Canada Immigration Minister Kenny Portrays What Many Analysts Say Is A Double Standard About The Tamil Tigers And They Do Not Seem To Be Far Wrong!
Posted on February 15th, 2013

In Retrospect By Sarath Kumara February 18th 2013

While it has been long suspected that the Canadian Authorities at times showed sympathies to the Tamil Tiger Organization in the past where Prime Ministers and Cabinet Ministers supped and danced with LTTE fronting Organizations while supporting and tolerating some of their charities~ a conclusion drawn by many analysts which does not seem to be far wrong as a double standard,  the present Minister of Immigration Mr.Jason Kenny has thrown more light on the issue by recent statements he has made to the media that as part of the ruling Conservatieves in Canada  they too seem to sympathise with the Tamil Tigers which is a fair assumption to make in view of the bold statements he has made that IT WAS AGAINST THE INTERESTS OF CANADA TO OUTLAW THE TAMIL TIGERS AND NAME THEM AS PART OF A LIST OF GLOBAL TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS.

The double standard on this becomes painfully visible as it was the Conservatieves of Mr Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada together with ( the now departed from public office ) Mr Stockwell Day, someone much admired and respected for his outspokenness over Tamil Tiger issues and terrorism per se, who hounded and outlawed the Tamil Tiger operations in Canada, so what exactly is Mr Kenny on about unless there are sympathies towards the terror group relative to the Tamil Diaspora both in Canada as well as globally where in Canada it is a well known fact that Tamil votes play a major role towards the sustenance of certain politicians and their well being in public office in certain parts where the Tamil population is of a high density.
To this equation it may also be added the presence of Tamil Politicians in public office in various parties , not only the Conservatives but also New Democrats and Liberals whose influences based on their sympathies with the LTTE sometimes pan out as the motivation for political leaders to fluctuate their policies relative to whether or not they should dance to the tunes of the Tamil Politicians who instigate the actions of the Canadian Hierarchy where at one time they condemn the Tamil Tigers and at times such as now where in the open proclamation of Kenny suggests it was a mistake to list the LTTE as terrorists.
Perhaps it is Mr Kenny who is making a big mistake as he is refering to the most dangerous terror group on the planet!

In a press conference with Tamil-Canadian media last month, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason has Kenney said,  quote “Canada acted against its own interests by listing the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) as a terrorist group in 2006.” end quote. Indeed this appears to be disdainful for the likes of Mr. Kenny and his Conservatives( his rhetoric must surely also represent the mindset of the latter) who seem to have suddenly realised that it is not in their best interests to ruffle the feathers of the voters who contribute towards their continued presence in Parliament something similar to the scenario taking place in Tamil Nadu India where the politicians there bend over backwards to appease the Tamils  and on whose votes they depend heavily towards their seats in the Lok Sabha and re-election and common knowledge to those aware of how the Indian political system works! If Canada is aping their Indian counterparts they might be better off re-thinking related strategies as conventional wisdom alone points towards what a folly it could be and the complications in Tamil Nadu where certain politicians at times run amok stands testimony to it while also becoming an embarassment to the Indian Authorities!

Mr.Kenney has made the comments at a special media briefing limited to Tamil-Canadian media only in a Toronto, Ont. hotel Jan. 26, according to Canadian Tamil Congress national spokesman David Poopalapillai. Kenney’s Press Secretary Alexis Pavlich confirmed the Minister held the news conference with Sri Lankan media, where he made a presentation that was identical to the one given to local media during his trip to Colombo, Sri Lanka in January 2013 which does not seem to sound overly accurate as it would have raised an incensed response from the Sri Lankan authorities based on its  contentious  and irresponsible nature  as regardless of what Mr Kenny thinks the Tamils Tigers were a dangerous, mendacious and nation destructive criminal organization and by condoning them could be creating a dangerous precedent that could be misinterpreted as Carte Blanche for them to resume their activities wherever they are ( as underground cells are known to exists globally) and starting with Canada where there could be dire ramifications should this happen.

Perhaps there has been some mistake of interpretation of Mr.Kenny’s statements and intent where it is sincerely hoped by all freedom loving citizens of the world particularly Sri Lankans that this indeed is the case or else an opportunity for Mr. Kenny to rescind and rephrase his statements which will not portray him as a Tamil Tiger sympathiser  beeds to be granted and in so doing also exonerate the liabilities related of his other Conservative colleagues as being part of the sentiments expressed by him !

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