Help Fight Cancer-help Batticaloa Cancer Hospital
Posted on September 6th, 2012


Dear Friends,

I’m currently involved in a project to donate an equipment for the Batticaloa Cancer Hospital, which is the only cancer hospital in the entire Eastern Province in Sri Lanka.

This equipment called the “Cryostat Machine” is used during surgery to test if the cancer cells have been successfully removed from the area in which surgery is performed. This machine has the potential of minimizingƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ repeated surgeries in the same area of a patient’s body.

As this equipment is quite costly, we are in need for your generous donation to fulfill this void in the Cancer Hospital that serves our people backhome.

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  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    There are many organic items in Sri Lanka, to prevent and CURE CANCER


    Israelis were the first to find that Lemon Grass is a preventive and cure for Cancer. Please Google ” Lemon Grass for Cancer, and you will find what Israel Doctors found out. They say that the Citral in Lemon Grass makes Cancer Cells commit suicide. I put Lemon Grass leaves in a small bundle into the Rice pot. I also use Lemon Grass very generously in my cooking. I sometimes drink Lemon Grass Tea. So Please get the Hospital authorities to use Lemon Grass very generously as aforesaid.


    American Scientists found that Sour Sop…Katu Aththaa is 10,000 times more stronger than Chemo Therapy. The juice tastes very delicious. The leaves can be used as a Mallung. Please Google Sour Sop… Katu Aththaa for Cancer and you will see what the Scientists say. Creating an awareness on this was supressed, because the Pharmaceutical Companies cannot make money on it, since it is organic, and they cannot Patent it. No money for them. Get the Hospital to give Sour Sop Juice regularly to the patients.


    Lemon Juice too is a preventive and cure for Cancer. Please Google Lemon Juice for Cancer.

    About two years back, I sent about 15 Letters with copies of print outs, of all above, to Ministers, Cancer Hospital Maharagama, and to all the Newspapers, to give adequate publicity and create awareness. I sent Copies to both Mahanayakes in Kandy, and to the Chief Prelate at Bellanwila. NOT ONE PERSON TOOK ANY NOTICE. SHAME.

    I would suggest to you to get the EASTERN PEOPLE to grow Lemon Grass, Sour Sop, and Lemon extensively in the region. Use them very generously in the Cancer Hospital.

    I do hope that you would take my suggestion seriously, to help the Patients in the Hospital.

    Blessings of the Noble Triple Gem, to all the Patients, to get completely well soon.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Good move.

    Colombo/Maharagama cancer hospital is also in dire need of help from expatriates.

    It serves MANY TIMES MORE patients.

    Please donate to Maharagama cancer hospital too.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you Susantha for good tips for good health.

    Preventive Care in Cancer a must in Sri Lanka. This means we must have clean air, water & food. Re the Food factor, trans fats such as margarine must be avoided (as one reader wrote earlier, marg. is one molecule away from plastic and the body cannot recognize and utilize such fats with resultant accumulation in arteries causing heart disease and other cells causing cancers).
    In developed countriesTrans fats must be declared on food labels, including on labels of baked goods. Also most fats break down under high heat and become harmful. Please read articles from the internet on this topic and find out which fats are safe for consumption in moderate amounts.
    Also various food additives such as Preservatives which are harmful should be avoided as they can cause Cancer (See internet for harmful food additives and preservatives). There are safer ways to preserve food such as adding Vit.C or E, salting and drying, dehydration processes, freezing, canning, etc. to keep food safe.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    LEMON GRASS… SERA. Cymbopogon Citratus…………Family name;- Poaceae

    SOUR SOP….KATU ATHTHAA Annona Muricata………….Family name;- Annonceae

    LEMON Citrus. Described as a CANCER KILLER that is 10,000 more stronger than Chemo Therapy.

    Hope atleast now, everybody will try to create an awareness on the aforesaid Products. Never too Late.

    I have absolutely no objection, for the NEWSPAPERS OF SRI LANKA publishing my main comment along with this to educate the Beautiful People of Sri Lanka, about the SIMPLE PREVENTIVE AND CURES FOR CANCER, available right under the nose, so to say.

    I spent a lot sending Print-outs from the President downwards to no avail.



  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    THANKS VERY MUCH, in anticipation.


  6. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thank you for your heartfelt concern.

    Do please write up a full length article on the subject and send it to all the newspapers in Sri Lanka, in all three languages if possible. In particular, do please send it to the Buddhist organizations, temples and churches on the net. If you write a full length article, Lankaweb will surely publish it and many thousands will see your good work and benefit.

    Those Lankans who can grow these plants/trees will surely do so in their own gardens, thanks to your efforts.

    We will distribute your write up to all we know.

    Our best wishes to you !

  7. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Thanks FRAN, as suggested by you, I wrote a complete article to the Lanka Web. Please look forward to seeing it. You have given me fresh hope to talk on this subject again. Actually, the ITN and Rupavahini should give adequate coverage to this to create an immediate awareness. I have requested all Newspapers to copy the article I have sent for publication. I have also requested the Lions Clubs of Sri Lanka to take an initiative. Let us hope that the news will go like Wild Fire. Cancer Patients will be out of Bed very soon.HOPE IS ETERNAL.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:


    Again, many thanks for your sincere efforts.

    Let us be cautiously hopeful that proper research is done in one of our Universities together with the Ayurvedic people to get to the scientific basis of the cancer cures in these plants. Do not be too disappointed if your message is greeted only with little interest by the medical community. Until proven in the lab. our science folk will be cautious about claims re wonder cures.

    What I feel is that all 3 plant juices/parts you mention may act better as a Preventative rather than a cure for, say, advanced cancers, as there are different types of cancers and cures depend also on the general state of health of the patient.

    Sour Sop in particular has been sold in the west as a miracle juice for good health. The wonders of Lemon juice is well known too for its Vit.C content. Lemon oil too has medicinal properties. I just now read the properties of Lemon Grass (Citronella) as given on the internet, and it has fantastic curative properties. All 3 plant parts are pleasant to consume.

    May you be successful in your efforts.

  9. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    FRAN !!!

    It is nice to deliberate on such an important topic. All three items mentioned are organic and food items. They are NOT drugs or Medicines. They can be given daily to the Cancer Patients as a food. A daily intake of all three will be a prelude to research on their effectiveness. The Patients will not be made Guinea pigs. It is just a food intake. I told in my comments that I sent about 15 letters with print outs. One place that I sent was to the Ayurvedic Factory at Nawinna. What research did they do? They just thrashed the docements that I sent. I sent the same to the Medical Superintendant of the Maharagama Cancer Hospital, and also to the Matron in charge of Food. What did they do ? If they started giving it to patients then, many would have walked away cured. Sour sop is effective for 12 TWELVE types of cancers. I have no confidence in believing that our Doctors do research on these items. They wait for Medical Reps to bring them literature on the latest Pharmaceutical Drugs, to prescribe.
    Please visit the link .. Please see what they say about Sour Sop. The West will not say it is good for Cancer Cure, lest they hurt the Pharmaceutical Drug Lords. So they call it a miracle juice.
    I do hope people will take it as a food on a regular basis. ALL CANCER PATIENTS SHOULD BE GIVEN THEM AS FOOD.

  10. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Cancer is less a disease than a condition existing in the whole human body. Cancer would be almost unheard of if no devitalized food or meats were eaten since cancer cannot exist where there is a pure bloodstream. Avoid meat in all forms including dairy. Meat is a dead matter, low in minerals, and produces uric acid in excess which is a waste product. The incidence of cancer is in direct proportion to the amount of meat and meat products in the diet. Regular meat eaters (especially red meat) have a higher probability of getting cancers, such as colon cancer and prostate cancer. Digestion of meat uses trypsin and chymotrypsin, which are two critical enzymes in the human body to allow the immune system to kill cancer cells. Vegetable proteins do not use up those enzymes. Cancer patient should not eat anything that is not building the immunity system or killing cancer cells. Meat does not contribute to curing the cancer, so meat is should be avoided by cancer patients. There are plenty of foods that help cure cancer, so there is no need to eat meat. Pancreatin enzymes can be destroyed by contact with acids. Diet comprised mostly of processed refined foods and meats may result in lower pH that depletes these enzymes in the human body. Cancer cells metabolize foods very inefficiently and produce acidic wastes. This extra acidity can further lower the pH levels in an already acidic environment for pancreatin enzymes. The lower pH level also enables the cancer to spread by using acid dissolved normal cells as its food source. This strongly acidic lower pH environment, especially local to the cancer is the primary reason that cancer does not normally heal on its own. The colon should be relatively clear during a cancer treatment so that the body can absorb as many nutrients as possible. All foods like meat which ferment in the bowel should be avoided to prevent the accumulation of fecal matter in the colon. The hormones in meat like artificial sex hormone widely used in cattle – Diethylstilbestrol cause cancer of the uterus, breast and other reproductive organs. Dangerous residues of stilbestrol are in 85% of all the meat sold in North America. This is the main reason why fifteen countries around the world now refuse to import meat produced in the US; and twenty one countries have a total ban on the use of stilbestrol in food production or processing. When chemical preservatives and color enhancers are ingested, they cause the body to produce nitrosamines which cause cancer of the liver, stomach, brain, bladder, kidneys and several other organs. Nitrates and nitrites are heavily added to meat during processing. Runoff of nitrates and nitrites from fields sprayed with chemical fertilizers get into drinking water and cause cancer. can lead to cancer. If the digestive system is weak, digestion of meat could produce toxins in blood.

    Though devitalized, processed, and sugared food can also cause cancer even in vegetarians. People, communities and groups who consume less meat have less cancer. Seventh-day Adventists, who eat little or no meat, suffer far less from cancer than the average meat-eating American. High protein diet of Americans is linked to the high incidence of cancer in the US. Anyone who does not eat meat, eats only good food, and does all he can to protect his liver, may never get cancer.
    The second solution is to introduce the appropriate calciums into the body since the body uses calcium as the chief alkalinizer of all body fluids including the intra-cellular fluids. Cancers and tumors can only exist in a predominantly lower pH (acidic) environment caused by a diet rich in dairy foods, meats, grain products, sweets and strong condiments such as black pepper. This is always accompanied by an acute lack of living fruits and vegetables. High acidity destroys bones, because the body has to use alkalizing minerals from bones to keep the blood pH from dropping into the acid range.
    Lactobacillus acidophilus is a friendly organism which helps the body fight disease and restores health. Acidophilus kills the harmful bacteria strain of E. coli in the intestinal tract. Acidophilus breaks milk sugar down into lactic acid. Bacteria which produce putrefaction and gas in the intestines cannot live in lactic acid. Acidophilus also has the unique ability to help the body synthesize, or manufacture all of the ‘B’ vitamins in the system. This makes it especially valuable since there is literally a host of agents which destroy B vitamins. A few are antibiotics, birth control pills, eating sugar and refined foods and drinking coffee. A diet high in red meat will destroy the beneficial bacteria, due to the concentration of antibiotics and steroids given to the animals before they are slaughtered.
    Cancer is fundamentally involved with mal-utilization of protein. Oncologists generally agree that the actual cause of death in cancer patients is cachexia, a condition of severe weight loss and wasting associated with protein mal-absorption. In fact cancer cells are able to grow by making the amino acids of protein available for their growth at the expense of the body as a whole. Meat, especially red meat, being the most readily assimilable protein, becomes a banquet for cancer cells. Emphasizing the use of plant sources of vegetable protein such as legumes and beans that contain cancer-fighting compounds should be a prominent part of an anti-cancer diet.
    The most damaging evidence that meat is a major cause of cancer are studies of people who went into spontaneous remission solely because of a change in their diet. These people almost universally went from a cooked food, meat-centered diet and gave up their meat, their dairy products and their refined sugar and switched to a raw food vegetarian diet, and by simply changing diets their bodies were able to cure their cancer.

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