Posted on June 14th, 2012

Embassy of Sri Lanka Washington DC Press Release

“Award brings great pride to Sri Lanka and reflects positively on the country’s Montessori Movement” “”…” Sri Lankan Ambassador to the United States

“Humbly and Selflessly, Chandra Fernando embodies the peaceful spirit of Montessori in her life “””…”Executive Director, American Montessori Society

“Montessori Teachers are probably the best exports from Sri Lanka to the US”- Chandra Fernando  

Washington DC: Mrs. Chandra Fernando, the recipient of the Living Legacy 2012 award of the American Montessori Society (AMS) says that Montessori teachers are probably the “best exports” from Sri Lanka to the United States. She further stated that Sri Lankan teachers were among the pioneers in American Montessori education who had held the torch until the US teachers were trained for this task. She made these remarks during a dinner reception on June 10, 2012 hosted by Ambassador Jaliya Wickramsuriya, Sri Lanka envoy to USA and Mexico to felicitate her achievement.

While congratulating Mrs. Fernando on this significant achievement of being the first Asian to receive this prestigious award in the US, Ambassador Wickramasuriya commented that “Not only does this award bring much honor to you, but it also brings great pride to Sri Lanka. Mrs. Fernando has proved that the Montessori teachers from Sri Lanka are very special.” he said.  

Ambassador Wickramasuriya further highlighted that receiving this prestigious award from the American Montessori Society would reflect positively on Sri Lanka and the Montessori movement in Sri Lanka as well. “On behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to you on this much deserved honor”, he added.

Executive Director of the AMS, Mr. Richard A. Ungerer who also addressed the gathering described that the Living Legacy Award is a “special tribute to an individual whose dedication and leadership has made a lasting impact on the American Montessori community.  

“Humbly and selflessly, Chandra Fernando embodies the peaceful spirit of Montessori in every aspect of her life. She is loved and deeply admired around the globe, not least by her many friends and colleagues at the American Montessori Society”, he added.

Senior Members of American Montessori Society, US Government officials, leaders of Montessori industry, members of the Sri Lankan societies were present at the occasion.

For more details about Mrs. Chandra Fernando and her achievement please follow the below link: 

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