Rizana Nafeek we weep for you, and pray for a malediction to fall upon Saudia Arabia, may its oil wells burst into flames destroying it like Sodom and Gomorrah.
Posted on January 12th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

In a home in Sri Lanka  Rizana was still a little girl, where she would have not been short of tender love and affection.  In a Sri Lanka household a daughter brings untold happiness into the house.  As she blooms into woman hood she becomes a treasure  loved and protected. Rizana Rafeek the little girl that left her home with her little head, now severed by brutes, full  of dreams of a  better future for her father, mother, here two little sisters  and for herself perhaps a happy marriage a  home and children.

But she bloomed into womanhood in a Saudi Arabian prison and had  her beautiful head severed from her yet growing childish body by a ruthless man worshipping the same god as she, obeying a most savage Muslim Sharia Law which is certainly not of Allah , but of a man who claimed Allah spoke to the people through him many years back in a dry savage desertic land.

Rizana coming from a poor family where her poor father was toiling hard  to keep the home fires burning had seen how some of her neighbours  or relatives had helped their families to make their lives a little brighter from the money they had brought with them after having worked for the rich  Arab families in the Middle East.   Those who had come back from working for  Arab families some with nails and needles and others  psychologically wounded for ever do not relate their  ordeals  and the  brutality suffered working as slaves for Arab Saudi families..  Rizana ignorant of the brutality of the Arab homes too wanted to help her family  from wages she may earn working for a Muslim family in Saudi Arabia.

Rizana’s father and mother may have consented because of the poverty they were faced with and without fear as Rizana would  after all be working for a rich  Muslim family in Saudi Arabia  praying five times a day for the same omniscient Allah  they themselves prayed .

The poor parents of Rizana who sent her daughter  still a child of seventeen away to the people worshiping the same  Allah they worshipped to bring back home happiness and prosperity was beheaded and was denied her parents to even see her  youthful face of  a woman in her twenties before the Sharia sward severed her head from her body, and buried   without even a tear from her loved one’s to accompany her into the warm repulsive  Saudi  earth of sinners.

The Saudi Arabian Government extended its savagery towards Rizana to last five long years in their evil prison cells before she was savagely beheaded still a young girl at 24. Even the King of Saudi Arabia is said to have been unable to go against the Sharia Law.

In the modern world where men are being prepared to be sent into the space in search of life in other planets , the Arab countries rich with their petrol money  follow  a religion  which is old  and decadent.  They spend their time praying  to Allah five times a day, and  follow the Koran dictated by Him, advising the believers  to punish law breakers by beheading, decapitating, and chopping hands and feet following  the savage primitive archaic uncivilised laws of  a cursed divinity.

What good is a religion if it demands perpetration of utmost cruelty  to  human beings in the name of its God ?

Working in any Arab country in the Middle East is not a  happy and a comforting occupation.  The evidence of   brutality committed against the servants slaving in Arab homes is manifold in Sri Lanka.  Some of our poor women gone for slavery in the Middle East came back with nails and needles in the bodies , others with burnt marks.  Some were decapitated for  minor offences or for carrying a statue of the Buddha.

A domestic aid entering  an Arab Muslim employer’s home  in reality  entering a prison. The first thing  the employer does is to take possession of the passport, then the baggage are ransacked removing portable telephones, photos and images.  There after the poor domestic aid becomes their slave.  She is locked up  prohibiting any communication with any one out side the employer’s home. They have to work from 3 o’clock in the morning and goes to sleep only after cleaning and washing every thing, which would be after midnight.  The domestic aid has no time to sleep.

The Arab Muslim homes do not differentiate between a Muslim domestic servant or one of another religion.  For them they are all slaves. Many are the Sri Lankan domestic servants that had worked for Arab Muslim homes who have committed suicide jumping from the third or fourth floors of their employers  opulent homes  unable to support  gruelling work  and inhuman treatment  met out to them.

We can understand the ordeal poor Rizana had gone through, and no one would agree that she who had two young sisters to look after in her poor home in Sri Lanka would kill deliberately a baby in her care.

She would have slaved in that Muslim home in Saudi Arabia from morning till evening rubbing floors and cleaning  toilets, washing clothes and sweeping yards and also  look after the little baby while her “overfed mother  decked in   luxury”  was having her siesta or gone out shopping.  Poor Rizana tired working from morning  till late into night may not have been in her best form when she had to feed the little baby.

Therefore in such a state it is possible that the baby got chocked and none else at home to be called for help.  No investigation had been made nor an autopsy on the body of the dead child carried out to ascertain the reason for its death.

Recounting all that is of no avail now as nothing can bring Rizana tortured and beheaded in public back to life.

We are all responsible for the cruel untimely death of Rizana,  therefore we should make a determination to fight against sending our women to slavery in Arab Muslim Countries which is  sending living beings to hell.

If the government takes a determined decision and stops our women going to slavery into these Arab Muslim countries then we could at least draw a breath of  satisfaction that Rizana had not allowed those brutes armed with the Sharia Law and a sward to have beheaded her in vain.

15 Responses to “Rizana Nafeek we weep for you, and pray for a malediction to fall upon Saudia Arabia, may its oil wells burst into flames destroying it like Sodom and Gomorrah.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    God willing this will happen very soon.

    There is violence around the area – Yeman, Saudi, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, West Bank, Egypt, Bahrain, etc. NOT A SINGLE country around Saudi without MAJOR violence.

    Impending war will wipe out Saudi riches to rags.

    Please read what Hillary Clinton said about Saudi which IS the US plan for Saudi!!


    Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest source of funds for Islamist militant groups such as the Afghan Taliban and Lashkar-e-Taiba – but the Saudi government is reluctant to stem the flow of money, according to Hillary Clinton.

    “More needs to be done since Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for al-Qaida, the Taliban, LeT and other terrorist groups,” says a secret December 2009 paper signed by the US secretary of state. Her memo urged US diplomats to redouble their efforts to stop Gulf money reaching extremists in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    “Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide,” she said”

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Saudi king Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud will soon kick the bucket.

    He is already brain dead since last November.

  3. Charles Says:


    Please listen this :


  4. aravinda Says:

    Banning women seeking employment in Middle East is not the answer. How can we advocate this, without giving economic solutions. Sri Lankan women should be told what lies ahead in Saudi, Qatar and Kuwait. That would deter many seeking employment in these nations. After few years it may come to an end. Lets hope a day comes soon, no Sri Lankan women is employed in Middle East. Where are our leaders? Why can’t those who cry for Shriani speak for Rizana?

    It is sad to see no world wide outcry for her death. When European and American leader come to Saudi, they come in knees. They virtually worship so called Saudi Royal family. It is well documented how CIA operatives supply Saudi Royal family with anything they want, including prostitutes. John Perkins books is a good source of what happens in Saudi. 15 of the 19 twin tower highjackers are Saudis. What did Americans do? Killed one million innocents in Iraq. The reason is USA and Europe will die out without Saudi oil.

  5. Nesta Says:

    It is cruel.It is inhumane. Saudi action cannot be justified. It is not Islamic teaching. It is not Sharia law indeed. These Saudi Arabia on outwardly show the world that they are real heir of Prophet of Islam.In reality they are the worse one. All unlawful things are in Suadi. But these Muslims take Saudi Arabia as their guide. What Lorenzo said is O.K. In reality these foolish Saudis cannot be the custodian of two sacred mosques in Saudi Arabia. Rizana will be Heavenly bounded.

  6. Kit Athul Says:

    aravinda, you are very wrong. No Sri Lankan workers should be allowed to work there. Sri Lanken economy is at present, can absorb these workers seeking work in Saudi-Arabia. Only problem is Sri Lanka does not know how to Export the manufactured product. How to make deals with large companies in USA.

    Lorenzo, I don’t belive that Hilary Clinton openly said this! If she did Saudies would retaliate.

  7. aloy Says:

    As Kit Athul said we do not have to send our women to Middle East where a law designed to protect the life style of medeval nomadic arabs prevail. It is the fault of the culture not that of the religion. I have lived more than twenty years in a muslim asean country where the people are mild mannered and not cruel like the arabs. I havent come across a single instance where domestics have been treated like this.
    Our forefathers built tens of thousands of reservoirs/tanks and created wonderful irrigaion systems throughout the country to sustain a large population, living happy and contended according to our culture. Today we are 130% self sufficient in food production, because of feriliser subsidy etc. Why send our woment to suffer this fate and come home with nails driven into their limbs?. Why not retain these women at home to be made use of in economic activities locally?.

  8. Kit Athul Says:

    aloy thanks for reminding who Saudis are. Sinhala must know, as you state, how to educate and employ our young woman, regardless of religion. Similar thing happend to an Indonesian girl, her head was chopped off. Indonesia banned young girls going for domestic work in Saudi-Arabia. Then Saudies expelled all Indonisian domestic servenst, but it absorbed all and gave gave them a salary until they found a local job. Why can’t Sinhala think like this? Why is’t a public out cry to bring back all domestics?

  9. R.M.W Says:

    Nalliah Thayabharan has given a good historical blink as to how the house of Saud took control over Saudi Arabia with help of UK and their tricky agent ‘Laurence of Arabia’ with the fall of Ottoman empire.

    People deserve the regions they get and not only the leaders have they got. When their daughters are beheaded in such a primitive and wile fashion and the Tamil Muslims do not cry in protest, then there is something drastically wrong. Now if someone drew a cartoon and call it you know who …, then these Tamil Muslims will be calling for blood.
    I say we can execute two things if we need to preserve the easy life style and free thinking and blundering ways;
    a.) Disbar Buddhists and Hindu girls from entering the countries practising the ‘religion of peace’.
    b.) One family one child policy should be strictly implemented.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Saudi and Sharia barbarians cannot be excused.

    But there is one small complication that has to be looked at humanely.

    The Saudi king is brain dead since November 2012. Saudi govt. COVERS it up as much as they can.

    When we appealed to the old fart, he could NOT grant Rizana any relief because he was brain DEAD. Not sure if he recovered later.

    If he didn’t recover, we have to excuse the old fart (but not the barbarian Sharia and Saudi).

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    She didn’t make it public. It was made within USA secretly. Leaked by Wikileaks.

    Sometimes even BS has some value.

    e.g. bio gas!!!!

  12. Nanda Says:

    By murdering this innocent girl, Saudi Barbarians showed they are worse than Hon. Velupillai Prabhaharan (PBUH).
    Sir lankan law should be strengthened to protect violence of Islam reaching our society gradually. Now it is the time to act.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Thanks Charles.

    $22 million by Saudi Wahabis to Harvard Uni and all other leading US unis!

    This is EXACTLY what is happening to SL. Law College is the start.

    This must be stopped.

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    “Saudi Barbarians showed they are worse than Hon. Velupillai Prabhaharan (PBUH).”


    Poor old Vezapillai.

  15. rohanana Says:

    The funny thing is that some Muslims are trying to put the blame on Saudis for this act and not accept this practice and other practices of Muslims according to Islam is wrong, outdated and really bad for the human kind especially for women. They forget that these were taught by an illeterate man who could not read or write and also heard the voices of God which is the first sign of Schizoprenia (worse incurable Mental Illness – there are millions who hear and talk to God in Psychiatric hospitals in the world including in Muslims countries like him). He is a man who has killed many and also would have charged as a child molester in todays world. If Allah is so powerful I like to ask those Muslims why is that Allah is not stopping these Barberic acts, why is Allah not punishing those who are breaking his word and bring disgrace to Allah. That is the leaset Allah can do I suppose. I am yet to see that. Allah can dry out all the oil wells in Saudi as Muslims reckon that Allah has given those to Muslims. Allah could have stopped this girl’s suffering and beheading if Allah was so powerful, after all Allah created these bastards and the girl, and Allah should have the power to stop it. I am confused? Those educated Muslims who suppose to preach about Islam should know the answer, and in your answer please quote from the Koran as I have one, so I can check it out to verify. Why is that Allah is not punishing those Muslims (they pray 5 times a day) who do illegal things in Sri Lanka, who build Mosques illegally, sell drugs etc?

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