The Z score
Posted on July 14th, 2012

Dr. Mrs. Mareena Thaha Reffai Dehiwela.

It is amazing how unconcerned the authorities seem to be regarding the A/L results and the Z score and the battle seems to be going on and on forever. Do they realize how demoralizing this is for the youngsters who are looking forward to continue their studies? Are we so incapable of settling such a simple matter that affects so many thousands of our youth?

Cannot the authority come to a settlement to find a solution for the problem? Do they realize that we are robbing months or even years of our youth by this stupid mistake of our so called authorities? If the children know whether they are entering the university or not they can either go for a second shy or go for another career. It is very unfair to keep them hanging like this just for the mistake of our authorities.

On a retrospective note, where is our education system heading? The exam papers are wrong, the results are wrong, the z score calculations are wrongƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”š‚¦is there anything they can do properly at all? Has anyone being penalized for all these mistakes? No, rather the students who did not do anything wrong are the ones who are being penalized. Is it fair? Is there any wonder there seems to be unrest brewing among the youth?

It is time someone somewhere took the reins in their hands and guided the education system properly. If not we are going to face disastrous consequences in time to come.


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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    When did these extremists and fundamentalists start going to SL universities?

    No wonder they are in trouble!

  2. mjaya Says:

    I think you should implement the Z score to recruit kids to Saudi funded terror Madrassas. That will do the world a huge good by sending people who can think for themselves instead of the idiots brainwashed by them.

  3. Dham Says:

    Our educatuon system is going down. We must teach sharia law and set up islamic schools to teach how to discriminate women and how to caary our jihad !

    Go back to Saudi Arabia where your great grandfather came from , rather than continuousl complaining. You can enjoy wearing black gonibilla dress forever !

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    “you should implement the Z score to recruit kids to Saudi funded terror Madrassas.”

    Then no recruits! Only the dumbest are taken in to them.

    Do you think a person with 0.00000001% intelligence will pilot a plane into a building!! And another idiot to follow that!!

    Exceptional dumbness.

  5. Dham Says:

    One point. There was no pilot in those planes hit buildings. They were remote controlled by Mass murderers of USA with the approval from Saudi.

  6. callistus Says:

    It is grossly unfair for some of the commenters to drag Saudi arabia and Islam into this just because Mareena is a Muslim. You must treat her nicely and enjoy her writing which she does in her spare time. Mareena, have you sorted out your previous problems with traffic police and supermarket door attendants.

  7. S Perera Says:

    Basic problem was that calculations were wrong. Pointless blaming media, ladies and various other ethnic groups, people who changed the long existed and customary scheme of calculating results without checking need to be held accountable. Negligence of this nature should not happen again.

    General public is grateful for the New Committee now appointed by the President they have recommended corrections. Presidential committee has recognized and reaffirmed that there is only one way of calculating results.

    Last year committee made up of Kalaniya University lecturer Sarath Kulathunga and few others got it wrong. The head or the chairperson appointed them is answerable. They should increase the uptake to accommodate more students.

    Suffering of hundreds of thousands of students needs to be alleviated. Mistakes could happen , now it is time to see how to help all those affected by way of accommodating more students.

  8. AnuD Says:

    Dr Mareena talks about our education system.

    The Islamic world does not produce innovative research articles in order to uplift Science and produced less than 1%, for the last decade or so. The reason is they can not produce such research papers as it will go against the creation by the god.

  9. Krishan Says:

    That is true. Do they realize how demoralizing this is for the youngsters who are looking forward to continue their studies? Chairman of the University Grant Commission would have to look into the problems of all students. Next year Examination stats in two weeks time, still there are no final results.
    Blunders and inefficiency goes on for years. Many of us could suffer after correction by the latest presidential committee, why did they give us false hopes, all students need to be compensated. It is an agonizing experience for most of the students why are they so careless and irresponsible? UGC consist of educated people.

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