Jason Kenney in Sri Lanka and a response to his comments
Posted on January 9th, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1.Canada

8 January 2013

Hon. Jason Kenney, PC., MP
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
Government of  Canada’  House of Commons, Ottawa

Dear Jason:

O Boy O boy”¦you go to Sri Lanka and put your foot right in your mouth when you walked into the arena of Sri Lanka’s  Human Rights when you had expressed “profound concern over human rights violations and lack of progress in political reconciliation in the field of accountability for crimes that have been committed at the end of the war.”  War kills, Jason.  And if the Tamils wanted to live by their guns, they shouldn’t be a bunch of cry babies as they should know by now that they certainly would die by their guns.   And stop crying for them, Jason.  O sure, Canada helped these rascals  by letting them get funded by the Tamil Diaspora by stuffing the Tamil Tiger war chest two million dollars a month for 13 “ƒ”¹…”Liberal’ years, and that doesn’t mean that the Sri Lankan soldiers’ shouldn’t defend themselves by shooting back at the AK47 totting, hand grenade throwing, claymore mine detonating Tamil Tigers.  Stop crying for these Tamil Tigers, Jason.  They are a bunch of cruel serial killers.  They killed my innocent, unarmed Sinhalese people in the thousands, and there were hundred of infants among them, and I resent it.

I am surprised that you go to Sri Lanka, that knows that once upon a time Canada was a great friend of theirs but not any more.  And now a sort of an enemy of theirs who hates to see progress in that island nation without an army of a foreign funded Tamil terrorists, and tell them “We are Holier than Thou”. All this stupidity when  Amnesty International has pinned Canada on to the  Human Rights Rogues Gallery Wall for our Human Rights violations against our First Nation peoples; and when Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence had been on a hunger strike since December 11 in her teepee on Victoria Island a stone’s throw from your office at the Parliament Building in Ottawa complaining about the human rights violations  against  her peoples.  Sish! That is being damn foolish isn’t, Jason?  Why did you feel that you had a moral right to wear an evangelical cloak and preach to the Sri Lankan Government on human rights?  That was disingenuous, wasn’t it, Jason?  Hmmm”¦.heal thy self before you get at Sri Lanka again, please.  It doesn’t look good on Jason Kenney’s persona who has won great regards as an honest man from the other Sri Lankan community across Canada, the Sinhalese, which know very little of.  They are your friends too Jason for different reasons, than your Tamil friends in the GTA who have dubbed you as  the “ƒ”¹…”Curry in a Hurry, Jason.’

So what is all this ballyhoo, Jason?  It is not rocket science to figure out where you as a Minister of Canada’s Conservative Government is coming from, when yours and my former  Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Cannon, put out a pathetic Press Release after the Sri Lankan soldiers whipped the butts of the Tamil Tigers after a sordid  27 year long separatist war and eliminated these ruthless terrorists militarily on 19 May 2009.  Canada through Cannon had difficulty to acknowledge this great achievement single handed when all the other western countries patted the back of President Mahinda Rajapaksa saying “Good show Mr. President.  Way to go. We don’t want these terroists around, who perfected the suicide body pack and the art of suicide bomb killings!”

I am going to tell you the reason why that pathetic press release Jason, and I know you will agree with me too.  You Conservatives did not want to antagonize the Tamil refugee community the majority whom were free loaders living on welfare cheques  and had no employment commitments, so  had free time on their hands to come to Ottawa in bus loads from Scarborough, Markham and Mississauga and demonstrate ten fold along Sussex Drive, for days, for weeks, for months, blocking the route to the GG’s Residence, and using the  road side to relieve their nature’s calls.   And you all wanted their votes to form the next majority government. Right?

I hope you heard Sri Lanka’s External Affairs Minister G.L.Peries’s response loud and clearly when he said “”…” “the Sri Lankan Government will not conduct its affairs in a way that suits the domestic politics of another country.  The country will act in the best interest of our people.”  He certainly did not mince his words, and as you being a smart politician, would have understood that it was a polite way to tell you, “Minister Kenney, why don’t  you buzz off and mind your own stupid business at home like what is going on with the First Nation demonstration and the hunger strike of its Chief Theresa Spence.  And before you leave Sri Lanka go to Galle Face Green and fly a kite.”

My Crystal Ball provides an interesting reading which is my Thesis, why you had that Whiteman’s arrogance to preach to Sri Lankan’s about Human Rights, when they had given back to their 21 million people their right-to-life, the most sacred human right  that any human being should enjoy which had been hijacked by the Tamil Tiger terrorists for 27 bloody years, by eliminating them militarily on 19 May 2009.

Jason, you had no honest interest on Sri Lanka’s welfare, but you had your personal interest front and centre when you put your foot in your mouth in Colombo when you tried hard to be the Canadian Smart Alec Preacher Boy.

Your megaphone diplomacy was for the ears of the Tamil Diaspora in the Greater Toronto Area who you will be depending on  to carry you up in the vote count at the next Conservative leadership convention which you will certainly be a candidate.

You also know how fickle the allegiance of the Tamils is as they will only support the party that they could squeeze the cream and bilk from as the government.  You also know how they dumped the Liberals who had supported their separate state Eelam cause for donkey’s years, when they knew that the Conservatives will form the next government and abandoned the Liberals and saw their parliamentarians “”…” Maria Minna, Robert Oliphant, Andrew Karnia, Mark Holland, Yasmin Rathansi, Ruby Dhalla, Gurbax Malhi, Borys Wrzesnewskyj, Navdeep Bains, Ken Dryden and a few others, fall like ten pins.  These are the parliamentarians who found time to jockey themselves as to who would be first to attend every silly Tamil function in the Toronto Area,  They were just like blue flies fighting for the space to be the first to sit on the dollop of Tamil dung.  They certainly did not have time for the Sri Lankan-Sinhalese Canadians functions as they seemed to have “other  prior engagements”.  Such is the fascinating political game that you Canadian parliamentarians play with your constituents.

My thesis is well spelled out in Michael Den Tandt’d column, “ƒ”¹…”Canada at 150′, in The Ottawa Citizen of Monday, January 7, 2013.  He says: “In late June of 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is just getting his feet wet”¦.Trudeau leads a minority Liberal government of 157 MPs, having eight months earlier narrowly defeated the then-minority Conservative Prime Minister Jason Kenney, now reduced to 128 seat.”  So there you are, Jason.  I  now understand why your stupid megaphone diplomacy in Sri Lanka. It as nothing to do with Sri Lanka.  It was all to do with Jason Kenney.  Right?

“We are also very concerned that in this post-war environment there appears to be growing pressure for emigration from Sri Lanka, whether to Australia, to Canada or elsewhere due to push factors in this country”, you said.  Come on Jason, that is a load of bull isn’t it?

What you were shy to admit was that the smart Sri Lankan Tamils found out what a foolish bunch the Canadians were who would open the flood gates for the simplest lie of persecution and discrimination and being let in as Convention Refugees, but only to go back  to Sri Lanka after they receive their Canadians passports. And when they land at the Colombo airport,  they walk  happily swinging their hand luggage singing in chorus their refugee anthem “”…” “O Canada, what a bunch of fools you are.”

By returning to their homeland that they ran complaining that they had been persecuted and discriminated they breached the Convention Refugee protocol thus proving that they were indeed “ƒ”¹…”economic refugees’.  And smuggling was a million dollar business for years, and not just when they came afloat on rusty trawlers “”…” Ocean Lady and Sun Sea.

The senior reporter Paul Kaihla for McLean’s of April 29,1996 came up with the cover story “”…” “ƒ”¹…”The People Smugglers. Canada is a Top Destination In The Global Trade in Humans”¦How the criminals Victimize The Innocent”¦The new breed of global outlaws are earning billions trafficking in a precious cargo: human beings.  Alien smuggling has become a growth business worth up to $9.5 billion a year “”…” and Canada is a prime target’  Read it Jason and stop blaming the Sri Lankan government because we  Canadians were weak in curbing this scandal. We are now playing catch-up.

Do you know what, Jason?  We wanted to show the world that Canada is humane and have opened the doors for refugees.   Well, if we were stupid enough to make that bed, so for God’s sake  let’s sleep on it without blaming Sri Lanka.  It certainly does not cut mustard with me.

As for Prime Minister not wanting to attend the Commonwealth Heads Meeting in Colombo, let’s not make a song and dance out of it.  If Stephen Harper wants to please the Tamil Diaspora for wanting their votes, let’s not make a hissy fit out of it, for God’s sake ask him to stay back and let the rest of the Commonwealth Nations get on with their business.  I don’t care two prairie straws whether he goes to Sri Lanka or not even with a Phantom of the Opera mask  so he won’t be recognized, as he is no friend of Sri Lanka.

The bottom line is Jason, Canada has no moral right to preach to Sri Lanka saying that “We are Holier than Thou.”  That is nonsense as we are not.  That statement is not as tasty as a bunch of baloney hanging in a stall at the Byward Market.

Speak to me, if you wish to, as we may have lots to dialogue about.  You will hear the truth from me, as that is my strength on this issue.

And here is a plus for you before I sign off.  I  still have a tremendous regard for you for spear-heading with Stockwell Day to ban the Tamil Tigers as a terrorist organization in April 2006.  I was levitating an inch off the ground in elation for one whole week.  And that is another fact.


Asoka (Weerasinghe)

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