TNA Parliamentarian’s threat of “Fast unto death”
Posted on November 27th, 2012

Asada M Erpini

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MPs, whatever they do or do not, keep the reader of Sri Lankan media amused. There is one named Adaikalanathan who is reported, on 27 November, to have said that he is ready to embark on a fast unto death unless there is a solution to the ethnic issue.

 The gentleman would do well to spell out what exactly are this perennial ethnic issue and “the problems faced by my people”. If the solution for the imaginary problems is Eelam, or a separate entity for Tamils by any other name, he can rest assured that that “ƒ”¹…”solution’ is not on the cards. Sri Lanka has suffered so much over the past three decades and sacrificed a great deal to get rid of the people who advocated or strived through military means to find solutions to “the problems faced by my people”.

 Many in Sri Lanka would earnestly hope that all these self-seeking individuals who threaten the rest with “fasts unto death” really achieve their avowed goals. Karunanidhi of Tamil Nadu, an ardent and vociferous supporter of carving out a Tamil Eelam from Sri Lanka territory embarked on a “fast unto death” in May 2009. The fast started after breakfast and ended before lunch. Many Indian media and politicians have branded the “ƒ”¹…”stuntman’ of having achieved the world record for the shortest “fast unto death”!





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  1. mjaya Says:

    TNA by all means please go ahead with your fast to death.

    Everyone will be happy to see Sri Lanka being rid of Eelamist parasites paid by the taxpayer.

    BTW: Don’t think of self immolation, its a waste of precious petrol!

  2. Voice123 Says:

    Fast unto death? Please go ahead idiots!

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Adaikalanathan is too fat with very high blood pressure, high cholestorol (>8.6) and sugar levels.

    Doctors have told him to reduce his intake of food. But he lacks motivation. Racism is the best motivation for these Chennai people and he is using it to reach his biggest loser challenge.

    He should go ahead. But don’t chicken out! Fast unto death means fast until his funeral.

    If all TNA MPs do that, we have a solution to the ethnic problem. :))

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Mark my word, he will NEVER do that.

    Shameless tigers eating grass.

  5. Charles Says:

    He will hide wadai under the blankets. A Tamil chap who went on hunger strike in London was supposed to have been eating MacDonald hamburgers on the sly.

  6. crobe Says:

    Awesome. Best news I have heard from a TNA MP. Looks like he may be doing something for the people of Sri Lanka after all. Besides, one less MP sucking on the tax payer blood.

  7. Sarath W Says:

    Good news from at least from one TNA member at last. He should convince the other racist TNA members to join him. That will be the biggest favor they can do for the Tamils.But will he keep his word? I doubt him. He will be like all the other terrorist leaders like fat Prabha and the lot. Fat Prabha was shitting in his pants when he knew the end was near and wanted his western friends to save him. He did not have the balls to bite the cyanide pill he gave many other misled Tamils.

  8. dhane Says:

    Adaikalanathan call all of your TNA friend and others to join you. SL can solve the problem very esily therafter. Good luck Prabha is waiting in hell to welcome you & friends.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Bad news guys.

    TNA has set fire to Jaffna university fools. They clashed with the police. This is a VERY DANGEROUS development.

    Now they will SELL their injuries are create MORE HATRED.

    Govt. should CLOSE the Jaffna university INDEFINITELY so that they can understand and return to peace VOLUNTARILY.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Govt. should either BAN the TNA or BANG the TNA!!!

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    LTTE terrorists in Jaffna university women’s hostel had commemorated the death of VP WITHIN the hostel yesterday sharp at 6:07 pm, the time the LOSER went to Tamil Elam.

    This is UNACCEPTABLE. These PARASITES get FREE education from SL and try to destroy SL.


    Educated terrorists are worse than uneducated ones. Separate education from terrorists or SUFFER the consequences.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Fasting is good for health. All TNA MPs should do it. Then may be their ability to reason will return. The Root Cause of the Tamil Problems, the Tamil Caste structure, has to be eliminated through Education and Understanding. No other way. Instead, the TNA MPs and ltte lovers appear to be indulging in mass hysteria & celebrating death & destruction !

    NOVEMBER is Mahaveer Day month ! In the month of November all hell breaks loose for ltte lovers, led by TNA MPs and their various sympathizers abroad. Curious way to celebrate Mahaveer Day (Heroes Day), with more hatred – but then again, the ltte itself killed the most number of Tamil people, mainly for non-compliance with the ltte. While the ltte flag carries the Tiger within a ring of bullets & X-guns, the ltte emblem is the Niagala flower (Gloriosa s.) probably the most poisonous plant in Sri Lanka. The ltte always carried the seeds of self destruction – why celebrate/remember that ?

    The TNA MPs are misleading the Tamil people, once again, to acts of senseless self destruction. They are destabilising the rest of Sri Lanka while leading their Tamil people over the cliff. They are foolishly cutting the branch they are sitting on.

  13. lingamAndy Says:

    This is UNACCEPTABLE. These PARASITES get FREE education from SL and try to destroy SL. Disgusting !!!
    blood pressure !!!!

    Shameless tigers eating grass ! Pasichchalum Puli pulla thinnathu !!! you have high cholestorol you or TNA mp???

    Thamilarin Thakam Thamil Eela Thayakam !!!
    day are counted now mate !!! run …… from Nanthikadal to Hampanthoddai sea !!!!

  14. lingamAndy Says:

    The fast started after breakfast and ended before lunch !
    what about Our formar JVP Maveer Wimal fast to death baila at hale face !!!

  15. lingamAndy Says:

    Govt. should CLOSE the Jaffna university INDEFINITELY so that they can understand and return to peace VOLUNTARILY!
    That what We Tamil wants eg: close Jaffna uni, no development , no SL govt administration in Thamil Eelam !!!
    Common ….shoot us ??? BAN the TNA or BANG the TNA ” in your dream !!!

  16. Ananda-USA Says:

    FASTS UNTO DEATH unto in pursuit of a Racist Apartheid Eelam in Mother Lanka?

    Go RIGHT AHEAD, dear demagogues of the TNA ….. we will even bring FREE MacDonald’s hamburgers for you ….. loaded with Chili Pepper … of course!

    It is just too bad that these demagogues are ALLOWED to BACKOUT OF THE FAST before they achieve either their goal, or that threatened end state.

    Now, that is where a Constitutional 13th Amendment could do the most good: PROHIBIT people engaging in FASTS UNTO DEATH from abandoning their fasts before their GOAL IS ACHIEVED.

    If they abandon it …. like Karunanidhi and a host of others did in TN … the PENALTY PRESCRIBED by LAW should be IMMEDIATE BEHEADING for inciting Communal Discord through Fake Threats!

    That should give PAUSE to the most unrepentant DEMAGOGUE from taking up politically motivated FASTS UNTO DEATH!!!

    I believe in being proactive: DO UNTO before being DONE UNTO!

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    “DO UNTO before being DONE UNTO!”


    TNA should voluntarily go to death before we have to give it to them.

  18. Nimal Says:

    Just goahead let’s not keep you guys waiting.Go join your sungoat.

  19. Kit Athul Says:

    If starts then his family has bottle water look alike with nutriants that will keep alive for at least 6 months without sold food. They have sent invitations to US and other countries to comment on his fast. Hilary Clinton’s daughter has given the family a clear liqued that can keep alive a person for six months. Already Tamil Nadu Tamils are collecting money for a place where he will lie down and fast. He will hide under the pillow PAKODA (PAKADA) and eat them at night when supporters from Tamil Nadu will surround him so no one will be able to see him eat PAKODA or PAKADA. I suggest if he sets him self on fire in front of a small village so that no one can put it off until he is burnt to death, he will get the attention internationally.

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    In my heart I SUPPORT the statehood bid of Palestinians. They deserve it. Israel cannot be allowed to expand into their territory with people brought from overseas in planeloads. Hope Kit will not disagree. :))

    But my head is AGAINST it. One day Tamils will do the same. They will take the matter to UN and ask for their acceptance as a non-state member. MOST countries will support it.

    France changed its position from AGAINST to SUPPORT. Why? Arabic Diaspora in France is larger than Jews. They vote and they are rich with oil money. Many European countries followed it for the SAME reason. This is what will happen to SL. LTTE Diaspora (includes both SL and TN Tamils) is WAY TOO MANY than Sinhalese. Already they get politicians supporting them in UK, France, Canada, Australia, NZ, Norway, UK, etc. for money and votes.

    Israel at least poisoned the Palestinian POLITICAL leader which delayed their plans. We don’t have guts to do even that to Tamil Elamists. We are in s***. Our fools will not realize it until s*** hits the fan!!! Then the fools will blame each other. Finally they will blame the people!!!

    Scrap 13 amendment NOW. NO boundaries should be in SL. Internal boundaries -> separation.

    In 1974 after WINNING the 1973 war, Israel was forced to recognise PLO (=TNA) as Palestinians SOLE REPRESENTATIVE for the purpose of RECONCILIATION. After that they had to SHARE POWER with them. Norway was the mediator! Sounds familiar?

    Hello? Sound familiar?

    Knock, knock. Sound familiar?

    BTW Tamil Elamists will now say Palestine became statehood within MAHABOORU week which inspires Tamils!!! Mark my word.

  21. Lorenzo Says:


    Watch the video before talking BS. Your losers are hammered by the police. They are running to Tamil Madu!!

  22. lingamAndy Says:

    Watch the video ! new camera are ready to take new ipesod now at Hampanthoddai !!!

  23. Lorenzo Says:

    No it will not happen in Hambantota (unless against Tamil Madu illegals).

    I think Wellawatta will be next.

  24. mjaya Says:

    ** In 1974 after WINNING the 1973 war, Israel was forced to recognise PLO (=TNA) as Palestinians SOLE REPRESENTATIVE for the purpose of RECONCILIATION. After that they had to SHARE POWER with them. Norway was the mediator! Sounds familiar? **

    Exactly! So lets

    SCRAP 13A
    BAN THE TNA (and other racist political parties)

  25. lingamAndy Says:

    No, will start from Wellawatta (already booms are hiden in there eg: main storagein former UNP MP Maheswaran House) but will finish in Hambanthodai !
    soon Vaana vedikkai will start from Chrismas !!!!!

    Abey hiya Abi Enava !!!!

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    Go to google.

    Search Pirapaharan and you will see where you all are headed. Especially that head region which badly needed surgery!!

  27. lingamAndy Says:


    Vettium tholvium veeranukku azhaku !!! Yes we lost this time !!!

    We will be back !!!
    Our Savaite Tamil paddai will chase out all Bhuddish Chinhala army from our mother Thamil Eelam very soon !!!

    Thamil enru sollada …. Pirapakaran Thalaivan enru Nillada !!!

  28. Voice123 Says:

    LinkamAndi, armed struggle and terrorism cannot result in ‘unity through diversity’ – no shortcuts – only sensible accommodative policies and integration on all sides. Armed struggle only leads to self destruction. No shortcuts!!

  29. Lorenzo Says:

    “[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 December 2012, 12:07 GMT]
    In a revealing turn of affairs following the Heroes Day incidents at the university of Jaffna, four Jaffna University student representatives were detained by occupying Sri Lanka’s police, based on a complaint made against seven students by a newly created paramilitary, called Sri TELO that is operating along with the SL military.”


    TELO is with TNA. Now there is Sri TELO.



    Get your BACK in Nanthikadal!!!

    – Axeman!! :))

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