Stop encouraging the separatist ideology
Posted on January 26th, 2013

Ranjith Soysa

We understand that Sri Lanka Association for Advancement of Science (SLAAS)is considering to to grant provincial autonomy to its branches which deserves the attention of the the broader community.

When it is a known fact that some members of the academia as well as the professionals attempt to justify the concept of traditional homeland of Tamils -the separatist ideology- the responsible organizations should reconsider the tendency to create autonomous bodies based on the provinces. There are many examples of intellectual dishonesty displayed by a number of persons in the field of social sciences compelling the organizations such as SLAAS not to open doors for the theoreticians of the separatist ideology.

 One such myth perpetrated by the communal minded ‘scholars’ was the existence of a separate Tamil country and a Tamil nation in Sri Lanka.It was picked up as expected by the Federal Party and later by Prabakaran and the LTTE. In fact the minutes of Cleghorn became the basis and integral part of the separatist ideology.A political myth ..”is a tale told about the past to legitimize or discredit a regime ” (Leonard Thompson in The Political Mythology) Even in the recent past there had been incidences of wrong interpretations and willful neglect of archeological sites and findings to buttress this political myth as recorded by Royal Asiatic Society’s proceedings. Further, a past President of SLAAS and the present President of RAS, Dr Susantha Gunatilleke has aired his views on this subject indicating the domestic as well as the international unenviable situations created through mishanndlig of such issues including the misuse of history by the Nazi regime.

 While opportunities should be made available for research on regions on subjects such as archeology and other social sciences the final outcome should be reviewed at an apex body before release to the public. The way forward is to encourage more and more scientific research and not to pave way for isolationist points of view as desired by committed political professionals.

 One hopes that critical and wiser counsel will prevail in rehashing the SLAAS’ plans regarding its provincial branches especially when the Nation is rebuilding its strengths after the defeat of the separatism at Nandikadal

 Ranjith Soysa


11 Responses to “Stop encouraging the separatist ideology”

  1. Kit Athul Says:

    It is an eye opener about this RAS. How things happen is the way it is first originated. “even in the recent past there had been incidences wrong interpretations”. Now this wrong interpretation is carried over the years and it becomes a truth and not a myth. If you read Judge Wignasaram’s speech he quote JR” At a meeting in Kalaniya in 1975 JR said that he is from a Royal Family and he is the king of Sri Lanka” He never said this but it is repeated over and over again and the myth becomes a truth. from Rnajith’s article “One such Myth prepeted by the communal minded scholars was the existance of a separate Tamil Country and a Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka”

    Only way to stop this mythology been repeated is by slightly changing the oath of leigence to swear in the MPs to the parliament. “I WIIL PROTECT THE EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY AND, HENCE THE CONSTITUTION OF SRI LANKA”. So no one can come out of the parliament and say that if he becomes the president he will abolish the executive presidecy.

    Ranjith brought out an excellent article of how mythology becoes a truth after some time. I hope the readers understand it. My next question is why are so many TAMILS (majority are Tamils) in the supreme court? Answer, after the new constitutionn was initiated, the judiciary system of the BRITISH COLONIAL RULE WAS PORTED OVER TO THE NEW CONSTITUTION. There was no time for JR to correct this because the affiliation of PRAMADASE and Prabhrakeran. Now MR has the responsibility to correct this and bring the THUN RATA KARMAYA.

  2. douglas Says:

    Kit Atul : What do you mean by “THUN RATA KARMAYA” (I believe the last world must be KRAMAYA)?

    I believe we must never speak of this “THUN RATA” because this will be a fine and strong ladder to climb to the “Seperatism” and CLAIM AUTONOMY for each “RATA”. I believe you intended to suggest the old system of Government – i.e. RUHUNU, MAYA, PIHITI. In my opinion, in the present day context of the political phylosophy of the Politicians (both at the center and the provincial) that will create “DEMIGODS” in each of the Ratas and such a situation is already in play with the Provincial Council system.

    Anyway, the above anecdote is purely on my presumtion of RUHUNU, MAYA, PIHITI (THUN RATA KRAMAYA)you have suggested in you comment. So let us wait for your response to understand the system that you want MR to implement to correct a situation.

  3. douglas Says:

    On the “Separatist Ideology” to understand how myths are spreading in the international arena, one must read/listen to Keynote Speech given at the Canadian Tamil Congress Thai Pongal Dinner on 19 January 2013 by Alan Keenan of the International Crisis Group (ICG). I wander whether even our Ministers, such as External Affairs, have directed their attention to this type of “campaigns” that are being carried out. It is too long to reproduce here, but please see what he said in his conclusion:

    “While it is hard to be optimistic at the current juncture, rest assured that if the Tamil struggle continue to be democratic, nonviolent and actively willing to work with other communities, it will continue to have strong allies througout the world who together have real chance at finally helping to bring lasting peace and justice to a land variously known as SRI LANKA, EELAM,CEYON, AND SERENDIB. (emphasis by me)”

    This is a man who claims (in his speech) to have lived in Sri Lanka off and on for extended periods and has studied Sri Lanka for more than a decade now – first as an academic researcher and for the past six years an analyst with the International Crisis Group. So this ‘ACADEMICIAN’ discovered a “LAND KNOWN AS EELAM”.

    To SRI LANKA ASSOCIATION OF ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE (LAAS) :- Have you ever met this person Mr.Allen Keenan? Please be honoust and answer me. Thank you.

  4. Nanda Says:

    Kithsiri Ayya,

    THUN RATA KARUMAYA will be the end on Lanka Matha. PIHITI RATA will be the TAMIL kingdom.
    Please please do not promote this nonsense from a enemy of the Buddhist.

  5. Kit Athul Says:

    I wrote this comment after refererring to what Dr. Sudath Gunaseka’s lenghthy explanation of what this subject is: he gave population details as well. Please dig it out from Lankaweb. Nanda, PIHITI RATA will not be Tamil knngdom according to this article. Douglas, if you disagree with Dr. Sudath Gunasekara, then what other solution do you have? Ranjith explained the problem but he does not give a solution.

  6. Christie Says:

    Let me first correct few things.

    1. The separate state for Tamils is the work of Indian Imperialism. This separate stste includes Eastern and North provinces and most of the coastal areas and Malay Nadu or the hill country of the island. Just talk to any Indian colonial parasite living in the West, but not one from Ceylon.

    2. All these Chelva, Ponna, MGR Uma Maheswaran and other are agents of Indian Government. Then comes Parabhakaran who was a puppet of Indian Govenment.

    3. In Canada it was an Indian colonial parasite who was from Tanzania who lead the propaganda against the Sinhalese. He made his fortunes in Tanzania before going to Canada in the sixties.

    4. In Australia it was another Indian colonial parasite who went to Australia from Malaysia in the late sixties.

    I hope we undertand the “cause” and “effect” for the events in the island nation.

  7. Kit Athul Says:

    Douglas. please locate the article that gives a detail description of THUN RATA by Dr. Sudath Gunasekara. It gives every detail that is there for population distribution. Tamils are not the majority in Northern Province. Please reply only after raeding this article it is on the Lakaweb.

    Nanda, please read the article I am refering to.

    Christi, you have given some valuable info.

  8. Dilrook Says:

    Boundaries of the ‘Pihiti Rata’ can be found in two historical documents – Srilankadwepaye Kadaimpotha and Thri Sinhale Kadaimpotha. According to them ‘Pihiti Rata’ include the entire northern, north central, north western provinces and in addition parts of modern Kegalla, Ratnapura, Batticaloa, Matale and Kandy districts.

    Tamils are not the majority today in areas in ‘Pihiti Rata’ as it was.

    The term ‘Pihiti Rata’ was invented after the fall of the great Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa eras. It infers the ‘place where the ancient centre of rule was’. It was earlier known as ‘Raja rata’.

    Decentralization of power into the three old topographic (not political) areas (‘rata’) is a better way than the PC system.

  9. Kit Athul Says:

    Dilrook, Sir, Thanks million for the info. Dr. Sudath Gunasekara wrote a detail article and it is on Lankaweb. Unfortunatly Good Sinhala like Nanda and Douglas does not want to read this article and hence cannot understand the TUN RATA.

  10. Nanda Says:

    My dear Kithsiri Ayya,

    I don’t claim to be “good Sinhala” person , but Sinhala by birth and Buddhist by action and understanding only.

    I have read your friend Sudath’s article when it was published and I have also read the following article which gave a similar idea before Sudath’s article. Have you read that ?

    I think this article is written without any underline desire than Sudath’s article and underlines the problem in our country.

    My question is why we need 3 governments for a such a smal population and such a small country? What we need is proper governance without greed.

  11. Kit Athul Says:

    Nanda, don’t get offended, but you are thinking out side the scope of Ranjith Soysa’s article. I read the article by Ananda De Costa and it gives a generalized view of what was happening in August 2009. It has hardly any value today because what he has written has been written by many others after that. And it has no demographic details of boundaries. This is not what I am referring and it is completely out side of the scope of Ranjith Soysa’s article. Following is how I deduce the result:
    1 Ranjith Soysa cleraly define the problem that was there from the 1940s and it is on going.
    2. Dr. Sudath Gunasekara defined the problem clearly and in detail provided a solution.
    3. What I am suggesting is more granularity of how the system will work. Each RATA will have tax payers and a potion of the tax will go to the government. Now each RATA will manufacture expotable products and export them. Certain portion of this profit, the government will refund to the tax payers. More you export less tax you will pay. There is lot more to this but I will let you think and come up with suggestions.
    4. Answer to your question is: Each RATA is a government Department, so where is your three governments?

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