Gotabhaya makes it clear
Posted on May 28th, 2012

L. Jayasooriya

A foreign correspondent who interviewed Gotabhaya very aggressively today on the 28th May asked him why Sinhalese are settling down in predominantly Tamil areas to which Gotabhaya reacted very appropriately and told him that any citizen can buy property and settle down anywhere in the country he wants. He then pointed out to him that many years ago there were no Tamils in the Hambantota area but now there are. So why cannot there be Sinhalese in the North to which the correspondent had no answer.

This correspondent must have been heavily paid by the LTTE to create an atmosphere of a de-facto Tamil homeland. This has been the main theme of the TNA ever since they entered parliament. They lost their myth through war and Gota will see to it that the LTTE will never raise its head ever again through strategic planning and acquiring capability in several other areas as well.

MR has said officially that the LTTE which failed to achieve its goal militarily is now trying to achieve the same goal through different means. The fact that MR has realized that is in itself an assurance to the majority Sinhalese that constitute 75% of the nation. On the question of national security and respect for sovereignty both MR and Gota have scored very heavy points. Now couple that with what MR had to say through his secretary about the part that India played in her conspiracy against Sri Lanka at a recent book launching ceremony. The result has been that we have received no more insults from India and they have stopped ordering us to take the initial step that will lead to the partitioning of the country. The government has scored heavily on these points.

On several occasions I have noticed the threatening language in which Sambandan the chief of the TNA addressed parliament. All his threatening speeches are recorded. What Gotabhaya should investigate is whether in fact Sambandan has been guilty of threatening parliament and hence the country that the parliament represents and take appropriate action. We have had enough of this for so long.

Coupled with military vigilance and the permanent stationing of troops in strategic locations the Sinhalese can now rest assured that Gotabhaya will protect the Sinhalese nation.

He should now take steps that Sambandan makes no more threats against the Sinhalese, not one more threat hereafter that will create racial hatred.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    FULLY AGREE except for this part “Coupled with military vigilance and the permanent stationing of troops in strategic locations the Sinhalese can now rest assured that Gotabhaya will protect the Sinhalese nation.”

    I won’t be so assured.

    If we add PEOPLE’S VIGILANCE to the list, then it is complete.

    We have to put pressure on govt to do so. We should NOT put up with Sambandan’s crap. We should make counter threats to Sambandan so that unless the govt steps in to contain BOTH, there will be violence. Otherwise it is all one sided.

  2. Lorenzo Says:


    “If General Fonseka mentioned something like that, that would make you guys go nuts ha ?”


    We LOVE to hear it from Gonseka but BECAUSE Gonseka is now in the TNA, he will NEVER make such statements!!

    I challenge Gonseka to make a similar statement. He CAN’T because his mouth is in TNA’s booty.

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    I’m waiting. When will SF say ANY of the following.

    1. HSZs should NOT be moved.
    2. The north should NOT be demilitarised.
    3. The north does NOT belong to Tamils only.

    Until then GR is WAY BETTER than SF.

  4. Leela Says:

    That’s what I like about Gota. I wish others in the government are as open as Gota.

    If latest statistics say, population of the north is 997,754 and only 21,860 Sinhalese and 32,659 Muslims, that’s not a good sign for a unitary Lanka. It’s almost a 100% a mono-ethnic Tamil enclave, worse than Tamil Nadu.

  5. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Do people call Kandy, Nuwaraeliya or Milagiriya Sinhala Towns?
    Why this ethnically designated towns only in the North?
    Who ‘colonized’ Wellawatte and Milagiriya?
    Given that millions of Tamils are living in the South and South is too cramped with people so we must say it is okay to allow new settlements (no matter what race are they) in the North and East.While population of the rest of the country increased rapidly, with some once small towns like Galle and Matara becoming mega cities with population bursting at the seams, the population in the North has dropped by more than half.
    Tamils know that Sinhalese are great neighbours and even better than German, French, Italian or British. Tamils are living in harmony with Sinhalese in the South. In Sri Lanka there are many LAWS in the books. Kandyan Law, Mukkuwa Law, Islamic Law, Roman-Dutch Law, Low Country Sinhala Law and Thesawalamai.
    Why we have Islamic Law but no Buddhist or Hindu Law?
    “Thesawalamai” is not practiced much in Jaffna. If that is practiced people from Pungudutivu or any low castes cannot buy lands in Jaffna!
    Now that the Tamils are relocating to Canada, UK etc etc Sinhalese should relocate to the vacant areas left by the Tamils.
    In Singapore EIP – Ethnic Integration Policy – is enforced to balance ethnic composition.
    Any Sri lankan should be able to live where ever they want, as long as the law of the country is respected and follwed.
    When racists use “Tamil Areas” it implies that there are some areas exclusive for Tamils.
    This “Tamil Exclusiveness” concept is one of the roote causes for ethnic tension in our motherland. This is likesomeone saying that “Tamils are Tamilizing Sinhala areas of Wellawatta”. Mono ethnic enclaves should not be encouraged. That’s the reason to non-tolerance of other cultures. Everyone should have a common Sri Lankan identity. Sri lanka is for every son and daughter of the soil, whether speaking in English, Tamil or Sinhala. Equality,liberty and freedom to exercise one’s religion, language and culture is all that matters.
    Time has come to stop all this nonsense of being Tamil and Sinhalese. We are all Sri Lankans and Sri Lanka belongs to all its children. Every Sri Lankan citizen has to be treated equally, should be allowed to move around freely without any restrictions and when they do so they should be encouraged to procure these assets at market prices. If the Tamils can live other parts of Sri Lanka, then why Sinhalese don’t have the same right. Please do not create mono ethnic enclaves. There are no ethnic homelands in Sri Lanka… only Sri Lankans and Sri Lanka.
    Sri Lanka is a free country; Anybody from Dondra Point should be able to live in Point Pedro and vice versa as well. Co-inhabitant is the best solution to national integrity and makes different ethnic groups to understand each other.
    Look at our history!
    King Parakrambahu’s father was a Tamil prince Manabharanan (pure Tamil name) his Grand father was a Tamil King of Pandiyan Kingdom, his mother was a Tamil blooded princess Ratnavali, his wife was a Tamil named Ulaka Maha Devi alias Leelavathi, he didn’t have a son and he adopted a Tamil named Senpaka Perumal (Sappumala Kumarya) as his Son. His Chief minister was a Tamil named Veera Alakeshwaran. He puts up a stone inscription in front of his palace in Tamil.

  6. May182009 Says:

    What should happen is state and military sponsored Sinhala and Muslim colonization of the north.

    Mere ethnic integration means nothing to Jaffna people. They have still failed to invite their 24,500 Sinhala and 75,000 Muslim neighbours.

    When DS Senanayaka did Sinhala colonization of the East, he never talked about ethnic integration. He just did it. 250,000 landless Sinhalese were given fertile land. Prisoners were released from prison if they were willing to go and settle there. He totally brushed aside ACTC threats and ridiculed them.

    We enjoy the benefits of it today. Let people ethnically integrate at their own free will and pace. The government must colonize the north with non-Tamils.

    If there are no non-Tamils living in the north how can Tamils integrate with them? Penpal integration is rubbish. We need to change the ethnic composition of the north. That is true integration.

  7. Sri Rohana Says:

    Gotahbaya has a correct vision and correct mission, therefore he managed to controlled tamil racist expansionism and tamil terrorism from LTTE terrorists and global tamil terrorist supporters. But still tamil racist and their supporter ask from Sri Lanka a “pound of flesh”. Once it was a “federal, then eelam, 13++. There is no stop on their demands and issues.
    Tamil terrorist supporters have another topic to talk of “so called Sinhala settlements”. What the hell BBC correspondent want to ask about it. If a Sinhalese cannot live in their own country who the hell can live in our country. Why not they talk of Sinhalese chased from their own country by tamil nadu migrant tamils.
    Velupillai Prabakaran’s father illegally migrated to Sri Lanka in early 1950’s from tamil nadu and his son Velupillai and other terrorists who massacred and chased Sinhalese from north and east of Sri Lanka. We don’t mind tamil nadians live in our country. But not a single Sinhalese want to live in tamil nadu. Therefore tamil nadians or their BBC puppets don’t have any right to stop Sinhalese settle where ever they want.
    Sinhalese are the guardians of Sri Lanka. They have every right to decide where ever they live or settle neither tamils nor their nagasalam BBC has a right to make any issue or any remarks on it.

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