Canada Indeed Seems Biased and Misinformed As The External Affairs Minister Has Commented, With Every Right To Do So!
Posted on January 7th, 2013

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial

January 8th, 2013

When External Affairs Minister G.L Peries  has said  that the statements made by the visiting Canadian Minister Jason Kenney were “biased and unbalanced” there seems to be nore than a semblance of truth to it.
For sometime now as the world is well aware, Canada seems to have taken on a mantle of self opinionated  righteousness about the goings on in post insurgent Sri Lanka not paying any attention to the greatest truism that has come out of what Sri Lanka is today ~ a nation liberated from terrorism, unprecedentedly so! where many citizens have suffered greatly not only the minority Tamils but also the majority Sinhalese and other ethnicities which comprise the nation’s ethnic mosaic.It is becoming an incessant consternation that Canada seems to ber adopting this attitude, the reason for which is well known as Canada is a nation that listens to the cockamanie concoctions of the Tamils Diaspora who are a disgruntled lot as their champions the Tamils Tigers were ignominiously vanquished and prevented from destroying a Sovereign Nation while also paying no attention to the humungus good that was done to Sri Lanka by its real livberators the present Administration and her Armed Forces.

On the part of Sri Lanka’s External Affairs Minister a just and astute intellectual highly respected by the Nation’s law makers ,administrators, the common man and most importantly the international community when he chooses to state that “the Sri Lankan Government will not conduct its affairs in a way that suits the domestic politics of another country. The government will act in the best interest of our people,” he has not minced his words and it also reflects the aggravation the nation of Sri Lanka continues to endure at the hands of oppressors and enemies of the State who have a single objective in mind namely to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka, enemies who seem to have the capacity to hoodwink even great Nations like Canada on the basis of cleverly cooked up lies and innuendo where they themselves are the root cause of the problems in Sri Lanka having created them in support of terrorists and insurgents and continue their activities even today. That Canada chooses to toe the line of such deviates is pure apathy.

When Minister Kenney, who met Minister Peries on Sunday has said that the domestic issues in Sri Lanka were causing an influx of asylum seekers to Canada and Australia he seems to have quite forgotten the opportunistic theorem that often governs these asylum seekers in their homeland land heavily laden with socio economic problems and a burdgeoning population bordering on 20 million and that on a surface area of a mere 25,000 Sq.Mls. where those in quest of greener pastures have taken advantage of the terrorist problem towards bettering their own circumstances and at times painfully visible with the exception of a few blinkered pundits.

Surely as Minister Peiries points out  “it is not at all a balanced view. We are aware of the large Tamil expatriate community in Canada and the visiting minister has drawn this conclusion based on information by people with a partisan political agenda,”  to which it may be safely added that there is a degree of bitterness and a quest for revenge on the part of those with the agendas he has refered to and a discontent lot that by far surpasses the need to beg for refugee status on falsely presented grievances.
Canada’s administrators having responded to these almost blindly now appear to be paying a price for gullibility where some of these so called refugee claimamants are” bleeding the system white”, indulging in criminal activities and creating much unrest and perhaps even a degree of instability down the road which will more than likely come vack to haunt them  where the same can be said in all probabilities for many other countries which also admitted them unconditionally albeit bellyaching about it now.
It also seems more than likely, as the External affairs Minister Peiris has alluded to ~  that the Canadian Minister attempting to finger point at Sri Lanka had been briefed on the ongoing process of political reconciliation and government talks with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) who were onetime evocative and visible supporters of the terrorist Tamil Tigers and have no real place in the issue.

Continuing his response to the Canadian Minister he has also stated that ” he ( Mr Kenny ) has not based his comments on the information provided to him by the Government of Sri Lanka but instead has made a baseless allegation, which we will like him to substantiate with answers to the question: What are these individuals running away from,” Minister Peries said where the reality of what the TBA are running away from is the likelihood of their transparencies relative to their real agendas being exposed where the GOSL continues to be magnanimous in tolerating their presemce given their track record and the danger of their contribution toward a resurgence of past problems involving the ethnic divide and a danger which cannot be overlooked simply becvause of Canadian rhetoric !

In all fairness to the Sri Lankan External Affairs Minister it seems very justifiable to be of the opinion that the visiting Minister  has not taken adequate account of the views of the government, nor has he acknowledged the areas of development and progress in post insurrection Sri Lanka where the Administration has made it a point to incorporate Tamils as well as all other ethnicities towards sharing the benefits of a very progressive and rapidly developimg Nation.
It merely adds tp the bias and misinformation Canada at present is reacting with towards not accepting  what really transpires in Sri Lanka today and truly a shame that credit has not been given where it is due but in the overall scheme of things Sri Lanka will prevail regardless of what her enemies attempt to portray to the world!

3 Responses to “Canada Indeed Seems Biased and Misinformed As The External Affairs Minister Has Commented, With Every Right To Do So!”

  1. beagle Says:

    As to be expected, whenever a Canadian politician mouths off about Srilanka it is only because he is playing to the
    Tamil Diaspora voters. Until a few years ago none of these blithering idiots could point out SriLanka on a world map
    or had even heard about that little island thousands of miles away until boatloads of refujees appeared, took welfare handouts, resorted to all types of criminal activity and then used those very same ill gotten gains to fund
    these politicians election campaigns and promise them their votes. SHAME! Whenevr I read about these shenigans I am ashamed to be a Canadian.

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    It seems high handed that canada adopts this authoritative attitude just to please the Tamil diaspora never paying a thought to the fact that all of Sri Lanka’s ethnic problems were created by a dissenting miniscule minority of Tamils who were supported by their bretheren in Tamil Nadu! Its high time Canada got the facts right but alas there is another damning Channel Four report ( concocted, cooked up and without a smidgen of real evidence beyond pseudo graphics that is!) that will surely refuel Canada’s enthusiasm for accoutability that will futher complicate the related issues. SRI LANKA IN ELIMINATING 3 1/2 DECADES OF TERRORISM HAS NOTHING TO ACCOUNT FOR BEYOND THE INCONVENIENCES CAUSED THROUGH NATION DEFENDING WHICH WILL BE ABSORBED RATIONALLY AS THE OVERALL GOOD IT HAS ACCOMPLISHED OWES NOTHING TO FOREIGN POWERS WHOSE AGENDAS DO NOT COINCIDE WITH THE TREMENDOUS CHANGES FOR THE BETTER SRI LANKA VERIFIABLY PRESENTS ALBEIT TANGIBLTY TODAY. So to all those in disagreement they should get their act together and leave Sri Lanka alone!

  3. S de Silva Says:

    The false accusations by Amnesty, HRW, CH4 etc will never end unless they are taken to Court for libel and compensation. Punishment via this route is the ONLY language these bogus HR activists sponsored by the Tamil diaspora could be made to shut up. GoSL must recognose this course of action to silence these HR humbugs who can point fingers only at Sri Lanka! – S de Silva – London

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