Sequel To The recent Item- Police Brutality In Nugegoda Exposed! Time For The Government To Act! by Citizen Perera Of Nugegoda ~ 4th May 2012
Posted on May 5th, 2012

Independent Observer in agreement with Citizen Perera.

The following item has been copied with all due acknowledgements and courtesies extended as the original source from, the Daily Mirror including reader comments to invite the attention to those who contradicted the recent posting Police Brutality In Nugegoda Exposed! Time For The Government To Act! by Citizen Perera Of Nugegoda ~ 4th May 2012 and at times suggested that it was cooked up and some even hurled insults at the writer. Uncannily here is another example of Police Brutality albeit of a different situation and circumstance , nonetheless with very similar likely implications which need to be brought to the attention of these critics as well as readers in Sri Lanka and the World at large. The objective is not to finger point at the Administration but to draw attention to the urgent and immediate need to address the legitimacies of the Police officers’ actions and ask the burning question” Is there no felt need for a through investigation into certain Police actions that are not only questionable but also draconian, should there not be tighter laws governing this towards protecting the public and why are they permitted Carte Blanche as appears to be the case and the leeway to be so cruelly high handed? Is not the Administration risking its credibilities over Human Rights Issues all over again that could have dire reprisals at a time when no such risks should ever be taken?

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 Tragedy within a tragedy


May 4, 2012

A suspect who had been in remand custody for over three years in connection with the drowning of a mentally unstable youth off the Bambalapitiya beach in 2009, yesterday told court that only he had been in remand while the others including a policeman involved in the incident had been released on bail.

Revealing another aspect of the tragedy that resulted from the drowning of the mentally unstable Balawarnam Sivakumar at the Bambalapitiya beach in 2009, the only remanded suspect in the case informed Court that he was in remand for nearly three years even though he had done nothing wrong. Expressing his grievances to Colombo Fort Magistrate, Pathiranage Raja the third suspect in the case told in open Court that he had come towards the scene with the intention of rescuing the victim as he had been forced to do so by the police.

The suspect Pathirage Raja was a daily wage worker by profession and alleged that he had been named as a suspect by police without a proper reason. When the case pertaining to the matter came up before Magistrate Kanishka Wijeratne, the suspect told that the Court could scrutinise the video footage regarding the incident and take a decision on him. He maintained that he was not even appearing in the video footage. He further told Court that he did not get involved in the incident to harm the deceased.

Meanwhile, the suspect also said a sub inspector who had allegedly been involved in the incident had been reinstated in the police service after he was granted bail. Finally, he pleaded from Court that he be released on bail.

In reply, the Magistrate observed that he did not have power to enlarge him on bail and requested the suspect that a bail application be filed in the High Court. At that time the suspect told Court that he was not in a position to file a bail application and did not even have any relatives to come forward as sureties.

Having heard the grievances made by the suspect, Magistrate Kanishka Wijeratne referred the matter to the attention of the Legal Aid Commission and said it was the only thing he could do. Accordingly, the Magistrate directed the prison authorities that necessary measures be taken over the issue. It was further revealed that the Attorney General’s advice regarding the case was still pending. The suspect was further remanded till May 17.

In this case, the first suspect Dimuthu Somnas a police constable of Bambalapitiya police died at the Welikada Remand Prison Hospital on January 1, 2010 after a brief illness. The second suspect H.M. Wirendra Weerawardena was a Sub Inspector attached to the Bambalapitiya police station and he is currently out on bail.

Source: Daily Mirror – Sri Lanka



6 Responses to “Sequel To The recent Item- Police Brutality In Nugegoda Exposed! Time For The Government To Act! by Citizen Perera Of Nugegoda ~ 4th May 2012”

  1. Voice123 Says:

    Deleted by moderator -No racist and bigoted comments allowed

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Before the govt acts, Perera should act!

    He should first file a FR petition.

    We are not the judge or the jury.

    No action talk only is dangerous even dubious.

    In the other case, the police officer was arrested. He died in prison not killed by anyone. It was a heart attack.

    The important thing is to take the matter to court WITHOUT BEATING ABOUT THE BUSH.

  3. Kit Athul Says:

    Lorenzo Excellent comment. Here we have a picture. Where is the picture of CITIZEN PERERA?

  4. Kit Athul Says:

    Lorenzo, You and others are right from the start. For the full Police Report go to and read the news item submitted by Raisa Wickrematunge to “The Sunday Leader” Kohuwela Police deny assult on Alex van Culenburg aged 26. but victim claims otherwise. This is very well cooked up story to cover up Ganja dealers in that area. Citizen Perera now we know who you are, your a relative of Bunkensingham and Akman Underpala.

  5. Voice123 Says:

    There’s no point talking Lorenzo they have made up their minds to carry another unsubstantiated story promoting racism against Sri Lankans. Thats the only racism they aren’t concerned about! I doubt they have any interest in “proving” it or taking it to. court at all or whether it was the intention of the story in the first place. Reminds me of the lyrics to that baila song “Kussiamma Sarah had a fight with one Pereira”. Woops sorry, racist comment!

  6. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Yes indeed Voice 123 and it sure looks like as in the baila ~ “the home people dinno wat to doo!” coz Perera is said to have “hossata dama enna!” which is what some of you critics seem to be implying on a issue which seems to baffle your perceptions while making you sound like a bunch of anti-minority chauvinists who don’t want to accept that police brutality exists using arguments which will not hold up even in a Kangaroo Court!

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