We Remember Black July 1983
Posted on July 26th, 2012

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario .Canada

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ 26 July 2012

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Sri Lankans Without Borders

1200 Bay Street, Suite 202

Toronto, Ontario.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ For the attentionƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ of all the Sinhalese Members of the SLWB

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ In your Mission Statement you say – “ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Sri Lankans Without Boarders (SLWB) is a growing non-for-profit network based in Toronto, Canada that provides you Canadians of Sri Lankan origin with opportunities to connect, build and lead initiatives that promote dialogue, reconciliation and peace in the diaspora community….”

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ All that sounds good, extremely good and I am a Buddhist-Sinhalese, and ready to have a dialogue with you lot.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ I just read your announcement of – WE REMEMBER BLACK JULY 1983.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  And unfortunately there ended your good intentions, which I have now pasted across your Mission Statement – THESE ARE A BUNCH OF NO GOOD SICK HUMBUGS.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  Here’s my problem.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  With your “Remembering this event” and not others eventsƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ of the Tamil separatist war, which I will come to you later, is not an initiative for “reconciliation” but wanting to keep the pot boiling of the ethnic divide.”Being a Sinhalese-Buddhist, I willƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ peel off that note pasted acrossƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  your Mission Statement when you bunch likewise remember the following days in a big way and be honest with yourselves with your intentions.




ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Now that you all have recognized Black July 1983, the day in Sri Lanka’sƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  history of the ethnic divide, I want you all to recognize the days in Buddhist history of this sick, ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ nastyƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Tamil Tiger WarƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ of my Motherland equally.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Failing I would say that youƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  mainly Sinhalese members ofƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  SLWB have been dupedƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ to make the honest effort of ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ “reconciliation”ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  by the Sri Lankan Goevrnmme look a cronic farce.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  You all recognizingƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ “We Remember Black July 1983“ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ which has an undertone ofƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  “the poor Tamils who got the brunt of the July 1983 riots”, paint you all as a bunch of humbugs wanting to keep the Canadian flood gates open for the Tamils to come in rusty boatsƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  to Canada as refugees.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  I implore you not to be shy of ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ wanting toƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ disassociateƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  yourselves with this “humbug organization”.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  Just get out.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Let’s have a dialogue.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Sincerely,

Asoka Weerasinghe

27 Responses to “We Remember Black July 1983”

  1. Marco Says:

    Asoka as usual writes most entertaining letters. Well Done!…sigh
    Tamil Diaspora will explore all avenues to discredit the MR regime or for that matter any SL Govt to get their message across.
    July 1983 was one perhaps but its getting rather stale and we heard it all before.
    Here’s one that the current Govt should take notice very soon.
    May 2009 will not be known for getting rid of the most ruthless terrorist organisation but for war crimes and human rights abuses that have been internationalised and keep coming up time and time again.
    Tamil Diaspora will replace the July 1983 with May 2009 war crimes/ human rights issues that were widely covered internationally.

  2. lingamAndy Says:

    Asoka Weerasinghe
    Ref:I am a Buddhist-Sinhalese
    1956 to 1983 than 1983 to 2009 than 2009 to another 33 years …… life circle … as said in our Bhuddisum/Saivate!!!
    Shanthy !!! Om Shanthy !!!

    with love
    1983 refugee (Thanks to Hon JRJ)

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Both July 1983 and May 2009 are SELF INFLICTED TRAGEDIES BY TAMILS.


    Micro brain cannot understand this simple truth.

    There is no need to waste time on the Tamil Dias-Pariah. They will be forced to marry others like them including Iraqi refugees, Afgha refugees, Syrian refugees, Mexican refugees, Palestine refugees and will become part of them. Already these Arabs OUTNUMBER Tamils in Canada, etc. Soon the Tamil Dias-Pariah will become Tamil Arabic Diaspora.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    So Tamils in SL suffer from “GREAT TRAGEDIES” once every so many years, don’t they? 1948, 1956, 1972, 1977, 1981 (Jaffna library), 1983, 2009, 2013 (when the genocidal LLRC will be implemented), etc., etc.. SL is very unfortunate to Tamils! :(( (cough!)

    So why live in SL? LEAVE SL.

    In Canada no tragedies so far! So go to Canada. We can all live in peace that way. You live in Toronto in peace. We live in Jaffna in peace.


  5. lingamAndy Says:

    Lorenzo ,
    my chinhala sakotharam from 2.6m Tamil now 1.6m left over ……….(0.8m left +.02m killed) !!!
    Soon from the southernmost Dondra Head to the northernmost Point Pedro in the Jaffna peninsula all yours !!!

    Happy mate !!!!

  6. Ratanapala Says:

    If you want something more to remember also say: WE REMEMBER 19 MAY 09 AND NANTHIKADAL! . This is what racist Tamils whether in Sri Lanka or in the shit pond Tamil Nadu or in the diaspora will continue to get if they come to divide Sri Lanka again! It is better you leave Sri Lanka for good – the ungrateful lot!. You got free food, free education, free health care and all you know is what every South Indian knows best – to crap anywhere and everywhere. As for those Tamils who wants to live in peace with other Sri Lankans as Sri Lankans – you are most welcome to be our brothers and sisters!

  7. lingamAndy Says:

    Ref:you are most welcome to be our brothers and sisters!
    No thanks , We know very well, You are not Chinhala moddayas any more !!!!!

    Unity in diversity is permanat solution , no short cut !!!

    enjoy another 30 years …. All your Sakotharaya !!!! FYI, Already Indians started their ground work from TN refuge camps !!!

    Om shanthy ,Shanthy !!!
    Abey hiya , abe Ennava !!!!

  8. AnuD Says:

    Andy Lingam:

    You are very dishonest. Tell us whether the Canadian – Tamil action towards Canada and the Canadian public and the Tamil – Sri Lankan behaviour towards Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan Public are the same ?. Tamil Canadian have a SIN and they are tax payers. In Sri Lanka, they are destroyers, killers, play tribal politics and they are like QUEBEC – politicians.

    Do Canadians talk good about Quebec politicians and Linguistic – extremists ?

    As usual, Asoka Weerasinghe’s article is very good. There are some such organizations. Jayantha Dhanapala, some SL – professors and one group Church also have some kind of NGO and they also have the same kind of special interests.

    Anyway, all these NGOs without boarders are supported by the European (French ?) Church.

  9. AnuD Says:

    Andy Lingam:

    When will Rathika Sethabastian and the gang will bring a proposal for Scarbourough -Tamilnadu ?

  10. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    The Dharmishta society of Malayaali JRJ is upto killing Tamils for no reasons. He behaved like a monkey and signed with rajeev Gandhi who was killed by his friends LTTE.

    UNP and TNA are still good friends. How?

    Killing few Tamils is always a good political capital for TNA and UNP. Colombo based UNP is a sakkili party and an ass lickers of the Christian west.

    Colombo is a place of non-Sri Lankans and many of the Colombo residents are Malayalis and Konganis who came with Portugeuse. Sinhalese and Tamils must get rid of this COLOMBO mafia!

  11. Dham Says:

    Moda S-nni Mudali,
    JRJ ( whether Malayali or not) society did not kill a single Tamil you fool.
    Tamil heores of yours could not fight face to face – they set up bombs and killed soldiers.
    That gave excuse for some thugs out side the Dharmishta society ( your loving LTTE is part of it) to loot Tamil shops and kill some Tamils.
    We don’t care the race of people. You die for race because you are a racists.

  12. Sri Rohana Says:

    Asoka! Your reply to SLWB is very logical. As you correctly said why only one single incident highlighted in a very complicated conflict. We Sinhala on one side had to defended their country and her sovereign against 10 other multinational gangsters. They were tamil racists, tamil nadu munetra Kasagam expansionist, Indian bureaucrats, Indian opportunist politicians, NGO’s, Norway, England, U.S.A and EU politicians and bureaucrats, UNHR Navinathan Pillai’s gang, Amnesty International and western invisible cat’s paws.
    Main culprits for the 1983 riots were Tamil Nadu Munetra Kasagam racist expansionists, tamil racist terrorist, Indian Government and Indian spy service (RAW). Tamil terrorism originated in India and tamil nadu. If those four war criminals had not trained tamil terrorists in India and supplied weapons to tamil terrorists, 1983 incident never take place. Without consider the cause just consider only a result will not resolve any crisis. As Asoka clearly mention many more crimes done by tamil terrorists also look at but not only 1983 riots.
    If SLWB wants “promote dialogue, reconciliation and peace” they must talk in detail Indian, tamil nadu, Norwegian, U.S, British and EU interference to Sri Lanka. SLBW should know that tamil racist puppets were created by British Invaders and American missionaries, but strings were with India and tamil nadu and tamil terrorism was created by India and tamil nadu but strings were with Anglo Americans. Why not SLBW mention anything about those axis? Are they under obligation or are they frightened of them? If they are frightened of anyone or if they have any hidden agendas they are not fit enough to this job. Is this just Another NGO?
    I agree with Mudali anna. Colombo U.N.P mafia is real nuisance to Sri Lanka. They are still slaves to Anglo Americans.

  13. lingamAndy Says:

    Tamil Sri Lanka, they are destroyers, killers, play tribal politics – Not agreed !
    1) WeTamil stoped first riats (Sinhala & muslim) in our histry !
    2) We Tamil kicked out Indian (IPKF) from our Mother lanka – If We are dishonest We would have this 13A in 1987 it was given to us in gold plat by Indian ! but We did not take it because We did not want any indian in our mother land !!!
    Unit in diversity is long term permanat solution , no short cut !!

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    Tamils started the first riot and the last riot !!

    Tamil Elam Olympic team will participate in traditional Tamil games in London. Where is the Tamil Elam Olympic team?

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    Unity in UNITARY SL is the ONLY solution. No short cut.

  16. lingamAndy Says:

    UNITARY SL -We have diversity ourself than how unitary is posible between us !!!
    No Minority in our country (MR)??? … Why We ae fooling ourself !!!
    until We both community accept difference We will be dancing for all outsiders( Western , Indian.. ) music as monkeys for ever !!!!

    all other short cut has been tried by our previous head of state ( Thuddakaimu(Dudugamu) to MR) !!!
    We both know very well ,What is good for long tearm permant solution!

    unit in diversity !!! United provincial council of Sri LanKa !!! no short cut !
    We are All (I)lanka(I) Putha(lvarkal) !!!

  17. Dham Says:

    We can clearly see from Lingam comments that these stupid buggers have not learned a lesson.
    Now they set up their goal at “devolution” first, then to take baby steps to reach the ultimate dream of Demal illuma.
    We must educate the rest of the Demala borthers to develp their brains to a level that they can understand this stupid racism of theirs does not work. Then they will become Sinhalas.
    Stop teaching Indian languages completely.

  18. lingamAndy Says:

    Ref:will become Sinhalas
    you are a genivin Sinhala ( not rasist) putha !, Yes I fully agreed give all Tamil living in NEP to learn (open free education centre Bhuddist , sinhala centre) sinhala – our problme will be solve itself with in 6 month !!!
    I am sure Lorenzo won’t agreed with this idea as He right opposit of me (Tamil racist)!

    unit in diversity -no short cut !!!

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    You are right.

    It is a sad situation. But it is MOSTLY the Dias-pariah Tamils because they have everything except DEVOLUTION!! :))

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    BIO DIVERSITY. YES. Tamil diversity. NO WAY.

  21. Dham Says:

    What diversity ? Now we know how to make Thosai , Wdai etc etc. So what diversity ?

  22. lingamAndy Says:

    What diversity ? Now we know how to make Thosai , Wdai etc etc. So what diversity ?- again agreed with my chinhala brother !
    My personal advice to All genivin sinhalese, please teacher all Srilankan citizan to Sinhala & Bhuddisum ( no one need to change thier own mother tangue or their mother relign) with 6 month to one year We will have any ethenic (diversity) problm !

    If You can do this !
    I am sure We Tamil living in NEP will ask SL forces (est 100,000 ) in their area to bring their own family to settle in NEP forever !!!

    until that unit in diversity – no short cut ( until We Tamil dance for Western/Indian as monkeys !)

  23. lingamAndy Says:

    We Tamil do not know how to make Seeni sampal , Maalu banish etc ,etc that is the problm ! unit you teacher us how to make these chinhala food We will have this diversity !!!

    you may say We learned ourself to make Thosai , Wdai etc etc so We Tamil should learn yourself to make Seeni sampal , Maalu banish etc ,etc – Yes agrred – where is the opportunity to learn in NEP ???

  24. Lorenzo Says:

    Tamils MUST live in Sinhela nation like Sinhalas or live like Tamils in Tamil Madu. Make the choice. Don’t beg for another Nanthikadal. Our bullets are nearing expiry date. We have to use them. So don’t beg it.

  25. lingamAndy Says:

    Lorenzo (Dham this is only for Lorenzo)
    1) We are (i)Lanla(i) Putha(lvarka) so We do not have anything do with India(TN) (eg:You invited them but We Tamil kicked them out from our mother lanka !)
    2) You hae another 30 years (if nearing expiry date please renew them urgently -as you have ordered new MI7I)
    3) We are not beging ! that is not our way( you know from last 33 years – AAnaieravu fight , Anurathapuram fight etc…)!

    unit in diversity !!! no short cut !

  26. Lorenzo Says:

    Unitary SL. No other way!!

    If you don’t like it go back to Tamil Madu.

    Or else keep begging for political solutions.

  27. lingamAndy Says:

    go back to Tamil Madu? TN not our country – You never get it , is why We call modaya ???
    keep begging – Weee Tamil begging … Puli basiththalum pullai thinnathu ( Even If Tigher is staving it won’t eat grace !)

    Nallai purakkum Thamil eelam !!!

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