Fall outs from the impeachment of Shiranie Bandaranayake, CJ
Posted on December 9th, 2012


The PSC inquiry against Shiranie CJ is closed with the report of the PSC submitted to the Speaker. Now it is in the hands of the Parliament. Out of the 14 charges, the committee had looked into five and the CJ had been found guilty for 3 of them. They are, receiving a discount of Rs. 1.6 million for the purchase of an apartment at Trillium Residencies having taken over the case from a separate bench  of the Supreme court. Her husband is involved in a corruption case and she had not declared her assets. A Chief Justice is not immune to misbehaviour and the charges against her are unbecoming of a CJ. 

This is a case on corruption. The charges had been laid from information given by reliable sources such as Judicial Officers, Banks, Finance Companies and so on. Therefore, it is not cooked-up by the govt. There is nothing wrong in exposing those at the top who are engaged in corruption. Those who are shielding her and supporting her are those who are manipulating regime change.

 The interesting issue here is that all the anti govt forces rallied round the CJ encouraging her to take on the govt head on. There are powerful forces, INGO’s, people with vested interests etc behind this. The gentleman in ‘Black Coats’ are openly involved because they would do anything for money. For them it does not matter from where or from whom the money comes. Now they have signed a petition saying that they will not recognise a new Chief Justice and they will not appear before him or her and asking others as well to boycott. Then Shiranie CJ had vowed that she is determined even at the cost of her life to vindicate her position.
The Opposition members of the PSC walked out after the CJ departed. In this connection, a leading lawyer V.K.Choksy had said that if the CJ was not guilty she should have participated  in the proceedings without boycotting it. When the CJ’s husband was charged for corruption the UNP demanded that the CJ step down as well. But now they are backing the CJ.

As the President said, Judges should be of exemplary conduct at all times and they should not leave any room for finger pointing at them.

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  1. dhane Says:

    Do not worry Army man Sarath Fonseka had the support from UNP, JVP & NGO’s not to surrender and get arrested. But finally like “Balu Kukka” spend 2 years in prison. Today SF had no support from anybody and lost everything and once in a way Mr. Sobith make a comments. Similarly Shiranie Bandaranayake CJ and her “Black coat” supporters and Mr. Sobitha can make all the noise. She too will be kicked-out. Like SF Shiranie Bandaranayake could be NEXT “Podu Appakasakaya” if she like next Election but remember Sajith Premadasa already announced his position.

  2. Nanda Says:

    More than the Judges the President should be of exemplary conduct at all times if our Sri Lanka is to develop.

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