Tamil News Network Report of Meeting with Tamils on January 26,2013
Posted on February 11th, 2013

Ira de Silva London, Canada

Hon. Jason Kenney
Minister of Citizenship, Immigration & Multiculturalism
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Sir:
Further to my correspondence regarding your meeting on January 26th with only the Tamils in Markham, Ontario, my last letter to you was on Feb.4, 2013  for which I have not received a reply to date. I have just read a report on your meeting on the Tamil News Network dated February 3,2013. I had asked if you had a video of that meeting to forward it but now I am sending you the link to the TNN report which has a video of that meeting for your reference – http://www.tamilnewsnetwork.com/2013/02/03/canadian-minister-fails-to-address-genocide-annihilation-of-tamil-territory/.

The Tamil version is that you failed to address “genocide and annihilation of Tamil territory (whatever that means). It also appears that they are not satisfied with your performance in Colombo!  Just a word of advice – they never will, that is their tradition.

Regarding genocide, the Tamils should be very familiar with the concept as they practiced it in Sri Lanka, indiscriminately killing the other communities in order to cleanse the areas they wanted to claim to be exclusively theirs, areas that are and have been an integral part of Sri Lanka for centuries. Further, if there was genocide how are they able to explain how most Tamils live in all parts of the country without problems, that over a million are living in western countries, Australia and New Zealand and that there has been no drop in the Tamil population of Sri Lanka in the census of 2012. Perhaps you could ask them on what basis they make this fraudulent claim.

Annihilation of Tamil territory – there is no Tamil territory in Sri Lanka. Further, how is territory  “annihilated”?

You have mentioned “excessive militarization of the North and East”. As I have pointed out many times, Sri Lanka has the right to station it’s military anywhere in the country. There were military bases before and during the war on Tamil terrorism. Why should it be any different now when the LTTE are still a threat and are supported, as they were before and during the war, by the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Indian Government as well as funded y Canadian Tamils?  It is important for you to remember the fact that the Indian Government started their campaign to destabilize Sri Lanka in 1980, BEFORE the so-called riots of 1983 which were all part of their plan against Sri Lanka. After 1983 India actively provided military training in India and escalated their threats of military action against Sri Lanka. After the war ended in 2009, India once again is adopting a threatening stance and with the upcoming Indian election Sri Lanka can expect more threats and demands from India merely to get Tamil votes in India. You are familiar with this ploy as you are doing the same in Canada, making threats to get the Tamil vote.

“If we do not see significant progress in Reconciliation, Accountability and Human Rights then the Prime Minister will be disinclined to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet in Sri Lanka, the Canadian minister said”. If Mr. Harper is “disinclined to attend” he is welcome not to attend – he can not however use his “disinclination” as a threat to impose Canadian policy, dictated by Tamil Canadians. Tamil Canadians are citizens of Canada not Sri Lanka. They have no right to dictate policy to the people of Sri Lanka.

When you state “Canada regards itself as a friend of Sri Lanka”, Sri Lankans are well aware that it is a blatant lie. Friends do not fund terrorism, provide political support and become the spokesperson for the front organizations of the LTTE in Canada on the off chance that your party will get a few Tamil votes. Regarding “we are also champions of human rights and dignity.” Another falsehood – as the whole world knows, Canada has a dismal record on human rights. You claim that Canada “helped to hasten the end of the war by banning the Tamil Tigers as a illegal terrorist entity and the World Tamil Movement by cracking down on their fund raising and political operations in Canada.” Canada claims to be against  terrorism, it should have taken this action long ago not claim that it was a favour. What you did not acknowledge is the role Canada played in helping Canadian Tamils to terrorise Sri Lanka, that it was money from Tamil Canadians that caused the bombing of the Central Bank and the Temple in Kandy to name the most infamous acts.  “The minister said that by telling so he only reminded Colombo of its responsibility to now reciprocate to Canada’s expectations” Why should Colombo reciprocate Canada’s “expectations” when Canada has been responsible for terrorism in Sri Lanka? If you believe in reciprocity, Canada should accept responsibility for Canada’s role in terrorism and show accountability by issuing an apology and by paying compensation  for the many deaths and the economic destruction of the country by bombings directly linked to Canada. When are you going to acknowledge these facts?  Sri Lanka does not owe Canada anything much less pay any attention to your “expectations” which are now dictated to you by the LTTE supporters in Canada, as illustrated by your reporting back to them on January 26th.

The most damning statement at your meeting with the Tamils in Toronto on your return from Colombo is that your “government acted against its own domestic political interests in “ƒ”¹…”helping’ Colombo by banning the LTTE”. It illustrates how unprincipled you and your government are as well as the other political parties who were content to permit and support Sri Lanka being terrorised by Canadian citizens. You have further acknowledged that policy on Sri Lanka is dictated by “domestic political interests” i.e. being  supportive of LTTE demands on you in exchange for votes. It confirms your bias, vindictiveness, and unprincipled thinking. So much for Canadian democratic values – it is obvious that it is a sham.

In contrast to your bias and LTTE dictated views on Sri Lanka, I am forwarding the public news conference in Australia by Ms Julie Bishop, Australian Deputy Opposition Leader and  shadow Immigration Spokesman Scott Morrison MP who visited Sri Lanka in January this year as you did. Please watch it and contrast it to yours – you may find it educational particularly regarding militarization, refugees, resettlement and development after 2009.  The most important difference is that the Australians are not judgemental, dictatorial, uninformed, offensive and belligerent as you and your government are and have taken the time to assess the situation in Sri Lanka as it is.


I know it is not going to change your stance on Sri Lanka but at least you are aware that other countries do not share your bias or belligerence.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva

London, Canada


4 Responses to “Tamil News Network Report of Meeting with Tamils on January 26,2013”

  1. LankaLover Says:

    Bravo! This is great letter to this ignorant man. If both Harper and Jason have any self-respect, they should be changing their shameful conduct.

    This is another highlight from your letter: ” You are familiar with this ploy as you are doing the same in Canada, making threats to get the Tamil vote.” It is a gem!

    Keep up the good work Ira! Wishing you a long life!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “President Mahinda Rajapaksa during his visit to Jaffna directed the release of Jaffna University students who were recently arrested in reply to several appeals made by their parents”

    – adaderana.

    How damn foolish! Now there will be more terrorism.

  3. Nihal Perera Says:

    Well said Ira, as always…!

    Harper and his idiotic band of ministers are interested in only one thing – winning the next election. They are desperate for ethnic votes, as records show that Canadian born-citizens are cynical of politicians and tend to vote less. On the other hand, Tamils, who have mastered the art of manipulation of politicians, especially in Canada, know how to milk the political system to their advantage, by dangling Tamil votes in front of the vote-starving politicians.

    All these phony HR crusades against SL by Harper and likes are notning but a ploy to fish Tamil votes…

  4. LankaLover Says:

    Here are some Human Rights Violations for Harper and Jason to read and take some CONCRETE ACTION..

    “Mounties raped, abused B.C. aboriginal girls, rights watchdog alleges in report”


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