Call for moral leadership to save the innocent
Posted on August 30th, 2012

Janaka Perera

The Buddha went from Devale to Devale to save the lives of innocent animals being sacrificed unnecessarily and preached Ahimsa ( non – violence) as a way of life.

In Indian History (and World History) the pioneer saviour of the lives of animals is the Buddha together with the Jains who played an equally noble role in this endeavour.Such was the train of events following the remarkable example of the Buddha in saving lives of innocent animals that the whole of India embraced these ideas with fervour and the country adopted vegetarianism as a style of living.

It was a unique achievement.

The Buddhism and state craft that Emperor Dharmasoka introduced to Sri Lanka had a huge component of state responsibility for animals. Dharmasoka banned completely the practice of animal sacrifice in his Kingdom. This is clearly stated in a number of his Rock Edicts. Our Kings followed this practice religiously in both letter and spirit to the very end of the rule of the Kandyan Kingdom in 1815.

Anybody trying to save the life of another or that of innocent animals from mass slaughter deserves the support of all right thinking people. It is an ennobling deed and consistent with the spirit and practice of Buddhism. The Buddhist First Precept is there to be honoured, respected and practiced. Not to be treated with contempt or cast aside with disrespect.

The obligations of a Buddhist King are not confined only towards the welfare of human beings but also include duties towards the protection and welfare of other living beings. Both humans and animals seek happiness. Both avoid pain. To both life is dear. Mahawansa and other ancient chronicles of Sri Lanka are full of poignant tales of Sri Lanka’s former Buddhist rulers extending their benevolence to enhance the quality of life of our dumb friends.This is one of the noble chapters in Lanka’s history.

Sri Lanka is crying for moral leadership at the highest levels of governance. The fact that we have no leaders of the calibre of Mahatma Gandhi or even Anagarika Dharmapala who went from village to village asking the public of Sri Lanka not to eat flesh is very much felt today. We need more voices to speak out and articulate the suffering of animals.

The increasing subversion of moral and ethical values by people in power is eroding the confidence of the vast majority of our people in the moral fabric of our society and it is in turn bringing shame to Sri Lanka. The sacrifice of innocent animals for sheer political expediency and garnering of votes of ethnic and religious minorities is morally indefensible. Those who value the preservation of life of any living being must support those who risk their lives to save other lives.

We need more voices to speak out and articulate the suffering of animals.

Anybody who dares to save the lives of innocent animals detained for animal sacrifice and slaughter in Munneswaram deserves public support. The villain is not the man who breaks rules to save lives but the man who protects those who want to destroy innocent lives. Those who value the preservation of life of any living being must support those who risk their lives to save other lives.

They are the true heroes of Sri Lanka.


6 Responses to “Call for moral leadership to save the innocent”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    Well done SL.

    A small victory for SL, but a giant victory for mankind!

    Mu-Dalit aka Lingam, WEEP! It is Nanthikadal time again!

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    I saw somewhere in the news that the Fellow at the Kovil saying, that after the Relics are taken away, he will start the Animal Sacrifices again. Bloody cheek for him to say that.

    Nevertheless, there should be NO animal sacrife at all in this beautiful country of Sri Lanka, period. NOT JUST FOR THIS YEAR ONLY.


    Any CLOWN who insist that this sadistic act should continue, should be made to FACE THE SACRIFICIAL SWORD FIRST.

  3. Dham Says:

    Buddhist king did it in a tactical way but next year he must bring some other relics or ask dalada maligawa to bring out the tooth relic on the same day. This is not the way to solve the problem reccuring.

    Tamil metality should change. Mudali Ayya and Lingam malli can help. Tamil mentality is “if you force us, we will resist”.
    They are stupid eneough to defend this stupid policy by sacrificing their own life. Change this mentality , there will be no problems in Sri lanka.

    Most readers did not probably know that those who order the killings ( The Poo-Saris ) are bhramins vegitarians for life.
    They don’t eat meat at all. But they order killing to feed the Yakkhas. What nonsence is this ? Muadli Ayya and Lingam Malli should understand this. Then no need for these stupid rituals anymore.

    Our maharaja must act more like a raja now. He must stop all “killing of animals for religious purposes. Stop stupid Eid Mubarak in Sri lanka. Feed them with Soya Meat. If the want Soya companies will make goats in Soya. They can kill them and feed the poor.

  4. Dham Says:

    There was a man who was killing pigs next to Jetavanaramaya where Buddha was residing for long time.
    Buddhism is not about vegetarianism- unlike Sai Baba religion. Buddhist should go beyond food, killing to understanding of suffering.

  5. lingamAndy Says:

    Well done ! you never learn !!!
    wait for another Aanai iravu samar soon !!!

  6. lingamAndy Says:

    Tamil metality should change. Mudali Ayya and Lingam malli can help. Tamil mentality is “if you force us, we will resist”.- Yes I agrred We have thick mentality ! but can you see how head of state sort out civilse way ( as father of a family ) not Dr Mylvin way !

    They are stupid eneough to defend this stupid policy- Agreed but this is not stupid policy of these uneducated people this is their way living (Tradition) ! We as respectable & educated people should teach then in civized manar!

    I may not like our president MR who ordered to kill so many civilian to kill finale VP, but as head of state I have to respect his excellent way of dealing very sensitive matter in our divited community !

    hope &pray one his deam will come true ! & all our rasist partys (inc TNA , MC) will loose their deposit money in election !
    Vettiyin sinnam Veththilai sinnam !!! (name of wining is Betel leaf )

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