Frankenstein’s monster on the rampage
Posted on September 13th, 2012

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Wednesday’s killing of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Libya has shocked the world. That barbaric crime must be condemned by one and all and the perpetrators brought to justice. That the killers had been provoked by a spoof of Islam cannot be cited in extenuation of that brutal act. President Barack Obama has vowed to track them down.

It is a supreme irony that the place where the US diplomats perished is Benghazi, described as the cradle of US-backed uprising against Gaddafi. Where are those who danced in the streets, claiming that Libya had been liberated from the clutches of a tyrant when Gaddafi was captured and summarily executed? US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was reportedly jubilant when she received the news of the dictator’s violent end. “Wow!”, she famously exclaimed. President Obama declared that the rule of an iron fist had come to an end in Libya.

But, today, Libya seems to be in a far worse predicament. It is not safe even for the envoys of the very nations that masterminded the anti-Gaddafi uprising and backed the rebels to the hilt! This is the price the US has had to pay for its ill-conceived regime change campaigns and for having let the genie out of the bottle.

In Afghanistan, the US unwittingly paved the way for the rise of Taliban and al Qaeda by neglecting that country after ousting the Russians with the help of a disparate group of Islamic fighters””…”””…”the Mujahideen. Osama bin Laden was also its creation and how disastrous its retaliatory intervention in Afghanistan has been is only too well known.

In Libya and Iraq, the US has made the mistake of plunging feet first into overthrowing dictators without giving two hoots about what to do next. The US-led forces were blinded by an insatiable thirst for oil and hegemonic interests in Iraq, where various terrorist groups have moved in to fill the void created by the removal of Saddam Hussein and deadly bomb blasts have become a daily occurrence. In Libya the anti-Gaddafi combatants have become a law unto themselves; they are committing revenge killings, rape, torture, kidnapping and extortion with impunity. America’s attempts to ‘export democracy’ to other countries at gunpoint have manifestly ended in disaster. Haiti is another example.

Interestingly, former US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert Blake, who had a narrow escape from death in a terrorist attack in this country, is currently here on an official visit. On Feb. 27, 2007, the LTTE shelled a chopper carrying Blake, German Ambassador Juergen Weerth, Italian Ambassador Pio Mariani, Minister for Human Rights and Disaster Management Mahinda Samarasinghe and several others in Batticaloa, inflicting shrapnel injuries on Blake and Mariani. Fortunately, the LTTE missed the target. Else, all three envoys and high profile representatives from Japan and the UN would have been killed together with Minister Samarasinghe. Strangely, Washington did not vow to ‘track down’ the perpetrators. It chose to soft-pedal the issue.

Worse, when Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar was assassinated in 2005, the US lent its voice to a collective of nations that chorused in unison that a crumbling ‘peace process’ they were propping up here had to go on. Ambassador Blake happened to say in an interview the following year: “I don’t think a military solution is possible without a parallel political strategy. The LTTE has a significant capability to attack, using terrorist means. We should not underestimate that “¦.” But, today, the international community insists that the military presence in the North and the East be reduced since there are no terrorist threats! And Blake could visit any part of Sri Lanka without fearing terrorist attacks.

It is ironical that the killing of Ambassador Stevens by the rabble who benefited from the US involvement in Libya coincided with the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 terror strikes masterminded by America’s one time blue-eyed boy, bin Laden. While the battle for Tripoli was being fought last year we argued in these columns that the US was creating another Frankenstein’s monster in that there were many al Qaeda cadres within the ranks of anti-Gaddafi fighters. Some of them even admitted that they had fought against the US military elsewhere. But, the Obama administration did not give a damn about the danger they posed. Ambassador Stevens and other American citizens have paid for Washington’s blunders with their precious lives.

The US is hoist with its own petard. Gaddafi must be guffawing wherever he may be!

29 Responses to “Frankenstein’s monster on the rampage”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Good for them.

    They created and they pay for it.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Now the whole world says WOW!

  3. Ratanapala Says:

    To the ugly old hag – Hilary Clinton WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW ………………… This woman and her coterie in the US State Department are putting all US Citizens in America and all over the world in jeopardy. Soon every American will become a target for Al Qaeda.

  4. Dham Says:

    When Monica Lewenski fired up the super vaccuam cleaner, “Wow!”, Hillary famously exclaimed.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Looks like the film that sparked the violence was produced by an Israeli guy. Israel was begging USA to attack Islamic countries but USA refused. But now USA will have to respond. He aroused the Islamics with his film, those fools went and attacked USA. He must be laughing.

    If the 2 biggest terrorist groups keep fighting ALWAYS that is BEST for peaceful nations like us.

    Some people say 9/11 was staged by Israel. IF TRUE, they must be laughing while those 2 FOOLS kill each other in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc, etc.

    Otherwise who do you think the SMALLEST country in the middle east, the ONLY non-Islamic country in the middle east survive.

    We should do what we can to PIT Islamics against Americans; South Indians against Americans. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the fun on the screen!!

    Otherwise ALL 3 of them will trouble us. Keep them occupied!!

    USA funded NGO groups are against Tamil Madu nuke joint (Kundikulam) because it is Russian made. Russian nuke “scientists” will visit India (not to help the beggars but to protect their OWN interests!), Russian nuke ships will visit.

    Tamil Madu government stops US funded NGOs from protesting. We should arouse this further and pit USA against TN and Russia against TN.

    Hilary’s Libyan friends deserted her. If we play our cards right, Hilary’s fat Tamil Madu friend will also desert her.

  6. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    We, in this forum, play here Lorenzo, thats all – not our pity, pathetic fools in the government, the subjugated, subservient bums! unable to take a stand nor they are smart enough to manipulate the situation to our advantage.

  7. Lorenzo Says:



    They are thinking how to earn their next billion rupees to hell with the country.

    To his credit MR DID some very clever strategic manipulations from 2005 to 2009. But now with 2/3, he sees no reason to bother tiring his brain.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Read the account on the internet on how the then new luxury ship the “Lucitania” (built in Liverpool, Britain), was used to lure America into WW I. Also, how Britain’s T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) found the Arabs burning unrefined oil for light ….

    The rest is history. The ‘Games’ go on ….
    Sri Lanka had best be friends with all, and enemy to none.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Declare the Indian Ocean & S.E. Asia as Zones of International Peace.

  10. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    It seems somewhat of a curiosity that most of the comments here and in related submisions are anti- American, ant- Jewish and pro Islamic where most of the quips appear to be attempting to uphold the true criminals here who are the Fundamentalist Islamic terrorists who kill, main, rape and destroy in the name of Allah. Can any one of you justify what goes on in the world today in a spreading threat that could overwhelm and overpower many areas of peaceloving people Globally. It is very real!The US in all probabilities need to be viewed as a necessary evil and a deterrent to what may be a greater threat to the world than their quest for oil or territory which at times is a lame excuse to crucify America that needs to be viewed as a deterrent rather than an instigator.What bloody justificatios was there for 9/11 or the heinous crimes being perpetrated against decent peace loving peoples around the world in the name of Islam, the suicide bombings and Jihads which are being carried out in the name of Allah? For goodness sake, think for a moment or else some of you will be saying ‘the Holocaust’ was also justified! Being anti American is one thing but leaning towards Islamic terrorists and making statements that sound like they are being acolladed is quite another!

  11. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    We do have a few wishful thinkers in our midst don’t we?
    “Declaring the Indian Ocean & S.E. Asia as Zones of International Peace” seems a big ask with nuclear capable India and Pakistan often sabre rattling in the dhadow of Russia and China as well as North and South Korea not forgetting Japan which geographically are also linked to Asia! The only real peace in all of Asia and the world seems even hypothetically accomplishable through total disarmament and a treaty for non proliferation where thus far the world has heard little or nothing related to this idealogy. In a sense the people of world should be ready to bend over backwards and kiss their asses goodby should some lunatics / fanatics gain access to the facilities where vital buttons could be pushed and this category could easily be filled with the terrorists screaming death to America !

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sunil M,

    What are the alternatives to Peace in the region, any region, other than having Peaces Zones ? We say strive toward that goal of Outer Peace, and lay the foundations now. A number of events that are positive in the world started off as “wishful thinking”. These are challenges for human beings if we are to survive on Earth.

    In the human psyche, it is the inner war that leads to the outer war. Start with Meditation for all ( to stop Inner War & to help Secure the country from Within), and declare the Indian Ocean & SE Asia Zones of International Peace (to stop Outer War). If we ourselves don’t strive toward these goals, no one is going to do it for us.

    Small countries like Sri Lanka are SMALL ! We have to use all means available to us to defend ourselves, while keeping an eye on offending acts of others. We welcome all ideas to bring about Inner Peace & Outer Peace.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    When Einstein split the Atom, he had grave misgivings as to how the world would use his findings. We can see how the world has used his findings ! If, by some great good luck, nuclear proliferation is stopped and nuclear arms removed, yet if war-like leaders emerge in the future, what is there to stop them using means other than nuclear to go to war ? For example, what use will mankind make of Higgs Boson experiments ? Will it be used for peace or war of the deadliest kind ?

    All religions advocate peace (Islam means ‘Peace’), but do we all follow Peace ?

    We have to get to the Root Cause of the problem, and that is the human being & the human dilemma of how to live life without killing others.

  14. Marco Says: me!
    Lets look inwards first. What are Sri lankans doing to Sri Lankans?
    You have the answer?

  15. Dham Says:

    Sunil Mahttayo,
    “What bloody justificatios was there for 9/11 or the heinous crimes being perpetrated against decent peace loving peoples around the world in the name of Islam, the suicide bombings and Jihads which are being carried out in the name of Allah?”
    You question is wrong. There is no bloody justification for killing 1 innocent person or even not so innocent person. Agreed.
    But 9/11 has nothing to do with Allah or God. It is the bloody Zionist who did the killing friend.

  16. Dham Says:

    True wisdom from you. But this is ideal. May be (ideally) we can manage this theory in Lanka.
    But a group which want to create 1 world of a set of Dictators ans Slaves are truely going killing spree more than any other group. This is an Athiest Zionist group.

  17. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    We are tired of games played by banking, media and oil cartels for power and profit. We are tired of hatred and conflict. We must restore and revive our humanity. We must change the world where everybody can live with dignity, peace and happiness.

  18. Dham Says:

    I am fully with you.
    Tell me how is the innocent non-suspecting wold going tackle this murderous group ?

  19. Dham Says:

    Putin said “I really expect that this tragedy – this certainly is a tragedy, one that, I want to stress, concerns all of us, as we and our Western partners, including US partners, are combating terrorism together – I really expect that this tragedy will motivate us all to intensify our joint – I should emphasize the word joint – struggle against terrorism and terrorist threats.”
    This is a perfect statement, relevant to SL as well. Compare that to words of Obama on the same.
    “What I want all of you to know is that we are going to bring those who killed our fellow Americans to justice,”
    “I want people around the world to hear me: To all those who would do us harm, no act of terror will go unpunished. It will not dim the light of the values that we proudly present to the rest of the world. No act of violence shakes the resolve of the United States of America” .

    What justice this bugger talking about ? How about fellow American muredered Bush ?

    Throughout, Putin has been consistent. Even on Sri Lanka.

  20. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Sunil Mahattaya – Your argument in one way is true. Just as much the Islarmist wiped out Buddhism from the face of India and their leader proclaiming ‘there is nothing left of Buddhism in India’, they may have a stratergy to wipe out all religions from the face of the planet. The era og Moghul empire comes to mind) But that does not mean we should incline ourselves with the Satanic race the Anglo Saxons, the peace loving, freedom loving, democracy loving hypocrits. Japanese were bullied from the 18th century onwards by Americans resulted in the culmination of Pearl Harbour bombing. ME was targetted by Anglos the moment oil was found and intimated since and exploited, resulting in WTC attack (although Dham may disagree). You don’t incline with Satan to fight a lesser Satan.

    Our SL kings made mistakes by inclining themselves with Cholas to fight Pandyans and then reverse the game when Cholas attacked us, inclining with Pandyans. We must learn from our past and adopt what Vijayabahu did or Parakarambahu did. Fight them all. True we have some heros now in SL who are tough with locals but they have their tails inbetween legs when it comes to fight foreigners, especially US and UK, even at World forums. Commonweath is a legacy we have inherited and these buggers(who are now in SL) will have a good time in SL at the expense of out Tax payer. Our fools do not understand this. They will skin us when ever they want. Read the books ‘Games Nations Play’ ‘Revolt in the Temple’ etc. People go by superficial values most of the time rather than attempting dig into the ROOT CAUSE of the problem, like Thathagata did, to end suffering we need to get over Craving, as Fran observes. A degree of peace will be restored on this planet when the Palestinian issue is resolved and oil handed over to the rightful owners. The ideal world will dawn when craving ends with the ending of suffering.

  21. Lorenzo Says:


    Superpowers don’t honour ANY agreement. Even India does NOT.

    We have to play a PROACTIVE game to survive. If we stop playing, the other will continue to play and we will be the losers. This is NOT the ideal situation but this is the world reality.

    Osama Bin Laden accepted and HAILED the BARBARIC 9/11 attacks. His group did it OBVIOUSLY and paid for it.

    9/11 was NOT the only one they did. London, Madrid attacks were also theirs.

    By accepting USA did wrong does not mean we should approve AQ. They are worse.

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    Nalanda, Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives, Afghanistan and Pakistan were Buddhist areas. They are today almost 100% Islamic.

    We cannot stop their expansion. So we must get those who can to do it.

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    Lorenzo, and all others,

    We have to Secure the country from Within. Teach school children and everyone else that UNLESS we Secure the country from Within, i.e. absolute loyalty to the territorial integrity of the country and the democratic system, then we lose it all – loss of all our Resources and Slavery will be our lot. Use the Law of the Land to protect the People of Lanka, whether the problem is inside or outside.

    Secure the Nation from Within ourselves. Do NOT leave it to Others to do so, other than a bit of side help. If we leave it to Others, will be another Chola/Pandaya play out, much worse in modern times.

    This holds true for ANY country, not just Sri Lanka. The smaller the country, the more vulnerable it is.

    Meditation brings about Wisdom for anyone who practices it, Wisdom on how to handle daily problems and bigger problems that beset the Nation. Meditation is the Key to Evolution and Survival. The human being was constructed for such an evolution – the next step forward.

    The Buddha gained Enlightenment through Meditation and Jesus spent the ‘lost years’ in the desert practicing Meditation.
    Lorenzo, may be all those countries that Buddhists lost will bloom again through Meditation and real Islam (which means “Peace”).

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    Also, Raj Yoga, the highest of all Hindu teachings, is practice of Meditation. We have common ground here for Meditation.

  25. Dham Says:

    What you say is true.
    It is an essential part of “AArakkha Sampada”. However, “AArakkha Sampada” is also applied to protect what you have eraned. We have eraned peace at great costs to our brave children’s lives. While we should not corrupt our minds by Satanic Verses form Lorenzo et al with “kill all Tamils” policy, it is also important what Sunil Vijapala said, that is

    “You don’t incline with Satan to fight a lesser Satan. ”

    The biggest SATAN of the world is the Zionist. They instigate war everywhere, not peace. But they talk peace, democracy all the time. If you are not a FOOL, you can read between lines and easily find out who is the war monger.
    Western Satanism came from nothing but Zionism.

  26. Fran Diaz Says:


    We cannot correct past errors or present errors of the world. We can only do what is right ourselves.

    Very few will actually attempt Meditation and stick with it. But even a small increase in Meditators will change the destiny of a country for the better. It has been so proven at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi University in USA.

  27. Fran Diaz Says:

    Although I practice other techniques of Meditation, and not the MMY techniques of Meditation, here is a website from the MMY University to show the great benefits of Meditation :

    All the so called “monsters of the world” are also human beings, longing for peace and happiness. “Peace first, Prosperity follows”, said a wise person.

    In Life, there are no short cuts.

    Here is another fine website that talks the truth about Life :

  28. Lorenzo Says:


    Agree with you meditation can do good.

    But meditation ALONE cannot solve human problems.
    And national security cannot wait till people take up meditation.

    SLs ALONE cannot face these threats. During war, SL sought assistance from many countries and that was how peace was established. SL MUST join with those who HELPED and will HELP.

    “may be all those countries that Buddhists lost will bloom again through Meditation and real Islam (which means “Peace”).”

    Yes. Even without meditation.

    e.g. Malaysia

  29. Fran Diaz Says:


    I do agree with you that Meditation alone will not be sufficient. I am just attempting to bring some Balance into the argument.

    No country can act in total isolation in these times of Globalisation. Sri Lanka has to interact with the world, and some people can have questionable intent. We have to be on guard and be aware of such intent, as sometimes the ‘cure’ can be worse than the ‘disease’. Policy makers will have to be savvy, well informed and wise. Meditation brings in some wisdom.

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