Posted on December 11th, 2012

Gamini Gunawardane

The inevitable became a reality sooner than expected. She will be found guilty anyway. Following are the lessons to be learnt from this drama by all public servants, especially judges.

  • Take no favours from the government.
  • Keep your distance.
  • Ask no quarter give no quarter.
  • Do your job well and clean.
  • Suffer no bullshit from anybody.
  • Be ready to quit any moment.
  • Always have an alternative livelihood in view.
  • Hold your head high and walk away when you have to.
  • Be humble but not a doormat.


Be servile and wallow in shit!


  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Some more points

    >understand what exactly is a conflict of interest, why such conflicts are ethically significant, and what you can do to avoid being in one caught up in conflict of interest allegations.

    >if you are a judge, never get your spouse to take up any job that can cause personal interest sufficient to influence the objective exercise of your official duties.

    >declare your income, assets and local and foreign bank accounts promptly without hesitation

    >avoid multiple bank accounts that can cause legitimate suspicion on Money laundering- if you are living in developed countries there will be no escape ( opposition MPs will not be able to help you)

    > never try to mimic activities of Money laundering ;Money laundering often occurs in three steps: first, cash is introduced into the financial system by some means (“placement”), the second involves carrying out complex financial transactions in order to camouflage the illegal source (“layering”), and the final step entails acquiring wealth generated from the transactions of the illicit funds (“integration”).

  2. douglas Says:

    One more to add to the list:

    When a corrot is offerred, sniff it (like animals do) before you consume. It can contain poison. Learn the lesson from the animals if you do not sense it at all

  3. Marco Says:

    Actually, the best lesson is to keep all Sri Lankan politicians at total arms length. Smile, be polite, ask or seek no favours. A very firm NO often helps the Sri Lankan politician to understand the “card game”. Naturally, it helps if you speak from holding all the cards.

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