Demos in Hulftsdorp, near Parliament:Protestors ask CJ to step down – CJ makes backdoor exit
Posted on December 4th, 2012

Courtesy The Daily News

Protesters in their thousands thronged Hulftdrop , and the area adjacent to Parliament last morning to vent their feelings against Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake who is facing serious integrity charges before the Parliamentary Select Committee. The protests were held in support of the impeachment motion containing 14 charges which is being probed by the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC).

A large crowd held a picketing campaign outside the Supreme Court Complex yesterday protesting against the attempts made by the Judiciary to challenge the powers of the legislature and demanding the protection of peoples sovereignty, when the Chief Justice left the court complex yesterday to appear before the PSC hearing the Impeachment motion against her. Picture by Vasitha Patabendige

The protests commenced in many parts of the city when the PSC commenced its second sittings in Parliament yesterday following its first sittings on November 23.

Security was beefed up near the Parliament roundabout amidst protests organized by many organizations and civil society activists against the CJ.

People shouted slogans in support of the impeachment process and demanding that the CJ step down from the supreme post as she has tarnished the good image of the high office she holds.

Meanwhile, another massive protest was witnessed around the Supreme Court complex in Hulftsdorp organized by lawyers and members of the legal fraternity against the CJ, and backing the impeachment process.

The police had closed the parliament road due to the heavy traffic as thousands of people had gathered there to stage the protest. Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake was charged with 14 counts including failing to adequately declare her assets, improper conduct, misusing power and influencing the process of delivery of justice. The 11-member PSC comprising 7 government and 4 opposition legislators has summoned the Chief Justice to show cause regarding the charges against her.

The Chief Justice had been asked to submit written responses to the charges against her.

When Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake left the Supreme Court Complex to attend the PSC yesterday a small group of persons including the chiefs of several NGOs had gathered outside the Court Complex to express their solidarity with her.

They were, however, far outnumbered by a vast crowd which conducted a protest on the road outside against the judiciary trying to impede the legislature which represented the power of the people.

It is reported that the Chief Justice left the Court Complex secretly through a back door to avoid the protesting public. The placard carrying protestors shouted slogans demanding that she respect the legislature instead of challenging it and not to side with the conspirators who are out to disrupt the PSC proceedings.



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