Posted on December 20th, 2012

Kanthar P Balanathan, Melbourne, Australia- Retired Director  & Specialist Power Systems Engineer

Since LTTE emerged as a  group in 1972, LTTE carried out assassinations and cold blooded killings of innocent Tamil civilians, Sinhalese civilians, Tamil politicians, GOSL Ministers, President, Prime Minister, failed attempts of assassination of the Army Commander; Mr Sarath Fonseka &  former President Chandrika Bandaranaike, robbed several banks, exhorted money and gold from Tamil civilians, blew up multistorey buildings and destroyed billion dollars’ worth of SriLanka assets, transformed into a key drug trafficking and dealing organisation, floated shipping and accrued billions of dollars of Bank reserves.

More than 160km of railway line was destroyed and those materials were taken for their use. Electricity HV lines were destroyed. Several government assets were plundered and destroyed.

In 1995, LTTE took civilians from Jaffna as human shield and marched to Vanni, a region including Vavuniya, and established their own mushroom illiterate administration enforcing jungle law. SriLanka government was too tolerant then endeavouring to obligate dialogues with the terrorist group to solve the dispute. GOSL was extremely broad-minded and understanding since the 1980s and struggled through various diplomatic routes in vein. Even in the early 21st century, a Cease Fire Agreement was placed as a path towards a solution. LTTE took this opportunity to boost their strength, assemble heavy weaponry, and establish an air force with a few small aircrafts.

During the period 1995 “”…” 2009, the 300,000+ Tamils in Vanni were only slave labour hobbled by the LTTE for their own advantage. No Tamil was able to get out of Vanni or face death. In May 2009, our current President freed the Tamils from bondage and since then Tamils want a peaceful living.

The mayhems, killings, and murders were carried out by armed members of the LTTE. LTTE’s strategy was to engage the SriLankan army through an urban guerrilla war. Any Tamil who did not agree with their ideology or supported them were killed.

Those members of the LTTE (so called martyrs) were killed in armed confrontation with the SriLankan army.

Logically, on a humanistic, sociological and legal perspective, this does not qualify members of the LTTE to be heroes and martyrs. Further, martyr’s day remembrance celebrations are indications of incitement, indoctrination leading most young and old Tamils in Australia and SriLanka to a state of intoxication. Each year some Tamils students and Tamil radical politicians create issues in the North, because of the LTTE terrorists hiding behind the term; “martyrs“.

These members of the LTTE did not defend a country or its people.

LTTE is banned in several countries as they were considered a terrorist group. It is not quite clear on what grounds they are allowed to still conduct their activities.

Therefore, to address those as “Martyrs“; I believe it’s a bit swaggering.

In most countries, the government will not allow people to have a remembrance day celebration for “Bin Laden” and his associates?

Celebrating 27th November each year as Remembrance Day on a wide scale constricts bringing in peace in the said region for the people. The recent uprise in 2012 is evident.

I need say no more that every country has the right and duty to protect its country and borders from subversive activities, terrorism, and protect its sovereignty.

Tamil’s greed and avarice:- As Tamils, we want everything in SriLanka, own everything in SL, 100% of the Tamils should gain employment in the government sector, all students should be admitted to the University, want to enjoy power and wealth. Wherever, we migrate, we want to engage in politics, bring our own kith and kin legally or illegally. Most Tamils do not believe in “competition“, but use cunningness and power to eliminate the opponent.

Tamils, we wanted a University. GOSL opened up the University. However, some students of the University are engaged in Separatism and acts of violence. This affects the rest of the students’ progress. Does the world want GOSL to turn a blind eye to Separatism, violence, convert a University into a hall for subversive activities?

Tamils should know that they are not above the law.

My view is that Tamils all over the world should give up their rebellious separatist propaganda and work with the GOSL to bring in peace in SriLanka for the SriLankans to live in peace.

An appeal to the western world


Several floating organisations have been formed by Tamils of which TCC and TGTE are deemed impediments and encumbrances to the peace and stability of our beautiful island of paradise; SriLanka.

Finally a message that was relayed by JFK to the Americans:

To the Tamil politicians and uncompromising & extremist students in SriLanka:

“Ask not what the country has done for you; ask what you have done for the country”



  1. Vijendra Says:

    Mr. Balanathan, you are right on the money! Thank you very much for your valuable advice to our misled Tamil brothers and sisters, both inside and outside Sri Lanka. Separatism has no future, and all Sri Lankans should try to find ways and means to forget the dark past and live together as brothers and sisters of the same family.

  2. Nanda Says:

    You have exposed the Tamil mentality perfectly. Even AndyLingam will surely agree to this.
    Thish shall be the foundation for building up a unitary Sri Lanka. Your following words are worth to me included in the Sri lanka constitution.

    “Tamil’s greed and avarice:- As Tamils, we want everything in SriLanka, own everything in SL, 100% of the Tamils should gain employment in the government sector, all students should be admitted to the University, want to enjoy power and wealth. Wherever, we migrate, we want to engage in politics, bring our own kith and kin legally or illegally. Most Tamils do not believe in “competition”, but use cunningness and power to eliminate the opponent.”

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you, Mr Balanathan. You have said it all in a short article.
    May your special tribe of Tamils increase !

  4. lingamAndy Says:

    Kanthar P Balanathan,
    Ok My Thamil brother is it ok to kill 40,000(now 120,000 ) /7,000 ( SL Govt figure) civilians to wiped out LTTE?
    Please advice me how to come terms with this no fire zone killing !!!

  5. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Thank you Mr Balanathan for your contribution to expose the LTTE terrorists for what they did in SriLanka. Your origin I believe is Tamil SriLankan, and it must take tremendous courage to speak even one word against this brutal terrorist movement which killed more Tamils than any other ethnic group and is still active in foreign lands. We must all understand that terrorists are not welcome on this good earth, whether they be from the mainly Tamil LTTE or mainly Sinhalese JVP or mainly Arab AlQuaeda or whichever ethnic group they belong to.
    Though the LTTE has been defeated in SriLanka, they are active overseas and it is my belief that the main reason for them to very enthusiastically continue from where Prabakaran left, is to loot the money that was gathered by the LTTE in foreign banks and also to generate even more funds to keep the money greedy activists to enjoy luxuries not available to the naive and stupid rank and file that run around like jokers carrying the blood soaked Tiger terrorist flag.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:


    You always say that 40,00 Tamils died in the final days of the war with the ltte. We say NO. Around 7,000 civilians died (GoSL figure).
    Where are 40,000 bodies ? Arbitrary figures will not be accepted.

    As for the No Fire Zone, that was erased off when ltte took 300,000 plus Tamil civilians as Human Shield. Did you read the article on how an Arts city (no arms or soldiers of Germany there) was bombed to rubble in WW II ? Assessment is about a million died in Dresden with the City of Art Dresden flattened out.

    It was a far worse situation for Sri Lanka with the ltte, a slow death of a Nation with the ltte, and around 7,000 civilians died in the final days when they crossed over to govt. held areas. Did not the ltte shoot at fleeing civilians to scare the rest from fleeing too ? SL Army lost high numbers because they were not properly defending themselves against the ltte who used the Tamil civilians as cover.

    If the GoSL did not care for the civilians or laws of warfare, SL Air force could have done blanket strafing of the ltte camps from the air, and finished the job in a day or two, with no loses at all for GoSL.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Once war was declared with the ltte, how can any No Fire Zones exist ? The ltte itself could have saved itself completely by occupying any No Fire Zone. It would not have made any sense to have any No Fire Zone once War was declared by GoSL.

    Andy, aren’t you glad that it is all over now, thanks to the valiant soldiers who fought this last war with the ltte, and the armed forces of Lanka ?

  8. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Sorry I have to disagred with two points !
    1) Once war was declared with the ltte, how can any No Fire Zones exist -not aggred No Fire Zones declared by SLGovt not by LTTE than boomed by SL Air forces!
    2) was bombed to rubble in WW II- these war are between different country NOT ours We live together atleast for last 2,000 years ( Eerala & Dudugamus Time- reference from Mahavamsa )

    Andy, aren’t you glad that it is all over now, thanks to the valiant soldiers who fought this last war with the ltte, and the armed forces of Lanka ? Yes happy it is over but not fully aggred with our soldiers job ! but I appreciated & thanked them they have reated 297,000 people in IDP camp as genievie valiant soldiers for 3 years period !!!

  9. Fran Diaz Says:


    Just going in depth a bit re your point #1 re No Fire Zones, to clarify matters.

    The legal aspect re No fire Zones is : Since both GoSL & ltte did not sign a No Fire Zones Agreement (the NFZs were created only by GoSL), there is no validity in the NFZs in a Court of Law.

    Here is an extract about the topic from Groundsview, 26 May, 2011.

    David Blackner speaks :

    “The declaration of the NFZs by the GoSL. The latter cannot be faulted for declaring this unless the intent to deny the area to the Tigers can be proven as the sole intent (contrary to what you say, there is no evidence, but just opinions), or that the NFZs were created to draw in civilians so that they could be killed. The first will be hard to do, and the second impossible.
    The deaths of civilians within the NFZs. Firstly, it’ll have to be proven that the GoSL targeted civilians or that they inadvertently killed them because they callously ignored their presence. So far there has been no such evidence. Secondly, it will have to be proven that it was GoSL action within the NFZs, and not that of the Tigers, that created an environment of violence. Again, extremely difficult, as the declaration of the NFZs themselves will be seen as an act to prevent violence, and the fact that the Tigers fought on from within the NFZs will be seen as an act of aggression. If either option in point 1 had not been proven, then at best the whole NFZ issue becomes moot and individual actions within the area would have to be considered as they would be considered anywhere on the battlefield.
    Knowledge of civilian presence within the NFZs would be no different to civilian presence anywhere on the battlefield, since the NFZs have no special legal standing. So each situation would have to be considered individually as to motive, intent, precautions, discrimination, etc.
    Bottom line, any legal action based on the existence of the NFZs is doomed to failure. However, the act of creating the NFZs themselves (however flawed it might be) will give the GoSL a moral advantage because it will be seen as an attempt to protect civilians”.

    Andy, re your point #2 :
    Historically, from time to time, Tamil leaders have tried to carve up Sri Lanka, and declare certain areas Tamil Only. It is ONLY at those times that war between Sinhala & Tamils happen. So, the future Peace Formula is not to create Tamil ONLY areas, but live in peace among all the others of Lanka.

  10. Kanthar P Balanathan Says:

    Well said Fran Diaz. Appreciate all your excellent comments which are the facts.


    The message was about Tamil Diaspora and the fictitious hero’s day. In order to keep the separatist fluid boiling and to plunder the assets accrued by the LTTE, they are holding the martyr’s day each year. This leads some imbecile Tamils to intoxication. However, Andy, you are going backwards. Tamils should be glad to appreciate GOSL, because they created the NFZ for the civilians. What happened was the terrorist leader and his Jing bang went and hid under the ground in the NFZ keeping the people on the ground at gun point.

    At one stage LTTE blew up handicapped Tamils and civilians (30,000+) in Nandikadal because (i) they wanted to leave (ii) in order to seek sympathy from the world. This is what Prabakaran did since 1972 in the North. Countless number of army was shot in Jaffna by sniper shots (guerrilla). No direct confrontation. That’s the most cowards act.

    Tamils cannot have a banana republic in the Jaffna lagoon where they cannot even grow peanuts.

    If you think, Andy, SriLanka survived all these years because of the hard work of the Southerners to earn foreign exchange. Tea, Rubber, gem etc. and all foreign exchange were accrued by the South. Tamils were a liability who have free education, health and subsidised items from the imports through this FE.

    It’s time we all forget terrorism, separatism, federalism, PClism etc. and live in the united SriLanka. If we all sit and think about the past, my view is that GOSL has been too tolerant, extremely broad minded, and understanding.

    There is a limit to everything.

  11. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    So far there has been no such evidence- This high tech world I am sure some one (C5) have evidence !,
    ok We go with 7,000 civilans killed by Srilankan forces to kill VP! Too much is not it ???

    Kanthar P Balanathan
    Tamils were a liability – Not aggred , eg:even only war finished three year now but almost 100% paddy field are utilised in killinochchi!
    Please do not tell me We are libile to mother lanka , never Our fathers , fathers fathers ,fathers fathers fathers never had not more than 5 hours sleep in their life , ofcause We are luck busrad who live in western world are liable to mother lanka , We had free education to Health but never pay back !
    There is a limit to everything !!! well said brother!

  12. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    while thanking bala’s exposure…… some observations i have made in colombo just after an absence of only 1.5 years. although we have won a war we sinhalese certainly have lost colombo. where ever you go you hear only tamil language, inside malls, inside buses etc. thanks to the greed of sinha+hela buddhists, a dramatic transformation has taken place. while the ungrateful, ungrateful, ungrateful muslims speak in tamil, whillst they should be speaking sinhala the majority’s language (norm in any country) this irritation of hearing a language in the heart of the country is mostly depressing. wahabis are all over colombo and tamil sakkili tiger threat is not over yet
    just to divert now….here are some highlights so far. Failed to do a beach drive from palatupaane to arugam bay- wild life didn’t approve a permit as the rivers and tanks were flooded. visited an amazing aranya – kudimbigala near kumana – 700 kuties – most amazing sight 360 degrees – panama mihuddu maha vihara where vihara maha devi landed just a pretty beach -saw a wild elephant demolishing a kitchen in palatupana and filling his belly with curries, without breaking a single pot! army has built a great hotel in palatupana. visited sinharaja – seems to be safe as far as i can see, just an amazing experience stayed at martyn’s place contact no – +94455681864

  13. lingamAndy Says:

    Kanthar P Balanathan
    as I believe you are Tamil specking Sri lanka born please tell me how to come with term Our SL Govt killed 7,000 our family members to kill VP . I am not deffenting LTTE, as USA PR Gorge Bush said terrarist is terrarist there is no bad terrerist or good terrarist !

    Sunil Vijayapala
    cool… my chinhala brother yes I can understand your feeling, at least you lost collombo but we lost all our Tamil Eelam to sinhala bhuddist to live peace fully for our future generation as we live together last 2000 years.

    ungrateful muslims speak in tamil- Muslims mother tang is Tamil so please do not expect Amme from them (Umma/ Amma) !

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    I am responding to your remark only because I want to bring closure on this subject.

    You say : “So far there has been no such evidence- This high tech world I am sure some one (C5) have evidence !,
    ok We go with 7,000 civilans killed by Srilankan forces to kill VP! Too much is not it ???”

    A period of over three years have passed since the end of war with the ltte. Ltte sympathisers presented various FALSE photos via media trying to make out ‘war crimes’ by SL forces, only to shown up and proven as FALSE. With lies, cheat & deceit, some of the Tamil people not only lost the war but are also losing their self respect, which is much worse.

    Re death of 7,000 civilians (part of the Human Shield), was very unfortunate. It was because the ltte did not honor their lives and continued to shooting into the SL army areas whilst the civilians fled to safety. Andy, also remember that the ltte hid among the civilians (whilst also hiding underground) to shoot at the Army. The Army shot at the hidden ltte – it was a case of shoot in self defence or die. That is how many civilians died in the cross fire. So many Army people (around 6,000) also died because they did not carpet bomb the ltte held area, but instead carried out conventional warfare to eliminate the ltte.

    Death of any person is a sad event and a loss to us all. It is with sadness and regret that we say that some 7,000 civilians died along with some 6,000 soliders. The sadness and sense of loss felt by the families and loved ones of all these people can never be compensated. In their names, we must never ever go to war again, and in future recognise and sort out social problems before they get out of hand.

    Re eliminating P’karan : Prabhakaran was a symptom of a disease called “Tamil Caste problems”. His way of handling the Caste Problem was wrong.
    He should have asked for Education & Understanding to erase Caste. War is never the right answer, but war was right in this instance to eliminate a ruthless foe, the ltte, in order that millions of Others in Sri Lanka are safe from harm.

    To avoid future conflict and war, eliminate that problem of Caste from the minds of Tamil people, both in Sri Lnaka and in Tamil Nadu. Address the Root Cause, and make Peace, Good Health & Happiness for all as the new goal in place of Caste. Also, add Education (without cheating) & Understanding.

  15. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    we must never ever go to war again, and in future recognise and sort out social problems before they get out of hand. – Fully aggred !
    Education (without cheating) & Understanding – I hope atleast this small help We all can do to our future generation to live together peacefully in mother lanka as a family members forever !!!
    (this war madness die with us)

  16. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    lingamandy = andy phallus (sounds english and better) as i mentioned to dham you would look terrific in a saree and then decide to get married to slimy, sleezy ranil and u will have the eelam u lost to chingala (sinhala) brothers do not insult our sinhala name by tamilising this filthy chingala name – u throw all shit at us under the protection of a nickname – why won’t you reveal your real name and location please – mr. andy phallus?

  17. Nanda Says:

    Mr. Vijayapala,
    As you have not been in this web site for sometime, FYI recent population census shows only 24% Sinhala in Colombo. You experieced it first hand.
    While you are out a lot of Sinhala-Buddhist supporters like Lorenzo and Dham stopped commenting in Lanka Web because of the moderator has been strict on patriot but allow pests like Andylingam to write freely.

    We lost lanka Web too !

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