Independent lawyers scoff at ‘NGO Collective’
Posted on January 16th, 2013

Chaminda Perera-Courtesy The Daily NewsƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ 

Independent Lawyers yesterday called all junior lawyers not to damage their professional careers by joining few lawyers who have identified themselves as ‘Lawyers’ Collective’.

They added that these lawyers who launched a vicious campaign against the country are funded by Non Governmental Organizations and they are being manipulated by certain elements with the backing of bankrupt political parties with the intention of destabilizing the country.

These Independent Lawyers said that a peaceful environment is prevailing in the courts with the appointment of former Attorney General Mohan Peiris PC as the Chief Justice. They welcomed the appointment of new Chief Justice Mohan Peiris, PC who played a pivotal role for the country in the international platform.

Speaking at a special press conference at the BMICH yesterday, they said that those who asked lawyers not to appear in courts in protest of the impeachment motion that was being debated in Parliament, sent their juniors to courts.

“The people have realized the massive campaign against the country and it has taken a different shape in the form of Lawyers’ Collective”, they said.

Independent Lawyers while scoffing at the idea that there was a conflict between the Legislature and the Judiciary stressed that the UPFA government was further strengthened by the impeachment process.

They said that people of all walks of life stood by the government at this juncture to defeat insidious forces who used Chief Justice Dr. Bandaranayaka as a cat’s paw to destabilize the country.

Attorney-at-Law Saman Galappaththi of Public Campaign for Justice said that the impeachment motion was part of a conspiracy launched by certain countries with vested interests.

He said that some countries wanted to bring developing countries under their control by aiding and abetting these types of conspiracies to destabilize the country.

Galappaththi said that a group of people who do not want to see peace in the country have connived with the bankrupt political parties against the country.

These individuals are nurtured by Non Governmental Organizations, he said.

Galapaththi said that these forces used Sarath Fonseka as a cat’s paw to destabilize the country and former Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayaka was also used for this sinister move.

He added that the people should be aware of these forces who have not given up their vicious campaign against the country.

Attorney- at-Law Premaratne Silva of Sri Lanka Independent Young Lawyers’ Association said that foreign countries have no right to interfere with the country’s judicial process.

He said that Sri Lanka is a sovereign country and no country has a right to interfere in the country’s judicial process.

“We removed all shackles through 1972 Republican Constitution.

Attorney-at-Law Bandula Ellawala said that the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna still living in an era in which Athenians practised democracy in the fifth and sixth centuries. This system is obsolete now, he said.

Ellawala said that 20 million people cannot gather in a place to hear the case.

The impeachment motion was inquired by the Legislature which comprises the representatives of the people. “These people’s representatives have been empowered to investigate the impeachment charges against the Chief Justice under the constitution”, he added.

He said that new Chief Justice Mohan Peiris has a pivotal role for the country in the international arena.

He also commended the services of former Chief justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayaka for the judiciary. Attorney-at-Law B. Manawadu and lawyers representing a number of independent associations expressed their views.

10 Responses to “Independent lawyers scoff at ‘NGO Collective’”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Some big lawyers had the CJ in their pocket.

    She gave them favourable judgements.

    Now its no more! No more biased judgements. That is why they strike work.

    Good lawyers who rely on merit of their arguments need not stop work.

  2. Leela Says:

    I think beneficiaries and benefactors of the same NGOs that backed Sarath Fonseka in 2010 have taken ShiraniB also for a right royal ride. Whatever she dreamed of, she must have had a nice ego trip. Now that a new CJ is appointed, ShiraniB has become an Ex CJ in true sense. And pitiless NGO sharks will dump her the same way they have dumped SF. When she realizes true friends and reality of life, it will be too late. What a waste.

  3. Leela Says:

    So-called ‘lawyer collective’ had said, they will not accept the speakers rule and Shirani B would remain as the CJ. They even said Shirani B will continue her duties on the 15th whereas the President had appointed a new chief justice on the same date. Stupid as she is, the fired CJ even asked for police protection to continue her job. She imagined a non existent constitutional crises and thought police is also confused like her.

    I am eagerly waiting to see, the way top guns of the so-called ‘lawyer collective’ walk one by one quietly back to court rooms abandoning Shirani B in toto. Dirty buggers.

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    The judges of the Appellate Court who gave a judgement misquoting the Constitution should be found fault with. I wonder if there is a procedure for bringing charges against these Judges however senior they are for being partisan and wilfully misinterpreting the wordings of the Constitution. If this is how they dole out justice at the highest level, how can an ordinary citizen expect justice from such persons.

  5. mario_perera Says:

    Henceforth, the ‘UTTARITA’ parliament can split up into criminal and civil jurisdictions with Appellate and Supreme Court powers, and directly hear the cases of the people. These same powers can be conferred on provincial parliaments and by extension to other provincial council and palath sabha groupings. No need then for a camouflaged and face-saving puppet judiciary with the power of the people being directly exercised by the peoples representatives.

    Now that the snow-ball has been launched with parliament’s total rejection of the Supreme Court and Appeal Court judgments in its regard, let the government fearlessly go the whole hog and set in practice what it has preached. This will also mean the abolishing of law college and law faculties with the representatives of the people arguing the cases of the people as well. The recent impeachment event has amply proved that knowledge of the law is not necessary to argue a case. The law will therefore be what the people decide it to be. The supremacy of the people will then be enthroned in an untouchable manner and its judicial power exercised directly by the people for the people. With two-thirds of the parliamentary votes at the government’s disposal, the time to act is NOW for ‘now is now the only time that may be’.

    Mario Perera

  6. ranjit Says:

    High time all the opposition goons put a full stop to destroying their own born and educated country our Motherland Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is not owned by one family or one section but it is for all peace loving citizens born and bread in Sri Lanka. These vultures by going to destroy the reputation of one man they destroy the whole country. These power hungry money hungry liers and traitors must understand that majority of Sri Lankans are not stupid and bad as they were.

    If all these traitors Ranil,Bahu,Ganeshan,Kiriella,Tilvin,Sri Kantha,SF,CJ and the rest of the Hynas get together even they cannot beat or touch one hair of the well loved President of Sri Lanka for many more years. Only thing they can do is that they will be able to earn some good money without doing a job by assisting the evil International community like America,Canada,England etc by giving false information and barking on behalf of them and organizing rowdy protests. Their personal accounts are getting bigger and bigger day by day. Only they need is something just to create unneccessary problem to destroy our poor country. They do not respect their Mother,Father or Children but only green bucks. I wish they all go to hell.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    “UNP MP Mangala Samaraweera is said to have met with the London-based Global Tamil Forum (GTF) in the UK, the Government Information Department reported.

    The Spokesman of the GTF Suren Surendiran had confirmed that the MP had met with the group while talking to the Canada-based Tamil newspaper “Oru”.

    Speaking to the Oru newspaper about the suspicion in which the meeting was viewed, Surendiran stated,

    “Understandably, it was viewed with suspicion. Firstly, this was a meeting that wasn’t a formal GTF meeting but was private in nature.”

    – adaderana

    MONGAL does it again!! This TRAITOR must be 6 feet underground.

  8. Leela Says:

    I bet Man-gala was discussing with Suren about coordinating with Diaspora Tamils of his planned coming up of rumour-mongering to sully the image of the President. At a recent UNP press briefing at Sirikotha, UNP general secretary Attanayake had boastfully explained to party workers how Man-gala spread all sort of lies about President Premadasa in the early 90s. He requested them to rely upon Man-gala’s ability to spread lies and a way to win the coming up elections. ITN had shown this film clip a few days back. Attanayake also said, it was Man-gala who spread the rumour that Premdasa was bathed with seven milk pots by seven virgins to rid of bad spells in the early 90s. He said the lies were spread in such a perfect way every one believed it. That’s the kind of skill Man-gala has, and therefore all the UNP supporters could rely on him this time round as well, Attanayake reminded them.

  9. jay-ran Says:

    “The Global Tamil Forum (GTF), a London based Tamil Diaspora group seen by the government as being supportive of the LTTE, has confirmed that it met UNP MP Mangala Samaraweera recently.”
    Yes Lorenzo,this SHAMELESS MONGAL TRAITOR WHO TRIES TO DESTABILIOSE THE GOVT WITH LTTE should be 6 ft underground by now for the endless condemnations this baffoon made against the Govt during the war.Now hehas been appointed by the TRAITORS UNP to carry on a campaign against MR and tarnishMR’s image WHICH WILLNEVER HAPPEN.How many lies were spread over the last few yrs withbig lies but none was able to make MR or the Govt unpopuler.

  10. callistus Says:

    The more Tissa Attanayake and Mangala talk the deeper the UNP go down and lose voters. Well done UNP, keep your mud slinging on and on.

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