Robert O’Blake: Tell Sri Lanka what to do with her military
Posted on September 21st, 2012

Asoka Weerasinghe  Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario. K1J 6G1 . Canada

21 September 2012

Ambassador Robert  O’Blake

Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia

State Department, Washington, US.

 Dear Bob O’Blake:

After you spoke to the Sri Lankan Government with your bumptious, super-bully, authoritative voice “”…” “I emphasize the importance of progress in reducing the role and profile of the military in the North, and full respect for human rights”, what’s all this I hear that you Yankees have over 1000 US foreign military bases and yet make a juvenile commotion over Sri Lanka’s internal military presence who are there for territorial security and that is their job.

The author of the article that I got this information from has a question for you Bob, and a damn good one at that, which you may want go breathe in and breathe out, a few times to unclatter your mind before you answer it. She asks: “in which international law book does it say that the US can have over thousands of foreign military bases while US can dictate to a sovereign nation on how to place its military inside its country?”  So let me see you spit out a comprehensive and an intelligent answer to this valid question.  I underscore the word “intelligent” in red as that is what we want.   Please no “ƒ”¹…”Bull” Bob, let us have an answer straight, and please no Yankee bully-talk either.

Shish! Bob, what the heck is going on?   The revelation is that US has over 1000 foreign military bases in over 120 nations and territories.  I am shocked, and you fly into a puny country thousands and thousands of miles away from Washington and flex your Yankee muscle.  And you tell Sri Lanka “I am the King of your castle, and you better do what this Yankee says.“  I am equally surprised that a Sri Lankan legislator didn’t tell you, “Why don’t you go and fly a kite Bob, or go jump into the Grand Canyon and don’t push your weight around us.”  Perhaps they were just being polite Sri Lankans since you have decided to play Santa Claus to the Tamil fisherfolk in the North  handing out goodies approaching Christmas.

What is more shocking is to know that  the number of US personnel currently stationed in these bases are over 160,000 and that excludes US personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and Kwajalein Atoll.  Is this true Bob?  Sweet Mother of Jesus, I can’t believe your audacity, to say what you said to the Sri Lankan Government about their military presence in the North of their island nation.

The writer says that, “US has 293 bases in Germany “”…” why is it necessary for the US and UK have bases in Germany or Japan 65 years after World War with over 70,000 US troops currently in Germany, more than 45,000 US soldiers in Japan and close to 30,000 US troops in South Korea?”  Is this true Bob, and her question is a good one, isn’t it?  I am baffled and shocked with all this as a US backdrop you had the audacity to ask Sri Lanka to thin out its troops in the North of the island who are there for the only purpose of national and territorial security.  Wow! Man, this is abominable!  Surely, what is good for the goose should be good for the gander.  Don’t you think so?

Let’s get this right, what business do you have to dictate terms to this sovereign nation that has come through a horrendous war which took away the right-to-life of 21 million people for 27 long years and killed and maimed thousands of innocents of all communities, until the Tamil Tiger’s butts were whipped and finally eliminated on 19 May 2009.  And this is one nation , and a puny one at that, which has successfully eliminated a ruthless terrorist group without having to kill innocent peoples in their neighbouring countries sending out spy-drones.  Think about it Bob.

It is that not simple as a case of “Bobby met a beetle, a Big Black beetle too. But Bobby being brave and bold said boo beetle boo.  I am no Yankee baby boy, to be afraid of you.  So go back home you big black beetle and do what I say to you, Boo beetle boo!”

Shame on you and shame on the Yankees who want to play Russian roulette with the lives of innocent Sri Lankans, by playing “ƒ”¹…”Open Sesame’ by clearing the military out of the North-east coast to let the re-grouped Tamil Tigers who are collecting funds in your country and mine, to buy sophisticated weapons and sneak them in to destabilize the democratic Sri Lankan nation through the military cleared northern and eastern coast line, once again.  Ha! How cunning can you get!

It is indeed commendable that you Yankees are playing Santa Claus with Christmas approaching by helping the northern Tamil fishermen with fishing supplies to 130 families in Kallar and Killinochchi, but please don’t think that these goodwill gestures give you the license to tell the Sri Lankan government what they should do with their military presence in the north of the island.  What they do with their military internally is their business and not yours.  As much as what you do with your military presence internally and outside the territorial waters of the US is not Sri Lanka’s business.

So just keep your hands off  Sri Lanka as you have no business there and stop bullying that puny  island nation.


Asoka Weerasinghe

5 Responses to “Robert O’Blake: Tell Sri Lanka what to do with her military”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    SL, don’t listen to Blake!

    ANYONE can say anything but we should do what is right. How many jokers tried to stop the war? We didn’t give them a flying f**t! Do the right thing and these clowns will shut up.

    Dogs bark but the caravan pushes on.

  2. Vijendra Says:

    Very well said Asoka. All peaceloving Sri Lankans are behind you echoing the same message to these warmongers.

  3. jay-ran Says:

    Well said Asoka.
    Sri Lankan Army head in Jaffna has given bellyful to this foolish man who thinks that they can bully any country who thinks that that THEY CAN DO ANY THING ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD BUT,A SOVERIGN COUNTRY CAN”T DO WITHING THEIR TERRORTORIES TO SAFEGUARD THEIR OWN SECURITY.
    Thats why now the US is becomming UNPOPULAR AMONG MANY INDEPENDANT NATIONS.

  4. jayt Says:

    indian prime minister,

    need reopen sirima-sastri pack and resettle 100% illigal estate workers back in tamil ENadu. And other recent growing Jaffna in Colombo should be resettle in Jaffna to serve Tamil language and culture rights and also, extra military features should be added to remove Jaffna nadue to Enadu when it is ready to explode.

  5. Naram Says:

    Robert BLake is a minor clerk in the business who does not know his own roots. We are certainly behind the great effots US and UK made along with Russia to root out Fascist menace and hope the bases will remain in former Fascist countries until such a threat is totally absent.

    In the same way Sri Lanka faces a far greater threat; though the LTTE threat is no more within the country there is sabre rattling from Tamil Naduand various parts of Europe where small criminal sects have made inroads into ruling political parties.

    RObert Blake should learn to turn his CIA periscope 180 to see the workings of terrorist groups. LTTE has the support of swidlers of all sorts from stock market billionnaires to credit card faudsters, narco business to prostitution. Poor fellow stationed as Ambassador in Libya paid a big price by not learning the mechanics. Same thing nearly happened to RObert in Batticaloa not so long ago. DO not forget your true friends.

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