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Posted on December 17th, 2012

Hasaka Ratnamalala  spokesperson FRIENDS OF SRI LANKA (CANADA)

Dear Sir,

As your recent press release indicate your lack of knowledge on the matters of Sri Lanka we have decided to send you some articles based on the current situation in Sri Lanka which you can easily access from web. Hope you will not further rely on the people with vested interest to jeopardise the peace in Sri Lanka. It is important to know the facts before making allegations against a country, which is trying to come out after 30 years of some Canadian sponserd,funded and supported pro-terrorist war. It is time to help that country to get out from ashes of war but not to misuse a country name for the sake of winning elections. We are glad to help you further on the matter if you wish. All these articles are hyper linked.


UNP – United National Party – The main Opposition political party in Sri Lanka

JVP – Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (Peoples’ liberation Front) a left wing political party in Sri Lanka which carried two armed struggles against SLFP and UNP governments when they were in power first in 1971 and then in 1988. Currently JVP has one MP in the Parliament.

SLFP – main constituent political party in the current coalition UPFA government

Thank you,

Hasaka Ratnamalala


Friends of Sri Lanka Canada

1. Pradeep Kariyawasam

2. CJ’s Husband’s Appointment To State Bank Grounds For Perceived Judicial Bias “”…” New Public Interest Litigation Petition Says

3. Rs.390 mn NSB-TFC deal: Unions sink differences to protect bank

4. UNP raises alarm over NSB investment in The Finance

5. JVP anti-corruption movement complains to Bribery

6. NSB-TFC deal: CID questions Kariyawasam

7. UNP asks for a Parliamentary Select Committee to probe NSB-TFC, EPF and other State entity deals

8. Questions on propriety of Gamage’s reference to CJ at diplomatic lunch

9. Why no action instituted against CJ’s husband who committed daylight robbery on public funds? -Tissa

10. Not Only The Chairman Husband; Chief Justice Wife Must Also Resign!-UNP leading economist Dr. Harsha De Silva said on May 13, 2012

11. Bribery Commission probes complaint against CJ

12. Corruption commission fast tracks probe on former NSB chief

13. Bribery And Corruption Commission Filed Action Against CJ’s Husband

14. Not Only the Chairman Husband; Chief Justice Wife Must Also Resign!

15. Chief Justice Or Her Husband Must Resign

16. The Hidden Dynasty In The Justice System: Set A Former Chief Justice To Catch A Chief Justice

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