Posted on June 28th, 2012

By Dr Tilak S. Fernando

 Joe de Livera is the CEO of a very old family owned business organisation in Pettah. He is not a qualified Homeopath, but has been involved in Homeopathy for the past 40 years, at least 20 of which were in helping people who consulted him with their ailments.  To 83 year old Joe, homeopathy has become a passion as he too was cured by a Homeopath over 45 years ago when he suffered from frequent colds which awakened in him the spark to investigate the Science behind this branch of Medicine that was discovered over 250 years ago by Dr Samuel Hahnemann.

On a daily basis he interacts with the world from his own website www.joedelivera.com on a variety of diseases. His website presents a collection of posts he had made on 4 Homeopathic Forms over a decade.  It is no wonder that many classical homeopaths have labelled his therapy as “Joepathy” as he was the first person in the whole world to discover new uses for a few standard Homeopathic remedies for various ailments which are not known or used by other homeopaths for these ailments. He treats all patients free of charge but restricts his therapy in Colombo to a few selected cases for treatment.  

One has only to do a search on Google under “Joepathy”,Joe de Livera” or “Wet Dose“ to be amazed by hundreds of thousands of hits listed under these titles.  An outstanding case is that of Robert Ray who was felled by 3 strokes in 2002 which left him a paraplegic. He appealed to Joe in 2010 for help and was cured by him in 2011 when Joe gave him back his life.  http://www.joedelivera.com/?p=388.

 Allopathic medicine throughout the past century has traditionally been prejudiced against Homeopathy since it has no clinical proof, although it works in some mysterious manner to cure many diseases, including Dengue.  The medical authorities today have frankly admitted that they do not have any drug or other therapy to prevent the numerous fatalities of dengue  that have occurred during the last 6 months of this year alone.  

 The standard treatment in hospitals for Dengue is Paracetamol to stabilize the fever and the acute head and body aches and an IV drip is used to maintain the fluid balance in the body. It is unfortunate that Paracetamol often affects the liver and there are many cases of patients who were discharged with liver damage.

On June 24,   Sirasa TV news bulletin highlighted the agony of mothers who suffer with their children in the Lady Ridgeway Hospital. It is this anguish that Joe is determined to eradicate with his homeopathic therapy using Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200C.   The success of his attempts will depend on the doctors who will have to be instructed by the government to first observe if this Homeopathic remedy does work in the manner that has been outlined and, if so, to ensure that it is used wherever possible to treat Dengue alongside the standard therapy that is used in Hospitals throughout the Island today. The ideal would be for controlled Double Blind tests to be used to verify the efficacy of the remedy which can be recorded by independent observers wherever this remedy is used.

Dengue pronounced “Dengi” is also known as “Break Bone Fever”.  A Google search will educate the reader more on this fever for which there is absolutely no drug in the entire Pharmacopeia of Drugs to cure it.  It is a matter of serious concern to the long suffering public that the local Health authorities have consistently refused to use a remedy, at least on a trial basis, which has some proven records. 

Joe states that he has used this remedy Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200C extensively to treat Dengue and his success rate of cure cannot be matched by any Allopathic drug or other Homeopathic remedy in use today. He also maintains that he did not discover this remedy as it is widely in use in India and in Pakistan against Dengue. He does claim however that it is the Wet dose method that he uses exclusively to treat his patients that makes the difference in his treatment,  aka “Joepathy” which ensures that an almost 100% rate of cure is maintained.  

It is heartening to note that his constant efforts,  over a period of the last 2 years to not accept defeat,  have finally resulted in some positive response from the Public Health Authorities,  as a conference was convened by the Mayor of Colombo .J.M. Muzzamil  on June 19 at  a prominent  business magnate’s residence  attended by  high-flying  entrepreneurs   in other sectors of Industry ,   MOH Dr.  Kariyawasam and many doctors who are all monitoring the progress of the treatment of Dengue in Sri Lankan hospitals in the hope that there will be some answer to stop this unnecessary loss of precious lives.

 Finally, the Mayor has requested that all Clinics in the City run by the Municipality should have stocks of this remedy Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200C   in medicated bottles of water to be given to patients who are affected by Dengue or any Flu of unknown origin which has infected the patient.  There is in fact another Flu that is now raging in the Island at present which closely resembles Dengue but does not have the Hemorrhagic aspects of Dengue and does not have the DNA associated with Dengue. It does however leave the patient prostate with the typical excruciating “Break Bone” aspect of Dengue fever.

This new departure is indeed a step in the right direction as the use of Homeopathic remedies, which is readily done in countries like the US and the UK and in India, has made a salient difference in the quality of health of the public in those countries.

Many other diseases can be more successfully treated by Homeopathy like Asthma, Eczema, Osteo Arthritis, and Gastric problems to name only a few, that are common in Sri Lanka. It is of interest to record that Joe even successfully treated Chikungunya which was raging in 2008, claiming lives in the same manner that Dengue is doing today in Sri Lanka.  The general public has been brought up in the tradition inherited from British times that any disease can only be treated by drugs but every drug has a price to pay by the patient.


On the efficacy of Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 in the Wet dose Joe states it has proved to cure a patient in less than six hours. What is more important is that it can help to ensure that dengue is eradicated from Sri Lanka. This can only be achieved if the Government and the Doctors permit the use of this remedy freely in hospitals.  All that is required  from the doctors is that they  cast their prejudice against Homeopathy aside and to give their patients suffering from Dengue, a teaspoonful of the remedy, which is made by medicating bottles of standard drinking water sold in supermarkets, every 2 hours as prescribed by Joe.  Joe also recommends that this same remedy be used as a Prophylactic by the other members of the family who had one who was infected by the Dengue Virus. The dosage is taken once weekly.


A final plea is addressed to President Rajapaksa direct from Joe De Livera,   who has successfully cured many dengue patients so far with this amazing remedy. He is confident that if a Presidential directive is issued to the Sri Lanka Medical Council to authorise the use of Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200C in the wet dose on a test basis in the Hospitals, it is going to open up flood gates to break the present imbroglio, as doctors are forbidden to use a homeopathic remedy in hospitals under the Government’s present Health Decrees. After all,   the patient will only be sipping a teaspoonful every two hours from the medicated bottle of this Homeopathic Remedy, while they continue with the standard treatment afforded to them in the hospital.

He points out that it is not a matter of either proving or disproving whether Homeopathy or Allopathy can CURE Dengue, but it is more a matter of life and death as proved by statistics today;  it is the duty of everyone concerned to do whatever is possible to arrest the continued infection by the Dengue Virus which so far has gone unchecked, resulting in the loss of precious lives.

Further information on “Treatment of Dengue” can be accessed on Joe’s website   ww.joedelivera.com which he has established to enable the public to share in his discoveries in the use of standard Homeopathic remedies to cure disease in a manner that is not recorded in the current Homeopathic text books. 



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    It was a shame that the Daily News found it unfit for reasons unknown to give publicity to such an important news item in a regular weekly column where the sole aim was to save life from the killer disease dengue fever. It is a free service with no advertising constituent attached at all ! So it’s a mystery how a decision was made to abandon such an important article at a time when the whole nation is desperately looking out for a cure !
    Good news is that all the Colombo Municipality clinics that come under the purview and instructions of The Mayor of Colombo will start stocking this homeopathic preparation to be given to all dengue patients FREE OF CHARGE commencing from 1 of July 2012.

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