Behind the Kamra Attack
Posted on August 21st, 2012

By Afshain Afzal

Each time when there is some serious controversy on important issue in Pakistan, Washington with set of its puppets are there to stamp Veto in the name of national security. We have the example of resumption of NATO containers supply, which was associated with unconditional apology by Washington over Salala cold blooded murders.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s statement that was taken as an apology is before us, “The Foreign Minister and I were reminded that our troops, Pakistani and American, are in a fight against a common enemy. We are both sorry for losses suffered by both our countries in this fight against terrorists.” It is a joke with the Salala martyrs whose blood over their bodies have even not yet dried up that losses by both the countries in the bloody self-proclaimed war on terror is painted as apology.

The tall claims by Defence of Pakistan Council (DPC), an alliance of religious-political groups, to resist resumption of NATO supplies were silenced in the name of national security. With the resumption of NATO supply routes and apology drama, we are forgetting what is happening in Pakistan and neighbouring Afghanistan. The question arises, should Pakistani land continue to serve as battlefield to fulfill the evil ambitions of foreign state sponsored terrorists?

We have misleading statement by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on 3 July 2012 in which she highlighted Pakistan-US coordinated actions against terrorists who threaten Pakistan and the region. The ISPR issued a statement to distinguish between coordinated action and joint operation.

The statement said, “Coordinated action’ implies that the Pakistan Army and ISAF conduct operation on respective sides of the Pak-Afghan Border. For such actions, intelligence sharing is the mainstay of mutual cooperation. Contrarily, a “ƒ”¹…”joint operation’ implies that the two forces are physically employed jointly on either side of the border.

A “ƒ”¹…”joint operation’ in this sense is unacceptable to the people and the armed forces of Pakistan, hence, have always been our clearly stated red line.” There are reports that Washington is pressurizing Islamabad to allow US to use Pakistani airbases against US potential threats. In the same regard, recently, Commander US CENTCOM General James N Mattis was in Islamabad in connection with high level meeting with Pakistani counterpart, in which both sides discussed matters of mutual interest and expressed satisfaction over the level of cooperation between the two militaries.

Not only Pakistan but other countries of the region are passing through most difficult time due to US blackmails but still Pakistan Armed Forces and its agencies have kept Pakistan’s national interest as prime consideration for any decision. On the contrary, the propaganda by western sponsored media which is leaving no stone unturned to create misunderstanding between Pakistani Armed Forces and Pakistani nation.  The fact cannot be ignored that today if Pakistanis are sleeping peacefully in their houses, it is because of our Armed Forces and security forces deployed on border and remote location who do not allow enemies and adversaries to see Pakistan with an evil eye.

After the symbolic PAF Base Kamra attack of 16 August 2012, Pentagon Press Secretary George Little was quoted by media to have given a statement, “I do not have any indication that this particular attack has endangered the Pakistani nuclear stockpile.” He said, “As for the safety of the Pakistani nuclear programmes, we obviously work closely and on regular basis with Pakistani counterparts towards the safety of their nuclear programme.

It is our sense that the Pakistani government maintains good security around their nuclear arsenal.” Many Pakistani were expecting this statement from Islamabad but Washington is pretending to be the in charge of Pakistan nuclear arsenal. One wonders if it is international protocol to issue such statements, why that Islamabad has failed to issue similar statements about US nuclear arsenal after series of terrorist attacks by US personnel in their home country.

As regard to Kamra attack, if such a cowardly attack by foreign intelligence agencies and its agents are threat to the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, there is a serious need to review the liberties granted to a number of countries on the pretext of “ƒ”¹…”Global War on Terror.” So far no one has claimed the responsibility but media claims that Pakistani Talibans have claimed the responsibility of the attack. It is irony that contradictory statements are often issued by Taliban but media ignores to cover them.

This attack may be carried out by enemies of Pak-China collaboration as JF-17 fighter planes, are jointly developed at the site. No doubt, the terrorists attack has been foiled by vigilant and well prepared PAF security personnel as well as by Police but some analysts insist that these are the signs that foreign intruders want to ink some understanding and intend to use the base for which increase security is desired.

On wonders that by carrying out self engineered terrorist attacks by the foreign intelligence agencies and its agents at Kamra, Pakistanis and Afghans nationals cannot be blamed for terrorism. After the series of indigenous terrorist attacks in US, there are serious concerns all over the world that terrorism emits from United States and it has become a breeding ground of terrorism.

The Mumbai attacks were carried out by US citizens; David Headley and Tahawar Hussain Rana, who are on the payroll of US agencies. US Major Nidal Hasan, who carried out terrorist attack on Fort Hood and killed 13 US personnel is being associated with Al Qaida but no white US military officer has been even questioned. James Holmes who carried out terrorist attack and killed 12 people and injured over 70 was conducting research for US Defence Department in the university and was son of US intelligence top cryptologist.

Similarly, few days back, Wade Michael Page US Army personnel carried out terrorist attacks on Sikh Gurdwars and killed six innocent worshippers only because they were wearing beard that resembled Muslims. Today alone in Afghanistan and Pakistan over 1.5 million innocent men, women and children have by killed on mere suspicion that they have anti west sentiments and are threat to free world. In a nut shell, there is need to focus on US to eliminate terrorism from its roots.

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