Intellectuals warn of NGO plot to destabilise govt
Posted on November 29th, 2012


A panel of intellectuals from the Colombo University and Open University yesterday cautioned the public against attempts by some political groups and Non Governmental Organisations working to destabilize the government over the impeachment against Chief Justice Dr Shirani Bandaranayake.

Colombo University Sociology Department senior lecturer Dr Jagath Wellawatta yesterday said at a press conference held by university teachers at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, these groups were trying to create major civil unrest in the country by highlighting that there was a conflict between the government and the judiciary.

Dr Wellawatta said they were playing up this theme in a big way not only for people in Sri Lanka, but, also for members of the international community.

“These organisations have lobbied against the impeachment to the United Nations Human Rights Commission and the British Parliament. Some have filed petitions against it in the Court of Appeal. Many things have happened since

the appointment of the Parliamentary Select Committee to probe the articles of alleged charges leveled against Chief Justice Dr Bandaranayaka,” he said. Chief Justice Dr Shirani Bandaranayake presented herself in good faith before the Parliamentary Select Committee to face the impeachment charges that has been leveled against her on account of allegations concerning professional and financial misconduct, he said.

“Impeachment is a constitutional process and it is a legitimate trial during which that Chief Justice Dr Shirani Bandaranayake can clear herself of all charges concerned. There are provisions that she can also step down from her office during the process,” he said . “The problem with those who have protested against her impeachment is that they belong to the category of organizations that has always lobbied against the government against as a rule,” he explained. “Some of these organizations and individuals have been supporting separatist agendas of the LTTE, that is even after the government having ended its war against terrorism about three years ago,” he explained. Open University Mathematics and Engineering Department senior lecturer Dr Nemsiri Jayathilaka said among the organizations that have demanded to throwout the impeachment motion are Transparency International, Federation of University Teachers’ Association(FUTA) and 10 to 12 NGOs.

We told the government even during the time that FUTA struck work paralyzing the University education system in the country over their demand of a mythical 6 percent GDP for education, that they have a motive to destabilize the country. “Now it has come out in the open,” he said. “Some Western countries that opposed the government when it took actions to defeat LTTE terrorism, are also backing these groups,” he added. “They are propagating that the government is at loggerheads with judiciary to cause a commotion among the people. They have been doing this to many countries, for example Pakistan. A similar situation of tension was created in Egypt between the government and the judiciary to destabilize that country,” he explained. “People should understand that all this is part of the same operation to destabilize the country.

These elements are going to organize rallies against the impeachment to lure public into their agenda. People must not become victims to those organizations that try to disrupt the social order,” he said. “One must not forget that the impeachment motion is backed by 117 MPs and that it is the legislative branch of the government that directly represent the public. The legislative branch represent the People’s supremacy. Impeachment is a legitimate process,” he added.

Also, spoke on this occasion was Colombo University Economic Department senior lecturer Dr D A C Suranga Silva.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Palestine has become a UN member.
    138 votes for (SL)
    9 against (US, Israel, Czek republic – biggest US asslickers)
    41 abstain (UK)

    Bloody Saudi voted against us at UNHRC. Now lets see the ungrateful pigs will return us the favour in 2013.

    ISR (Israel)
    1947 – Palestine partition movement started
    1974 – PLO became sole representatives of Palestinians and declare Palestine state
    2000 – Norway comes with road map of 2-state-solution
    2009 – UN expert panel report on war crimes by Israel ONLY
    2009 – demilitarisation of Gaza, WB
    2011 – Hamass reelected to Gaza
    2011 – 3 things for a separate country – governance, territory, independent foreign relations satisfied
    2012 – Palestine become non member UN member
    2013 – Palestine plans to beg ICC to punish Israel for war crimes

    +2 years

    SRI (SL)
    1949 – Tamil Elam movement started with Thamil State Party (ITAK)
    1976 – VadaKundi resolution decale Tamil state
    2002 – Norway comes with road map of 2-state-solution
    2011 – UN expert panel report on war crimes by SL ONLY
    2011 – Demilitarisation of Jaffna, Battialoa
    2013 – TNA will win NPC election in September 2013
    2013 – 3 things for a separate country – governance (TNA becomes chief minister, NPC council WITH land powers+Vesavalami law), territory (NP), independent foreign relations (USA, UK, India already have seperate embassies in Jaffna) satisfied!!!!!!
    2014 – TE (only NPC) become non member UN member?????????
    2015 – TE plans to beg ICC to punish SL for war crimes?????????

    Already Karunainidi has asked UN this.
    13 amendment is already there.
    Demilitarisation happeneing.
    TNA (PLO + Hamass) is winning.

    Gentlemen, we have a problem.

    ACT NOW to destroy Tamil aspirations by whatever means or regret in 2014/2015.

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