Tigers in Sheep’s Clothing Move-in on Holy Track! Regime Change through Conversion
Posted on January 9th, 2013

Prof. Hudson McLean

Many Blond blue-eyed Tamil LTTE Tiger sympathizers from Scandinavia have moved into Sri Lanka South on a long-term mission.

“Regime Change through Conversion”!

Most of them are failed businessmen with no academic or technical qualifications, expert in Scams, except good looks and a friendly smile, some even speaking Sinhala.

Several of them have enlisted (snared) “tame” Sinhala frontmen as Managers/Operators of the (smallish) Mission-Hotel-Guest Houses in Galle, Matara, Hambantota.

Their objectives are multi fold-;

1: Collect donations from the Buddhist South, promising “Salvation”. Free survival for them, Sun-Sand-Sex thrown-in Free.

2: Act as Christian Missionaries trying to convert the Buddhist into Christians

3: Start building Christian Mission combined with Holiday Resort to entice Scandinavian-Nordic tourists

4: Discreet “services” to capture the tourists with “incentives” for later applications including blackmail.

5: Introduce pre-programmed & brain-washed young boys & girls to foreign guests.

When the snow begins to fall down in tonnes, with freezing cold temperatures, these Blond Tiger Missionaries move to the warm sunny climes of Sri Lanka, for about 3-4 months each year.

These “Missionaries” have no religious qualification, but are “self appointed” preachers of Christianity. They do not believe in photographs or statues either. But preach the doctrine, “God is Everywhere”.

Their contribution to the development of Sri Lanka is NIL!

They use the generosity of the innocent poor citizens, collect the coins and whatever that is usable, and build trust & loyalty for future use.

The main objective of Conversion to “Christianity” is a bluff, to collect Loyalty and Support, to divert from the influence of Buddhist Monks.

The “Tsunami” funds, gifts, donations many collected from sympathizers in Scandinavian countries, never reached Sri Lanka, but remained in the Scandinavian countries, fueling their own pockets.

These Scammers & Swindlers (who are not difficult to identify by their physical characteristics and ability to speak Sinhala)  should be weeded out of Sri Lanka by Immigration Authorities & Police Force.

Photograph Them, Name & Shame Them. Get the victims to speak-out!

Then there are several of these vermin, who are Homosexuals, who reside temporarily in Sri Lanka, because of the low cost of living, collecting young boys (trained as Dancers and/or Massage Boys) for “services” in Scandinavia. Usually these operators park themselves in the Tourist South.

The Government should capture their ill-gotten assets from unsuspecting innocent villagers, and offer the proceeds to Sri Lanka Orphanages!

Then they too should be weeded and deported as “Persona-non-Grata”.

Sri Lanka does not need such foreign garbage Paedophiles, Scam & Swindlers.

Readers with access to Sri Lanka authorities should facilitate Urgent professional investigation into this clever tactic.


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