UK Tamils’ dud shell against Sri Lanka President’s arrival for Olympics Opening
Posted on July 29th, 2012

Asada M Erpini

A recent report in the UK Independent has served as a neat dead rope for the UK Tamils whose raison d’ƒÆ’†’ªtre seems to be protesting against the Sri Lanka President, high government officials or, for that matter, anything that gives a positive image of Sri Lanka, According to a news item that appeared in Island on 29 July, the Tamil groups had made elaborate plans to protest against the Sri Lanka President, although no arrangements had been made for His Excellency to be at the Opening Ceremony of the ongoing Olympics in London.

The correspondent of the UK paper had been probing the officials at the President’s Office on the purported visit. Naturally, the spokespersons would give non-committal responses as, according to the local reports, nothing had been finalised. A reply such as “most probably” getting interpreted as “Certainly yes” is not surprising at all. It is the media persons, anti-Sri Lanka Tamil activists in the rich countries and their human rights mouthpieces that changed an unverifiable 7200 civilians killed figure of the UN office in Colombo to 40,000 innocent Tamils massacred in the Sri Lanka government’s “ƒ”¹…”genocide’ of the Tamils, which now has become the Gospel truth for all and sundry and who are even ready to back it up by re-classifying the Darusman Report “”…” a private document delivered at the request of the person who happens to occupy the post of UN Secretary General “”…” as a UN Report.

There is at least one thing that the Global Tamil Forum (GTF), the British Tamil Front (BTF) and Tamils against Genocide (TAG) have done right, unlike their “ƒ”¹…”mighty Lord and Saviour’ and his top rung lieutenants. The latter had selected the Nandikadall lagoon for their final battle and, if that had failed, for the escape with the blessings of the West. Yet what unfolded during the first half of 2009 paralleled the suicidal run of lemmings to certain demise. In contrast to their Sri Lanka-based leaders, the GTF, BTF and TAG had selected the perfect spot for their planned demonstrations against the President of Sri Lanka. The site was a location opposite a fish market that has existed for generations, far different from the lawns adjoining the hallowed precincts of the Palace of Westminster, which served as the base for the UK Tamils to protest against Sri Lanka in 2009.

In Sri Lankan parlour, fish markets, especially the traditional ones, are not associated with cleanliness. Furthermore, the lingo that permeates the fish market atmosphere is not the one usually associated with people who value or are aware of decorum, restraint or finesse. So much so, a person who cannot guard his or her mouth is often referred to as being from a fish market. As for the UK Tamils who protest against Sri Lanka, after having succeeded in turning blatant untruths to hard fact “”…” at least as far as the rich west is concerned “”…” they could not have chosen anything more appropriate than a fish market to continue to spew their venom.

The UK prides itself on the oft-repeated “freedom of expression”. The protestors, who were once living in Sri Lanka or are their offspring, and are comfortably settled in Britain today, have clearly abused that privilege. They have resorted to doing boisterous acts that clearly violate the right of the average person to go about his daily affairs without disruption or hindrance. Furthermore, providing security and clearing the garbage left behind by the human rights-protagonists cost the British tax payer millions of Pounds. The day is not far away when the peace-loving citizen decides to tell the UK Tamil protestors, “Hey, guys! If you want to fight for rights of Sri Lankans Tamils, get back to the holes you came from: if you are here in Britain, cut the crap out or spend your energies and money on problems of Britain”.

The supreme irony of the whole episode is as the UK Tamils were busy getting ready with another of their perennial protests, the President of Sri Lanka was enjoying a musical show in Colombo!




2 Responses to “UK Tamils’ dud shell against Sri Lanka President’s arrival for Olympics Opening”

  1. AnuD Says:

    We should have played the game a little bit more saying. For some reason, the President changed plans and he would be coming to the Closing ceremony.

    So, the story that they were given behind a fish market in order to demonstrate is true. That is funny.

  2. thurai Says:

    28 th July LTTE Propaganada TV Global Tamil Vision ( GTV) announced Sl President come to Olympic oppening cermony. Tamil coordinating committe called all Tamil oraganisations to participate at the protest demonstration.
    LTTE TV showed the live demonstration.

    The whole world watch in the TV the well organised opening cermoney of Olympic 2012 London.
    But the Tamils who go behind Terrorist LTTE demonstrate and blocked the street in London.
    The action of Tamil organaisations show the action is same as LTTE suicide Attacks during the festivals in Sri Lanka.

    All Tamils Organaisations who participate actions against SL Governemt are LTTE.
    All Tamil Organisations cheat their own community by protesting aginst SL Government. The persons
    behind the organisations are high level contacts with world politicians. The others connected with
    those organisations are assisiting money Laundering.

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