Posted on February 15th, 2013

Embassy of Sri Lanka Press Release 

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington, DC is organizing a special flight to arrive at the new Mattala International Airport during the Inauguration Ceremony on March 18, 2013. We invite all of you to join this group flight and be part of this monumental event in Sri Lanka’s aviation history.

Travelers departing from the United States can reach Dubai from any of the destinations in which Emirates operates in the USA (Washington DC, New York, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle). They will depart the United States on March 16th, and the group will meet in Dubai and then travel to Sri Lanka on a special flight arranged by Emirates. International travelers are very welcome to join this group as well, and they can depart from their own countries and meet in Dubai for the group flight. The special flight will depart from Dubai for Mattala International Airport on the morning of March 18th and arrive during the Inauguration Ceremony, which will broadcast live.

After the official ceremony, travelers will have 2 different options:

Option #1 – Once the ceremony ends, travelers can be transported by luxury buses to Colombo free of charge, and then plan to return on their own schedule departing from Katunayake International Airport. These travelers will only pay for the flight, which will be discounted and cost less than a typical Emirates flight.

Option #2 – For visitors interested in touring Sri Lanka, the Embassy will coordinate with travel agents to arrange a 10 day tour in Sri Lanka. Travelers can plan to depart from Katunayake International Airport on approximately March 27th or they can further extend their time in Sri Lanka as they wish. These travelers will pay for the flight, which will be discounted and cost less than a typical Emirates flight. They will also pay for hotels, transport, and accommodations for the tour, and the Embassy is currently working on arranging a special price.

All interested parties are highly encouraged to join this special trip to witness this historic occasion for the opening of the 2nd international airport in Sri Lanka. Please contact the Embassy to make reservations as soon as possible, as there is limited capacity and many spots have already been filled.

In addition to Sri Lankan-Americans, this group flight already includes ambassadors, diplomats, travel writers, journalists, business delegations, government officials, and people traveling from other countries outside the United States. Interested parties both in the US and outside the US should contact the Embassy by February 25th.

Please sign up here on the Embassy’s website or contact Ms. Rushani at 2024834025 or rushani@slembassyusa.org

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