UN expert warns Sri Lanka on matters of the judiciary!
Posted on January 1st, 2013

Asada M Erpini

 A report dated 31 December in the local media refers to a warning by the UN Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers on how Sri Lanka should go about handling matters pertaining to its judiciary. Thank you, madam! But, one would wonder whether when the League of Nations was set up at the end of World War II, warning resource-limited yet independent nations was a prime consideration.

 All the warnings that the UN seem to direct, unfortunately, are towards Sri Lanka, and one does not ever come across similar threats against the big guns that keep on destroying many countries in the Middle East. The deaths and destruction that continue day in day out in Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq, and the numerous innocents killed and the arrested ill-treated, with no cares whatsoever about their human rights, do not appear to worry any of the experts.

 There was a time when the LTTE kidnapped children in thousands to form its child killer brigades, but the lady at UN who was supposed to be concerned about the welfare of children “”…” incidentally originating from the same Sri Lanka “”…” never condemned the actions of the terrorists or warned the LTTE about human rights violations. Then there is another UN bigwig, originating from South Africa, who ostensibly is dealing with human rights and who has been incessantly harping on human rights violations and war crimes in Sri Lanka since the defeat of the LTTE by the armed forces. Yet, when the LTTE held sway over a third of the island she appeared quite content to ignore the mayhem and destruction that was almost a daily occurrence.

 The height of pontificating by the UN was the Darusman Report, which today is referred to by numerous pundits as a UN Report when, in fact, it was merely a document prepared by a troika appointed by the incumbent in the position of UN Secretary General to advise him on matters pertaining to Sri Lanka. The fact that the team was not an outcome of a decision by the General Assembly or the Security Council, or that the objectivity of the members of the team was questionable is a matter that never gets mentioned.

 Sri Lanka and its armed forces rescued 300,000 Tamil civilians who were being moved from pillar to post and then were kept as a human shield by the LTTE. On being released from the clutches of the LTTE, the refugees were fed three meals a day and, within a matter of a little over three years, were housed in accommodation that is far better than what they had to endure when their Sun god ruled the roost. Yet, all that the many UN experts saw was the “prolonged delay” in closing the temporary shelters. When there was something positive mentioned, that too appeared to have surfaced with a great deal of reluctance. An exception, though, was the UN humanitarian coordinator in Sri Lanka venturing out to say that the closure of the Menik Farm refugee camp was a “momentous event” when the last of the 225,000 displaced Tamils it held “”…” displaced because the LTTE forced them to move from their original dwellings “”…” left the shelters.

 Sri Lanka may not have everything perfect to satisfy the UN and its experts when it comes to its judiciary and the executive. But an occasional and sincere pat on the back at least in the areas where it has done exceptionally well – defeating a ruthless band of terrorists militarily or releasing 300,000 civilians from being a human shield when all that the Western media were eagerly awaiting was a “bloodbath”- may do a world of good to the memory of those who “gave their tomorrow” for the peace that exists in Sri Lanka today.

25 Responses to “UN expert warns Sri Lanka on matters of the judiciary!”

  1. S de Silva Says:

    Well done Asada!! These scum bucket hypocrites on Sri Lanka have to be thrashed like you have done every single day until they choke on their own vomit!! – s de silva – London

  2. gdesilva Says:

    The ‘madame’ from UN is just repeating her master’s voice….I guess, ear-candy for our Colombian brothers and sisters who will blindly play the game to create a repeat performance of the show ‘Democracy in Libya’ in Sri Lanka and the Master can claim that they did not have to deploy a single soldier to effect regime change in Sri Lanka.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    UN struggling to remain RELEVENT by attacking own members!!

  4. lingamAndy Says:

    Asada M Erpini
    Sri Lanka and its armed forces rescued 300,000 !
    Menik Farm refugee camp was a “momentous event” when the last of the 225,000 displaced Tamils it held !
    So what happend to balance liberated 75,000 (300,000 less 225,000 )peoples ?

  5. beagle Says:

    Money talks and BIG Dollars paid by the Tamil disapora to willing palms within the UN talks loudest. The paid piper
    pays the tune and smaller nations without powerful backers have to dance to the UN tunes. Bribery can take many forms
    and the most common method is small regular amounts paid monthly into ‘numbered accounts’ in Swiss banks.
    None are the wiser exept the payer and the receiver.

  6. Nimal Says:

    Balance came to south doing business,gone to middle east,gone as bogus refugees to West and others gone back to TN,Remember some illegally entered SL since the independence and I have seen it myself getting out of boats in the North in 1962.So the latter lot gone back.With all the faults of our people,cant be classed as a genocidal military force.There will be excesses in any conflict and both sides suffer and must blame the separatists and their rebels for bring the situation on the island.No outside power could point a finger at the island as they too are blamed for any excesses in battle.When the US dropped Napalm in Vietnam and in the region.and the massacre in Melai did they ever think of war crimes and UN conventions? No! Then what about pissing on the dead soldiers? Civilized people becomes insane in battle and commit excesses.If the separatists never brought this situation on the country,then there wouldn’t be an opportunity to debate the missing numbers as their whereabouts are not clear,especially when their so called refugees went to west bypassing all the countries they could have gone to in the first place,thus dispelling their honesty.

  7. lingamAndy Says:

    can you answer very simple question ?225,000 in IDP camp out of 300,000 so where is balance 75,000 gone to Nanda hiya ???
    our president said our soliders killed zero civilians??? some thing is not out balancing here?

  8. Wickrama Says:

    Andylingam, can’t you understand english?
    225000 were the LAST of the 300,000. The other 75,000 had left BEFORE these 225,000 !!

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Who said 300,000? It is not an official number.

    It was only an ESTIMATE.

    IF we assume 40,000 died in the last month of war, so what?

    It does not matter they were civilians or terrorists. Look at the result.

    40,000 Tamils died ——-> SL since has peace!!! Fantastic we have peace. We know what to do to have peace.

    The end justifies the means!!

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    You give them any big number and they will cling on to it.

    How about 3,000,000 Tamils?

  11. lingamAndy Says:

    75,000 had left BEFORE these 225,000 ? left to where ??? if any had change to left before than Our Thesiya Thalaivar(VP) would have living in Hamapanthoda ( next door to Gota) now !

    40,000 Tamils died ——-> SL since has peace!!! Fantastic we have peace- This Gentral man answer !!!
    Lorenzo- watch it Ellan Paddai is ready (training completed) now ! Thaipongal We will have Vaana Vedikkai !

  12. Lorenzo Says:



    We will kill THEM ALL and a few hundred thousand others too.

    Our bombs and bullets are just getting rusted without targets!!!

    You can cry again thereafter. Now you cry for 75,000. Soon you will cry for 750,000!!!

  13. lingamAndy Says:

    Easy !
    No more Chinhala Brothers & Sisters for target !!!
    FYI, first shoot in the head at Neduntheevu !!! that is our Thaipongal Vaana Vedikkai !!!

  14. lingamAndy Says:

    if you can stop , stop it ,name of the person will be shoot dead Chief Minister of NP Doucles Devanada !!!
    varu thu varuthu venkai veliye varuthu !!!!

    Are you ready for Sangu Utha??

  15. Nimal Says:

    I am sure you are living as a refugee in the West and live there peacefully without bothering about the people living in the island.They are amicably living in harmony unless likes of you have other sinister plans? Come and see for your selves.so leave that country alone and we will together solve the problems,though it will be an uphill.We have just come out of a terrible time of blood letting mainly by the separatist rebels.75,000 may be in wellawatte,Toronto or in TN.Life is much better for the Tamil people in SL now that the oppressive rebels are no more.So accept it for the sake of people who are trying to live in harmony and are trying to make a honest living.

  16. lingamAndy Says:

    a refugee in the West and live there peacefully – agrred !
    They are amicably living in harmony – than please explain me why three Jaffna university students not appeared in court yet?

  17. lingamAndy Says:

    I real understand your concern but sorry to say our (Tamil )name of game is not living in harmony Mother lanka !
    1980 We were 2.6m =Now 1.6m +0.8m left the country +0.2m killed( include 40,000 killed in May2009 )

    Now We concern about balance 1.6m
    another 20 years later 1.6m =1m left country +0.6m killed !!! so zero Tamil so no Tamil problm in Mother lanka !

    than Sri Lanka can change it name to Sinhala Lanka also Orage stip can be taken off from National flag !

    This what our game all about !!!

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    We are ready for any TAMIL KALUTHAI!

    Next time it will be 750K not just an imaginary 75K. Can’t wait.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    “another 20 years later 1.6m =1m left country +0.6m killed !!! so zero Tamil so no Tamil problm in Mother lanka !”

    I agree.

    Correct name of SL is Sinhale. Its flag is the LION flag.

  20. lingamAndy Says:

    flag is the LION flag.- agreed but take off green stip you have to sort out with Sonis !
    keep dreaming mate 1st patch of Eelan Paddai is landed in Thamil Eelam to have Thaipongal vaana vedikkai !!!

  21. lingamAndy Says:

    Correct name of SL is Sinhale-agrred
    Correct name of TE is Thamizhan , what do you thing ??? let me keep dearm myself !!

  22. cassandra Says:


    No. No. We cannot have what your say – “another 20 years later 1.6m =1m left country +0.6m killed !!!” I expect that in another 20 years later the Tamil population will have increased in line with the normal population rise and, certainly, there will be no question of “0.6m killed” I fervently hope that we don’t have to speak about Tamils (or any other part of the population) being killed in the future.

    By the way, I enjoy your contributions to this blog. I am not sure I always understand all of what you say but you certainly provide a ‘different’ viewpoint, you raise some pertinent questions and ensure that all the discussion is simply not ‘one way’ only.

  23. lingamAndy Says:

    certainly provide a ‘different’ viewpoint- Thanks
    before May 2009 I only reading Tamilwebs (tamilnet,Eelamweb etc…) so only know one side of the fence that is Tamil Eelam (Sinhalese are killers etc…) but never fully conviced for Tamil Eelam dream !

    Now name of the game is not for Tamil eelam – I am fully convinced !!!

  24. Lorenzo Says:


    The army is 200,000.
    89,000 Thamil Mahaveer Maathaas.

    Do the calculation!! :))

    There will be more Muslims than Tamils in SL by 2015. If being the largest minority is so bad, being the second largest minority will be worse. Tamils will have 2 masters to satisfy then. Double the fun.

  25. lingamAndy Says:

    You remember North Muslim how we solved it with in 24 hours so do not worry about us We know how deal with mukkals & how to deal with moddayas !!!

    you know how many Tamil living in Tamil Nadhu !!! We replase over night mate !!!

    Namathu Vettiyin Naalai Sariththiram Sollum !!! ( our wining day will say in tomorrow history – if you can translate in english for me)

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