesting was the dialogue took place between a female Muslim resident and the yellow robed person acting as the Chief Monk. The lady spoke with respect to the person in robes and said that the mosque was there for a long time. While the reason given by the lady would not validate the legality of the presence of the mosque in the sacred area of cultural heritage, the reply of the robed person was harsh, arrogant and is an insult to Buddhism. This is where the systematic demolition process of Buddhist culture is clearly evident as taking place.

This yellow robed person is not a “Buddhist Monk”. The proof of this statement is given in  Kakachupama Sutta. Here,  the  Buddha has described his followers as follows.

Monk should be trained this way. In any event, you should train yourselves:

“¢ ‘Our minds will be unaffected and we will say no evil words.

“¢ We will remain sympathetic to that person’s welfare, with a mind of good will, and with no inner hate. We will keep pervading him with an awareness imbued with good will and, beginning with him, we will keep pervading the all-encompassing world with an awareness imbued with good will equal to the great earth — abundant, expansive, immeasurable, free from hostility, free from ill will.’ That’s how you should train yourselves.

As an example The Buddha goes on , ” If a Bandit were to carve your limb savagely with a saw?

Monks, even if bandits were to carve you up savagely, limb by limb, with a two-handled

saw, he among you who let his heart get angered even at that would not be doing my bidding. Even then you should train yourself.

After the incident government has indicated the intention to relocate the praying shed to a location outside the Dambulla sacred area. Neither demolition nor burning down took place and the Government acted in a commendable way with the help of police forces and officials.

Leaving aside the incident, disgusting behaviour of persons wearing robes of traditional Shagha and calling themselves as “Sangha” should be condemned by all Buddhist. If the person is really the Chief Monk of Dambulla, he should be removed immediately, even before the demolition of the shed used as the mosque. That will be a great benefit to Buddhism.

Results of this act by yellow robed bandits is a complete insult to Buddhism and what would probably happen is that the  Muslim residents  will get a properly constructed beautiful mosque somewhere else instead of the shed and this incident would likely to add fuel to  diminution process of  real Buddhism in Sri Lanka, unless these yellow robed persons are not allowed to lead the general public in a disgraceful manner.

Meanwhile Islamic  extremism will be spread gradually, unless proper legal methods of containing  aggressive  movements determined to  demolish Sinhala-Buddhist culture in Sri Lanka are established.

62 Responses to “Dambulla Protests and Insult to Buddhism”

  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    For 2600 years Buddhism co-existed with other religion because of it’s main theme “Avihimsa” non-violence. The thought of harmlessness is one of the three constituents of right thought. i.e the 2nd of the eightfold path. That is the very reason why we allowed Kovils of many Hindu gods to be located within the Buddhist temples. In the modern world I don’t see any problem even if a Muslim mosque is allowed within the boundaries of a Buddhist temple as long as they don’t carry out any activities such as animal sacrifices contrary to Buddhist philosophy . Personally I have had very bad experience with the Dambulla Temple recently. Dambulla temple and similarly, many other major Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka are now operating like tourist attraction centers charging Rs 1200 to Rs1500 per head as entrance fee for every one visiting these temples. Now they have extended these charges to expat families also. I don’t mind donating money to the temple, but if they demand money, will no pay a single penny. As from time of Buddha we never had a tradition of offering Buddhist philosophy for monitory gains. So these temples are now running like money spinning tourist shops and GOSL is directly responsible for this sorry state of affair. It is now time for them to stop this.

  2. Vijendra Says:

    Anuradhini, thank you very much for this information, which is very educative to a lot of Buddhists who make a big” ha-ho” in this forum. Buddhist priests are not just lay people like you and me who might go more than the 5 precepts, perhaps to observe the “ata sil” or even “dasa sil”, but these priests are supposed to be observing “kotiyak sanwara seelaya”!

    The behaviour of this man, dressed in the yellow robe, does not qualify him as a Buddhist priest, and it is a shame to have this type of idiotic people in yellow robes disgracing the very teachings of the Lord Buddha. In true spirit of Buddhism, he should apologize publicly. If not, Buddhists have to wake up and get rid of rogue elements like this from the “saasana”.

    Also, if I may, I would like to state that the beaviour of just one or more rogue elements with no brains is a disgrace all right, they can not disgrace Buddhism. Buddhism is firmly founded on the four noble truths and the eight fold path which these rogues are flouting left, right and the centre. On the other hand, they certainly disgrace the ” bikku-hood” by their rash and irrational behaviour. Quite apart from the law of the land, hopefully the chief priests in Malwatta and Asgiriya will take deciplinary action on them.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Muslim barbaric mobs took the law into their hands in Puttlam over a mythical “grease devil” and killed a Sinhala policeman.

    Now Buddhist mobs took the law into their hands in Dambulla over a mosques and destroyed it.

    Same thing except the fisrt incident is MORE barbaric than the second incident.

  4. jayt Says:

    how ever, foreigners’ intention is to create enemies against Sinhalese locally and internationally which is a success. And Sinhalese were acting dumb or Sinhalese directly had link to these foreign operators.

    This is not the question of what happen in Muslim countries, but Sinhalese getting caught in foreigners tricks and creating another mess and help foreigners dream come true

  5. love_lanka Says:

    Muslims are the NEW threat to Lanka after the defeat of Tamil LTTE.

    Muslims are now trying to take over mother Lanka by :

    1) Claiming a separate South Eastern Provincial Council to Muslims alone
    2) With their high birth rate and increasing population
    3) Taking over Singhala businesses and becoming a business power
    4) Inciting Arab countries to intervene into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs

    By this rate we Singhalese will be 3rd class citizens in our own country!

    Who will come to our rescue, except Mahinda!

  6. jayt Says:

    Dear lovelanka,

    Be realistic, Sinhalese never existed as “we” Sinhalese go by “I”. Therefore, Sinhalese never had interest making Sinhalese powerful business force and become powerful nation. Sinhalese are individuals except for small number who no match for Christianity or Islam. both religion have strong foundation base on business which is right. Why Sinhalese do not know this? Look at
    Chinese, Tamil, Indian, Arab and general Muslim not only in the west but wherever in the world do business and Success in all field including immigration. Business is the history of the world and that’s how many races and religion stayed powerful.

    Many immigrants in the west fight to get their race immigrant status into west but I never found one Single Sinhalese beside myself to advocate to bring or increase Sinhalese population in the west or in the world .
    What Sinhalese thought to go after politician and make rallies 24hour per day and live on hand outs. When Sinhalese are individual, nothing grow, that’s the facts. And then Sinhalese lose everything.
    Do not blame nobody.
    Now, look at Sinhalese who came to West. They had all opportunities to become millionaires and control the whole world. And nobody in the west were holding them.

    First, Sinhalese have to clean up all evil Sinhalese have. True facts: Sinhalese are brought up to be negative thinking race and jealousy is part of it. Jealousy played big role Sinhalese criminal politics.
    Every election, properties of innocent Sinhalese burned and destroyed with help of politician and police because that poor family exercised their right to vote independently and peacefully of their choice.

  7. Dham Says:

    Buddhism cannot survive without proper monks. Monks need not behave like Buddha, but they should be gentle in nature, firm in action and even in expressing the right thing. Don’t know whether you saw it in Youtube but I must say that, as a Sinhala Buddhist I felt vey embarrased the way this robed man braked at the woman. There was another darker monk giving a speech like a thug. At the end of the speech they even did a “pin anumodana” with the Gatha,
    “Abhivaadana Seelissa, ….”. I suspect this whole incident is a plot of the enemy. This priest can be part of it.

  8. geoff Says:


    What you say about Sinhalese are actualy true for Muslims.

    The problem with the Sinhalese is they are too good for others.
    That is the problem.

    Hope you have heard the popular song, “me Sinhala apage ratai – apa ipadena marena ratai- apa hada pana gahena ratai – mulu lowa me ratata yatai”

    (This is our Sinhala nation. This is the nation where the Sinhala rightfully live and die. This is the nation that beats our hearts. The whole world is below us.)

    And stop pretending to be a Sinhalese. You sound Islamic.

    If you think you people can successfully do business in Americas, Europe, Australia, Africa and even in your home middle east, think again.

    Pakistan was the most prosperous country in south Asia. What happened? Afghanistan? What happened? Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Iran? What business. In future you will only have funeral business of you.

    Wait and see. Saudi Arabia is next. And that will bring down your entire religion. Don’t think others (especially Christians and Jews) tolerate your rubbish like Sinhala modayas did so far.

  9. geoff Says:

    Well said love_lanka. You truely love Lanka.

  10. jayt Says:


    you have some misunderstanding or Many Sinhalese do not criticism and if Sinhalese have recognized their weaknesses, Sinhalese won’t be in this situation. Sinhalese have to learn to condemn anyone when it is wrong. Jews and Western Christian fundamentalists the one who promote extreme Islam around the world against non Muslim counties and Muslims countries. Who fueled hatred between Hindus and Muslim in India. Study the 9\11 Study Bosnia Hasgoverna.
    Study Sudan. Study East Tumor. Study who were behind Ban Moon. Who study who is behind so called LTTTE lobby, study who is behind American and European politician. study who were behind Toronto Temple attack. Study who were behind Norwegian embassy attack.

    I hope Jews do full stop of their global operation against Sinhalese. Jews do have evil problem they got from Europe. And they should keep them in their native land in Europe. It is true and everybody knows that Jews brought full destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan. Also, Jews known among Western section as people who can be given contract to kill million of women and children. Everybody knows latest killing of Afghanistan children not work of an American
    soldier but work of American Jews.
    You said Jews going to bring destruction to Saudi Arabia. It is not only that just that. Jews going bring destruction to China and that’s where the end of Jews in US and Europe begin.
    Both Christian fundamentalists and Jews believe they belong to God and they will never get

    caught.They believed that for thousand of years in Europe and practiced various conspiracies against European public throughout the history and that’s how Hitler was produced. For example, if Jews were normal people like everybody else, they never can spies on others and set up two sides against one another.
    If you look Jews history, you see Jews have been expelled from many countries. The reason why? Le’s look at who were behind last three month incidents in Sri lanka. and related to Sri lanka. Who passed the Resolution against Sri lanka.

    Jews are the sole creator of rip between Pres Rajapakse and Gerneral Fonsaka

  11. jayt Says:

    Western operators like to create new war. from Tamil war, they bought India and make India their obedient servant. Now, They reached some Buddhists set them against Muslims. The next step is to hold the monks as hostage and lay war crime charges against Sinhalese when Sinhalese refuse to give what they ask for.

  12. geoff Says:


    Stop talking Koran nonsense.

    Actually I would rather have Jews in SL than people of your ethnicity.

  13. lingamAndy Says:

    Ref:This yellow robed person is not a “Buddhist Monk”.
    Ok ,OK, My Sinhala Brothers & Sisters !
    You all accepted this Monk ( Amaththuru) is not fit for this very Honarable Services(Job) !
    Can you please strip off his cloth & send him home ??? NO !!!
    This same Buddhist Monk ( his Gran Father) started our problm 1956 ? will you agrre ? NO !

  14. boby Says:

    first of all, jews wont come to your 3rd world shit country .. and if they did , they will chase you down to hampantota and occupy rest of your country. you will be living refugee in your own land and you will be begging for help from countires including arab countries.
    koranic nonsense hey ?? funny comming from you when you have religious leaders/monks who molest little kids and act like thugs and gangsters. when your religious leaders dont know how to behave , i know its too much to expect respect and decency from you. think whatever you want bt noone knows what the hell is “sinhalese” if you get out of the 3rd world shit island called sri lanka

  15. jayt Says:


    now i understand your ethnicity. you are one of those many pretended Sinhalese on websites. your name is not a Sinhalese name. today, if there were many Sinhalese like me in the west, western
    politician already in trial. can you do that? so why not come forward?
    who owned the western news papers? who promote that dabulla indecent in the west. this not set up?. who went to sri lanka pretending friend to sri lanka and and in the meantime, who are advisers to Indian govt. it is Jews. who set Norway against sl? it is jews. who set tamil against sl? it is jews.
    jews are million time extremists than section of Muslim. and their hand sustained with blood of many people around the world.
    jews were behind all bombing india and all indian knows about it.

  16. radha Says:

    Like in every other major religious establishments of the world, in Buddhist establishment too, there is a recognized role for belligerent and aggressive monks. Without such monks in any religious establishment, none of the faiths would get defended. It is a fact of life that they fear enemies who would overrun the establishments and the people who would wish to practice the core teachings and their way of life. It is a universal phenomenon and we should better get used to it.
    Given that state of nature, there is no need to throw back Buddhist core teachings as weapons in order to denigrate Buddhist monks as a whole, just because the actions of the defenders against the political objectives of other groups that the critics support; they also have one core teaching and an entirely conflicting way of behaving by respective political monks.
    If you cannot understand what I say, just ask yourselves the question why you use all sorts of vices and tricks to protect your allegedly pure hearts against the tricks and threats from your neighbors, family members or even your own bad thoughts. Are you less religious for protecting your own patch and survival?

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Dambulla incident, like many other recent incidents, is to cause DISTRACTION from the main issues/problems in Sri Lanka.
    Why choose Dambulla, an important Buddhist temple area for mosque building ? Why at this particular time ? Apart from Distraction, SLMC wants bargaining power points with GoSL !

  18. geoff Says:


    No one else hates Jews so much like you Islamic racists do.

    Now I have proven you are an Islamic fundamentalist. Islamic fundamentalists days are numbered as you can see from around the world.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mosques & Temples are now getting caught up in politics. These are just Games to destabilise Lanka. Not good for ALL in Sri Lanka. Best let the matter die down.

    Lanka should have a moratorium on all shrine building at least for another 10 yrs. Do we not have enough temples, kovils, churches, mosques ? All the religions of the world are represented in Lanka, and yet so much strife. Why is that ? All are human beings and all live and die according the the Laws of Nature. No exceptions here. So why quarrel ?

  20. Marco Says:

    This blatant incitement to violence by those who should be promoting compassion, tolerance and detachment from material things is beyond belief. If a buddhist priest could publicly expose himself in front of a religious building (or sacred buddhist land) threaten a young woman (who had done nothing to offend him) in foul language saying he will not only smash her kovil but her home as well, and then get away with it without any condemnation from the President, the Mayanayakas, the main stream media or the law, then this is not a civilised country leave alone a Buddhist country any more.

    Against religious extremism in Sri Lanka:
    My name is Marco Chandra Page.
    Actions were NOT IN MY NAME!!


  21. AnuD Says:

    I can see Christians, Tamils and Muslims gang up against Buddhists.

  22. AnuD Says:

    People should know the history of Islam and Christinity in harming other religions and their aggression towards other religions. Muslims and Christians hurting other religions are very common all over world today.

    Yet, one Buddhist monk behaved out of the routine behaviour, now even the Buddhists gang up against and do not talk what others are doing for centuries and even at present all over the world.

    Just think, Muslims know very well that they in a scared area to Buddhists. Yet they try to justify it. In Sri Lanka they have rioted. Understand how they have carried out when they were the majority.

  23. AnuD Says:

    Marco looks like a vulture which lives on dead carcasses.

  24. lingamAndy Says:

    know the history of Islam and Christinity in harming other religions -Agrred!

    ok, not for offensive but to know your oppion only related to other Tamil woman incitent – what is your comments please ?
    (a young woman (who had done nothing to offend him) in foul language saying he will not only smash her kovil but her home as well,)

    also this is not one Buddhist monk behaved out of the routine behaviour ( oganised group in day light with higher police officers in present ) !

  25. jayt Says:

    I have told the facts about the Jews. Hitler was normal ordinary man. Hitler nor german public never hate Jews. Jews made them hate Jews. Goeff. You siting near a computer and writing some comment. I have been working for Sinhalese and their rights. I can investigate you. We gave many chances for Jew. Jews Abused Sinhalese innocent. I have telling the facts.

    If you are so brave come forward accept my Challenge. Let’s go to US or NorwY, AND FIND OUT WHO ARE BEHIND THEM. hOW ABOUT cANADA? jEWS WERE BEHIND ALL cANADIAN POLITICIAN AGAINST sRI LANKA. aCCEPT MY CHELLENG?

  26. lingamAndy Says:

    So Our Hela Nation problm created by Jews people !
    Ohhhhhhhh Mother lanka !!!!! save us !!!

  27. Fran Diaz Says:

    We think the Dambulla Buddhist temple has been selectively targetted to build a rudimentary mosque and to raise a hue & cry, so that this time around inter religious problems arise. Why choose Dambulla as the action spot, which is an important Buddhist site and appears to have a Buddhist priest who may have been noted to react ?
    Remember 1983, when Ethnic problems arose, that time over Tamil Separatism ? The modus operandi is to create a Problem, have a reaction that is Negative from the Sinhale, and cry ‘foul’ and ask for “Compensation” such as a ‘Political Solutions’ !!
    Sinhala People : see the run around leaders of the Tamil community have taken you ! Note how much you lost by letting emotions get the better of us all. Don’t let the same happen with the Muslims too. We Sinhale have learnt our Lessons well.
    We are a sadder but a wholly wiser lot. There is a movement under way to ‘divide & rule’ once again. Don’t fall for it. Lessons Learnt indeed, on what NOT to do.

    Buddhist head priests together with the Ministry for Buddhist Affairs, should take this chance to revamp the organisation side of Sasana i.e. to serve the People not only in dissemination of the Dharma, but also in practical ways such as tending the sick, and in the healing arts. No offence meant here to anyone, please ! Only want to improve matters and help.

    Keep calm, keep cool, Sinhala people. Use the Law of the land to solve all problems. If present Laws are inadequate to bring peace, make new Laws. Be fair by everyone, every true born citizen.

  28. David Appuhami Says:

    Thanks Lankaweb for providing hyperlink to the youtube report. From that report it is obvious that the mosque is located at the Dambulla town, far way from the temple and the sacred area of cultural heritage. These people in yellow robes have disgraced our religion. Government should take legal action to punish these yellow robed agitators for threatening behaviour and spreading racial hatred towards another ethnic minority.

  29. jayt Says:

    Andy, I get back to you later in the day

  30. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Watch Part 3 of the youtube report and see how a Buddhist monk raised his robe to show his genitals. And immediately the Supporting crowd blessed it with “ Sadu, Sadu, Sadu”. What a show???

  31. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Fran Diaz
    This particular monk is a well known trouble maker from the time of Premadasa. He was against the Kandalama hotel and Premadasa fixed him nicely by inviting him to Japan. (rest is history and blackmail) Since then he was a regular visitor to Kandalama hotel specially during Lunch time. Then he was against Dambulla cricket ground. As you can see in the youtube part1 most of the Muslims are GOSL supporters in Dambulla. This priest must have organised this agitation to disrupt that friendly relationship GOSL had with Muslim community there.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:

    I too viewed some the YouTube presentations on the Dambulla debacle.
    Something is very wrong at Dambulla. GoSL has to investigate. Is it that people are turning to the mosque for monetary support etc. and the temple is losing their flock ? I don’t know the facts here – but am sure something is very wrong that the Temple is feeling very insecure with the changes happening in that area. It has to do with jobs, money, support structures, etc. for the ordinary people.
    Like I said before, this is a good opportunity to revamp the Temples of Lanka, to provide practical help to their flock.

  33. Fran Diaz Says:

    P.S. : By the way, all Buddhist monks wear an under cloth from waist down, with robes on top.

  34. Lorenzo Says:

    Just like violent Muslim mobs (protesting against grease devils) were punished, these DISGUSTING Buddhist monks should be punished. Otherwise it is an insult to Buddhism.

  35. Fran Diaz Says:

    More reasons for ethnic mistrust :
    Re Conversions in Sri Lanka, here is some relevant news from Tamil Nadu. That is the reason why Tamil folk hop over to Lanka as illegal migrants to get converted. As a result, the ethnic balance gets upset and ethnic disharmony results in Lanka.


    Tamil Nadu government bans induced or forced conversions

    by N Sathiya Moorthy in Chennai (Rediff)

    The Tamil Nadu government on Saturday night promulgated an ordinance banning religious conversions by use of force.

    Governor P S Ramamohan Rao said the ordinance would be placed before the assembly, commencing on October 24.

    The ordinance, called the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Forcible Conversion of Religion Ordinance, 2002, proposes a three-year imprisonment and a fine of up to Rs 50,000 for those who ‘force’ or ‘induce’ conversions.

    The penalty will be four years and Rs 100,000 if the conversion relates to women, minors, or schedule castes and schedule tribes.

    Those presiding over such conversions could be jailed for up to a year if they fail to report such incidents to the district administration.

    Among the first to welcome the ordinance were Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati and the Bharatiya Janata Party

  36. jayt Says:

    hi Andy,
    thanks for asking me a question which is a educated and decent person do.

    Answer to your quest is Yes. i do not hate Jews but I was telling the fact.
    Jews are continually operating in sl and this Dambualla indecent, they did it. Of course, they are not alone and they are supported by West which is always it is. They were created by west is not for anybody’s good but to create anarchy and destruction of the world and seeking reason to rule the world.

    During PreZ K time, I found evidence that western Jews are supporting tigers and it was convinced to me that sri lanka war created by west and Israelis and one of their agenda was to force Sl and India to recognize Israel.
    And I did immediately sent a note sl govt to recognize it in hope of ending blood shed but later, I found it was not just a opening an embassy but to create huge blood path.
    When Israelis went there, they did directed Tigers to over run a Sri lanka military base in hope of triggering sl to invite american or Israeli military into north. WEsT and western JEws did it after well planed it out. Also, they blocked any Indian support But for some luck, SL got support from Pakistan. After this, Sl downgraded Israelis and Israels and west did this trick repeatedly until they set General Fonsaka against prez Rajapakse.

  37. May182009 Says:

    Spreading hatred by a certain group of people around the world which includes suicide bombings almost on a daily basis has done enough damage to the human race. Sri Lanka must overcome this challenge.

    Short sighted government policies led to the disuse and later dismantling of the Colombo Synagogue in early 1970s. Thankfully a new Colombo Synagogue was established in 2006 and since prospered very well. In 2009 the Sri Lankan Jewish community added a Kosher Mikva which is only Asia’s second. Torah writing also happened with the participation of a prominent Jewish-Sinhala Buddhist monk.

    A list of Kosher foods in Sri Lanka has been compiled and is in use among the small Jewish community. All Jewish celebrations are now held in Sri Lanka with the participation of multi religious clergy.

    Sri Lankans have popularised cricket in Israel. Twenty20 cricket is gaining popularity. There are Jerusalem Sri Lankans, Tel Aviv Sri Lankans, etc. and combined Sri Lankan-Jewish teams. As more and more Sri Lankans go for agricultural, defence, industrial and other jobs and apprenticeships, this relationship will further grow.

    Now the people to people bonds between Sri Lankans and Israelites are so strong there is no way petty politics can separate them. Grateful Sri Lankans never forget the contribution of STF training, Kfir jets, Dvora (2000 version now manufactured in Sri Lanka) attack boats, Uzi SMGs and Israeli UAVs (all very high quality) in bringing peace. Here’s hoping that it will grow from strength to strength that mutually benefits both countries.

  38. jayt Says:

    Of course, you have to have specially trained army intelligent to keep eye on small number of jews
    who settled in SL after the father of Sri lanka-D S Sananyake gave them refugee status. You can now what happen to Sinhalese who were sympathetic to conspiratorial foreigners and given them shelters. You can imagine that deadly 30 year war took place only with small number of Jews who
    was given shelter by SL.
    Just imagine if this number were allow to grow mean increased espionage which mean one day Sinhalese will die like flies and a barbaric race come Europe and settled by use SL sympathy will steal Sinhalese land forever.
    I am just warning to Sinhalese. study the last three months of Jewish tricks which are ranging of orchestrating killing of Sinhalese ladies in Saudi Arabia to setting up of SL soldiers against one another. and many thousand of mysterious crime like food poisoning, accidents and Sinhalese social crimes.
    All these are in Jewish blood.

  39. jayt Says:

    Jews are completely different race. Jews character connote be changed and many honest Jews recognized it and do know the next Hitler too will be produced by their race in the West in the future.

  40. Dham Says:

    “Watch Part 3 of the youtube report and see how a Buddhist monk raised his robe to show his genitals.”

    I ask you, did you see his genitals ? So don’t speculate , if you did not. It is very bad.
    This showing genital show is a wild imagination of the woman called Mareena Taha. She was imagining this and spreading rumours.
    This incident bother general muslims a bit but the muslim extremists took the advantage. LTTE supporters too took the opportunity.

    Only the Buddhist can comment on behaviour of the “men in yellow robes”. Muslims cannot comment and ask them to behave according to Buddha Dhamma, because that is not their faith. According to Buddha Dhamma Allah and mohamed all will rot in hell because of the animal killing they carry out. So, they should keep quite on this issue.

  41. lingamAndy Says:

    Thanks jayt
    Ref: they are not alone
    We All know very well We are rulled by outsiders now ( eg: India building house for us – can you belive ? but in India Woman’s are using train track as toilet ).
    is not our own maddness We let others to tell us what we should do in our own country ? can We blam for others for own mistake ?

    please tell me
    what is the big diffent in Bhuddism & Saivate( Saivam -Hindusiam) ?
    What is the big different chinhalam & Tamil ? ( eg: ana, ayana, aavanna, aayanna )

    eg: if in a family husband & wife problm need to sort out themself if others invole than that will end up in divorse !

    I do not know when will learn………………………

  42. jayt Says:


    Thank you very much for information, but if you are living in SL, you need to clear you name to SL intelligent agent by providing them your daily diary, your laptop and other personal belonging. Once, you cleared to them that you are not working for a foreign agency who are responsible for various murder and incidents. you are free too go. I believe every Sinhalese who writing for Israel need to go through this process to clear the name. This should done to protect the innocent Sinhalese who might write something like you and there have been Sinhalese who are faking as patriot under the instruction of foreign agencies.

    NOW, I would like tell the world that All Sinhalese are no dumb as some spies think
    let’s go right to the bottom of it. Topic: Fake Jewish Buddhist monk appointed by I Israelis and a western Agency into Sri lanka Buddhist temple to create turmoil to overthrow SL govt and as well as to create current Dambulla incident to undermine SL.

    After General Fonsaka set against SL, I knew Israelis and American did it because they lead the west. Immediately, aftermath of it, some Buddhist monks had guns at a temple and this monks were trying to overthrow prez Rajapakze.
    When I first heard of it, I what is and who is behind, but turn to Canadian profesor who knew how Western Jews and Israel run espionage and expand into other countries.

    Professor and I sit down in quiet college room and had about three 3-5 hours of discussion.

    Professor asked me to give him little of the picture of the question I plan to ask him.

    My quest: Rip between General and SL prez, Monks loyal to General having gun at temple.
    the major rule player: Israelis and American under leadership of US Jews.

    Professor respond: Jews got kicked out by SL and Jews switched backed and turned General against SL and how Jews reached monks and gave them guns?
    Jews reached a SL Jew who given shelter by Sinhalese and made him “a fake Buddhists monk” in order for espionage in SL buddings shelter

    Professor continues…….. I am not surprised that Jews are expanding their global espionage network into Sri lanka.
    My next question: Professor, How Jews establish link to extremist Mu lime groups in Middle east and Taliban.
    Answer: Jews had millions of experience acting as fake Imams, converting local Arabic speaking Jews and bribing and converting them to be fake Muslims and fakes Imam. So, Here we go, can’t you create Al qaeda ? Can’t you direct Taliban to kill women and children
    Can’t you direct Muslim to attack Sri lanka or Indian and sell billion of weapons?

    These professor is out-rightly true. I found evidence that Sinhalese ladies murder in Saudi Arabia carried out by a cunning and sly foreign agent who have falsely infiltrated Saudi Kingdom and live there as fake Muslim and found same agent excellently guiding Taliban against Pakistan and Afghanistan. and of course, downing of US Navy seal hell copter.

    do American know these? Yes, American know them and I do know how long FBI will be hide them to American public.
    You can imagine what will happen when these fake Jews Muslim get caught to Saudis and Taliban. It is the day of beheading and end of Jews in Israel.

    So, that’s the reason Israeli have 200 nuclear war head? How many nuclear warhead Sri lanka will need? It depend on how many fake Jewish Buddhists monks are installed in SL.

    NO! thank you sir.SL do not need fake Jewish Imam, Fake Jewish Hindu priest, fake Jewish christian priest and fake
    Jewish Buddhist monks. These fake monks should out rightly ban and ask them to go Israel and make Jews Become Buddhists over there. No! thank you again Sri lanka do not Jews Buddhist monks. Jew have Jewish country and all the jews who were given temporary shelters should go to Israel and that’s why American and British created it. Sri lanka should not allow another barbaric race to grow in SL which is the worst of all.

  43. geoff Says:

    I don’t think there is any need to change Obama. He is doing very well.

    Gadafiya was using Libyan oil money to boost Muslim population numbers. He was killed like a hyena. Now Libyan Muslims and many millions of Muslims who depended on his money are going dead. Same thing for Syria. Pakistan is a gone case anyway. Volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis will take care of Indonesia. BJP will look after Indian Muslim terrorists.

    Iran is next. Already we are changing Iranian oil dependency. I think USA and Israel will decimate Iran as Caeser said.
    After that it will be Saudi Arabia alone like a piglet. Isolated and forced to submit. Saudi Arabia is the biggest financier of Al Qaeda.

    If Americans or Jews or Palestinians or whatever are going to come to Sri Lanka to get rid of Muslim terrorists, we should not stop them. We can see from some comments how violent these Muslim terrorists in Sri Lanka are.

    Don’t worry. Everything is going to be all right. Stay clam and see what happens.

  44. Muhammad FS Says:

    In addition to Muslims all Buddhist and Tamil brothers should take a serious look at this.

    Who did this to Muslims?



    Very disturbing images.

  45. Muhammad FS Says:


  46. Muhammad FS Says:

    Who did this to Muslims?


  47. Muhammad FS Says:

    Buddhists are now doing the right thing. They do some soul searching and admit they were wrong.

    We as Muslims need to do more soul searching. Unfortunately in the Muslim community it never happens. We have only Sri Lanka to live peacefully. India is becoming unliveable to Muslims. Pakistan and now Bangladesh are suffering under enormous problems. If we don’t save Sri Lanka we will be in deep trouble.

    Lets be frank. The Beruwala mosque attack was much worse than the Dambulla attack. No one noticed it because it was just after the war. We have to correct us too.

    May Allah guide us all to the right path.

  48. Marco Says:

    This thread has transgressed out of topic into Jews vs. Muslims, religious bigotry etc.

    I have yet to see commentators condemn the “Law of the Jungle” actions by Religious dignitaries. The Govt, The Mayanayakas have yet to condemn this action: The Ven. Thero is openly protected, supported and championed by the Rajapaksa regime.
    Regrettably this incident and in particular (more importantly) the non-action by the Govt will come back to haunt MR, when many anti- Rajapakse are already licking their lips.
    A blunder countered with another blunder!

  49. Vis8 Says:

    This so-called Buddhist monk fielded his candidate for Dambulla in the elections, and that candidate lost to the now Minister of Lands and Development. This is this moron’s way of getting back at the minister: creating a land dispute and jeopardizing the friendship between Muslims and Sinhalese. Please do not add fuel to the fire that this criminal monk has ignited.

  50. David Appuhami Says:

    For Buddhists all over the world it is the case of Devadatta Reborn to insult Buddhism. We should call this yellow robed criminal DEVADATTA of modern time.

  51. Fran Diaz Says:

    Re the attack on the Beruwela mosque, I recall reading that it was a sectarian matter. Can someone tell us exactly what happened and who the criminal elements were ? It was not an inter religious matter, but some dispute within the Islamic community, wasn’t it ?

  52. Lorenzo Says:


    Yes it was.

    But compare the 2 incidents. The Beruwala Muslim-Muslim conflict was FAR WORSE than the Dambulla incident!

    If the govt punishes this DISGUSTING monk, the Dambulla incident comes to an end.

  53. Dham Says:

    If you have watched on video where one woman with a file ( official from council ) says there is no records of the so called “mosque”, it proves it an illegal structure.
    The muslim man in reply says ” Only record is found in ( some name for muslim records) their own books. What kind of answer is this ? accoring to this man, muslims can build “anything” on a land own by them. No need for approvals.

    In my view , must demolish all illegal structures, including that own by Buddhist, christians or nay one.

  54. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lankans must realise that this island home of ours is being used especially by illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu as one big
    CONVERSION CENTRE to get away from Caste/poverty issues of Tamil Nadu.

    Sri Lankans, guard your coastlines (as our ancestors did), and apply preventive care to stop internal strife related to ethnic and religious disputes especially. Use the Law to solve problems, and if the Law is inadequate, create new Laws to stop strife, and push your Lawmakers to do so. Say “NO” to mob violence, forever. Repeating the same mistake as in 1983 Riots is sheer STUPIDITY. Buddhist clergy must realise this fact first, and lead the way to peaceful resolution of problems.

  55. Marco Says:

    Unable to comment on the thread

    “Bafta TV Awards 2012 nominees: Current Affairs – which should win?Please go to this web site below and vote for Bahrain documentary to avoid the potential winning of the award for C 4 video( killing fields) documentary, as all the Tamils are promoting C4..”

    As all Tamils are promoting C4?
    Lankaweb : Think you just shot yourself in the foot!

    ps: Some Bahraini dissident group may have just copy and paste exactly your headlines

  56. Lorenzo Says:


    Stop defending these BARBARIC Buddhist monx.

    If govt is not doing anything against them, people MIGHT take the matter into their own hands. Then it will spiral out of control.

  57. Dham Says:

    No, I did not defend ! I defended the need to demolish existing illegal religous structures , all of it.

  58. Dham Says:

    Government cannot punish this monk for sure!
    Sangha Court must take action and disrobe him. After that he can migrate to Australia.

  59. Fran Diaz Says:

    Some strange things are happening in Sri Lanka. A few incidents have happened lately that are odd.

    * One was at Dambulla prior to the Mosque incident. It was that the Dambulla farmers (some ?) had to throw away their vegetable crop due to lack of transport to get them to sales areas. Who controls the transport of vegetables in the Dambulla area ? It is very easy to frustrate and anger farmers by not distributing the vegetables at the right time. The farmers are angry. They will feel angry with whom ? GoSL ?
    The next thing we get to know is that the Dambulla Mosque becomes a prominent place. Earlier this building was just a meeting place for Muslim people and suddenly it has become a Mosque able to accommodate a fair number of people. Was a Permit obtained to make the building a Mosque ? Probably not. The Mosque is attacked by a crowd led by the Buddhist priests of Dambulla. Such incidents are unheard of in Sri Lanka. Why now ? What is the reason for this sudden attack ?

    * In the Upcountry, some dairy farmers are angry that they were unable to get a good price for the cow milk they produce. Milk was thrown out by gallons by angry farmers. Obviously, the milk too was not distributed in such a way that fair prices were gained by farmers. Who is in charge of milk distribution ?

    Why this sudden spate of angry farmers ? Is this organised waste ?

    When the C.W.E. was in charge of DISTRIBUTION of farmer and other produce in Lanka, we did not have angry farmers demanding fair prices. Produce was distributed and farmers got a fair price. Ranil Wickremasinghe, when he was P.M. did away with the C.W.E. to allow private enterprise to take over distribution of produce. Who filled the void left by the C.W.E. removal ? Therein lies the answer to the puzzle of angry farmers.

    May be it is time to reinstate the C.W.E. If GoSL does so, it is for the good of the country. Sri Lanka should not be held hostage to the vagaries of the private sector re essential services, in this case FOOD.
    What we like to know is, which community has the edge on transportation of farmer produce ? Anyway, it is time to reinstate the C.W.E. as an essential service to the country.

    Please be aware, that there are many who attempt to DESTABILISE Lanka in diverse ways.

  60. Fran Diaz Says:

    Read the updated facts on the Dambulla incident at :

  61. Marco Says:

    Further information regarding the commercial interests of Ven Inamaluwe Sumangala Thero who spearheaded the deplorable attack on the Mosque.



  62. Dham Says:

    Did not see much uptates there, but Elle Gunawansa Thero’s interview is vey inspiring. I am sure he is an example of how Buddhist monks should behave. Elle Gunawamsa Thero seems to be a backbone of Sinhala-Buddhist resistance to western enemy.

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