Senator Lee Rhiannon ,the bugler of the LTTE fronts in the Australian Parliament.
Posted on December 13th, 2012

Ranjith Soysa

The Senator LR was speaking in the Australian Senate supporting the separatist Tamil Tiger fronts recently when she mistakenly introduced maha veer day as the remembrance day for the ” Tamils all round the world” whereas it is a day observed  by  the Tamil Tiger fronts and their followers to hark back to the memories of the brutal terrorism in Sri Lanka. The vast majority of the Sri Lankan Tamils and the millions of other Tamils did not bother at all about the day which was the birthday of Prabahakaran, the leader of the Tamil Tiger terrorists who is responsible of killing more Tamils than any other known figure in the history of Tamils and the person who recruited the  most number of Tamil children as child soldiers who were used as cannon fodder.  The Senator after fumbling badly about the day mentioned that even she, one of the main promoters of the LTTE fronts failed to join them and be beside them!

The Senator as expected criticised the world community for the “ƒ”¹…”betraying the grief and the feeling’ of the Tamil community (sic).   She fabricates a number of specific acts of discrimination and brutality said to be faced by the present day Tamils in Si Lanka including sexual abuse and exploitation of women and land garb! Her figment of imagination knows no bounds when it comes to defend her case whereas the Tamils and other ethnic groups in Sri Lanka lead peaceful lives compared to the days when Prabhakaran and his criminal gang were exploding bombs in the city centres  with utmost hatred towards the humanity.

The Senator laments about Australia’s friendly relations with Sri Lanka “ƒ”¹…”in order to stop Tamil from fleeing Sri Lanka “ƒ”¹…”with least considerations for the Australia”ƒ”¹…”s national border control challenged by human smuggler activities. She pretends to ignore that some of the Tamils who arrived by boats have returned to Sri Lanka without facing any harassment in Sri Lanka and how the Australian Immigration authorities work in close co-operation with Sri Lankan counterparts to discourage risking the lives in dangerous pursuit of traveling to Australia by boats lured by the human smugglers.  In her excitement to promote the cause of the LTTE fronts , the Senator even ventures to speculate in alleging that the murder of Nadarajah a.k.a Parithi , a LTTE activist in France , was “orchestrated by Sri Lankan government officials “ƒ”¹…”. However, the seasoned LTTE watchers are of the view that Nadarajah was a victim of the intense factional rivalry among the LTTE activists in Europe. In any case , the French authorities are investigating the issue and the Senator in Australia  counsels the French authorities ” to be thorough and transparent” in investigating these crimes!

Subsequent  efforts of the Senator is to quote Charles Petrie report. BBC broadcasting and others as to the “ƒ”¹…”killings in Sri Lanka during the last phase  “ƒ”¹…” of the LTTE defeat at the hands of the Sri Lankan government . According to her credible information she put the death toll between 146, 679 and 70.000. The figure of 146,679 was given by Dr Sam Pari , spokesperson of Tamil Congress who is said to be a LTTE associate  based on calculations made by the church leaders.  These figures concocted by various interested group working day and night to destabilize Sri Lanka are challenged by the UN report which confirmed the death toll to be 7721 during the period Jan 2009 to May 2009 while the household survey conducted by the Dept of Census  arrived at a figure of 7449  as the war related total deaths . It was the Channel 4 and then the Guardian which came out with speculations multiplying the figures to tens of thousands. The Senator dismisses the UN figure “as an insult”.

All those who are conversant with the LTTE’s   intransigence and the their firm belief in the “ƒ”¹…”armed cadres and suicide bombers’ were   aware of the fact that a final clash was inevitable. In fact,  in the Internal Review Panel report of the UN it is confirmed that  by January 2009 UN was of the opinion that the LTTE was going to lose and it worked out a plan for surrender of the LTTE. The LTTE was living in a  dream  world of their own and had their own plans to defeat the Government and kept on issuing statement after statement  how and when the SLG forces will be driven away from their Eelam territory!. Prabahakaran was planning for a massacre and foreign intervention to carve out his separate state. It is appropriate, to quote from an article by an investigative journalist,  Kath Noble who has captured the mindset of the LTTE leader vividly.  “”¦..If the West had not abused the memory of Rwanda so often, Prabhakaran might have chosen a different tactic. He might have abandoned the idea of holding onto territory instead of retreating into ever smaller area of land ,DRAGGING WITH HIM AT GUN POINT THOSE 300.000 PLUS CIVILIANS CONSCRIPTING MORE AND MORE OF THEM AND SENDING THEM TO THE FRONTLINE TO DIE, while compelling the rest to cower in bunkers with too little to eat and limited medical supplies as his cadres fired from among them at the Sri Lankan forces “¦..He might have gone back to the jungles and waged a guerrilla war.(Of course .he might have done exactly the same thing ON THE BASIS THAT THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A MASASCRE TO MOBLIZE FUTURE GENERATIONS. HE CLEARLY DID NOT CARE AS MUCH ABOUT HUMAN LIFE “¦)”

The Senator LR has no clue about the war waged in Sri Lanka except the notes she receive from the LTTE fronts and their representatives. The fact  that the LTTE was attempting for a massacre while the  timely intervention of the Sri Lankan forces saved nearly 300,000 Tamil civilians HAS BEEN FORGOTTEN by the likes of the Senator RH and  her tribe of cronies .They are  attempting in vain to shift the blame  to the Sri Lanka forces for the demise of the LTTE.

The Senator has a last fling at General Svaendra de Silva , a representative for Sri Lanka at the UN and the Rear Admiral Tissara Samarasinghe , the High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in Australia attacking them  of human rights violations whereas it is on record how these two gentlemen rescued the Tamil civilians from the ruthless grip of the Tamil Tigers in addition to the humanitarian services extended by them.  Both, the General De Silva and Rear Admiral Samarasinghe continue to deliver the services expected of them to the satisfaction of concerned parties.

Before rushing to sound the bugle of the LTTE fronts the Senator LR should spend  some time  studying Sri Lanka today and compare the dark days in which the LTTE was dictating the terms  to all Sri Lankans.


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  1. Voice123 Says:

    This sort of false propoganda must be countered in a serious way. Ignoring it wont make it go away. They will do more damage. Could the radio and tv stations that give air to this defamatory/racist rubbish be sued?

  2. aravinda Says:

    This is Butchers birthday, butcher who is responsible for 70,000 deaths, butcher who used child soldiers, children of others, while his offspring lived in luxury, butcher who killed all Tamil political leaders and many Tamil intellectuals. Sri Lankans would spat on this butcher’s grave if they know where it is.

  3. Voice123 Says:

    I noticed the Counsel in Sydney made a statement refuting this. Thats good but nowhere near enough! They must be made to fear messing with Sri Lanka. They must be penalised. We were lucky the Australian Newspaper published the response but The Australian is one of many newspapers. Its easy for the refugee lobby to dismiss what was said as “government propoganda” and in the eyes of the Australian public, the refugee advocates and NGOs are more credible. Whats needed is punitive, economic and legal action against key anti-Sri Lanka figures like Rhiannon Lee. They must be made to be terrified and ashamed to say such things in front of Australian voters. Only then they will stop. For this, public opinion needs to be changed also. Is the government listening? What are the pro-Sri Lanka organisations waiting for to prosecute or otherwise pro actively counter these people? If you want money people will donate. I know I have and will continue to.

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