Posted on January 18th, 2013

Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

Press reports say that The British Tamils Forum had urged Her MajestyƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s Government to exert serious diplomatic pressure on Sri Lanka stating that Sri Lankan government is systematically suppressing the defiant voice of Tamil people in the island.

Those so called British Tamil Forum people and other anti-Sri Lankan groups better know that present Sri Lankan government does not give any care to any foreign government or organizationƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s adverse opinions as long as it comes to national security, safety and integrity of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan government is treating all the citizens in the country in a same and fair manner and those who do not like these principles may leave the country for good leaving the island in peace.

Virtually the whole western world leaders were in war with Sri Lankan government during the Great Humanitarian Operation which Sri Lanka liberated innocent Tamils from the grip of LTTE terrorists and put a full stop to the terrorism in May 2009. The brilliant victory by the courageous Sri Lankan military was a big slap to those leaders who were trying to safeguard the brutal and heinous terrorists. Those shameful leaders sided with the LTTE terrorists due to many reasons. Some of those reasons were pity political and religious. The terrorists had funded those leaders and their political parties heavily and bribed their advisors and friends. Some religious missions were disappointed that Sri Lanka has tough laws against unlawful conversions and that it protects Buddhism constitutionally.

Buddhism is the only scientific and cosmic religion in the word which great philosophers and scientists like Albert Einstein explained in many occasions ( ) and Sri Lanka is the only country in the world which practices the true doctrine of Buddhism today. In order to protect Buddhism, Sri Lanka should be saved and in order to save Sri Lanka Sinhalese shall be saved and protected. This does not mean that other people in Sri Lanka should be discriminated and treated second hand but they should accept the fact that Sinhalese have only Sri Lanka to claim. That is why the Gautama Buddha predicted more than 2500 years ago that pure Buddhism and his great teachings will be available in Sri Lanka in the future.

Anybody who opposes the Sri Lankan government principles may leave the country peacefully and take refuge in those countries that support them.


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    I agree.

    BUT these shameless, losers and booty lickers will NOT leave SL. They have their businesses in SL that earn more than they earn in Toronto!!! So we have to MAKE them leave by making their life miserable in SL.

    The only WORD I don’t agree is:

    “Buddhism is the only scientific and cosmic”

    Agree with remaining logic.

    Buddhism MUST be protected because Buddhism protected SL over the years and SL is the guardian of this great philosophy. “That is why the Gautama Buddha predicted more than 2500 years ago that pure Buddhism and his great teachings will be available in Sri Lanka in the future.”

  2. Kit Athul Says:

    Lorenzo, Lorenzo, you did not read the full sentance. And SL is the only country in the world which practices the doctrine of Buddhism today”. I totally disagree, I am with you on the whole paragraph. Problem with Shripal Nishanka Fernendo is; he is confused with what Gotham (his family name) Buddha (Is what he attened) preached. He did not preach a Pure religion. He preached a phiolosophy and a simple PANSIL PADA PHA (Indonesian Government adheres to this 5 principles) for the lay person to live by. What I feel happend is that Mr. Fernando got so upset for what British Tamil Forum and wanted to response to it. Mr. Frenando, Tamils in UK are remnants of the bye-gone era of Tamil domination of Sri Lanka. Sinhala only had three quarters of the Land (Up to 2009) now they have all the land, but Tamils still rule the country using the judicial system. Mr. Fernando, may I correct you and Lorenzo, there is no such thing as pure Buddhism. Pure comes from Osama Bin Ledan and the Hindus with their pure as milk religion.

    Mr. Fernando, please don’t get dis-couraged. Keep writing and publishing. If need a subject: Ask the new CJ why there are majority of Supreme court judges Tamils? Some are not SL citizens. Why can’t he deport the visa over stayed Tamil Judges?

  3. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    the great kitul raa beela athula has again blundered when he attempts to correct someone else. buddhism my dear 75 old crock is not a phylosophy as most pundits like you beleive -it’s foundation is based on emperical observation and not by rational thinking, logic, syllogism. however much i attempt to convince people their arrogance keeps them on this view phylosophies are hammered out by thinkers who think and come up with views like nigantaya mahaveera, which are mostly false. buddhism being neither a religion can only be defined as the noble truth and if shripal connotes pure then he is damn right and you are damned. anyway i read once you call eminent weeramantry a fool or something – there is no greater fool than you in this forum and you are a disgrace to that great man’s name – by the way can you pass your friend jayantha liyanage contact no? i am in the island now and wish to speak to him. kalaamer suttra comes to mind when ever i read something by you. you seem to act a protagonist, a harbinger and all knower. lorenzo is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more wiser than you.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    I wish patriots stick together as we have enough enemies.

    e.g. TEs
    e.g. Wababis
    e.g. US/EU MFs
    e.g. Evangelical crooks

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    Send an email to Jayantha and ask for his phone. I got it from the SJP website.


    Replace 8 with @

    Replace 9 with .

  6. ranjit Says:

    I fully agree with Shripal. Buddhism is the most sacred religion for us how much you people argued. Everyone has the right for religious freedom and freedom of speech in my beloved land. We respect fully for all these freedoms, but do not try to down grade or tarnish the religion we Sinhalese have faith for the last 2500 years or more. Sri Lanka is actually for Sri Lankans specially Sinhalese not for suddas or any other. Those para suddas and ungreatful Tamil saboteures and traitors to the land can get lost and stay with their Uncle sam or with their Tamilians in Tamil Nadu in a seperate land for themselves.

    Our Presidenbt and our Government voted by the people of Sri Lanka is for Sri Lankans not to do business according to America,British or Navi Pillai or any other goons who gets wrong information from their stooges who were paid in millions of green bucks. 14 NGO’s arrested. Just imagine.Who are they? What are they doing in Sri Lanka? Only very few are there against this Government and those are from loosers like JVP,UNP,SF,CJ,BAHU’S GANESH AND those terrorists Tamil Diaspora.This Govt.has two thirds majority and still these American white goons are telling this Govt is unpopular and doing undemocratic things. Visit the country and see for your selves you baboons. Why not Navi Pillai visit and talk to Tamils who are on the ground in Tamil areas? Who gives her all the wrong info? Green bucks talks. Let us live in peace and leave us alone you crooked stooges.

  7. Voice123 Says:

    Buddhism is not just for Sinhalese. It is time to de link Buddhism from Sinhalese and vice versa, for the good of Buddhism. I know at least one Tamil Buddhist and a few Western and Chinese Buddhists who know more about Buddhism than some of our Sinhalese-Political-Buddhists. (Nationalism disguised as Buddhism). Please focus on practising the philosophy. Otherwise misguided politicians will do untold harm Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    LTTE BS writer Frances Harrison has written another BS.

    She complains SL has converted LTTE LOSING GROUND to a tourist hotspot.


    This is the ONLY way those miserable people can have some business. Otherwise they will be bought by LTTE Diarrhea abroad.

    The beauty of victory MUST be reminded to the people REGULARLY.

    IF anyone forgets it, they might start war again. The FEAR of the FINAL MONTHS OF WAR will keep them well away from weapons.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    I disagree.

    Lives and existence of Sinhalese, Buddhism and Sinhale nationalism are ONE!!

    Don’t try to separate these. They are like organs of ONE living body. One will not survive without the other.

    That’s how it was for 2,500 years and that’s how it must remain.

  10. Voice123 Says:

    “Don’t try to separate these. They are like organs of ONE living body. One will not survive without the other.”

    Lorenzo, are you seriously suggesting that Buddhism will not survive without the Sinhalese? Globally speaking, Buddhism is MUCH bigger than the Sinhalese!

  11. sena Says:

    The national dress clad patriots who are robbing people’s money and breaking law with impunity should also leave as most of them have houses in so called traitor countries.

  12. Nanda Says:

    Not too long ago main organ was removed. Had to be imported and transplanted from Thailand and Burma.
    Sinhela-Buddhist culture and Buddhism are two thing.
    This culture cannot be separated into two – those who give up Buddhism become foreigners such as Saudis, Australians etc.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    I’m referring to the PUREST form of Buddhism.

    It survives only in SL, Burma and Thailand but the situation in Thailand and Burma is not very promising.

    YES, the purest form of Buddhism was protected by the Sinhalese as Lord Buddha PREDICTAED.

    “That is why the Gautama Buddha predicted more than 2500 years ago that pure Buddhism and his great teachings will be available in Sri Lanka in the future.”

    If you don’t believe, here is ANOTHER FACT to prove it.

    Buddhists have their book equal to the Holy Bible. It was written in SL by the Sinhalese some 2,000 years ago!!! Not by ANY other country. This book is now a world wide thing. Who wrote it? It WAS a VERY VERY important step to protect and promote PURE Buddhism. Another reason Buddhism in its pure form was in fact protected by the Sinhalese.

    So now you KNOW, please CHANGE your stand. NEVER make statements like, “It is time to de link Buddhism from Sinhalese and vice versa”

    You trying to separate a man from his brain!

    Far worse than separating the natural foreskin from a man (barbaric Shitaria law) or like female genital mutilation (barbaric Shitaria law)!

  14. Voice123 Says:

    “NEVER make statements like, “It is time to de link Buddhism from Sinhalese and vice versa””

    Yes, I apologise for my poor choice of words. What I meant is that Buddhism should not be linked with any particular race or nationality but it is for all. The Buddha preached for all nationalities, not just the Sinhalese.

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    I also agree you didn’t mean it the bad way.

  16. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Lorenzo/weere jayantha liyanage contacted me thx

  17. Marco Says:

    I’m assuming certain factual inaccuracies in comments above are entertained without challenge for entertainment value.

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