LTTE Global Operations and Creepy Motives of Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu
Posted on July 26th, 2012

John MacKinnon

There are folks who love their country and are willing to die for it. Then there are folks who get everything from a developing nation and attack the same nation to make a living. Some time back, Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu came on the radar with his pro-LTTE anti-Sri Lankan and most obviously anti-Sinhalese agenda. Saravanamuttu happens to be just another operative in a vast global network that has creepy motives. The following is our response to a professional journalist who was kind enough to have a civil conversation about the issues. We invite you all to add your comments. The real names of the journalists were removed. Let’s rock!

Dear Mr. A,

Thanks for the offer. However, we don’t associate with or even bother to provide details of our reports to known LTTE agents such as Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, just like we do with al Qaeda. Looking at the pro-LTTE agenda pursued by Saravanamuttu and Center for Policy Alternatives, we see a v. common operation: that’s an NGO, funded by our great western nations (and maybe even the international LTTE) to divide and conquer. If you are not familiar with this m.o., I suggest reading what late Dr. Michael Radu, the Co-Chair of FPRI’s Center on Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, and Homeland Security had to say (link below) and Open Discussion With Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu at

ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”š‚¦ where Paikiasothy states in just one paragraph:

1. ‘Sri Lankan government is dismantling any hope for multi-ethnic, multi-religious Sri Lanka, and embarking on majoritarian imposition’ – really? Where is the evidence when the elected Sri Lankan government initiated the LLRC and doing its best to address the issues? Paikiasothy forgot that in a democracy the majority does have a voice, just like we have here in America and all over the world. These democratic processes (elections) were never held in LTTE ruled areas. Finally, on that island, all citizens are not held hostage (or murdered) by the minority. So we understand his fury.

2. ‘People are labeled as with us or against us, and this leaves no room for discussion or debate’ – if so how is he saying whatever he wants? How come the TNA can openly support suicide terrorists in SL when there is no room for discussion? But wait! We Americans and our British relatives use the “with us or against us” approach all the time. No Tamil has ever, we repeat ever, protested that! Why is that?

3. ‘The Sri Lankan government policies privilege the Sinhalese community over minorities’ – this is an out-right lie given the massive amount of progress made in LTTE ruled areas after the war which is obvious when we visit all parts of that island. All Sri Lankans, after the elimination of the Tamil Tiger terrorists are happy and are looking for a better and ever prosperous future. The Tamils are doing well too. Except the Tamil militants who are trying to gain by driving a wedge between the communities.

4. ‘This is especially evident in the “land grab” of the North’ – really? Even after it’s the Tamil terrorists who systematically murdered innocent Sinhalese and Muslims in the North and the East to create their racist Tamil-only state? Ever heard of the ethnic cleansing by the Tamil Tiger terrorists in the North and the East? Where was Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu during those times?

5. He also says: ‘The current events do not contribute to peace, reconciliation or unity. This will sustain and reproduce causes for conflict’ – this is like the criminal accusing the judge and jury of the crime. In fact it’s what the militant Tamils are doing in SL and here in the west that’s harming peace, reconciliation and unity – trying to gain by driving a wedge between the communities.

A simple observation: if the Tamil minority, who’s majority live among the Sinhalese people, are mistreated & persecuted in SL, then how come they own almost over 50% of the economy there, occupy tons of top positions, run v. successful businesses, newspapers, openly support terror, commit treason against SL, live well there; how come they get a free/subsidized education all the way up to graduate school from the Sri Lankan govt., etc, etc … look what a great life they have here in the west with education they received from that poor nation?

Example: Did you know that Lancaster, California is synonymous with the LTTE – where Tamil docs with medical degrees from Sri Lanka are making tons of money and funnelling them to LTTE causes? Have you heard about the IMHO and its connections to LTTE? How come the simple facts on the ground contradict everything the Tamils have spread in the west?

Note the agenda of Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu and his Center for Policy Alternatives: almost exactly what the LTTE agents and their paid supporters in western govts., media and academic institutions have been regurgitating for the past 30 years. From what we know, Saravanamuttu is a liar and a terrorist. Hope its ok with you if we judge the person by his actions/words? As they say here in America: “don’t need no rocket scientist to figure it out”.

It doesn’t matter if Mr. Gotabhaya is angry with Saravanamuttu. Mr. Gotabhaya, as brilliant as he is, has better things to do. In the meantime, Saravanamuttu will do fine as long as the LTTE associated international community backs Saravanamuttu and his attacks on SL. That’s the glory of attacking a poor and less powerful nation like yours. We have no intentions of having any discussions with persons who are brain-washed by the LTTE and have no conscience. As you know Mr. A, we Americans do not negotiate with terrorists.

Consider reading these:

From our Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia:
‘How to Kill Civilians in the Name of “Human Rights”: Lessons from Sri Lanka’

Google ‘Lara Stemple regurgitates Tamil Terror Propaganda’

What Next for the Tamil Tigers?


The journalist said:

Thank you for shareing your thoughts with me. I know both Saravanamuttu and Mr. X well. but your accusation against Saravanamuttu is unacceptebale. What are the intelligence reports you are reffering to?ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  Can you prove your calim? If you have any credible evidence re Saravanamuttu send them to Gotabhaya. Since he angry with Saravanamuttu, I’m sure he will take an action . I’m copying this to Dr. Saravanamuttu, so you can have your further discution with him, if he wish.

The above was written in response to this email by us:

Dear Mr. A,

Interesting mission statemnt. Then we read today about Gota, Federica and Sara: A comedy of rants

Many years ago, intelligence reports on global LTTE operations identified Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu as a key advocate for the Tamil terrorists, among many others. But you don’t see Saravanamuttu going to jail for it – just like many others who work on behalf of the LTTE. Note that almost all news media have v. carefully left out the massive and obvious global LTTE operations that still thrive today – that are responsible for committing tons of war crimes in SL. If you advocate for al Qaeda and Taliban here in the US, you will be burned at the cross. Outside of the US, we Americans will just ‘whack’ you (hint terminate), and won’t even bother to ask questions later. But then when you think about it:

1. It is always easier to mass murder people in poor countries with impunity.

2. So easy to get the brown-skinned man from a developing nation cut the throat of his fellow citizen so their adversaries can gain from the bloodshed. Example: long history of divide-and-conquer approach by the US and its western allies in situations such as: Portuguese-Dutch-English in SL, SL-LTTE, China-Taiwan, Russia-Georgia, Sudan-South Sudan, etc, etc.

3. It’s much easier to accuse a brown-skinned man of war crimes – just ask AI, HRW, ICG, US Congressmen Jim McGovern, Brad Sherman, etc, etc.

Hence we are quite amused and ask these questions:
Who should be accountable to whom?
Are some people more equal than others?
Are some terrorists nicer than others?

Hope you’ll use your journalistic skills to highlight these disparities.

4 Responses to “LTTE Global Operations and Creepy Motives of Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu”

  1. AnuD Says:


    As I understand, Saravana muththu should be from the Vellala (Tobacco Farmer) caste, Their task was to exploit other low caste Tamils to fight for a separate country and eventually, these high caste people would take over the governing of tamils. These Vellala caste people despised Sinhala people in front of Tamils but they partied with Sinhala – elite when they were in Colombo.

  2. Sirih Says:

    Paki is well known for his double dealing and we also know where his funding come from.. He is a ltte agent+. Meaning he also got foreign masters and Thats why we call him “Centre for PAID Alternative”

    Will get him one day and it will be out side SL.

  3. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    This is Pakiasothy’s bread and butter. Its all economics, just like the Tamil boat people flooding rich nations. Journalistic ethics, empathy for the true victims and truth have no place in Pakiasothy’s dark mission. He is a loyal employee.

  4. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    Ranil and his gangs too get the same fundung from whites. Bettwe investigate abd bark!

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